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Seduction episode 32


💞 Seduction 💞
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Chapter Thirty Two🍭🍭

By Goddy Francis 🤍🤍



” Why are you just telling me this?” She asks.

I don’t even know why I told her. That shit was kinda creepy. Who admires a girl since she was nighteen? Probably the fvck headed me. The memories is still fresh in my mind.

She cladded in that perfect red dress that hugs every part of her body and I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was beautiful. She was likely the most beautiful girl in that room. I watched her dance with her twin and I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. I guess it’s from that day, I badly wanted to have her. To kiss her and touch her.

I can still remember I didn’t want to attend her birthday party. Albert made sure I followed him like I’m his damn escort. She was the first person I set my eyes on when I entered Sebastian’s house. Who knew he had daughters. That moment I badly wanted to fvck her. To watch her squirm beneath me and m0an my name loudly. I wanted to keep her and have her. When I couldn’t get her to look at me, I was frustrated. Pissed.

And now I have her. She was one of the most difficult woman I had ever met. Watching that Todd college boyfriend of hers touching her where I’m supposed to touch her, pissed the shit out of me.

” Judah!” Serena snaps her fingers at my face.

” You are a damn detective. I guess it’s gonna be hard to handle when you find out from someone else. Especially someone like Hero. He tells you a lot and sometimes I don’t like it.”

” That’s creepy. You don’t do that Judah.”

” Do what ? Move next door to you?”

” Yeah? You’re weird.” She proceeds to hop off the counter but I don’t let her.

” Where the fvck are you going?”

” I need fresh air, Judah. I need to think. I’m having issues finding out these assassins who killed my family and I just discovered the man I’ve been sleeping with knew me since I was nighteen. Judah that’s called creepy.” She says.

” In a cute way, huh?”

She rolls her eyes.

” You’re cute.” I tell her.

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” And you’re weird and awkward. Nobody watches a girl since she was nighteen.”

” Probably, because I wanted to fvck you the very first day I met you.”

She laughs and swat my chest. I bite my bottom lip and smirk at her.

” You don’t have to swear every goddamn time.” She whines.

” I can’t help it.”

” I’m just thinking what Hollywood will look like.”

” We will do whatever thing you want. Visit whatever place you’ve always wanted to visit.”

She smiles and wraps her arms around my torso to hug me. She made me realize how it feels to hug someone. She makes hugging feels good and it’s weird. She’s weird. Whatever thing we’re doing is weird. I don’t even know what this is. At first I just wanted a one night thing. Finding out she’s never been with a man before, I had to quit whatever one night thing I planned. And now it’s friends with benefits. I don’t even know if this is part of the friends with benefits thing.

The Hollywood plan was to take her to some places she’s always wanted to be.

” Tell me more about Italy.” She says as she absently trails her fingers down my arms.

” There’s nothing to talk about really.” I sigh. It was a shit place for me.

Maybe because I didn’t do much. I was this normal kid, probably with a fvcked up sense of humor. And my mother’s death was something I don’t like remembering. She was this crack addict. I talked her to visit rehab or maybe a therapist and she said no. I remembered she yelling at me and telling it to my face I’m not her kid and I should stay away the fvck away from her business.

She would use the entire savings my fvcked up father saved just to buy crack. I remembered working after class to see myself through school. That shit messes with my head. And then she moved from crack and started with heroin. She had to loose her job because she was always wasted.

I remembered coming back from school that day, the house was scattered and my mom lay on the couch. Heroin spread on the table. She was passed out, so I thought that day. Never knew she was already dead.

” You’re okay?” Serena asks.

I nod. ” Yeah. We could go there some day if you want.” She smiles.

” Do friends with benefits travel together? Or I’m missing some part of this flings thing.” She smirks and wraps her thighs around my torso to pull me closer.

Her arms rests on my shoulders as she raises her brows at me.

” Maybe they do.”

” Really Judah?” She asks and furrows her brows.

” We’re different.” I tell her.

She’s quiet as she looks at me. Her fingers absently run on the hair at the back of my head. Her eyes looks into mine and she’s leaning closer.

” You should stop saying this type of things.”

” Saying what?” I chuckle.

” Nice things to me. I’m trying not to get deep into this. I don’t wanna get hurt.” She sighs.

” Come here.” I lift her off of the counter and carry her to the living room.

The TV is switched on and a cartoon is on display. I sit on the couch and sit her on my lap.

” When people are too nice to people, it makes you like them.” She says. She looks like an eighteen years old now. The nerdy eighteen years old.

” So you’re saying you’re falling in love with me?” I ask her. She bites her bottom lip and smiles.

” You always have your way with words. That’s really not cool.” She says and the doorbell rings.

” I’ll go get. It’s probably the delivery guy. I ordered for food.” She says and hurries to the front door.

I hear her talk to someone at the door and then she says thank you. The front door shuts and she returns with two McDonald’s takeout.

” So Hero said you’re a hacker…” she says and goes to the kitchen.

God remind me to kill Hero before I leave for Hollywood. That fvck head thinks it’s right to talk about things like that. She pokes her head out of the kitchen door and smiles at me.

” I’m waiting.”

” I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She sighs and rolls her eyes before her head disappears.

She returns with two bottle water before sitting back on my lap.

” You don’t have to lie about everything.”

” I don’t lie.”

” Then what do you do?”

” Keeping something from someone isn’t lying, Margaret. I already told you to listen properly at class.” I wink at her.

She bites her bottom lip as she tries to fight a smile.

” You’re annoying. But there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean hacking and all that shit, except it’s kinda harmful or bad.”

fvck me!

She turns to look at me. I chuckle and and she smacks me.

” Start eating.” She says and stands up but I pull her back on my lap.

” You should feed me.” I pout at her.




I look around the city and mentally do a victory dance. Remind me to reward Judah after whatever thing we have ended. He just made my year by bringing me here. My father stated on his will that , I’m getting access to the family’s wealth , businesses, and everything that has to do with the family when I turn 24. So my plans of visiting Hollywood or a vacation in an isolated island got postponed.

Judah follows me behind, his hands stuck in his jacket pocket. A car pulls over and the driver gets out.

” Judah?” The man asks Judah.

He is well dressed. Two pieces suit. Dirty blonde hair and a suitcase.

Judah nods at him. He shuts the car door and hands Judah the car key.

” Nice to meet ya lady.” He says in a weird accent. I don’t recognize that.

The man smiles at Judah and walks away. I gawk at the car. It’s a damn sports car.

” I’m driving.” I squeal and take the key from him.

” This is so perfect.” I squeal loudly and enter the driver’s seat.

” This is awesome…” I mutter and insert the key. Judah slides inside the passenger seat.

” You like it or what?”

” Damn, I love it. You own it?” I ask him and fasten my seatbelt.

” I rented it.”

” Where are we even going? Do you own a house in Hollywood?”

” No. We’re staying in a suite.”

” Tell me we won’t share same bed?” I smirk at him and bite my tongue.

” What? You’re scared? I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to.” I chuckle at his word.

I nod and drive out of the lot. I push a button and the sunroof opens.

” I’m just kidding though. I didn’t bring enough pills for whatever thing you’re planning.”

” fvck.” He mutters. I turn to look at him and he’s smiling at me. ” You’re obviously gonna kill me one day.” He says and looks away.

His elbow leans on the window sill.

” Is that a compliment or what? You’re a hot piece of shit yourself.” I smile at myself and giggle.

” You’re making me hard, senorita.” He says. I can feel him look at me, but I didn’t look at him.

Judah’s gonna be the death of me. He’s driving me crazy with his smooth words that always have a way of making my heart beat for him. It’s hard not to fall for Judah. He’s too good looking to pass. Aside his looks, Judah always have his own way of making you want him.

I breathe in at the warm sensation that his hand is causing on my lap. I look down at his hand on my lap and look back at the road before I get us both killed.

” So…”

” So what?” He asks.

” Are you still hanging out with Mercedes?”

He smirks when I look at him.

” Someone is jealous or what?”

I roll my eyes. ” I’m not, Dante. I’m just wondering.”

” Yeah, right, we’re still fvcking.” He says.

I hate that what he said hurts. I bite my bottom lip and nod. I mean I don’t even know why I’m angry. It’s not like I have a right to be angry. We’re nothing. Just two adults having s£x and we made a deal we’re gonna move on from this when the other finds a lover.

” What? You’re jealous?” He asks.

I hate that he’s smirking after telling me he’s still sleeping with Mercedes.

” Whatever Judah.” I breathe through my ears as I try not to look at him.

” That ain’t true though.” He says. I dart my head to his form on the passenger seat.

” What?”

” I was lying. Why I would I wanna be with her. I’m just teasing you.” He smiles at me.

” What would you even do that for?”

” It’s cute to see you jealous. You looked cute.”

” You’re not cool. I wasn’t even jealous. I mean it’s not like this is…” I sigh. I don’t wanna say it. I can’t remind myself I’m just his plaything. And that one day, I will wake up to realize judah’s getting bored of me.

Who even take their plaything on a vacation? I’m not dumb, he’s definitely gonna spend a thousand grand for this Hollywood vacation. But why?

” But why?”

” But why what?”

” Why quit being with Mercedes?”

” I can’t have two girls at the same time. Secondly, she’s clingy. I hate that fvcking bitch.” He says. I like that he doesn’t want her. At least I’m the only one he’s having now and I like it.

I breathe in and nod. I don’t say a word as I speed down the streets. It’s beautiful out here. The streets, the houses and the trees. This is awesome.

” Thanks for the trip. It means a lot to me

” It’s fine. You’ve always wanted it.”

” I never see you as a guy who would take a girl on her dream vacation. It was a big surprise for me actually, considering the fact that Genevieve said I’m gonna have control over my family’s wealth when I turn twenty four.”

” Who’s Genevieve?”

” She’s my father’s manager. Also she was assigned to look after me by my own parents.” I say. I hate to admit that I don’t like it. It’s like I’m a twelve years old girl who needs a nanny. My life sucks.

” I’ve driving for a long time now and I don’t even know where the hell I’m going.”

Judah chuckles.

” Pull over here.” He says and I do that.

I look out the open window and smile.

” Okay, this expensive.” I mutter. Judah is already out of the car.

” Come on.” He says and opens my side door.

I step out and he shuts the door for me. Judah made sure we don’t bring any bags or clothes. And when I asked him why, he said we won’t be needing it even when I told him I would love to visit the beach.

With my hand entwine with judah’s, we push past the double glass doors. The lobby is less occupied. Just two couples. Judah walks us to the counter. The lady looks up at him. A bright smile appears on her face, I think she knows him.

” Welcome.”

” Thank you.”

She hands Judah a key card and he takes it. Her eyes meet mine for once and she barely gives me a smile.

Yeah, die bitch, we’re already together.

Even if we’re not serious. We take the elevator and I take that as a chance to stare at my reflection. I’m probably suffering from jet lag right now. Considering the fact that I’m always travelling and I’m not used to airplanes. I feel sick and my eyes look tired.

” You’re okay?” Judah asks and looks down at me. I shrug.

” Yeah. Glad you brought me here. I should probably pay you back.” I tell him.

He rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

” You don’t have to. You’re mine and this are part of my responsibilities. You deserved it.”

Damn you!
How does he know every word to say to me?

I avoid his eyes and look at my reflection on the elevator walls.

” I don’t want to say anything to you.” I say.

He chuckles quietly. The elevator doors slides open and we step out. There are only two rooms at this side of the hotel and they are opposite each other. Judah slides his key card and the door opens. He drags me in and takes me by surprise as he kisses me. He shuts the door behind me as he presse me against the door.

” You’ve been tormenting me since that fvcking car ride.” He says in my mouth.

I giggle.

Judah wraps his arms around my waist as he continues kissing me. I wrap my arms around his neck as he leans down a little since he’s taller.

” Okay, I need air.” I pull away from the kiss and breathe out.

” Go out with me on a date?” He asks.

A date? What’s this, a relationship?
Why’s he doing this to me?

” We’ll visit whatever place you’ve always wanted to visit.” He smiles reassuringly at me.

” I don’t even have anything to wear.” I say.

Judah smiles. He grabs my arms and leads me to a hallway. I take that as an opportunity to look at the suite. This is expensive. The quality and size tells me that.

” Wow. How much does this even cost?” I ask him as we enter a bedroom.

” Alright this bedroom is the size of my living room back at home.” I tell him and he chuckles.

” You’re crazy, babe.”

I don’t know if it’s just me or my head, but I tend to pass out in my tiny little world when he calls me babe. This is so weird. He brought me to my dream place on a first class cabin and now what, we’re going on a damn date. He’s definitely gonna be the death of me.

Judah opens the walk in closet and I died on my spot.

” Holy baby Jesus. When did you do this?” I ask him as I stare at this boutique in form of a closet.

It’s stacked with everything I would want. Shoes, dresses, jeans. Every single thing a girl would need.

Judah stands behind me.

” This is beautiful. Why are you doing this?” I ask him and turn around to look at him.

His hands leaves his jacket pockets to cup my cheeks in his hand. His green eyes look into my soul and my heart is beating hard for him again. And the butterflies in my stomach already started a party.

” They are all yours. Get pretty for me babe. I’ll be waiting.” He gives me a slow passionate kiss as I watch him leave the bedroom.

Oh my God?
Are we ever gonna get married?


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