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Seduction episode 39


💞Seduction 💞
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Chapter Thirty Nine 🍭🍭

Written by Goddy Francis 🤍🤍



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I thought father’s friend, Francis Ryland died months ago in Cuba. What the hell is going on that I’m not even aware of.

” I need to go.” I say as proceed to follow Genevieve and Francis. Todd pulls me back.

” Where are you going?”

” Let go of me.” I grit out.

He nods and let go of my hand.

” What do you even want from me? What do y’all want from me? You know I just witnessed a miracle today. I saw my father’s old friend who’s supposed to be dead.”

” Who?”

” Francis fvcking Ryland.”

” That wasn’t Francis. You are mistaking for someone.” I roll my eyes and walk back into the club.

I need to get the hell out of here.
I stop by at our table.

” I’m sick. I wanna go home.” I say.

” Why? Something wrong. What did Todd say to you?” Diana asks .

” Nothing I’m fine. I’m gonna call a Uber, you guys drive my car home.”

” No, no it’s fine. You can drive the car back. We’ll stop by later at your apartment.”

” Alright, thanks.” I smile at them and walk out of the tavern.

I see Todd talking with Summer. He looks offended at whatever thing she’s telling him. I ignore them and his pleading eyes in particular. I enter my car and drive out of the parking lot, heading straight to Phoebe’s office.


” Francis Ryland is dead, Serena.”

” What? So y’all are saying I’m insane or what? That I saw a ghost? I need to speak with Genevieve.” I say to her.

” Where did you meet them?” Michael asks.

” Across the tavern I was having a drink with my friends. She stepped out of a BMW with Francis Ryland. Even if the last time I saw him was a long time ago that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to recognize him.”

” Before we started investigating this murder case. We actually talked to the hospital Francis died. St Agatha’s home for all. It was a Christian hospital. We had facts that he died. The sister showed us his grave. What’s going on?”

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” So you’re saying I now see ghosts? I’m going insane.” I bite back the tears. This is the part were I need Judah. To hold me close and tell me everything would be alright and this is all just a bad dream.

But where the hell is he?
How can he hurt me this much and he’s not even being remorseful about it.

” Hi.” I turn around at Genevieve’s voice. She’s still wearing the same clothes I saw her with.

Red long sleeve dress with silver strappy heels.
I’m not going crazy, this was exactly what she was wearing.

” Hi. Please sit. Serena has something to tell you.”
Genevieve looks at me, that nice smile of hers is still evident on her face. She sits down.

” Serena are you okay?”

” I want to see my father’s will. The one that states i should be 24 before taking charge of my family’s wealth. I wanna see it.”

Time freezes . I see a glint of mixed emotions flash through her eyes before it disappears.

” Is everything alright?” She asks again.

” Yes. Everything is fine. I just wanna see the will. By right, I’m the last surviving heir of my family’s properties. I should take charge.”

” Alright. But the lawyer read it for you. You saw it that day.” Genevieve says.

” No I didn’t. I heard it that day. I was too traumatized to think or listen. You’ve been good to me and I appreciate it.” I smile at her.

She bats her lashes in astonishment.
I don’t even know what the fvck I’m doing.
But one thing I know for sure is that it’s time I control my life.

” If that’s what you want then it’s fine. Is that why you sent for me?”

” No.” I reply.

Phoebe and Michael watches silently.

” Francis Ryland was said to be dead four months ago. He died in Cuba months before my family was murdered. I saw you two together today.”

” What are you talking about Serena?” She asks as she tries to hide her stuttering.

” You know what I’m talking about. You wore this exact dress. You stepped out of a BMW vehicle with an allegedly dead man named Francis. You knew him. He was my daddy’s best friend. And one minute, he stopped visiting and the other minute he was dead. In Cuba.” I say.

” What’s going on here?” Genevieve asks Phoebe and Michael. Phoebe sighs.

” Serena, what are you doing? Are you trying to say I have something to do with your family’s homicide?” Genevieve asks.

” No. I know you’re not part of it. I just wanna know what you were doing with a a dead man.”

” That wasn’t Francis. I went out on a date with my fiancee. You’re mistaking him for someone. Francis Ryland is dead Serena. A long time ago and who you saw wasn’t Francis. Probably someone you mistook him for.”

I knew something like this was gonna happen.
I can’t let them win. Nothing feels right. Everything is complicated. I can swear I saw Ryland. They are playing games with me and it’s crazy they’re winning.

” I just wanna ask you something Serena, is your family’s safe.” Phoebe asks.

” Yes. It’s safe and far away from harm’s rich.”

” I discovered that the heirloom was stolen twenty years ago from a diamond company.” Michael says.

So hilarious. This feels like a movie.

” Stolen, by who?”

” Your grand father. It was supposed to be sold in an auction house, but your grandfather stole it. It belongs to a royal in Paris.” Michael says.

” Okay. So we should take it back right?” I ask sarcastically.

” We’re not saying that. We’re just saying, this causing a lot more troubles Serena.”

” I should get the hell out of here.” I grab my bag and walk to the door. ” And also, you’re out of the case. Both of you.”

” What?” Phoebe exclaims.

” Why would you do that? I hired them for your benefits Serena.” Genevieve says.

” Thanks, Genevieve. I don’t need them any longer. You’re both out. Close the case and go back to your daily lives.” I say as I walk out of the office.

Something’s coming.
I can feel it. I pull out my phone from my bag thinking of whom to call.
I badly wanted to call Judah, but I can’t.
He owes me a lot of explanations.


” Francis Ryland.” I read as I type his name on my laptop while I wait for it to search.

I scroll down on every articles that has to do with Francis Ryland.

” St Agatha’s home for all.” I mutter as I read down the article.

‘ Francis Ryland was a well known business man and Anthropologist. He founded the Ryland foundation for the poor. Early this year, he was diagnosed of lung cancer after collapsing at a fundraiser campaign in cuba.’

” Seriously.” I huff.

I’m not insane. I saw Francis Ryland. Dad’s so called best friend. I recognized him. I knew him. He was at my eighteenth birthday party and we had family dinner. Why are they making look like I’m insane. I sigh, hands pulling on my hair.

I hear the doorbell ring as I groan. Who the hell is that? This isn’t the time for sympathy meetings. I stand up from my bed as I go to the living room. I open the door as I almost trip on my feet. My heart leap to my feet and I can’t breathe.

God he looks so good.

” What are you doing here?”

He sighs. ” Making sure you’re safe. Can I come in?”

” No.” I shut the door on his face but Judah stops me.

” Let me in, I need to tell you something.”

I try to think if it’s the right thing to do.
I don’t even know why I trust him so much.
He has his own way of making me over look every single shit he did to me by just walking back into my life like nothing happened. This is when I need him the most.

” No.”

” I missed you.” He says.

Oh God Serena don’t fall for that.
Just shut your door and go back to your bedroom and die in peace.

” Judah, no. Just go. I understand you don’t feel the same way, we can’t continue doing this over and over again. I’m tired of getting hurt.”

” I know. I’m not here to hurt you. I wanna talk to you.”

” About what?” I ask.

He sighs and run his fingers down his hair. God that look so hot. I take a deep breath and try to get angry at him. It’s not working.

Judah walks himself in, hands around my waist as he shuts the door. I look up at him and try to avoid his tempting and seductive gaze.

” Hey.”

” Hi.” I breathe out.

His right hand go up my hair and tuck every loose strands to it’s normal place.

” You look beautiful.” He says. ” And I’m an idiot for always hurting you. I owe you a lot of apologies and explanations. I’m sorry for walking away.”

” Why did you?”

His thumb pad slowly caress my cheek. My cheek lean on his palm as my eyes flutter shut. How’s he doing this to me?

” Why do you always leave me when I need you the most?” I ask

” I’m sorry.”

I open my eyes to look at him.

” Why did you walk away? Why were you avoiding me? Why let Mercedes give you a lap dance?” I ask all this questions that are bothering me.

” I walked out because I was scared. Nobody really cares enough to tell me that they loved me. They always want something in exchange for that. But you, you’re different. I avoided your calls because I was afraid. All of this isn’t really part of what we had. It was all new to me. I thought maybe the best thing to do was to stay the hell away from you. I regretted it. I’m sorry.”

I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. He kisses me at once. My hands go around his neck and I’m responding to his kiss. I missed his touch and my need for him is so mighty.

” God, I missed you so much.” His hands roams around my body and I let him touch me wherever that pleases him.

Judah kisses my neck and I m0an. I try to pull off his jacket but he doesn’t let me.

” What?”

I ask surprisingly.

” I forgive you.”

” I know and I’m sorry.” He says.

” For what?” I look into his eyes. They are sad. What’s happening to him? His he dumping me for real?

I feel a sharp sting at the side of my neck as I wince. I touch the spot and look at Judah. God I don’t feel good. I feel dizzy.

” What are you doing? What did you do?”

I see the world begins to fade away.
Something is happening to me. I can’t even hear myself. Judah’s still holding tight to me.

” Judah, what did you do?” I ask him. My voice is croak as tears stream down my eyes.

” I’m sorry.” He whispers.

I feel like jelly. My feet isn’t steady anymore. My eyes begins to close as my things starts fading away. I look down at his hand and he’s holding a tranquilizer.

” You drugged me.” I breathe out.

My vision is dark but I see a man enter my apartment. I can see his smirk taunting my vision. And then I blacked out.


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