Sequelea of souls episode 5



🖤Souls🖤 (Skoll and Hati)

Episode 5

✍created and written by. Madu Shedrack

Skoll looks at her till she walks off his sight and then he still turned and face his way.

All his mind us telling him at the moment is just to enter this place that he has been warned severally not to enter.

So he kindly walks to the door as he first of all stares around.

And then looks at himself as he placed his right hand at the door.

And slowly opens it as he steps into the house just to see a group of men donned in black.

They were all sitting there as it looks like they are having a personal meeting.

And just as soon as he enters they all flashes their eyes on him like a flash light.

Besides, the door also gave a heavy sound as it closes back making Skoll to also look at his back.

And then looks forward again while he silently keeps looking at them with a fearless face.

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“How dare you bark into this place you duck!?” one of them said as he stands up.

And then the others joined him standing besides his back.

“Hmm… Your face is new in this school? Isn’t it” the same person asked.

While Skoll looks at their eyes once again, their eyes which was glittering yellowish.

He breathes out as he nods repeatedly “Yeah am new here”

“And I was told to come and register my sis here” Skoll said.

While their leader looks at the others as they all gives out a dangerous smirk.

“You need a welcome song!” the leader said as he turns back and acts like he is walking away.

Which made Skoll to felt so relax as he was just about to move a step forward.

But this guy turned and punched his face with force which made him to fall on the ground selflessly.

He quickly tried to stand up from the ground but the other men bring out a dagger from nowhere.

And was readily waiting for him to raise his head so that he could caught off Skoll’s head even before Skoll could catch his glimpse.

So Just for Skoll to raise up his head.

“Let him go!” a voice sounded as he looks at the front and that becomes the same girl that warned him not to enter.

Which is the leader of the Black Wigs group that also works for Shadow.

And this Black Wig is only a female team which are the ladies donned in black.

Skoll then slightly used his eyes to stare at the corner without shifting his head.

And he saw a lightning well sharpened dagger at the side of his head.

He looks well as he raises his head and he find out that the guy was almost cutting off his head but he was saved by this girl.

But then he was still Craver because this guys hand is still strongly behind him.

He has refused to put his dagger down as he was staring at the lady.

“I said let him go… He is mine…!” The lady repeated as she takes a sip of her drink from the bottle in her hand.

And then the guy removed the dagger from Skoll’s head.

As he puts it in it’s cave and then walks to the lady and looks directly at her face.

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Both of them stares at themselves face to face and fearlessly.

But that look can say it all that everything is not alright.

But while he stares at her, he did not utter a word and he turned and walk away.

And while he was walking away the other guys joined him and they walk away.

And it was left for only the lady and Skoll at the room, so she stares at him somehow.

Then she carries her bottle of alcohol up and looks at it to know the size the alcohol is at the moment.

After she looks at it then she placed in her mouth and drank it all at once.

After drinking it she fling the bottle away with force and it crashes at the wall as it makes a loud noise.

While Skoll was only watching what was going on.

So after breaking the bottle she then steps forward to him.

But Skoll stood fearlessly waiting for her arrival, when she reached.

She walked around him and paused at his face as she looks up to his face as if she is about to do something crazy.

But she ended up bringing her hand forward requesting for a hand shake.

Skoll stares at her hand for a few minutes and then deep out his hand from his pocket and shake her.

“Hi stubborn guy am Gaia” She said to Skoll.

“And am Skoll” Skoll replied as he nods and they shake their hands.

After shaking their hands their releases it as Gaia walks around.

She first of all walks to the window and stares at outside.

And then gently came back and sat on a seat at the room while Skoll was watching.

“Hope you are aware that you are now in a deep trouble?” Gaia said to Skoll.

While Skoll groaned as he breathe in and out as well.

He looks at the ground silently and then looks up to her again.

“How do you mean?” Skoll asked as he stands still.

And then Gaia gets up from where she was sitting and steps closer to him.

“Skoll you are now in a deep trouble and you have only one way to escape” Gaia said as she points out her one finger.

And Skol stares at her finger silently but he doesn’t know what to say.

Not that he doesn’t know what to reply but he just chose to be quiet at the moment.

“Yes you have one way to escape and that way is if you will follow me now!” Gaia said as she started walking away.

“Wait a minute” Skoll said as he stretches his hand forward telling her to stop.

And she paused to look at her back and just to see Skoll rushing the door to outside.

“She is no longer there” Gaia shouted to Skoll and Skoll hold brake with force.

Which caused a lot of dusts and as he was holding on from running he was also grabbing the door which helped him stood firm.

Then he turned back with a bad look on his face as he silently steps forward to Gaia.

“Trust me you will not find her again but for you to see her in the future you too need to be alive”

“Come with me now!” Gaia shouted as she quickly rushed the backdoor.

And matched it with force as it breaks down and made a heavy noise.

And as it breaks down it was shown that the back of this door is a forest of tress.

And snows was in the forest as well.

“Here!” Gaia said as she points at the forest for him telling him to join her.

And as she points at the forest she didn’t wait for him to show up and she first of all started running inside.

While running she turned back just to see Skoll heading towards the primary class instead of Joining her.

“Not again!” Gaia said as she punches the wall angrily and then run after Skoll immediately.

Just for her to run outside from the house she saw Skoll fly passed the door as he was groaning in pain.

And then she quickly ran outside quickly just for her to see three agents of Shadow.

Which are obviously werewolves and they are boys.

This guys eyes were yellowish in color with their two canine dangerous teeth that are totally seen as they are roaring.

Gaia first of all stares at them but Skoll looks like he is in a very critical situation.

So she quickly rushed him at the ground there and help him to get to his feet.

“Hey are you okay?” She asked Skoll.

But Skoll put his right hand on top of his belly as he was spiting out blood out of his mouth.

Gaia placed her hand on top of Skoll’s head as she was trying to look into his mouth.

And this guys were still seriously coming after Skoll.

“Hey stop it! Let him go!” Gaia said to Shadow agents as she widens her hands.

Trying to protect Skoll from them and then they paused from coming forward.

The leading one which is the one at the front stares closely at Gaia and it is of course a fellow agent.

“Get out of the way?” the guy said in a calmed voice while Gaia stares at her back.

Checking out if it is what Skoll can do but after looking back she then looks up.

And kept silent at them as she keeps widening her hand against them.

She bravely stares closer at them and watches their hands as they draws out their claws very longer.

And then their eyes goes yellow immediately while Gaia was silently and slowly putting her hand to her dagger cave.

And just as the first one jumps up to attack she drags her sword out and cut off his head at the middle air making his blood to splash.

The second one too tried to attack but she had his hand first and cut it off which give her the upper hand.

The other one was already winning her as he was pressing her to kill her with the dagger at the ground but then Skoll was seen as he grab the guy on the neck and hold him right till he lost his conscious.

“Here!” Skoll said as he opens his hand and then Gaia hold his hand as he help her drag her up from the ground.

While she get up from the ground they stares at each other closely.

And Skoll was the first person to remove his eyes as he looks at the dead Shadow agents.

“So… Where is my sister now?” Skoll asked Gaia as he grabbed her in her two hands.

“That is a question for later can’t be answered on this place”

“Trust me” She said as she points at herself and then she looks at the compound again.

She just used her eyes to scan through the compound withing a seconds.

“More of them are still coming Skoll and the stronger one’s are on their way coming” Gaia said to Skoll as she pick her raise.

And followed the entrance that she broke before.

While Skoll spent time looking around the compound imagining that Iris would just show up.

“Skoll come on!” Gaia said when she passed the entrance and just to discover that Skoll is still not yet with her.

And as soon as she called him he looked at her and looked at the compound once again just to see another men coming far away.

And then he pick up his race as he joined Gaia on the run and then Gaia sealed up the entrance with magic.

It seems that she is a magician with a strong magic power.

While she sealed it up Skoll joined her and they started running for their life using the snow forest.


NPF Station.

It is the home of the police force, the police men were all around at the station.

And Skoll was shown to be sitting at the corner as he is signing some of the contracts in his hand.

Which is obviously the white peppers in his hand.

They easily give him the contract to join the NPF even though he is not from this town but because him as well easily pass the tasks and exercise required to be a police officer.

So he was busy signing the contract and was also discussing and laughing with the others as it is the best day for him to accomplish what he has been waiting for.

Although that he is aware that big tasks are ahead of him after this contract signing did not make him not to be happy.

So why he was happy the same bird that follows Iris around flies and hanged on top of the nearest tree.

Hati stares at the bird closely and in a minute he threw away the papers in his hand.

And he quickly ran to the IG’s office requesting for a war approvement against Shadow.

But this police station have been warned by Shadow not to interrupt his case ever again in their life or else he will kill them all.

And because they are just so afraid they keep declining the request of Hati.

But he couldn’t rest as he is aware that this is about his only sister

And this is not a war he has to go alone but as it appears now he had no choice.

….To Be Continued….