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Shadow Sedvction episode 22 – 23





Lacey remain seated on the bed, his business trip was supposed to last three days…’s been five days, he haven’t reply to my message, no calls, it’s like something happened to him ” are you okay?” Miss Linda voice startled me from behind.

” Oh ” smiling, I nod ” am fine, just confused ”

” You mean about Arthur?”

” Yes” I look at her while she wash the dishes ” do you think something is wrong, maybe they is a problem, if he is….” Her chuckle made me stop speaking.

” Lacey?”

” Yes?”

” Am sure Arthur is just fine, maybe the work turns out to be more than he expected ”

” Are you sure?” Pulling out a chair, I sit down and stare at my phone screen” it’s weird, he haven’t been returning my calls or replying my chats ” the sound of the gas turning on made me exhale.

” You must really love him ” her voice calm ” I do know that sir Arthur isn’t someone that one love ” why do everybody keep on saying that? Even Arthur believes that himself.

” Why?”my gaze linger on her” what do you mean by that? ”

” Miss lacey ” Linda turn around and stare at me, it was the first time I saw her so serious ” Arthur isn’t what you think he is, yes he is sweet to you but that is only you…..have you gone out with him, to see what he does?”

” I don’t…..”

She cut me off ” Arthur is not a loveable person, he is someone who is very different compare to men you have dated…..I have known Arthur for years, but after lady Christine departure, he lost it ”

” Lady Christine?”

” She was the only person he could love, she was the only person that understood his crazy obsession” her gaze move back to the table as she continues to chop the onions ” I don’t think you’re capable of all this lacey, I have grown to like you…you must leave, run away while you still can ”

” Linda I….”

” Miss lacey, will you like to wait outside?” When she turn and look at me, her facial expression was back to being lovely and calm, I nod, step outside, shut the door then look at the dining room….who is lady Christine? Is that someone that Arthur love?

What does she mean by departure?

Did she travel?

What happened between her and Arthur?

All these thoughts dance in my head, could she be in Los Angeles? Is that why Arthur is spending more time? To be with her? If she was the only person he could love, does that mean he is not yet over her? Is that why he told me he won’t be able to love me immediately?

Maybe am overthinking this ” miss lacey?” Angelo move close, his face fill with smile ” are you okay?” I nod ” sorry about the Tuesday, I wasn’t around….I heard from the guards Edwin came here?”

” Oh” moving away from the kitchen door, I pull out a chair when I approach the dining romm, sit down and look at him ” it’s fine, nothing happened ”

” Are you sure?” He frown ” I was told he drag you upstairs ”

” I said am fine ” I had no idea when I yell ” am sorry, I didn’t mean to ”

” It’s fine, I didn’t mean to pester you ”

” Can you not tell this to Arthur?” He nod

” I promise, I won’t ” he smile ” I will also tell the guards not to ”

watching him leave, I exhale, place my head on the table and turn on my phone, looking at all the messages I sent to him, no replies ” what’s wrong? Could he have been kidnapped?”

” Kidnapped?”

” Yes, someone might have found out how wealthy he is and take him away ” lifting my head to look at the person that just replied, my phone fall from my hand, Arthur stood right there, putting on black suit, hair neatly combed, eyes bright and lips filled with smile ” Arthur?”

” Am home” he widen his arms and I run into them, his smell, I have really missed him ” did you miss me this much?”

” Yes ” silence engulf us, we just remained in each other embrace before I withdraw ” you didn’t pick my call or reply to my message, Why?”

” Oh ”

” Arthur ”

” Am sorry ” he run his hand through his hair ” I will be upstairs, let me shower ” he didn’t wait for my response before leaving, is it just me or why do I feel like he isn’t happy, I don’t understand.

I have heard that once boys get what they wanted from a woman, they will quickly dump them ….has Arthur also lose interest in me after our first night? Oh my god….should I have waited longer? Do I need to keep dressing provocative to keep his interest?

I should also shower.

Running upstairs, into my room, I shut the door, take off my cloth, shower, apply lotion, put on a blue short dress, lose my hair down, spray it and then slowly comb them ….while doing all these my heart won’t stop beating fast, why am I feeling this way?

Drop the comb, apply body spray and hurried downstairs, I stare at Arthur sitting on the chair in the dining room while Linda serve the food, she must have known Arthur will arrive today.

” Lacey ” he look at me ” come, sit down ” immediately he finished saying that, he look back at the food, no compliment on my dress either. Shoving that horrible feeling away, I sit down and cough to gain his attention.

” How was your trip?”

” It was fine ” he sip from his wine ” what about you lacey, was everything fine?”

” Yes”

” You have nothing to tell me?” He drop his spoon and look at me, those eyes stare deep into my soul, am sure he must feel that Edwin came here, that’s the main reason he didn’t want me to stay behind, if he knew what happened, he would have bust up already ” lacey?”

” They is something I wish to tell you ” he give me all his attention ” I missed you ” he lean back on his chair and look at me.

” Is that it?” His voice calm ” nobody show up here?”

” No ” I coughed ” we have guards, you have nothing to worry about ” putting a spoonful of rice in my mouth, I asked” did you talk to the guards, is that why you are asking?”

” No” he simply smile ” am just making sure nothing happened to you”

I avert my gaze from his, why do he keep asking? Does he know?

Looking up to meet his gaze, he look okay, quite normal, kept eating his food, even when he seem this fine, why do I feel that he is distant? He is less chatty and for some reason, I feel hate, anger and jealousy emitting from him…..I must be sick.

” you stayed for five days ” breaking the silence, he look at me ” why?”

” Didn’t want to see you ” my spoon fell from my hand at that, from the sound of things, he is not lying.

” I don’t ….”

” Lies lacey ” he chuckle and stand to his feet, more like he couldn’t contain the anger in him ” I hate those, I wanted you to tell me the truth, I wanted you to say he forced himself on you….I wanted you to cry and ask me to kill that bastard but you lied….trying to cover things up” his voice loud, filled with anger.

” Arthur” looking at him, I stand up ” what are you talking about ”

” Don’t play dumb with me lacey ” it was the first time I have seen him this angry ” you let him kiss you, Edwin and God knows what else you two did together….why do you keep running into his damn arms”

” No I….”

” Stop lying ” he run his hands through his hair and chuckle ” I can’t believe this”

” Please listen to me ” holding his hands, tears drop from my eyes ” I didn’t kiss him back, I swear it….I just didn’t want you to worry, I just wanted you not to find out ” he pull his hands from mine, I saw anger, sadness, but what made my heart to ache was the look of disappointment in those eyes, ” Arthur ”

” How am I sure you’re not lying again?” He fake a smile ” I didn’t expect this from you, I thought you were different…No, I actually thought you were sincere with me, I thought you weren’t the type to deceive someone ”

” You’re mistaken I….”

” what do you think?” He step closer and i walk backwards, his feet came to halt, notice how I withdraw and those eyes darken even more… was now I felt his anger, the way he looked at me, how he clench his hands…. He looked like a monster, my heart won’t stop beating from fear, the natural instincts one have to run away when faced with danger hit me.

” You thought I will let you go into that bastard arms? You thought if I found this out, I will leave you alone?” He cup my face in his right hand, tight and lean close, this feeling of fear is back, it was the first time I have seen Arthur this scary ” you are mine lacey, I told you I will kill you if you betray me, what? You didn’t believe me? ”

” I didn’t” more tears roll from my eyes ” please believe me, I didn’t even betray you, I never kissed him back”

” Why did you lie then?” He smile ” scared I will harm your cute boyfriend?”his eyes didn’t avert from mine, I could tell he doesn’t believe a word coming out of my mouth.

” Don’t be scared ” he smile ” I can’t kill you, I haven’t even tasted you enough, at least not yet” he lean close and my body tremble ” no body will be able to take you from me, you are mine and will forever be ” pushing me back, I fell to the floor while he walk away.

Tears fall from my eyes, clenching my hands to my chest, I gasp…..he looked so scary, for once, I actually thought he might kill me.

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Arthur Walk back to the mansion, looking around, I stare at all the useless guards placed outside, if it was this easy for Edwin to get in, I don’t need any of them ” fired ” I mumble while five of them look at me shocked ” you’re all fired ” my gaze move to Angelo who is stepping out ” including you Angelo, get out of my house”

” Sir?” Angelo look at me shocked ” I do not …..”

” Do not make me repeat myself, I said you all are fired ” walking back in, I shut the door, lock it in the process before sitting down on the couch, the house feels empty, maybe I drink too much earlier.

I can’t think straight right now, everything that happened during lunch hit me, I still have no idea why lacey will kiss him or even lie to me if that’s not true, what am I supposed to believe and above all, who sent me that video? Is it Angelo? One of the guards? Or Linda.

Suspecting Linda will be going overboard but that woman still holds a grudge against me, she might not say it but she wants me to be alone and same time wants me to have someone.

” Arthur?” Hearing that voice, my gaze move to the stairs and I watch lacey walk down, those blond hair radiate light, short blue dress, I could see her thighs, almost her underwear ” are you home?” Everywhere dark, even the moon refuse to grace us with it’s presence.

She turn on the switch and stare at me, the light blinding ” turn it off ” I growl, avert my gaze while she did as I said, why was she looking at me like that, she kissed that bastard herself so why fake those look.

She turn on candles then stand at my front, I look at her while she mumble” Hi” what does she want now? Is not like I regret anything I said earlier, seeing her keeps making me angry, seeing her reminds me of that damn video.

” Get out of my sight ” she step back and I stand to my feet ” I don’t want to see you ” before I could leave the living room, she hold my hand, I look back and stare at her crying

” Please trust me ”

” Aren’t you supposed to be scared?” Moving back, I grab her by her hair and pull her close ” am not in my right senses to be with you or even around you ”

” Why not?” She growl ” I want to be around you, you asked me to love you!!!”

” And the very next day you kissed the man you truly love ”

She slap my hand from her hair ” I feel nothing for Edwin ” her voice getting high pitched, she frown ” what do you want me to do, how do I prove it to you that I never kissed him back and we never had sex, I can never sleep with another man ”

Furrowing my brows I mumble” I never said you two had sex”

” You must be thinking that” she step closer ” why won’t you trust me ”

” Because you lied ” ignoring her, I proceed in walking upstairs but she won’t stop following, her footsteps fast, trying to catch up….. stepping into my room, she did same, shut the door while I look for my cigarette, anger boil in me when I realized they are gone.

” I burnt them ”

” You what!!!” Looking back, I clench my hands ” lacey ”

” They are not good for you ” she step closer ” I did it for your own good ” trying to catch my breath, I calm myself down, alcohol…..I need something to drink, I might actually lose myself this night ” Arthur ”

I look at her ” what ….” Voice died down when I notice she has taken off her clothes, I stare at her, naked, the moon finally contribute to her beauty, even when am this angry with her, just a look in her direction, am already this hard.

” What are you doing?” I growl, this is not the best time for me to touch her, I might lose it and hurt her even more, worst than before ” get out ”

” No ” she step close ” I want you to touch me, why won’t you touch me ”

” Not today lacey ”

” Why not?”

” I do not want to see you” I don’t want to make same mistake like last time, am too angry, I also drank earlier, it will be too hard on her.

” Should I go to Edwin?” Those words made me to stop moving, I look at her, how determine she is ” if you won’t touch me am sure Edwin will do more and…..” I had no idea when I grab her neck, pull her close and seal her mouth with mine. She part her lips and I deepen the kiss, it was nothing sweet.

I knew she wanted to break the kiss and catch her breath but I didn’t permit that, using Edwin name right in my eyes? Biting her lower lip, she gasp and I felt blood but that didn’t stop me, my eyes didn’t close for one minute, I watch the look of pain in her face and strangely they is still hint of pleasure.

Finally letting go, I withdraw, drop my hands from her neck and watch her fall down, trying to catch her breath, bending down, our eyes meet and I smile ” never use Edwin name to blackmail me ever again ” the smile slowly vanish from my lips ” you won’t like the outcome”

Getting up, I take off my clothes while lacey move backwards ” what are you doing?” She gasp, the look in my eyes are completely different.

” Am giving you what you want”

” Am not interested anymore ” she stand to her feet to run but I grab her, lift her up and throw her on the bed ” Arthur” fear evident in her voice.

” You wanted to run? Why?” Taking off my underwear I join her on the bed ” are you scared of me?”

” Yes” she growl, tears forming in those eyes ” you’re not the Arthur I Know, your eyes”

” What’s wrong with them?” Holding her hand I pull her close, she look at me, whole body trembling with fear.

” They are scary, you’re scary” she shake her head ” I don’t want this, please let go of me ”

” Finish what you started ” turning her around, I didn’t wait for her permission before thrusting in from behind, I couldn’t think straight, all I could feel was pleasure and the need to punish her.

” Please stop ” she growl ” it’s painful, you’re hurting me ”

I had no idea how long I was in, all I knew was I needed to go faster and rough… I wanted to erase Edwin from her whole system and by the time I was done and pulled out, I noticed she had already passed out, images flood my brain ” lacey?” Fear, fear that I might have killed another person close to me hit me.

I lost myself once more ” lacey, you have to wake up ” leaning close, I exhale when I notice her heart still beating, what did I just do to her? Getting up I stare at my hands, it’s just like before, nothing has changed

Even the loads of therapy I took, it didn’t help issues, why do I always end up losing my mind? Doing things I might regret ” please stop, I don’t want this ” lacey voice made me look at her, still unconscious on the bed but tears stain those cheeks.

Grabbing my underwear, I put it on, wear black trouser, black T-shirt, grab my car keys and walk out of the room, I can’t stay close to her, at least not now” sir?” Linda voice made me stop, I look at her ” do you still think Christine is better than lacey?” I watch how she smile ” isn’t it time you let lacey go, for your own peace of mind ”

” Linda ”

” We both know how you get whenever this time is close ”

” Stop speaking like am cursed”

” Arthur ” she shake her head ” I have known you since you were a child, this is not a cursed, it’s a sign from above, you are not meant to have anything….you always get too involved in them and end up destroying it ” clenching my hands she purred ” you should let go of her, before you kill her ”

” Once she wake up ” forcing the words out of my mouth, I clear my throat ” tell her she is free to go” leaving the mansion, I step into my car, shut the door, clench my hands and try to catch my breath.

Letting lacey go doesn’t mean I will permit Edwin to be with her, no matter how you view it, she is mine ” George” I mumble after he pick the call ” I need you to send to find out where Edwin is, I will like a few words with him ”

” Arthur, don’t tell me you’re planning on…..”

” just do as I say ” I hung up and exhale.

Using Edwin to open my eyes, Linda….you’re cruel.


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