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Seduction episode 35


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games🌸

Chapter Thirty Five 🌺🌺

Written by Goddy Francis 🤍


I stare at this camera on my countertop and think of who to call.

Judah or maybe Phoebe. Who would do this? How come I’m just seeing this? I run my hands down my hair and itch it. I’m going insane. One tiny little heirloom is trying to consume my life and i don’t even know what to do with myself anymore.

Who would plant a camera in my kitchen? And that’s when something clicks. What if it’s everywhere in my house? I carry a kitchen stool and take it to the living room. I drop it close to the wall and climb on it.

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And that’s when I see another one. I pull it out and go to the extreme of the living room. Another one. I throw them on the floor and sigh. This has passed becareful.

” Damn it , my bedroom.” I hurriedly go to my room and search for any cameras. There are none. I breathe in a sigh of relief and sit down on my bed.

Who would plant a camera in my house?
For what exactly? To watch me!
For what? Of course it’s because of this heirloom. I feel like passing out.
I stand close to the window opposite Judah’s bedroom. The drapes are slide open and he’s not in. I really need to talk to someone right now and I don’t know who.

I dial judah’s number and he’s not picking up. I rest my head against the window feeling depressed as I redial his number. Still not picking up. I have never feel this afraid or scared till today. I go through my contacts and stop at Phoebe’s number. She really has a lot to talk about. About Judah being involved with my family’s murder and all that shit. The thought of Judah being involved with my family’s murder is so hard to swallow. I’m definitely gonna pass out if he is involved with it.

I call Aunt Adele instead. She picks up at the third ring.

” Hey Aunt.”

” You’re home right?”

” Yeah and I saw something.” I sigh as I go to the living room.

” What did you see?”

” A camera in my house.”

” What!”

” Yeah. Someone planted a camera in my kitchen. I wasn’t expecting that, it was so little. And I then I checked my living room and every other part of the house, I found two.”

” And your bedroom?”

” There was none. The person had a little decency I think. Someone has been watching me aunt. I don’t even know who it is.”

” Have you talked to your detectives?”

” No, not yet. I’m dropping by tomorrow after class.”

” Who’s been visiting you?”

” My two friends at school. And Judah.”

” Just the three of them?” She asks.

” No. The first few days I rented the apartment, Bree and Summer visited.”

” Who are those?”

” First two friends I’ve ever had aside Beverly. They visited, stayed a while and left.”

” And…”

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” I don’t think they might be behind it. Well, Summer and I aren’t friends anymore.”

” Why?”

” She was Todd’s ex girlfriend. She stopped talking to me after I had a fight with Todd. She started acting weird and saying a lot of shit about me.”

” Did you ask Judah about it?”

” I haven’t. I called him and he’s not picking. Aunt I’m scared.”

” Okay breathe. You should keep those. It might be anyone. Even Judah.”

” But why would Judah do that? That’s creepy. Nobody puts a camera in a ladies apartment. Who would do that?”

” Someone who wants the heirloom Serena. Someone who wants something, something valuable. You’ve been to Judah’s apartment before?”

” Yeah. A lot of times. There are no cameras there. Or anything anyone can use to watch you from their house. I am gonna talk to Phoebe tomorrow.”

” I’m coming down soon. I won’t tell you when, it’s a surprise.”

That made me smile.

” Yeah?”

” Yeah.”

” Alright. I’m gonna go keep this and get ready for school tomorrow. If I find anything useful, I’m gonna call you.”

” Becareful Serena.”

” Yeah, thanks.”

I hang up.
Why do I have this strong feeling that whoever did this probably did that before I moved in. Someone who knew I was gonna move into this apartment. And that person is Todd.


I park my car in my favorite spot in college as I get out. I haven’t seen Judah since he walked me to my apartment. Same time he’s not taking my calls. He hasn’t been in his apartment since yesterday and I’m worried.

Worried because I think he’s trying to avoid me. I can’t take it. This is one of the few times I need someone. Someone I can really talk to. Someone I trust. I walk down the hallway avoiding a lot of people on purpose. I see several hands wave at me. I flash them small fake smiles. I don’t even know them. I enter my first class which I share with Thomas and Bree too.

I take a sit and facepalm myself. I feel terrible. I wake up this morning to find out I have bags underneath my eyes. I look exhausted. I’ve been thinking too much lately.

” Serena.” I hear Bree’s voice. I look up and she sits next to me.

” Hi.”

” You’re okay?”

Do I look that bad? I stare at in confusion. She smiles at me.

” I didn’t see you at school last week.”

” I travelled actually. How are you doing?”

” I’m good.” She giggles. Yeah, she’s now dating Thomas. It’s worth smiling.

How do people even find love?
That shit is difficult than I thought.
Just when I thought Judah and I are getting somewhere, he’s not picking my call since yesterday.

I mean how the fvck did I even end up here?
In a messed up world. Messed up relationship. Messed up family murder case.
I just hate my life right now.
The least I expected from Judah right now is him ignoring my calls.
Maybe I’m just overreacting. What if he’s busy?

” Serena.” Bree snaps her fingers in my face. I blink my eyes at her. Damn, I just zoned out.

” You’re okay?”

” Yeah. Of course I am. What’s up with you? I mean it’s been long I’ve seen you. Where’s Summer?”

” I’ve been better. Well Summer, she’s still stuck with Todd. And guess what?”

” You’re dating Tom.”

” How the hell did you know that? Did he tell you?”

” No. Chloe actually told me half of it. That he actually told you he liked you. So I assumed you guys are dating now.”

” Yeah. He’s cute.”

” What made you hate him in the first place?”

” I didn’t hate him. I mean I would never hate him. I was just… maybe because I wanted someone hotter.”

” Someone hotter?”

” That was what I thought. Don’t know how I missed someone like Tom. He’s sweet.”

” I know right? You know he has this huge crush on you like forever. It’s a relief you guys are together now.”

” Yeah.” She sighs. ” You’re okay?”

I smile nervously. Is it obvious that I looked terrible? I know I look like shit right now.

” You look stressed. Tired and you’ve got bags.”

Dang it!
I made sure I covered every proof of sadness with makeup. It shouldn’t be that obvious.

” I’m just stressed.”

” Is it because of the heirloom stuff.”

Holy shit!
How did she know that?

” What?”

” Summer said it. That your family left you a diamond heirloom behind before they got murdered.”

” Ooh. She told you that?”

” Well she told the squad.”

” How did she know that? I mean who told her that?”

” I don’t know. Maybe Todd.”

I nod. This is getting more interesting.

” You’re okay?”

” Yeah, I’m fine. I should go get coffee. My body needs caffeine right now.” I pick up my bag and walk out of class.

I think of a place to find Summer. What’s her favorite spot in college. I walk to school’s parking lot. I search the lot for her car and luckily I found it. She’s smoking weed with Matt. fvcking hoe. I knock on her window. She turns to look at me. I see her sigh as she wind down her window.

” What?”

” I need to talk to you.”

Summer rolls her eyes.

” I’m busy bitch.” She proceeds to wind up the window, I grab her hair her at once. Matt is too high and wasted to act.

She whimpers.

” Get out of the car now, I need to talk to you.”

She eyes me and I increase my grip on her hair. I don’t care about being suspended if caught fighting around college. I don’t give a fvck about everything right now. Summer storms out of the car, my hand still gripping to her hair. I slam her against her car.

” You fvcking slut. What have you been saying?” I yell at her. Thank God she’s not yet intoxicated.

” I don’t know what the fvck you’re talking about.”

” Who told you about my family’s heirloom. What’s your business about it?”

” Ooh.” She laughs.

” You’re fvcked. I didn’t tell a lot of people. Just the squad and few of my anonymous friends your fvcked up family left a goddamn heirloom for your fvcked up life.”

I bite back the urge to slam her head against her car window.

” What? You wanna do something? Don’t bother. My mom’s brother is the chancellor, you’re gonna get expelled. Forget the fact your family’s rich. Slut.”

And that’s it, I slapped her. Really hard.

” Serena.” Someone holds my forearm.

” What’s going on?” I hear Chloe’s voice.

I turn around and see most students are already staring at us. Todd’s holding my hand. I glare at him and snatch my hand away from his.

” What’s this about?”

” You tell me Todd, what’s this about? How the fvck did you know my family had a fvcking heirloom? Yeah I know why, because your father has been plotting so many terrible shit to get it. He’s using your baby’s ass to try lure me to give it to you so that you’ll give it to that scvm of a father. But let me say something to you and your fvcking slut. You ain’t gonna get anything from me. You fvcking piece of shit.”

I walk past Todd, purposely nudging my shoulder against his.

” Serena.” I ignore them as I hurriedly leave.

I pull out my phone and dial Judah’s number, he’s not picking. I fight back the urge to smash my phone on the pavement. I wanna go somewhere. Some place far from the real world. I enter the cafe close to college and sit down at the corner booth. It’s far and empty. At least I’ll be alone with my thoughts.

” What should I get you Serena?”

I raise my head to see a nerdy waiter standing by my booth. I sigh. I don’t even remember him.

” Latte is fine.”

He nods and leaves. I lay my head on the table and silently weep. I hate feeling depressed. I don’t know even what depression feels like untill yesterday. I never thought I’d be depressed to the extent of thinking about getting antidepressants. I think I need those.

” Serena.” I sigh at that familiar voice. I hate that it’s Judah I want right now. But he’s being a jerk right now.

I raise my head up. Surprised to see Diana, Chloe, Thomas and Bree. What the hell!

” Hey guys.” I greet

Diana rolls her eyes and sits down on the opposite side of me. Chloe too.

” The man stands.” Thomas says as Bree sits next to me.

What happened to ‘I need a quiet time.’ Maybe I should just pay for a vacation and go some place far from Chicago.

” What’s up with you? You’re okay?”

” I’m fine.”

” You’re not fine. You’ve got bags Serena. You slapped Summer.” Diana says.

” She deserved it.” I protest.

” We know.” They say in unison.

I chuckle. The waiter comes back with my coffee and drop it on the table.

” You guys want something?” The waiter asks them.

” I’ll get Coke.” Chloe says.

” Water.” Diana says.

” I’m fine.” Bree answers.

We turn to look at Thomas who’s still standing.

” I’m good.”

” Is that a love code or what?” I ask. They chuckle.

” No. I’m really good.” Bree laughs.

The waiter takes their orders and leaves.

” So what was the fight about?” Diana asks.

” She was saying shit?”

” About you sleeping around and begging Todd back?” Bree asks.

” So she really said that? fvcking cunt.” I mutter.

” Well, yeah, she said it. What was the fight about.”

” She was saying shit as usual. About my family’s property.”

” Ooh. Who’s she telling?”

” Her squad. I hate she had to say shit about my family. She’s fvcking insane, I wanna beat that bitch.”

” You look really stressed out. And as your friends we really care about you.” Chloe says.

” Why don’t we do it this way. I discovered there’s this Italian club down town, you guys need to check it out tonight. Who wants to party.” Diana asks.

” I’m in.” Chloe beats the table like a drum.

I giggle. A party isn’t bad right?
I mean I needed it. A night of getting drunk and waking up with a terrible hangover is worth trying. At least it will help with my Judah fever.

I nod, interested. ” I’m partying.”

” That’s the spirit.”

” Thomas?”

” No, dude I’m a boy. I can’t party with girls.”

” When do you start having choices?” Chloe asks. He playfully glares at her.

” It’s gonna be awkward if he comes. He’s the only guy here.”

” Thank you Diana. Even if we don’t like each other.” He tells her and we laugh at once.

” We should probably get pretty and go have some fun. I hope we’re all okay skipping classes today?” Diana asks. I don’t mind anything at all.

” Serena?”

” I know. I’ve missed a lot of classes. I don’t give a fvck right now.” I say. The guys smiles at me.

” You’re ready?” They asks and i nod.


Diana made us go shopping for clothes even if I didn’t want to. I mean I have a lot of dresses I haven’t even tried on. Through out the shopping, I called Judah countless times, he didn’t pick up. Now I’m hurt. Hurt beyond imagination. Is this what he meant by he was gonna ruin me and hurt me. This is worse than ruining. It feels like someone took my heart and smashed it on the floor, afterwards they step on it.

” You’re okay?” Diana asks me as she drives us back to college.

” Yeah. I’m fine.”

” You’re thinking about him, aren’t you?” How did she get to read my mind.

” Maybe. He hasn’t been picking my calls.” I say as I look at the rearview mirror.

Chloe and Bree are playing a video game together.

” He’s probably busy. You know who Judah is.”

” I don’t know Judah, Diana.” I tell her and slump into the car seat.

” You know him. It’s just you don’t know much about him. I think he is busy. Working or doing some stuff. You don’t have to get worked up and stressed out because he isn’t picking your calls. Since when?”

” Yesterday. He took me on a trip and we got back yesterday, since then he hadn’t been picking my calls. I feel hurt.”

She smiles at me.

” You’re in love, aren’t you?”

I giggle. ” I don’t know. I’m falling but not there yet. I don’t even know what I feel for him or how I feel about him. It’s weird and painful. He doesn’t feel the same way you know.”

” What makes you think so?” She asks. I shrug.

” He doesn’t show it. Never talked about it. Never for once give in to love. He’s scared of commitment and the L word.” I say.

” I think he feels the same way. Maybe he’s scared to show it. Why the fvck would he take you for a trip? Where did you go?”

” Hollywood.” She gasp.

” Someone died?” Chloe asks from behind.

Diana rolls her eyes.

” Dude, go back to your gaming.” Diana says. Chloe huffs.

” He took you to Hollywood?” Diana whispers. She’s freaking out.

I giggle.

” Yeah, he did. It was kinda fun.”

” Shut the hell up. Who won’t have fun going out with someone as hot as Judah. How many pills did you take with you?”

” You’re crazy.” I chuckle.

” I bet he feels the same. Maybe he’s not there yet. Men are complicated.”

I nod in agreement. She pulls over at school’s lot and we hop out.

” See you in the evening. And make sure y’all look hot.” She waves at us.

I chuckle and smile at her.
I just succeeded in skipping class today.
Bravo, Serena.

” See ya guys around. I should give you a ride Chloe.” I say as I hug Bree.

She blow kisses at us and goes over to her car.

” I heard you though. About Judah.” Chloe says as soon as she sits on the passenger seat. She straps her seatbelt in.

” Yeah. I fee like he’s ignoring me. Since yesterday he is not picking up my calls.” I roll my eyes and sigh.

” He might be busy you know.” She says. I nod in agreement.

” Yeah. I hope. I just feel hurt, that’s all.” I sigh.

” You’ll be fine.” She assures me and I doubt it.

” Thanks, Chloe.”

She smiles and turn on the radio.


I knock on Phoebe’s office door. Her voice orders me in and I enter. She’s with Micheal.

” Hi.”

” Hey, Serena. How was school?”

” Great.” I reply.

” Please sit.” Phoebe says.

I hear the door open from behind me. I turn around and Albert walks in. I look back at Phoebe and gestures to Albert’s arrival.

” What’s he doing here?” I ask Phoebe.

” Interrogation. Don’t worry Serena, he can’t hurt you.” Michael says. I don’t really care about that. I just don’t like this man.

He sits beside me and the room feels hot right now.

” Hello, Serena.”

” fvck you Albert.” I grit out. He smirks at me.

I don’t mind going to jail right now because of someone. I just feel like killing Albert. Whatever thing I’m going through right now, he’s equally behind most of them.

” It’s nice meeting you too.” He says sarcastically.

I roll my eyes.

” Albert told us something.” Michael says.

” What lie did he tell you?”

” Well… that your sweetheart Judah murdered your family.” Albert says.

” You’re fvcking psychotic.” I say.

” You know it’s the truth.”

I point my finger to his direction. ” You know it’s not the truth.”

” Serena, calm down.”

” No, I’m not calming down. You have no right to bring Albert in for interrogation without telling me.” I say.

Phoebe sighs and stands up.

” Did you know who this Judah is?” She asks. I swallow silently.

” I do.”

” He is her boyfriend.”

” Your boyfriend?” Michael asks.

What’s that attitude? Why’s he acting like he had a huge crush on me ?

” We’re not dating. We’re next door neighbors and we’re friends.”

” Two friends sleeping with each other. You dumped my son for that fvcking murderer.”

Oh yeah, I don’t mind going to jail right now.

” What’s going on here? What’s this, a setup?”

” Serena calm down alright. We know you love this man. Your tone already said it. You need to listen to what we have to say. Judah left jail three days before your parents got murdered.”

” No…”

” Yes.” Michael says.

” His mother died of an overdose. Few weeks after his mother’s death, his father walked out of his life. He was found dead after few days. Same heroine overdose.”

How did they know that story?
Who told them that?
I remembered we were at a bridge when he told me that story. We were alone.
How did they know that story?
What’s going on?

” Ransom took Judah in. He runs an illegal institution where young men are trained to be assassins. Illegal government hackers and he uses them for his benefits. Ransom was your father’s friend. Your father told him about the heirloom since they are friends. And guess what? He was at your nighteenth birthday. And that wasn’t a coincidence. They already planned your family’s murder when you were nighteen. Judah, being at your family’s mansion that day was to strategize the whole plans. Unluckily for him, he went to jail. Charge for fraud and murder. Ransom brought him out to carry out your family’s murder. I’m sorry to say this to you Serena, Judah is wanted…”


Hi guys.
Is Judah guilty?
Who is our murderer?

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