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SERA:His Personal Maid Episode 3


Eden Garcia
Setting hilippines
Writer : Authoress Athena
Type of story : Fiction

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Episode 3

He started turning the house up side down.

He pushed the big table down.

He pushed all the books on the shalf down

He scattered the bed and removed the blanket from it .

He poured all the liquid substance on the room .

He goes into a big door and brought all the clothes down.

He opened the fridge and brought out all the wine .

He poured the wine on the clothes…both white and colored.

He goes into another room inside that same room.

He brought out shoes and pour powder on them.

“Phwweee …..now start working ” he said.

All this while my mouth was widely opened.

He looks at the wrist watch on him.

“It’s just 11:17….am going out around 12: 20 ”

“You mean ” I couldn’t belive my eyes as I asked pointing at the rough room.

“Yes….and you have to wash all the clothes and the shoes, so I can know which one to put on ”


” and beside don’t use the washing machine ”

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He said and walked out..kicking the little waste bin down.

He slammed the door loudly.

I was dumbfounded.

I walked slowly to the bed and look at the room.

He’s a real monster .

I could have dumped the job but the only thing holding me is the pay.

I started cleaning.

I arranged everything….I cleaned the shoes.

And packed the clothes into the washing machine.

He should just die there….I can’t kill my self.

I waited for some mins and the machine notify me.

I cleared the room.

I looked at my old phone….it was already 12:11.

I sit close to the TV and place my palm on my cheek.

I drifted to sleep from tiredness .

Then I Woke up.., I checked the time.

It was 2:30 I looked around.

The room was still……I got up and checked the room.

It was empty …..was he making a fool out of me?

I asked my self and sit in his bed.

The bed really feels good.

How can one be this rich and still arrogant .

I keep asking my self .

The door opened and he stepped in.

“You can still use your ugly body to lie on my bed ”

He said immediately he saw me on the bed.

I jumped up and bow my head.

He walked into the bathroom .

“Ugly come ” he called.

And I guess that was me.

I walked into the bathroom and he was undressing.

I was lost on what I was seeing.

He turned at me but I wasn’t moving.

“Get out!!!! Do you have to look at me when am bathing ?”

I jumped from my thoughts and I walked out.

I walk into my new room and jumped on the bed .

I spread on the bed as if the world is soon going to end.

After some few mins

“Ugly…” I heard my new name.

God is he a child .

I walked into his room and he was on a big top and long jean trouser.

He look handsome on these .

“Get me the copies of all these ” he said and brought out so many bundle of books.

He dropped them on the bed…

“Be fast about it ” he said and relax his back on the long chair.

I don’t understand if am a salve or a maid.

I swear …God made a big mistake giving him that cute face.

I packed it and rush down the road.

And I took a taxi into the city.

When i got there..,I shouted with excitement.

“Morgan…….!!! ” I yelled when I saw her


We jumped around the room with excitement.

With a lot of hugs…..we were in each others arm for a long time.

Before we go into any discussion.

“So you mean….you are working as a per time maid? “.

“Yeah it’s kind of stressful….do you understand….?…..the guy is cute ….handsome…but we more wicked for my liking ” I said and spit out.

“Ohhh….girl take it easy okay?”

“He’s a monster……can you belive that he scattered his room….just to make me feel bed?….”

“Ohhh that’s so not good ”

“Yeahhh..he poured powder in all his shoes ”


“He poured wine…liquors on his clothes …..all the clean clothes…..he pushed down the big shelf that he puts all his books ”


“He goes into the bathroom.And poured his body creams and body wash on the bathroom………

“God please help her ”

“He’s just so getting on my nervous”

“Is he that stern ?”

“He’s more than stern Morgan!!!”

“Jezz ”

“Yes I feel like pressing him to death

“Don’t do that ”

“He’s going to see me when I stays with him”

“Do you think ….he gained good home training ?”

“I doubt it ”

She laughed and hold my hands….I couldn’t help but to laugh.

She sits opposite me and look deep into my face ….like she was expecting something.

She’s really nice…despite being a rich daughter, I can’t belive she could sit on the floor and listen to my annoying life style.

“Switch it out girl ” she said as if she just read my mind.

“Haha….the worst part of it all was ……its just my first day ”


“They doubt if I could stay for 2days….its so frustrating ”

“I don’t even know how that feels ”

“Today’s looks like forever ”

She hug me..when she noticed how sad I have become.

“So what are these papers for?”

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