Seductive Amina

sed-ctive Amina – Episode 1 (18+)

sed-ctive Amina 18+

She isn’t a good girl,
Neither a bad girl,
Nor both.
She is just sed-cive Amina.

Episode 1


The un-tarred road that serves as the main road of Upaga community is always busy, especially on Fridays. People are coming in from outside the community, and people are traveling out of it, for the weekend.

“Amina, wait na!” A young man called out to Amina, a tall girl walking on the un-tarred road with her sed-ctive gown.

He grab her by her arm.

“I wan follow you talk na” he said breathing heavily from the running exercise.

She direct her manicured finger to his face.

“Yo-tube! Leave me alone in this village oh” she warned dragging her ear amidst the warning.

He smiled sweetly, and gathered the most boyish smile he could manage.

“Am ready to shower you with gifts, look. I get money, enough money to spend am on you” he said, bragging with the wad of cash he brought out of his pocket.

Amina clapped her hands, look up in the sky, arm akimbo.

“Amina, you have suffered!” She exclaimed, beating her chest.

“Make we go my house so that we can do, I’ll give you enough cash. You nodey see the money” he display the cash.

She grab him by his groin, through his trouser fabric, Holding his ****.

“Oohh– Amina stop na!” He cried out in pain.

“So, is this your small pee-pee that you want to do , abi?” He shake his head sideways hastily.

“No, no, aaahh..” he cried out.

“The next time your carrot deceive you to come and show your insignificant tadpole body before me again, ehnn. You will have it hot, serious hot seven rounds” she sighed and walk away, shaking her ass sed-ctively.

The young man un-belt, and look into his boxer, he nodded in confirmation. He wipe out sweats from his face, stare at her direction and bite his finger.

“I go surely eat this nyash” he vow.

“YouTube, my money” someone scre-med at him coming from another route connecting to the un-tarred road, sighting him, he ran away.


“Amina!” The woman called loudly from the hallway that leads from the frontage down to the backyard of the house, it serves as demarcation betwixt the rooms.

“Where is this stupid girl” she quizzed no one in particular.

She push-open the third room at her right, sleeping on the bed is Amina. Enjoying the rounding fan and soft music coming from the speakers. The woman walk to the wall socket and switch it off, she stood over the sleeping body.

“Lazy girl” she landed a hot slap on her back, she didn’t wake up.




The slaps continued.

“Oooohhh-hoo!” Amina, complained bitterly.

“Shut up! Lazy girl, stand up. Today is Sunday, we shouldn’t be late everyday” the woman said dragging her by the hand.

She yawned.

“Mama, you go try go outside. I still dey sleep” she pointed to the door, and lay back.

The woman thought for awhile, she left afterwards and walk into the kitchen and came out with a bowl, she went to the tap situated at the breadth of the house. She fetch water with it.

“Maaaammmaa!” Amina scre-med, when the water was poured on her.

“Prepare and let’s go to church” her mom said leaving the room with the bowl, Amina frowned and stood up. Removed her w-t bedsheets, she carried her bed outside.


She look into the mirror and applied her white l¡pstick, she stood up. And turn back looking into the mirror to check her behind properly on the mirror, she smile in appreciation of what nature as endowed behind.

She turned round again, facing the mirror. She adjusted her gown, her n-pples pointed visibly on the soft fabric, she hasn’t put on b-ra to conceal her firm and round br-ast.

All white.

She left her room.


“Where are you going, Amina” her mother asked surprised by her outfit. She didn’t respond but showed her, the Bible she is holding and walk away.

The woman examined her daughter properly and notice the visible outline of her p-nt, she has been waiting for tirelessly.

“Jezebel!” she spat.


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