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Seduction episode 37


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Thirty Seven 🍭🍭

Written by Goddy Francis 🤍


Not edited.


” Serena.” I’m already down the hallway when someone grabs my forearm.

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Without turning back, I know who it is. Of course it’s Judah, you can easily tell. I turn to face him.

” What? You should be with Mercedes.”

” Why?” He asks.

His he insane?
Or his he high or what? I look into his eyes and there’s nothing wrong with him. They are the perfect shades of green that I’ve always admired.

” Serena.” The girls waltzes in.

They stare at me and Judah as they shift their gaze to my form.

” It looks like you’re safe. We are gonna be inside.” They say and walk back inside one after the other.

” You know this can’t work right? You don’t just take a girl to her dream vacation and ignore her calls afterwards. And there you’re with some other girl. Where’s your emotions?”

” Look, it’s not what you think. I don’t even expect you to be here. What are you doing here?”

” What am I doing here? You fvcking abandoned me for Mercedes, Judah. Who does that?” It hurts he’s not showing any sign of remorse.

Or maybe I’m the one overreacting.
Maybe I’m just exaggerating the whole thing.
We’re not even in a relationship. We’re just having s£x and I shouldn’t be jealous right?
Seriously even if this is nothing, he doesn’t have a right to sleep with someone else considering the fact we’re still having s£x.

I can’t just go ahead and sleep with Todd because Judah and I are nothing.
I’m not dumb. This whole friends with benefits bullshit have rules. You don’t just sleep with other women.

” Where you crying?” He release my arm and proceed to touch my cheek. I swat his hand away.

” Don’t you fvcking touch me.”

” Why are you mad at me? Because of Mercedes? We weren’t even having s£x. You shouldn’t even be here.”

” Yeah, I should get the hell out of here.” I turn to leave, but he pulls me back.

” Serena. This is difficult.”

” Oh yeah? You ignored my calls Judah. Like I was nothing to you. You made me look like a fool. You don’t treat a woman like that. This… what we are doing has rules Judah. You can’t just crawl back to your slut’s bed without even thinking about the other party.” Alright, I sound like a clingy jealous girlfriend.

I can’t do this.
I knew I was gonna get hurt the moment I agreed to do this flings thing with Judah.
He knew it. He warned me.

” See ya around. You should as well go back to Mercedes dry humping you.”

” What.” He mutters.

I ignore him and walk out of the hallway.
I hate it that he didn’t stop me or come after me.

fvck it Serena, you watch too much romance films and you forgot reality isn’t the same as movies.

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” You’re okay young lady?” The friendly older woman at the counter smiles at me.

Of course I’m not okay. Every normal person can see that.

” Yeah, thanks.”

” Where you meeting someone?” She asks.

” Well , yeah. We already met.”

” Who was it? Is it one of the boys? Ransom’s boys?” She asks. She still has that sweet smile on her face. I shrug.

” It’s Judah.”

Her eyes brightens at once. Who is Judah to her? It’s obvious she really likes Judah. I mean who wouldn’t? Annoying cute ass jerk.

” You’re the girlfriend, right? The one who’s causing several fights amongst the boys?”

What the heck is she saying?
Fights amongst boys?
What boys?

” I don’t know. I think he didn’t appreciate my presence today. I should just head home.” I smile at her.

” You know he’s really messed up since yesterday. He’s not talking to anyone about it. You should give him sometime, he’s gonna come around.”

I flash her a small smile and head outside.
Great, I’m just the only living person out here.
I walk to Bree’s car and pull out my phone to call the girls.

Sorry I burned your supposed romantic night.” A familiar voice says beside me.

I turn to look at this person and it’s Zayn. He smiles at me and pulls out a lighter and a pack of cigarette.

” You’re like a job to Judah. You should know that.”

” What do you want?” I ask him. I’m not pleased to be with him right now.

I don’t even wanna be with him or any person. I should be at home. Stuck in my apartment and wallowing in agony.

” You look bored and it’s not safe out here. Thought as a good gentleman I should keep you company.” He says , inhaling his cancer stick.

” I don’t want your company alright. I’m tired of listening to your weird stories and lies you keep telling me. I don’t wanna talk to you.”

Zayn chuckles. ” Alright. I’m not really known for lying, you know? You shouldn’t be out here. Your friends are already getting drunk, you should do the same.”

” Why?”

” Personally, I think Judah doesn’t deserve you, I don’t either, so don’t try to think I’m trying to sugar-coat everything. You’re young and you shouldn’t be going through this shit. You should go back to that party and get wasted. Guess that’s why you’re here.”

” You’re strange.” I mutter. My phone vibrates in my hand. I look down at the caller ID and swipe the answer icon.

” Hey, D.”

” Where the fvck are you?”

” Outside.”

” Outside? Why? fvck it, I’m coming to get you.” She hangs up immediately.

” You know…” I turn to look at Zayn, he’s nowhere to be found. But I see him disappearing through the dark.

” He’s weird. Today he’s sweet, the next day, he’s this strange scarred stalker.”

The door of the restaurant opens as Diana walks out.

” What happened?”

” I had a fight with Judah.”

” Goddamnit.” She hugs me at once. ” You’re okay alright. What did he say to you?”

” Nothing useful. He just made it clear we’re nothing even when I knew we can’t be something. The least I expected from him was crawling back to Mercedes bed.”

” Who’s Mercedes?”

” She was his slut. Maybe I am also his slut and I don’t even know it. What if I’m just his plaything and I didn’t for once realized it. I’m so stupid.”

” No you’re not. Why don’t we show Judah, you’re a spec and you’re not to be messed with.” She smiles brightly at me.

” I don’t know, Diana.”

” Come on. You won’t let your s£x buddy burn your night. We’re going back to that party and we’re gonna party our asses out.”

I know I’m gonna regret this.




Of all the night, I had to see her tonight.
Why tonight? Seeing her in that fvcking dress drove me insane that I can’t even control myself around her.
I don’t want this.
Ever since I brought her back from Hollywood, I don’t like the way I’m feeling.
I shouldn’t be feeling this way towards her. Why her?

” You’re a bad fvck, Judah.” Hero says beside me.

I ignore him.
That won’t change anything.
I know she hates me already.
Even if I can’t ever have s£x with Mercedes, I didn’t want her to see me with Mercedes.
I hated the way she looked at me.
Like she hated me.

” She hates me now.”

” I warned you.”

” You didn’t fvcking do shit. Shut the fvck up Hero. You’re making this whole shit worse with your fvcking advises. You’re like my annoying Pope uncle. fvck it.” I say and pull out a stick of cigarette.

” Do you have feelings for her?”

What? I look at Hero from under my lashes. His he high on some shit or what?

” Have you been smoking that cheap weed?”

” Jesus, Judah, be serious for once. Do you love her?”

” You know I don’t. I can’t. This isn’t right. She shouldn’t be going through all of this. I’m a terrible person.”

Hero sighs. He takes my smoke from my hand and gulp his drink.

” Why don’t you come clean? Tell her how you feel?”

” How I feel? Oh, you’re now a psychic? You read people’s mind now huh? Why don’t tell me how I feel?”

” You want her. Badly want her.”

” Yes, I want her. She’s pretty, she’s hot, she’s beautiful and I fvcking like everything about her and it’s scary.”

” You have a vagina.” He chuckles.

” fvck you, man.”

” Hey Judah.” Mercedes calls out.

fvcking hell! I glare at her.

” Don’t you get all mad at me because your bitch is here.” She says.

” Don’t you fvcking call her a bitch.”

” What, Judah? She’s your slut and you know it.”

” fvck off.”

” I thought…” she stutters.

” You thought what? That I was gonna keep you? Bitch I’m done with you. You’re Troy’s plaything now. We can’t fvck, never gonna happen. So move on bitch.”

” fvck you.” She spits out as she turns to leave.

” You’re mean, Judah.” Hero says. He’s acting like my grumpy granny.

I badly wanna get out of here. Go to some place where I rest my head. I feel like I’m falling sick or something.

” Damn, motherfvcker. Take a look at that.” Hero says. I don’t miss the smirk on his face.

I turn to look at what he’s staring at. It’s her. fvcking Serena Steinberg. Smiling to what that fvcking nigga is telling her.
What is she doing here? I thought she left.
She shouldn’t even be here. She can’t be here.

” fvck.”

” No, don’t you fvcking dare. You don’t have feelings for her right? Then let her be. Let her have the fun she wanted. Stop being jealous.” Hero smirks a me.

God, I wanna punch him.

” Who the hell is that fvcker?” I ask. I don’t like the way I’m sounding.

” Probably a visitor. They look good together.” Hero says.

Alright, I badly need to punch Hero.

” What’s your shit?”

” She deserves to be happy, Judah. Not the way you’re treating her. She needs someone. If you can’t do this whole thing with her, you let her go. Stop keeping her and making her fall in love with you, man.”

” You wanna go back to college or what?” I ask him.

He chuckles and shakes his head.

” You’re fvcking high.”

I don’t give two shits about that right now.
I don’t like the fact that she’s talking with someone else and I had to watch. She laughs at whatever thing the fvcker tells her and it’s driving me nuts.

She smiles. A smile that is supposed to be mine. She’s smiling at him. What’s it with women? They get all mad and angry for making you feel like shit, the next thing they are flirting with some douche that’s not even better than you.

” You’re dying.” Hero hands me a cigarette and a lighter. I take it and light it.

” Screw you.” I mutter and exhale the smoke out.

I watched every move he made. Even when his hand purposely sits on her thighs. I clench my fist and fight the urge to murder someone. I watch them go to the dance floor. His arms go around her waist and her arms around his shoulder as they dance.

What the fvck is she doing?



This doesn’t feel right.
Me dancing with this stranger right in front of Judah.
I know he’s watching me. I can feel it. I can feel his eyes burn holes at the back of my head.

Why is he acting jealous?
I thought I’m nothing to him. I badly want this man to be Judah. Holding me in his arms and showing me that he cares about me.
I should probably end whatever thing I have with Judah if I wanna be happy again.
But he’s my happiness and it hurts.
Despite all his shitty attitude, I still want him.
Deep down, I want whatever thing we have to move to something meaningful.

But Judah, being Judah won’t even dare think about making me his girl.
But why take me to Hollywood.
I really want us to talk.
To talk about us and talk about whatever thing this is.

” Hey, you’re okay?” The guy I’m dancing with asks. I don’t even remember his name. I think it’s Jared or maybe Tony.

I flash him a small fake smile. ” Yeah.”

” You look beautiful. You wanna get out of here?”

Hell, no.

” Why? Thought you’re having fun?” I ask him.

His hands slide up my back to my waist. I watch him carefully.

” Yeah, I’m having fun. We can try other fun you know. You’re so fvcking gorgeous.”

Good God.

” I’m not ready to leave.” I tell him.

” Come on.” He pressures as his hands go to my hips.

” Bro, what the hell.” I pull away from him.

” Who the fvck are you?” I hear Judah’s voice behind me.

” I’m with her.” This Jared guy says.

” fvck off.”

” Why man? We’re together.” This man insists.

I see Diana turns to look at me, including Chloe. Bree is already drunk out of her mind. Judah takes a step forward as I wrap my arms around his forearm. He’s intimidating and this man knows that. Judah towers above him, daring him to say another word.

” Move, bitch.”

The man looks at me. I motion for him to go and he does that.

” What do you want?” I ask Judah at once.

Without looking at me , Judah grabs my arm and pulls me out of the club with him.

” Are you out of your mind?” I yell at him once we’re outside.

” I should be asking you that.” He yells back.
” What’s that all about huh? You dancing with that lame ass motherfvcker. Was that supposed to make me jealous?”

” Make you jealous? You had Mercedes on your lap and I had no right to get angry at you because we’re nothing? Judah where’s your damn conscience?”

” What do you want me to do? What do you even want me to say? You know what we had, that doesn’t stop me from being with someone. For fvck’s sake, you were dancing with that douche.”

” What we had? I’m just your plaything right? I mean I know I am. Zayn is right, you don’t deserve anyone. You don’t fvcking deserve anyone.” I yell at him.

” And you know why it hurts that I can’t stop myself from thinking about you, it’s because I’m falling in love with you, Judah.”

Damn, I just said it.
I can’t take it back.

” What?”

” I’m falling in love with you Judah. And I’m a damn fool for it.” I tell him.

I look into his green orbs and his green orbs watches mine. I can literally feel my heart beat slamming loudly against my chest.

How did I get involved with this mess?
He shakes his head gently and then he did what I didn’t expect from him.

Judah turns his back at me and walks way from me…


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