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Seduction episode 40


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸 Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Fourty 🍭🍭🍭

Written by Goddy Francis 🤍





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I feel terrible.
Whatever shit I did , I don’t have a choice. But I probably got it covered.

It was out of my will , I didn’t know what to do. I can’t see her get hurt after seeing all the shit she passed through.

” We need to talk.” Ransom said on the phone.

I sat across from him. He knew I’m not happy with whatever shit he wanted to say.

” Where’s the fvcking heirloom Judah?”

” I don’t know what the fvck you’re talking about.”

” You’re playing smart ass huh? Do you wanna see her get hurt or what?”

” I don’t fvcking know what you’re talking, Francis.” I told him.

” You know I brought you in. Made you who you’re today.”

” No shit, you didn’t. You only made me worse. You made me think emotions don’t even exist. I struggled for my own shit when you were busy using me to gain what you want.”

” So it’s true. You’re skipping the whole plan because you’re fvcking Sebastian’s daughter? I fvcking knew it.”

” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

” How can you do this to me. We made a bargain. Me bringing you out of prison and you’re gonna give me the Steinberg’s fvcking heirloom. You didn’t do shit, instead you went ahead and start sleeping with her because you can’t fvcking keep your d!ck in your pants. What the fvck is that supposed to mean?” He yelled.

” You’re getting my diamond or I’ll make your life more miserable than you can ever think of. I’ll make sure I’ll send you back to jail.”

” You won’t do shit.”

He smirked at me.

” Judah, I need the girl.”

” I ain’t giving you no damn girl.”

” It’s funny you know you don’t have a choice. I’ve got two of my boys covered her neighborhood. Give me the girl or they’re gonna shoot right in her fvcking brains.”

” You wanna kill her? You know you can’t get it if she’s already dead.”

” Really? Of what use is she if she can’t provide me the heirloom? Maybe we should make it easifor the two of us, I’ll tell Troy and Zayn to rape with a fvcking gun pointing to her. Which do you like?” He asked.

” You can’t do that to her.”

” You know I will. I killed her goddamn family for fvck’s sake. Killing her isn’t gonna be so difficult. But we can make her live Judah. Bring her to me, she’s gonna give me the diamond and everyone’s gonna live happily ever after. It’s simple.”

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” No.”

” Alright.” I watched him pick up his phone.

Before I could make any move, I feel a barrel pressed against my head. fvck it!

” Hey boss.” I hear a familiar voice on the phone.

” Kill the girl.” Ransom ordered.

” Okay…”

” Wait.” I stopped him.

” You changed your mind?” He smirked at him.
At that moment I wished i could kill him.

” I’ll get you the girl. But please don’t hurt her.” I plead.

” Oh, Judah, you know you don’t deserve it. I’m paying you off once this is over.”

” fvck your shit.”

” That was smart, Dante.” Troy says behind. I knew he was the bastard pointing his gun at me.

” Now move.” Ransom said as he points his gun at me.

At that moment, I knew she was never gonna forgive me. I fvcked everything up. Like always.




I wince at the throbbing headache as I force my eyes open. My eyes are weak. I can’t believe Judah had drugged me and bring me to them. To people who probably killed my family and obviously wanted the heirloom too.

I slowly open my eyes. I see a blurry shadow of people dressed in all black. I slowly blink my eyes and I’m faced with at least five men.

Judah stands at the corner of the room as he avoids my gaze. I noticed two men pointing an assault riffles at him. What the hell is going on?

And then there’s a man standing close to another man. He looks the big boss in charge. Worse part it’s the same man people thought is dead. Francis fvcking Ryland.

” Francis.”

” Hello sweetheart.” He smiles at me. He sits at a chair close to my bed as he smokes a cigar.

” Francis? What’s going on? You faked your death?”

” It’s a miracle. I resurrected actually.” I don’t miss the scar on his face. Who scarred him?

” What’s he doing with you?” I motion to Judah.

” Ooh. This is interesting. He’s the miserable fvck I paid to make you fall head over heels in love with him , just to make you give him the heirloom or tell him where it is. Sadly he had to fall in love and betray me.”

I dart my head to look at Judah. His eyes holds sympathy and thousands of apologies. How could he do this to me? I groan and fist my hands. That’s when I noticed I’m in cuffs. They handcuffed me?

” Why the fvck would you fake your death just to murder my family. He treated you as a son.”

” A friend. Your father was a fvcking cunt. Have you ever wondered why Albert hate your dad? He’s a fvcking traitor. That motherfvcker scarred me. They deserve what happened to them.”

He was a traitor?
What did dad do?

” He’s like his thief father. Your grandfather stole the heirloom from an auction house. It was supposed to be my grand father’s. I want it back sweetheart.”

” You ain’t getting shit. You killed my family because of a fvcking stone. A damn stone. Who are you?”

” I’m a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. I badly wanna make this easy for you and for your lover boy. Where the fvck is the diamond? It belongs to me and I deserve to keep it.”

I chuckle sadly. I turn to look at Judah, he mutters ‘I’m sorry’ and I read his lips.

” Why did you do this to me? Lied to me and make me fall in love with you? How could you do this to me?” I whimper.

” This isn’t the time to proclaim love between each other. Where the fvck is the goddamn stone?” Francis asks.

” Are you Ransom? What’s with the two identify?”

” There’s no two identity about it. Francis is my first name. Ransom is my middle name. I don’t owe you no fvcking explanation. Where’s the heirloom Serena?” He yells at me.

” I don’t fvcking have it.” I yell back at him.

” You like the hard way don’t you?” Ransom asks as he snaps his fingers at the two guys pointing a gun at Judah.

” So who should I kill first?” Ransom asks.

” You can’t fvcking do this, Ransom.” Judah argues.

That won’t save any of us.
His argument and whatever shit he’s trying to say won’t help us.
How can he be normal and sedate me just to bring me to this beast that calls himself my father’s friend.

If I get out alive, surely I’m never getting back with him again. This is too much for anyone.

” Who did you pay to kill my family?” I ask him.

” How would you love to he raped huh? In front of your lover?” He whips his head to Judah.

” Ransom, don’t try shit.” Judah groans.

One of the men jabs their elbwo against judah’s cheek.

” fvck.” Judah mutters. He spits out blood.

” fvcking bastard.” Judah says as he cleans his mouth. ” You gon’ regret this, you sad motherfvcker.”

” Ooh. You’re getting rude again, Judah. You’re forgetting you were just a little boy when your miserable parents left you. They were all crack addict. fvcking crack addicts. You were definitely gonna be like them but I gave you life. I gave you hope you fvcking cunt. You’re paying me back with this, because of what? A fvcking pvssy!”

” fvck you man.” Judah spits out. He looks at me and mouths. ” You can shoot right?”

I glare at him.

” Where’s the heirloom Serena? I don’t wanna hurt you. I badly don’t wanna hurt you. But if you don’t like it the easy way, I’m gonna make it difficult for you. Tell me where it is.” Ransom slash Francis asks.

” fvck you.” I tell him.

He nods. He snaps a his hands at his boys, but Judah is faster. I see him pull out a switch blade as he stabs the man next to him.

I kick the guy were the sun doesn’t shine as he groans. Everything was fast. It was like a movie. The door to the bedroom burst open as Hero waltzes in, gun in hands as he shoots the two guys as I shoot one. Now Ransom is remaining.

He glares at Judah.

” Ransom, turn around.”

” You don’t know what you’re doing.” Ransom says.

” I know. Turn around slowly or I’m shooting the fvck out of you.”

” What the actual fvck is this.” Hero mutters.

His eyes settles on me. He sighs and smiles sympathetically at me.

” Hello…” I motion to my handcuffs.

” Where the fvck is the key?” Hero asks.

” Shit.” I huff.

Ransom chuckles. He turns around and pulls out his gun, but Judah is fast, he shoots him on his ankle. Ransom falls down on the ground groaning loudly like a pregnant baby.

” fvck…” Ransom groans.

” pvssy.” Judah says. He brings out the key to the handcuffs as Hero snatches Ransom’s gun from the floor.

” Why are you doing this, Hero? I never thought you would be like Judah.” Ransom winces continually.

I stare at Judah as he unlocks the handcuff.

” I still hate you.” I tell him.

” I know. You have every right to. Let’s get you out of here.”

” Are they dead?” I motion to the guys on the floor covered in their own blood.

” Yes.” Judah says.

” Are we leaving or are you guys are trying to make love or what?” Hero asks.

Judah stretches out his hand for me to take it.
I glare at his hand as I stand up from the bed. I ignored both of them as I walk past them. I need to be far from him. Away from all his bullshit.


Hero smokes a cigarette in my kitchen as Judah stands at a corner in my living room, watching me closely.

” I’m sorry.” He breaks the silence. ” I didn’t mean to.”

” Yeah? You fvcking sedated me. Put my life in danger. For what exactly?”

” He had two guys on your neighborhood watching you. He wanted to fvcking kill you.”

” That doesn’t explain the fact that you were paid to make me fall in love with you. That all this whole thing was just a game to you. Judah you seduced me. You made me think you were different. How can you do this to me?” I yell at him.

” I’m sorry. It was real even if we weren’t into each other. I truly cares about you.”

” No you don’t. You don’t even have emotions.”

He’s silent as he runs his hands through his hair.

” All of this is complicating, alright. I went to jail. Ransom brought me out with a bargain that I was gonna con a girl just to get her family’s heirloom from her. He didn’t tell me it was you. I got out finally and he showed me your pictures, that very instant I knew I couldn’t do it. I remembered the girl I met on her fvcking nighteenth birthday.”

” Why didn’t you to it?”

” Because I wanted you alright. I cared about you and I actually wanted to keep you. You thought I was lying when I told you all of that? You don’t ever believe anything I said. This is all fvcked up.”

” So how many women have you conned?”

” Not just women, including men. You don’t have to me because of my choice of job. I got paid for it.”

” And you don’t care about hurting people and defrauding them because of your selfish needs? fvck Judah, this isn’t right.”

He sighs.

” I can’t believe I was just a game to you. For your pleasure and all that shit. You should leave.” I take a deep breath.

” I don’t wanna talk to you, just get out.” I add.

He sighs, takes a deep breath as he walks out the door. My life is fvcked.


Ayo guys.
How are y’all?
Hope you guys are fine?

Thanks for reading. Liking and commenting.

One more episode to end the story.

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