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s*xual desire episode 9

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( A night with my best friend 🛌)

✍️ Chapter N!ne✍️

It was exactly after school on Friday wh£n Sav literally bombarded me with unexpected turn of events.

$h£ told me that $h£ and I were to h£lp ©vt with th£ upcom!ng party.

For th£ past two days, let’s j√$t say I haven’t seen much of h£r.

Why? Two words: Ryland Rodes.

It seemed to me that th£y were really hitt!ng it off because I [email protected] ever saw both of th£m at school. Th¡s led me to speculate that $h£ has been abducted by h¡m for th£ past two days.

My speculations were confirmed today wh£n $h£ told me of h£r wh£reab©vts. Accord!ng to h£r, $h£ had been hang!ng @r0vnd with Ryland and h¡s college buddies. Apparently $h£ was needed to sort ©vt some of th£ party plann!ng, s!nce th£y’ve never thrown parties– only attended th£m.

“So th£y managed to get music. Th£y have ideas of what snacks and dr!nks th£y want.” $h£ told me.

“Ideas? Is that all?” I asked !n disbelief. “Sav you’ve been miss!ng some cla$$es j√$t for that?”

“What happened to ‘I’m concentrat!ng solely on my studies th¡s year, I need to get to college!'” It was h£r words $h£ repeated to me every day wh£n we got to school.

“j√$t th£ only cla$$es I know I don’t really need.” $h£ defended h£rself.

I h£aved a sigh, roll!ng my eyes.

“Besides that’s not only what we did.” $h£ !ns!nuated.

“Ugh, I don’t wanna know!” I blocked my ears with my [email protected]

“I can’t believe you!” I scolded. “You j√$t met th£ guy.”

“Gosh, Keya I’m not a slut!” $h£ scowled. “We didn’t do that-that! j√$t made ©vt, that’s all.”

“I repeat; you have j√$t met th£ guy!”

$h£ rolled h£r eyes. We were almost near th£ park!ng lot.

“So are you com!ng or not? We need your h£lp with th£ supplies. Plus you’ll get to meet h¡s friends. I’m tell!ng you, th£y’re hunks!” $h£ screech£d.

“How many are th£re?” I asked h£sitantly. We were parked next each oth£r.

“j√$t three. One of th£m has a girlfriend and $h£ has a friend called Sally who’s too friendly for my lik!ng.” $h£ told me.

“Really what do th£se friends do?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll f!nd ©vt wh£n you get to meet th£m!” $h£ told me impatiently as $h£ unlocked th£ car.

“F!ne. I’ll go. But, I have to call my mom first. I’ll j√$t tell h£r that I’m at your house. $h£’s yet to know ab©vt th£ party tomorrow.” As I said th¡s I took my cell ©vt and dialled my moth£r’s number.

$h£ answered after th£ first r!ng.

“Poodles?” That was h£r nickname of me, because of my unkempt curls.

“Mom, I’m j√$t call!ng you to !nform you that I’ll be at Sav’s house for a while.” I said.

“Okay poodles, drive safe. j√$t call me wh£n you’re com!ng home.”

“Bye, moth£r!”

“Laters, poodles.”

I sigh£d as I cut th£ call. You’d expect that I was used to th£ endearment by now. But, no, it still irked me to extreme.

“Are you ready?” Sav asked before gett!ng !nto h£r car.

I nodded as I unlocked my own car and began th£ ignition.

I followed h£r car for ab©vt twenty m!nutes until $h£ lead me to a neighbourhood that consisted of apartments which seemed to me—and th¡s was judg!ng by th£ people go!ng !n and ©vt of th£ build!ngs—th£y were meant for college students.

I parked next to Sav and got ©vt at same time $h£ did and I deliberately left my [email protected]¢kpack !n th£ car. I took my cell and shoved it d©wΠ my jean pocket and th£n met Sav halfway.

“Th£ build!ngs are nice.” I said for pleasantry sake.

Sav only shrugged !n response. “h£ only shares it with one of th£ guys, I th!nk h¡s name was James.” $h£ frowned.

$h£ led me to one of th£ entrance, dialled some number and waited as it rang.

“Yeah?” A voice boomed at th£ speaker.

“It’s Sav.”

A buzzer went off and th£ door was opened. Sav lead me !nto a set of stairs and we trudged th£m until we reach£d th£ second floor.

Th£ door was already unlocked because wh£n $h£ ₱u$h£d it, it opened with©vt any restriction.

“Ryly?” $h£ called ©vt.

“Ryly? Really?” I snorted as we walked !nto th£ brightly lit hallway.

Th£re were ab©vt four doors from my right and left and Sav lead me !nto th£ liv!ng room which was quite occupied.

Th£ muted music became louder once we entered th£ |ns!de and th£ first th!ng I noticed was th£ obscenely h*g£ plasma TV suited right across from us, at th£ wall. Some sort of music video was ₱|@y!ng on it.

“Hi!” A voice boomed !n front of us and that was wh£n I began to notice th£ people occupy!ng th£ gaunt like U-shaped [email protected]

I bl!nked at th£ person who greeted us and was surprised to f!nd that it was a girl.

“I’m Sally!” $h£ gr!nned, h£r voice and b©dy bubbl!ng !n excitement. $h£ thrv$t h£r [email protected] ©vtward to shake m!nes.

“I’m Keya,” I smiled warily as I shook h£r [email protected] h£r grip was firm and before I even knew it, I was ₱v||ed !nto a hug.

“I’m so excited! Th¡s party will be a blast!” $h£ shrieked !nto my ear and I struggled ©vt of h£r hug.

“Sally, release th£ poor girl, you’re scar!ng h£r.” A deep voice sounded beh!nd me.

As Sally released me with an apologetic look, $h£ gr!nned at me before turn!ng to face whoever talked.

I turned too and I th!nk my jaw dropped.

Hunk. Sav’s unrelent!ng word was what was brimm!ng !n my m!nd as I got a look at th£ person before me.

Th£ h£ight was th£ first th!ng you saw and noticed, th£ guy was stagger!ng @r0vnd six foot five and that was judg!ng from my perspective. h£ was probably an !nch or two taller than Kyle.

“I’m James, Ryland’s roomie!” h£ thrv$t h¡s [email protected] ©vt, whilst h£ shook th£ ma$$ of unkempt dark brown hair ©vt of h¡s face. I saw warm hazel eyes sparkl!ng th£re.

“Keya,” I said tak!ng h¡s [email protected] !nto a shake.

Th£ firm grip on h¡s [email protected] told me of h¡s strength which was unsurpris!ng consider!ng th£ muscles on h¡m.

At th¡s po!nt I didn’t realise that my best friend had m©v£d from my side until I saw h£r at th£ oth£r end with Ryland. Th£y seemed quite preoccupied on h¡s computer.

“Exotic name for an exotic girl.” h£ complimented and I refra!ned from burst!ng ©vt with laughter. That was th£ first time anyone has ever called me exotic.

“C’mon, I’ll !ntroduce you to everyone.”

“Guys, th¡s is Keya!” h£ told th£ group that consisted of a snuggled couple !n th£ middle of th£ [email protected] and anoth£r guy on th£ far end.

“Keya, th¡s is Dave…” h£ told me, po!nt!ng at th£ short, cropped-haired and browned sk!nned h°ttie who waved at me with a smirk on h¡s face.

“And Ciara…” h£ po!nted at th£ brown sk!nned beauty next to h£r, $h£ frowned at James and gave me an awkward wave before turn!ng [email protected]¢k Dave. $h£ leaned on h¡s shoulder and [email protected]£d a possessive arm @r0vnd h¡m.

“… and f!nally, Sam,” h£ gestured to th£ blonde-haired and tan sk!nned on th£ far end of th£ [email protected] who seemed pretty preoccupied with h¡s cell phone.

“Hi.” I waved [email protected]¢k at th£m and awkwardly leaned [email protected]¢k at my h£els.

James m©v£d away from me to Sally whom was stagger!ng towards th£ table wh£re it h£ld a few beers and oth£r alcoholic dr!nks. I discreetly m©v£d to sit !n one of th£ unoccupied plush chairs.

“Want a dr!nk, Keya?” Sally came up to me hold!ng a cup, j√$t as I sat d©wΠ.

I frowned. “Uh…What is it?”

“j√$t a mixture of vodka and coke…you’d want to get hyped up once we go shopp!ng.”

“Shopp!ng?” I asked, frown!ng.

“Yeah, shopp!ng for dr!nks and food for tomorrow.” James popped beh!nd h£r. “Didn’t Sav mention th¡s to you?”

“Uh…k!nd of,” I replied, tak!ng th£ dr!nk from Sally’s [email protected]

I sniffed th£ contents and th£ penetrat!ng smell of alcohol hit my nose. Th¡s wasn’t th£ first time I had a dose of alcohol so I shrugged and sipped from th£ cup. Th£ vodka wasn’t strong but still I stopped myself from consum!ng m©r£.

Sally nodded to th£ music, gr!nn!ng at me as if say!ng, “Th¡s is great!”

“Right!” Dave sh©vted gett!ng up from th£ [email protected], draw!ng everyone’s attention. “Are we go!ng to do th¡s or what?”

“Okay, so what do we need aga!n?” Ryland asked.

“We need alcohol, snacks, a lot plastic plates and cups.” James replied.

“Jay, you’re def!nitely gett!ng th£ alcohol, you have fake ID and you look like a freak!ng thirty year old man.” Dave said.

James rolled h¡s eyes only to fold h¡s arms across h¡s ch£st. And that action j√$t emphasised h¡s mascul!nity.

“You guys decide who’s gett!ng what…th¡s !nstallation still hasn’t f!ni$h£d. Sav and I need to stay.” Ryland stated.

At that, I snapped my eyes all th£ way to Sav whose blush gave everyth!ng away.

Savannah Biers, I can’t believe you!

$h£ was go!ng to entrust me to strangers while $h£ was go!ng to get laid.

I scowled at h£r, ignor!ng th£ conversation th£ oth£rs were hav!ng ab©vt th£ decision. Sav was blatantly ignor!ng my glare.

Oh j√$t you stay ignorant Savannah Biers, cos I am really go!ng to kill you with th¡s death glare!

“Keya, what do you th!nk?” James addressed me.

I’ve been too busy !n my thoughts to realise th£ oth£rs were discuss!ng th£ situation.

“Huh?” I asked, shak!ng my h£ad to !ndicate that I didn’t understand what h£ was talk!ng ab©vt.

“We are splitt!ng up.” h£ expla!ned. “Dave and Ciara want to get th£ snacks, Sally and Sam will get th£ plates and cups, and so you and I will get th£ alcohol.”

“Oh.” I said.

h£ waited for my op!nion.

“I don’t really m!nd to be honest.” I told h¡m shrugg!ng.

“Okay, it’s sorted th£n!” h£ replied, gr!nn!ng at me.

“Are we go!ng now-now?” Sally asked !n an excited manner.

“Yes, we are-are!” I watch£d Sam roll!ng h¡s eyes as h£ took ©vt h¡s phone aga!n !n obvious annoyance. Someth!ng told me that h£ didn’t want to go with h£r.

So with that, everyone—exclud!ng Sav and Ryland—began to leave th£ apartment. I wi$h£d I had found time to corner Sav and scold h£r for th¡s. I knew $h£ was go!ng to do it with Ryland, even if $h£ did j√$t meet h¡m three days ago.

$h£ didn’t ¢ar£. Of course $h£ didn’t. If $h£ wanted someth!ng, $h£ will put effort to get it.

I caught Sav’s gaze before I left and my scowl!ng and shak!ng of h£ad told h£r enough of my disapproval. $h£ only responded by shrugg!ng roll!ng h£r eyes at me.

I turned away and followed James d©wΠ th£ stairs and ©vt of th£ apartment to h¡s car. h£ drove a sleek model that had m©r£ curves than a female.

As h£ unlocked I went over to th£ pa$$enger side and got !n. Th£ |ns!de was remarkable.

Boys really knew how to take ¢ar£ of th£ir toys. I thought whilst wh¡stl!ng !n appreciation.

“Nice!” I said, nodd!ng my h£ad as I looked @r0vnd.

“I know right! I’ve been with th¡s baby s!nce like forever!” h£ told me.

I smiled and h£ began th£ ignition.

“So which liquor store are we go!ng to?” I asked h¡m.

“It’s near th£ superstore, I’m not sure you know it. But yeah it’s very [email protected] sometimes. We’ll ch£ck th£re first and th£ superstore last.” h£ told me.

I nodded and sat pliantly with both of my [email protected] clasp!ng one anoth£r.

h£ drove us away from th£ apartment and it was after five m!nutes of awkward silence before h£ spoke.

“So…” h£ dragged. “What do you th!nk of Ryland?”

My eyes darted to h¡s hazel one !n confusion. I frowned, “What do I th!nk of Ryland?”

h¡s eyes were tra!ned at th£ w!ndshield, on th£ road and I saw h¡s l¡ps twitch!ng !nto a small smirk. “Yeah.” h£ shrugged.

I giggled, it was a nervous reaction. “I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I mean, I haven’t talked th£ guy enough to have an op!nion of h¡m.”

“I know, but s!nce your friend seems to have hooked h£rself to h¡m, I’m sure you’re worried.”

I snorted. “You’re quite perceptive.” I shifted !n my seat, uncomfortable by h¡s suggestive look.

“!n a serious note, I don’t have an op!nion on Ryland. Not yet anyway. And yes, I’m quite worried but th£n aga!n I know Sav. I know that $h£ knows what $h£’s gett!ng h£rself !nto.”

h£ stared at me for a moment, and th£n as if someth!ng was funny h£ chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Th£ fact that your friend and my friend sound exactly alike.” h£ said.

I mused, turn!ng away from h¡s gaze.

“How did you meet Ryland, anyway?” I asked.

“High school…it was sort of th£ last two years of it.” h£ told me.


“It was mutual cir¢vmstances, noth!ng dramatic. But s!nce th£n, we’ve been pretty t!ght.” h£ cont!nued as h£ swerved right h£ad!ng for th£ road that will lead to th£ town’s superstore.

We rema!ned silence for a few while until h£ spoke aga!n.

“h£’s a good guy, h£ may be hated by some few girls consider!ng h¡s habit of sleep!ng with th£m only to drop th£m th£ next morn!ng, but, deep d©wΠ h£’s a good guy.” h£ said.

I couldn’t h£lp my snort. “I k!nd of guessed how h£ was like judg!ng from h¡s Facebook page. Anyway it’s not me who you should be tell!ng th¡s. It’s Sav.”

h£ glanced at me from th£ corner of h¡s eyes. “Right-Right.”

It was th£n that h£ packed near th£ liquor store and I grudg!ngly got ©vt from h¡s car and waited as h£ did th£ same.

I followed h¡m |ns!de th£ store.

“j√$t act like you’re older.” h£ said, star!ng up and d©wΠ at me before open!ng th£ door.

I glared at h¡s [email protected]¢k. I mean, I knew h£ was over six foot and consider!ng my h£ight I was way shorter than h¡m. But th£ guy could at least give me some credit. It’s not like I was currently !n an immature hyperactive mood.

I followed h¡m to th£ beer isle and h£ was mus!ng at th£ choices.

“Which beer, do you like?” h£ asked.

“Uh…I don’t dr!nk.” I told h¡m, shrugg!ng.

h£ stared at me for a long while. It was as if h£ was dr!nk!ng me !n. “Right-Right.” h£ shrugged.

“I doesn’t matter anyway, beer is beer, right?” h£ gave me that fvll-on smirk.

And I was left bl!nk!ng un¢©Πtr0|lably at how extremely attractive h£ looked wh£n h£ ₱v||ed that boyish smirk.

I was suddenly aware of a blush surfac!ng beneath my sk!n, although concealed by my sk!n colour, I realised at that moment that I found h¡m quite attractive.

I watch£d as h£ grabb£d two packs of beer, h¡s biceps contract!ng at th£ weight and I had to shake th£ suggestive thoughts away !n order to concentrate on th£ task on [email protected]

h£ was ask!ng me to get anoth£r pack and I was star!ng at h¡m as if h£ were a supermodel strutt!ng up th£ runway.

“Do you th!nk it’s enough?” h£ asked me turn!ng to th£ w!ne section.

I mused. “I th!nk so, but j√$t grab vodka, wh¡skey, tequila and some w!ne and that will be it.” I suggested.

h£ was star!ng at me aga!n. “I thought you said you didn’t dr!nk.”

“j√$t because I rarely consume alcohol doesn’t mean I don’t know ab©vt it.”

h£ gr!nned. “Right-Right.” h£ said as if !n defeat. “h£lp me get th£ bottles th£n.”I did. I also h£lped h¡m carry th£ bottles and packs to h¡s car after pay!ng for th£ dr!nks. I seemed ignorant and un!nterested wh£n th£ cashier announced th£ total price, but that was an act.

It was an obscene amount for j√$t alcohol, but th£n aga!n I wasn’t th£ one pay!ng.

We were done gett!ng th£ dr!nks !nto th£ car wh£n h£ suggested we cruise to th£ superstore and so I walked beside h¡m for a few m!nutes.

“So…how did you meet, Sav?” h£ shoved h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s jean pocket.

“Dur!ng freshmen year. Well, s!nce I hadn’t made myself fit !n with oth£r girls, I was j√$t amongst th£ boys and by boys I mean j√$t two, Kyle and Ned.” I told h¡m shrugg!ng.

It seemed harmless to tell h¡m a little bit ab©vt my h¡story and so I cont!nued talk!ng.

“We were paired up for a research project and so that’s how we became friends.”

h£ was frown!ng, as if mus!ng ab©vt someth!ng. “Did you say, Kyle?”

“Yeah, Kyle Reyes, h£’s sort of my best friend.” I shrugged.

h£ had both of h¡s eyebrows ₱v||ed upwards as h£ gazed !ncredulously d©wΠ at me.

“Kyle Reyes is your best friend?” h£ seemed genu!nely shocked.

I frowned at h¡s reaction, “Yeah. Do you know h¡m or someth!ng?”

“Know h¡m?” h£ said th¡s as if it was th£ most obvious th!ng. “Th£ guy saved my a$$!”

“What? Really? How?”

✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️


To be cont!nued…

Omg!! Guess Kyle is !n for anoth£r question!ng !nterview 😂 But how did h£ save James?.

I hope Kyle act f*st now James is com!ng !nto picture

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