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Seduction episode 38


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Thirty Eight 🍭🍭

Written by Goddy Francis 🤍🤍

. (Not edited. Ignore the errors.)

” I’m falling in love with you Judah, and I’m a damn fool for it.”

fvck it.
fvck all of this.
This is new.
This is crazy. This is fvcked up.
It’s kinda weird to hear someone tell me they love me. I don’t even think anyone has ever told me that.

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fvck this shit.
I lean my elbows on the railings as I stare out the city. I groan and rake my fingers through my hair.
God I’m going insane.
I pull out a stick of cigarette and light it.
Without pulling it out , I exhale the smoke through my nostrils. She’s fvcking fvcking with my entire thinking system.

I don’t feel good.
This isn’t right. She isn’t supposed to be falling in love. She shouldn’t have told me that.
I grew up to understand that nobody cares about me. Nobody gives two shits about you. Nobody cares about you.
So hearing someone tell me they’re falling in love with me, freaks the shit out of me.

I pull out the cigarette from my mouth and run my fingers through my hair. This is more difficult than I thought. Whatever this shit is. It’s not working.

” Judah.” I hear Hero’s voice.

I don’t bother to turn around. I’m messed up. I flick the butt of the cigarette and stick it back in my mouth. He stands beside me and sighs.

” What did you tell her?” He asks.

” I don’t know. I can’t do this. Not anymore. This isn’t working. Whatever this shit is, it’s not for me.”

” I warned you. You shouldn’t have decide to play such games with her. She’s broken cause she’s in love with you.”

” I’ve never been this scared and totally freaked out.”

” Cause you know you hurt her?”

” She’s in love with me, Hero. That’s the fvcking shit I’ve been avoiding. I walked out on her after that confession.”

” Why the fvck did you do that to her? fvck you, man, you feel the same toward her. Why make this whole shit more difficult than it is..” Hero says.

” I don’t know what to do with myself.” I tell him and walk back into my living room. He follows.

” Ransom is worried. He needs to know what’s gotten in you.”

” fvck him.” I flick the butt of the almost done cigarette and light another one.

” I badly need to get high right now. I don’t feel good.”

” Getting high is not the solution here.”

” Then what the fvck is the solution?” I yell. ” What do you even want me to do. Tell her I’m in love with her and apologize for walking away. fvck, Hero, it’s not always that easy. This whole shit is messed up. I shouldn’t have let this happen. Who knew I would be feeling this type of feelings. It’s scary.” I sigh.

Everything is scary.
Everything that has to do with her is scary.
The least I expected from her was to tell me she’s into me. Damnit, I warned her. I warned myself too.
My phone rings as I pull it out if my pocket. I glare at the caller ID. What the fvck does he want.

I slide the answer icon and put it on speakerphone.

” Yeah?”

” Judah.”

” What Ransom?”

” We need to talk.”

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There’s always this little part of me that keeps telling me ‘love isn’t for you Serena.’
That I’m gonna get hurt and all that shit.
I should have expected this. Maybe I did expect it, I just didn’t want to think about it.

He told me. You’re gonna get hurt if you start harbouring feelings for me. I was so stupid and thought maybe I can just have s£x with Judah without falling in love with him. This is crazy.

I angrily shut my door and slump my back against my door as I slide down. I need to stay away from him. No matter how much I feel about him and how my heart beat for him, I should be far from him. It’s obvious Judah can’t return the feelings back. How can I be so fvcking stupid?

Someone knocks on my door. ” Serena.”

” Serena, please open the door.” Chloe calls from outside.

” Serena, we need to talk to you.” Diana adds.

I wipe the tears off the corner of my eyes and stand up. I open the door and they waltzes in.

” Oh my God.” The girls wraps their arms around my shoulder as they hug me.

” Thank God you’re okay.”

” Yeah.” I lead them to the living room and sits down.

” What happened?”

” It’s stupid. I know I’m gonna be fine though.” I shrug.

” What did he say to you?”

” Nothing. I told him I was in love with him. He didn’t say a word to me. He actually walked out on me. Nothing hurts more than that.” I sniffle back my tears.

” What the actual fvck is wrong with him?” Bree slurs. She’s drunk out of her mind.

” I’m just gonna go throw up.” She quickly stands up and rushes down the hallway.

Diana sighs and sits next to me.

” I’m not really an expert when it comes to love. Reasons I don’t actually have a boyfriend. I’ve got this bad luck hovering around me and it’s suffocating. But all I’m gonna say is that, if he truly feels the same way, he’ll come after you.” Chloe says.

” Was that a line from a romance movie you watched?” Diana smirks at her.

I chuckle silently.

” Does it matter. Boys are difficult. You can’t understand them. They say women are difficult but men are worse. He can’t just walk away from you because you told him you’re in love with him. That wasn’t fair of him.” Chloe says.

We hear Bree gags from the bathroom, choking at the same time.

” She’s damn hella wasted.” Chloe mutters. ” I’m gonna go check on her.” Chloe says as she leaves the living room.

” Something isn’t right. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel it.” Diana mutters.

” I thought he felt the same way. I thought we were almost there. For fvck’s sake, he took me to Hollywood for a weekend vacation. I feel he’s not telling me something.”

” And I think that something has to do with your family’s heirloom.” She whispers.

” Really? Did you know someone actually planted a camera in my house.”

” What!” She exclaims.

” Someone had been watching me all this while and I didn’t know. There was about three cameras. I’m just confused. I don’t know what to do.”

” You’ve talked to your family’s detectives?”

” They are both weird. Easily manipulated with crazy fake facts. All because of a fvcking heirloom.” I mutter.

Chloe walks into the living room with Bree. Bree looks pale with her disheveled hair. She slumps down lazily on the couch, hand on her forehead.

” I feel terrible. Thomas is gonna kill me.” She mutters.

Diana rolls her eyes.

” Is she okay?” Bree points at me.

” Yeah.” I reply.

” Of course you don’t. I know you feel like shit right now. You might be thinking maybe you shouldn’t have told him you’re in love with him. But I’m gonna tell you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling someone how much you feel about them. If he walked away, I think he feels he doesn’t deserve you or he isn’t the best for you. I can swear I see the chemistry between you two and it was perfect.” Bree says as she wince to the headache.

” And I thought I was the only one who notice the chemistry. It was so cute.” Chloe says.

” For once I actually forgot he was just your s£x buddy. You two don’t act like one. I think Bree is kinda right. Maybe he feels he doesn’t deserve you. Like he’s not the best man for you.” Diana says.

Every normal man can just tell a girl they don’t feel the same way or they can easily tell her they think they don’t deserve her and not walk away. Does he even have a conscience. Was he even thinking that maybe I’m gonna end up broken?

fvck him.

” Yeah, right. You guys hungry? I’ll try to make something since it’s kinda late.”

” You don’t have to. We’re spending the night to make sure you’re okay and you don’t have to cook anything. You should take a shower.”

I flash them a small smile and stand up to go to my bedroom. I strip off my clothes and turn on the faucet. I sit under the shower with my eyes closed.
My life is a mess.


” I don’t feel fine, aunt.” I say on the phone the following morning. The girls spent the night and left this morning.

They actually put a lot of effort just to make sure I’m good. But it’s kinda sad staring at your phone all night hoping the one you really care about is gonna text you and maybe explain why he walked out on you. Judah didn’t call. Judah didn’t drop a text. This is all complicating.

Diana called earlier that were going out. I know this is all their plan to bring me back to life, like I was actually dead.

” What happened?”

” It’s Judah.” I whine.

” Shit, what happened?” She asks on the phone.

I brew coffee for myself and sit down on the counter to let the steam die down.

” I told him I’m falling in love with him yesterday. He freaked out and walk out on me. That was so hurtful.”

” He did that?”

” Yeah. And I wait all night hoping he was gonna call or maybe text me, but he didn’t.” I sniffle.

How dare he make me feel like shit?
Why the hell did I even knock on his apartment door that very day. I should have just moved out the minute I found out he was trouble. But I didn’t. He was inviting and I wanted more of it. More of his troubles.

” Nothing. No calls.”

” No calls. I don’t know what to do. I badly don’t wanna regret telling him I was falling for him. Maybe I didn’t think this true. Maybe I was so desperate to feel loved or to make him see me the way I look at him. I screwed everything up.”

” Cut it out, Serena. There’s nothing wrong in telling a man how you feel. Alright? Don’t blame yourself don’t regret it. If he doesn’t come back for you, just assume Judah was never your man.”

” He was never my man, aunt. He was this strange hot neighbor I fell in love with it and I regretted ever knowing him.” I say. She sighs on the phone.

” Are you on vacation?”

” No. But the semester exams is close. I’m trying to study.” I say.

” Alright. I think you need to travel it will get your mind off things. It’s gonna help.”

” I hope.” I say as the doorbell chimes.

” I gotta go. My friends are here and they wanna take me out in other to help me feel alive.”

” Sure. Call me when you get home. We have a lot to talk about.”

” Alright.” I hang up.

I go to the door and open it. Diana stands outside with Chloe.

” Why are there no hot people in your neighborhood?” Diana asks as she walks in.

” I still don’t know why.” Chloe adds as she follows behind.

I chuckle and shut the door.

” You’re not ready.” Diana says.

” I know. I’m just gonna go put on something. It won’t take long.” I smile at them and hurry to my bedroom.

I quickly put on a black rip jeans and red colored hoodie with sneakers. Without bothering to brush my hair, I tie it up in a ponytail and stride out of my bedroom.

” Let’s go.” I tell them. Diana smiles at my outfit.

” What?” I chuckle as I lock the door.

” Nothing.” She answers.

” I’m just trying to be all casual. Where’s Bree?”

” Out with Thomas. They went out on a date I think.” Chloe calls out.

” You don’t sound okay.”

” I just wanna get a boyfriend and maybe get laid.” She says.

Diana laughs as we walk to my car.

” You don’t wanna be there Chloe. All that relationship bullshit. It’s kinda difficult sometime.” Diana says sliding into the passenger seat.

Chloe enters the backseat.

” We know everything got it’s ugly side. Same goes to relationship. There are the good days and the ugly ones. The ugly ones ain’t cool, yup.”

Ugly days?
I sure as hell don’t like this ugly days that has to do with relationship. It’s suffocating.


We stop by at a tavern off town. It’s kinda dope out here.

” So who brought you here?” I ask Diana.

” Todd, when we were still siblings.”

” Damn.” Chloe mutters.

” And that’s like the when?”

” Four years ago I think. It’s crazy, I get it.” She smiles and slurp her milkshake.

” What happened between you two?” Chloe asks.

” I think he grew up.” She simply states.

I nod.

The door swings open as Todd walks in. Summer at his side. I think they look good together. We never really did look good together. Summer was his perfect match. Todd didn’t notice us, but summer did. She rolls her eyes at us.

God remind me to pluck her eyes out.

” They don’t look bad.” Chloe says. ” It’s just hard to believe Summer is still clingy after she got abused my Todd. It’s crazy.”

” True love.” I mutter.

” To hell with that shit. She can’t imagine herself with someone other than Todd. And as usual Todd is just trying to hit.” Diana says.

Todd turns to look at our table, our eyes meet. I still can’t forget how he treated me. How he made me look like I don’t deserve anything. He smiles slightly at me as he walks over to our table. Summer frowns.

” Hey girls.” Todd greets. No one respond.

” Well. Hi Serena.”

” What do you want Todd?” I ask him.

” I need to tell you something. It’s important.”

” I’m busy.”

” I won’t take much of your time. It’s just gonna be quick.”

” Why should I talk to you?”

” Because it’s about Judah.”

What has happened to him again?
Is he okay? Was he involved in an accident and now he’s handicapped. Terrible thoughts flows through my head and I’m about to panic. This isn’t good.

I smile apologetically at the girls and excuse myself.

” What about Judah, Todd?” I ask him once were alone at the corner of the tavern.

” I know your plans Todd. How your father is trying to make you steal my family’s heirloom from me. It’s not gonna work.”

He sighs.” Look, Serena I don’t care about your heirloom. I’m going through shit right now and I’m sorry for how I treated you. Maybe I don’t actually deserve you. I just wanna tell you something. Judah’s trying to play you. Ransom paid him a huge amount of money to make him fall in love with you and then steal the heirloom from you. He’s a con, Serena. Why can’t you see all of this.”

Wow. Fantastic.
I need to see a doctor cause I don’t feel good.
I open my mouth to say something but I stop. A view made me stop. There’s a car parked outside the tavern as someone steps out.

” Genevieve.” I mutter to myself.

” What?” Todd asks and turns around too.

And then I see it. He comes out of the car as he shuts the door. What’s he doing here? That man died in Cuba months ago. How’s he alive?

What’s Francis Ryland doing in Chicago?
With Genevieve?


Hello guys.
Thanks for reading.
Soon sooner soonest, this story is coming to an end. I just can’t wait.

Kindly like, comment and share and anticipate my next chapter before evening. See ya guys.

I love y’all. 🥰🥰🥰

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