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Sensation episode 7 – 8


(Fighting against lust 🛡)
Written by Lynne writes.
@Lynne’s library.
Chapter seven
I wait patiently by my car staring at the entrance of the dormitory.
I sigh and run my hands through my hair.
“What is taking them so long. ” I mutter

rubbing my palm all over my face.
Looking at the entrance again my jaw dropped in Suprise.
What! This person looks like Aria but she’s not, or is she.
She was clad in a tight Gold gown that hug those curves I love so much. And her face was caked up by Larisa I think, her curly hair is now straight and stop on her shoulder. It fits her so well. She’s beautiful, really beautiful.
I watch as she took her step slowly in heels almost tripping. It was Larissa who holds her.
I smile as she got closer to where I stand.
Larissa left immediately.
I move away from my not so expensive car and took three step forward to her.
“Hey you look beautiful ” I grinned at her.
“Hi, thanks ” she mumbled fidgeting and trying to drag her dress down at the same time looking around.
I know she hates the attention she’s getting now, I’ve noticed that about her. She isn’t comfortable with too much attention.
“Come ” I grab her hand and open the door for her. She helped her self in.
I also got and start driving.
I steal a glance at her. She still has her head down biting her lips continuously.
“You’re going to burn your lips if you keep doing that, and you are ruining that red lipstick, I want to be the one to lick that off. ”
I say and I heard her exhale.
“Do you really plan to ignore me tonight, why won’t you talk to me. ”
“Where are you taking me to “she says.
“It’s a surprise, can’t tell you ”
“Why didn’t you tell me you are taking me on a date. I forgot, I started dating without my consent. I should expect this “she scoff.
“We are here ” I stopped in front of my house and quickly went over to open the door for her.
“This place looks familiar “she says as I lead her in.
“It should, you were here before ”
“Wait! Your house, we are having our date in your house ”
“It’s not really a date, just wanna spend time alone with you ” I kiss her on the lips shortly and pull her into the living room.
“You can remove your heels if you feel uncomfortable ”
“Of course “she breath out and start removing her stilettos.

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/> “Where are your friends? ”
“Uhm they are out… Come and seat here ”
“Are we watching a movie? ” she ask
I turn on the TV and a dim light.
Just tryna be romantic a little.
“Yes, what do you want to watch. Romance? Comedy? Erotica? Horror? Which one ?”
“Erm comedy?”
I wish she said romance or erotica at least romance, girls love romance movies.
“Okay ”
After finding a suitable movie, I paused it. Then grab the blankets off the other couch and place it beside her, where she’s sitting.
Ran to the kitchen to get two

bowl of popcorn and went back to the living room and sit down beside her.
She collected the bowl from me and start eating staring at the movie.
She started laughing at a scene which I didn’t even know what is was happening cos I was staring at her the whole time.
I clear my throat and grab the blankets that was between us putting it on my lap, I move closer to her my arm touching hers. I place my hands on her hands which is resting on her lap.
She took her hands away immediately hugging it to her self. I didn’t stop by putting my hands on her back. She shift away.
“What’s wrong? ” I ask.
“I’m not comfortable with you touching me, my body is… ” she says.
“I’m sorry ”
I move away from her putting back the blankets. I concentrated on the movie. Few minutes later, I notice she already slept off.
I sigh and paused the movie then carry her to my room.
I know she will be angry when she wakes up tomorrow finding herself in my room.
(Fighting against lust 🛡)
Written by Lynne writes.
@Lynne’s library.
Chapter eight.
“Listen Andrew, I am not going anywhere with you and Dad so you better leave me alone ”
“You are paying her a visit on her remembrance day ceremony but I have always payed her visit every day because her death pained me more than it does to you. You all are murderers!! You killed my mom and you’ll pay for it ” I heard Xander yell over the phone making me open

my eyes.
What’s going on?
“Oh my God did I sleep here? ” I mutter standing up from the bed.
Xander turned.
“You’re awake”
“Why didn’t you take me home? ”
“You were asleep… ”
“You slept here with me? ” I cut him off.
“Yes, not on the same bed… I used the couch. ”
“Oh.. Thanks, I heard you shouting at someone is everything okay? ” I ask.
His expression changed at my question.
“What’s wrong?”
“My mom died today.”he mutters sadly.
“I’m so sorry….” I was so quick to pull into a hug before I could think.
He hugs me tightly and I swear I felt something w€t drop on my back.
Oh God he’s crying.
“Do you want to see her? I can go with you ” I say recalling the conversation I heard earlier.
“I don’t want to. ”
“Who were you… ”
“My brother “he interrupt. “He wants me to go with him and Dad as a family to pay respect to my mother. And the truth is they were never my family and they never respected my mother either. Not that beast that calls himself my father, who beats my mother to death. He sent her to early grave and my stupid Step brother who doesn’t even care about me or my mom when she was alive. But now after they killed her, they killed the only person I have on earth they pretend to care. ”
“I’m sorry all this happened to you. Please stop crying I’m here for you ”
I can’t believe Xander cried and poured out his heart to me. A whole BADBOY XANDER to me, one of the least girls in campus. This made my heart warm.
“Are you sure you don’t want to visit her? ”
“I’m positive, I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to stay here with you. I got you new clothes and underwears and other things you might need. You just have to go to the bathroom and take your bath. Please Aria don’t say no ” he begs giving me a puppy looks. My cheeks turn red and I couldn’t stop myself from grinning.
“Aww you look cute ” I say dragging his left cheek with my fingers.
He groans “Go, you stink “he says and I frown.
“I mean you Stinkingly smell good ”
He smiles, making me also mirror his smile.
When I was done bathing I realize Xander has made breakfast.
“This is not really my favorite but I’ll eat it ” I say sitting down on one of the chairs in the small dinning room.
“Oh I’m sorry I should have ask “he apologize.
“No it’s fine Alex, sandwich is nice ” I wave it off taking a bite from the sandwich.
“Don’t call me Alex ” he says.
“Huh? Why? ”
“It reminds me of mom, she calls me Alex or Alexander that’s why I changed my name to Xander ”
“Oh… Sorry ”
“But don’t worry girlfriend, you can call me anything you want. Even pet names oh I love pet names ”
I smile. “So what pet name do you want? Baby? sweetie? Sugar? Or oh Honey bunny? ”
“Honey bunny, honey bunny, I like that ” he points.
A noise came from the other side of the house and I turn to look only to see two guys clad in only boxer briefs running after each other and shouting.
My cheeks flushed, Xander’s roommates.
Xander stood up immediately running over to them, then said which make them look over to my way. One of them waves at me, with I returned and brought down my hand in nanosecond, I wasn’t even sure he saw me wave back. They both went back in.
Few minutes later when we are almost done with breakfast, they came back to join us dressed up this time.
I spend time with Xander till evening I left for my dorm. It was so much fun and I enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve always thought Xander is a grumpy type, but he proved me wrong. He’s down to earth.
And I couldn’t forget I saw hard drugs in bathroom this morning. I know he’s dangerous and has something he’s keeping. I hope one day he’ll open up to me about it or I’ll find out myself.
T. B. C

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