Shattered Walls

Shattered Walls – episode 5

Shattered Walls (episode 5)

Vanessa’s rape incident confession, came as a Big blow to Henry. He has never been that shocked and surprised in a long time. The wh0le atmosphere was tensed and he was having a hærd time wrapping his head around what she said. The fact that they were seated at the crime scene, made the wh0le situation a bit awkward. He was perplexed and pained, trying to imagine what Vanessa might be going through.

“What did you just say?” Henry confusingly asked, “I was Raped 2 years ago and we’re sitting at the exact place it happened” she repeated. Henry bowed his head and fell into deep thoughts, he was trying to digest the news of how the lady he’s in love with was raped years ago.

Vanessa figured he was quiet and asked him to say something. Henry lifted his head and looked at her, “I’m so sorry” he said. Vanessa was confused and asked him why he was saying sorry, “All these while I judged you wrongly, without knowing that you were battling with something bigger than my desire to have you” he said. Vanessa became emotional and started crying, “It’s not your fault, I shouldn’t have let my past experience influence my present attitude and character” she said. “It’s not your fault either and you shouldn’t blame yourself too much, you did the best you could and I’m so grateful that you decided to share this with me” He said. “You don’t have to love or stay with me out of pity, I would totally understand if you walk away” Vanessa said as she sobbed.

Immediately she said that, Henry looked at her and smiled. “Come here” he said and opened his arms for her to fall in, Vanessa went closer and hugged him. Henry hugged her so tight and didn’t want to let go. “Listen! I’m going nowhere, I wasn’t joking when I told you I’m not looking for a perfect person, what happened wasn’t your fault and I would never judge you based on something you couldn’t control. This world is full of hatred, pain, anger and violence, so we all need somebody to lean on and I want to be that person to you and would love it if you can be that person to me too. Whatever you told me some minutes ago, I have totally forgotten and remember no more. I want a fresh start with you and would be the happiest man on earth if you go on this new journey with me” He said.

For a moment, Vanessa couldn’t believe that Henry was an actual human. She was surprised at how he took the news and handled the wh0le situation. “God bless your mum?” She said, “Why?” Henry asked smiling, “Because she raised a good and kind man” she replied.

Henry blushed and quickly told her to get up so they could leave the ill memory park to somewhere more positive and refreshing. In no time, they zoomed out of the park and headed to a nice restaurant where they had dinner before he took her back home. “Be careful and stay away from negative thoughts” he warned and bid her goodnight.

All through that night, Vanessa keep smiling as there was this peace she felt that couldn’t be explained. She felt a huge burden being lifted from her shoulders. The peace and joy she felt that night exceeded human understanding and comprehension. It was a feeling of total freedom; freedom from emotional slavery, freedom from negative thoughts, freedom from fear, freedom from suicidal thoughts, freedom from emotional trauma and finally, freedom from her past. She was determined to keep the positive feelings and attitude forever and not turn back. “I want to heal for the man I love” she said to herself as she smiled all night.

On the other hand, Henry was happy and sad at the same time. He was happy because Vanessa was finally his, and sad because he wanted to devour the bastard that raped her. “I pray our paths never cross because it wouldn’t be funny on that day” he thought to himself. He finally comforted himself with that reason that Vanessa was now his to protect and love.

Their relationsh¡p was extremely blissful as the both of them always did whatever would make each other happy. Henry tried his possible best to abstain from anything that would remind Vanessa of her past and she also did her best to abstain from anything that would push Henry away. Vanessa never missed her therapy sessions and her therapist was impressed by her quick recovery. Most times, Henry dropped her at the therapist office and picked her up afterwards.

Everything went on smoothly till one fateful night. On that day, Henry returned from a business trip so Vanessa visited him at his house because she had missed him so much while he was away. It got dark so she decided to spend the night at his place.

After eating, Henry went to shower in order to prepare for bed. While bathing, Vanessa knocked and said “Hey babe, please can you help me with my ear rings, I forgot to take them with me after bathing”. Henry searched but couldn’t find them and asked her to come in and look for it. Vanessa laughed and told him she would come back later but Henry insisted and told her to come in.

As Vanessa opened the door, the sight of Henry’s Hot body made her swallow her saliva. “Babe cover up!” She said laughing but Henry ignored her and continued bathing. She hurriedly took her ear rings and left the bathroom. Henry shook his head and smiled, while Vanessa tried to catch her breath afterwards and kept imaging about his hot body.

It was time for bed and they both cuddled each other as they laid on the bed. Vanessa’s heart kept beating fast and Henry noticed and looked into her eyes. “I love you baby, thanks for being here” He said, “I love you too” she replied. Henry couldn’t hold his burning emotions any longer, so he reached out for her l-ips and k-ssed it. The taste of his l-ips sent cold reactions all over her body. She k-ssed back passionately and Henry paused after a while and asked “Are you sure you want us to do this?, She looked into his eyes and nodded “Yes”. Henry continued his passionate k-ss and reached out for her night gown to take them off. He bite her ears and licked her neck. He took his head all the way down to her beautiful thighs and made her call his name over again.

The atmosphere was charged up and just as Henry was about to take her to cloud 9, her mind speedingly traveled down memory lane to the day she was raped. The reality of that day hit her hærd and she tried to fight it but the trauma came 10x stronger. She opened her eyes in distress and envisioned her rapist in Henry. “Stoooooop!” she scre-med and got up crying. “Please leave me alone, don’t rape me too!” She said as she cried the more.

Henry was confused and didn’t know what was happening. “Baby what’s going on?” He shockingly asked and before he knew it, Vanessa fainted.

End of episode 5

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