Shattered Walls

Shattered Walls – episode 4

Shattered Walls (episode 4)

Vanessa was shocked beyond words and found it difficult to believe that Henry was at her door. For a minute she thought it was all a joke and asked him to repeat himself again, just to be sure she heard right the first time. When he did again, she started panicking and kept contemplating on whether to open the door or not.

“Henry please leave!” She said in a harsh tone but Henry paid deaf ears and was unmoved. “Vanessa I don’t mind waiting here till tomorrow if it’s what it would take for us to have this conversation” he confidently said and ended the call. Vanessa figured that he was determined and there was nothing she could do that would change his mind, so she opened the door for him to enter in,side.

“Don’t ever come to my house unannounced again” she sternly warned and walked out on him. Henry quietly followed her and sat down on the couch in her living room. He was quiet and kept looking at her, and after a little while, he broke the silence. “For the past 10 minutes, I have been asking myself why I’m here and why I had to go through this length just to talk to you but the only answer I could give myself was that I have deeply fallen for you” he said looking into her eyes.

For over 5 minutes, Vanessa couldn’t say anything and just kept staring at him. She was having a hærd time digesting his words in her mind. Henry figured she was a bit shocked and asked her to please say something but she remained mute.

I would be leaving soon but before I do, I want to pour my feelings out to you so you can sleep on it. “Ever since I met you, there’s this great urge I have to protect you, I really don’t know why I feel that way but I’m not about to let myself down. You are very stubborn and difficult but I guess that’s what has made me fall deeper for you. You are like a puzzle that might look scattered at the moment, but it would only take patience and understanding to be able to put the puzzle together and discover how beautiful it actually is. I don’t want to give up on my feelings for you so please stop pushing me away, I love you Vanessa and I’m ready to go down this road with you. I don’t want a perfect person, because I have my flaws too, please give me a chance” he said.

Before he finished, Vanessa was already tearing up. He walked close to wipe her tears but she refused to let him touch her again. “Henry I’m not the one for you” she said sobbing, “What’s makes you think so?” He asked, “You wouldn’t understand” she replied. Henry was a bit confused and asked if she was already taken but she said “No” and started tearing up.

Henry tried to hold her but she shifted her body away from his grip. “I’ll be leaving now, just think about all I have said, I really Love you Vanessa” he said and walked away.

Immediately he left, Vanessa burst into tears and wanted to run to him, give him a hug and tell him how much she loves him too but just couldn’t. It was so hærd for her to let go of her past because it was always in front of her. The worst part of it all was that she hasn’t confided in anyone about what happened to her. She was going crazy keeping it all to herself and that was one of the reasons she was having a hærd time letting go. She felt so bad with how she had been avoiding Henry but there was little or nothing she could do.

On the other hand, Henry was broken and wasn’t thinking straight as he drove home. “God what am I going to do? She’s so complicated and I don’t even know how I’m going to win her heart when she doesn’t want to let me in” he said to himself. He wanted to do so much for her but she wasn’t giving him any chance to prove his intentions for her. He thought about Vanessa all night and couldn’t sleep well. He really loved her but it was frustrating whenever she pushed him away.

The next day, Vanessa went to see a therapist for counseling because she was troubled and at the verge of committing suicide. “I can’t keep living this way, I feel so sad, devastated and empty” she said to herself on her way to the therapist office. “I love Henry and he’s worth healing for” she added.

The drive was a long one and she was lost in thoughts all through the journey. The taxi finally arrived at the location and she waited at the reception till it was her turn to see the therapist. “Vanessa! Please the doctor would see you now” the secretary said. She got up and headed to the therapist office. Immediately she stepped in,side the office, the therapist said “You just took one step to freedom”. Vanessa was shocked a bit but managed to smile and sat down. The couch was very comfortable and the office was in a form of a sitting room.

“How are you doing” the lady asked, “I’m fine, thanks” she replied, “Take and deep breath and relax” the lady added. Vanessa relaxed and before the lady could say another thing, she burst into tears. “Cry it out and let it all out” the therapist said, “the first step to healing is first acknowledging the pain and problem” she added. When Vanessa was done crying, the therapist asked her to narrate her problem.

“Why have you decided to seek for help after keeping it to yourself for such a long time?” The therapist asked, “I have fallen in love with someone and want to be with him but my past always shows up whenever I want to take a step forward” she said sobbing, “Have you told him about the rape incident?” The therapist asked, “No, I can’t” she replied, “Why?” The therapist asked, “He might judge me and end up leaving” she replied.

The therapist paused for a while and said, “Two heads is always better than one, you would heal faster if you have someone to help you through it, someone who constantly reminds you of how better and beautiful life can be even after going through a rough path” she advised.

The therapy session lasted for a while and it was time for Vanessa to take her leave. “See you on our next session and I can’t wait to hear how everything went down between you and Henry” she said and bid Vanessa goodbye.

On her ride home, she thought of everything the therapist said and finally decided to tell Henry the truth. It was going to be a tough one but she was ready for whatever the outcome would be. She asked the taxi driver to take her to the exact location she was raped in, it was at a lonely park not far from her house. She hasn’t been there since the incident and it took a lot of courage for her to go there again. It all happened on one fateful evening she went on a stroll to the park, she was hijacked by the rapist and no one could hear her when she scre-med for help, because the park was always lonely in the evening.

She picked up her phone and dailed Henry’s number, “Hello” she greeted when he picked up. “How are you doing?” He asked in a low tone, “I’m fine, can I see you?” She asked, “Sure where?” He replied. She sent him the location of the park and Henry was there in no time.

When he arrived, he saw Vanessa sitting on a bench so he joined her to sit. “You look worried, are you ok?” He asked, “I’m fine, just thinking about how to tell you what’s on my mind” she replied. “I love you and want to be with you” Henry confessed, but Vanessa was mute.

“Please say something, If you don’t want me I’ll totally understand even though it would hurt” He said. Vanessa turned and looked into his eyes and said “I do love you too but, she paused, “but what dear?” Henry asked.

Vanessa started tearing up, she took a deep breath and finally said “I was Raped two years ago and we are sitting at the exact place it happened”. Henry was dead shocked and said “You say what?”.

End of episode 4.

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