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Shattered Walls (episode 8 )
Last episode!

Vanessa’s forgiveness came as a Big surprise to Lex(the rapist), as he never would have thought in a million years that she would forgive him after everything he put her through. Initially, he thought it was a joke but later believed when she told him to get up from where he knelt. He took a deep breath and felt a huge burden lift from his shoulders. He was finally free from guilt!

“Thank you so much, I don’t deserve your forgiveness” Lex said as he got up from where he knelt, “You are welcome” Vanessa replied and stood up to leave. “It’s sad that the police is now aware of this case and you might go to jail if they find out that you actually committed the crime you have been accused of” she added. “You don’t have to worry about me, I’m ready to face any punishment given to me” Lex said and before Vanessa could utter another word, an officer walked in and told Vanessa that it was time for Lex to return to the cell.

Lex told the officer there and then that he was guilty of the crime he was charged with. Vanessa wished he never confessed but it was already too late to turn back. “You mean you raped her?” The officer curiously asked, “Yes sir, I did” he replied. Lex was taken back to the cell and the officer told Vanessa that the case was no longer in her hands. A part of Vanessa wished he was free but another part of her believed it was best for the police to handle the case in the proper way.

As she stepped out of the police station, she inhaled a deep breath and smiled. “I am free at last!” She scre-med and hurriedly headed to the Love of her life’s house. Immediately she arrived at Henry’s house, she ran and jumped on his body. She k-ssed him so passionately, hugged him tightly and didn’t want to let go of her grip. “Baby I missed you” she said with so much excitement. Henry figured why she was so happy but still went ahead to ask her what happened at the station.

Vanessa ignored his question and continued k-ssing him. Henry was already getting turned on, so he asked her to stop but she smiled and refused to stop. “Baby you know I can’t do this” Henry said and Vanessa smiled and looked into his eyes. “I don’t deserve you babe, you are the best thing after Christ that has happened to me. You gave me strength when I had non, you had my back when no one did, you have always had my utmost interest at heart even when it made you uncomfortable. God bless the day I met you at the mall, you loved me even when I hated you, you never judged me, you supported me through my healing journey and today, I’m happy to tell you that I’m a free person!, Every wall I raised around my heart due to anger, pain and bitterness have been shattered today, I can now love and care for you the way I had always dreamed of” She said in tears.

Henry was touched and happy at the same time. “I’m so proud of you baby, you are a strong woman and I couldn’t be happier with anyone else. I’m so glad I can also love and care for you the way I have always dreamed of, we fought well and today we have attained victory at last” Henry said and k-ssed her passionately. Vanessa k-ssed back and this time, she did so without the fear of being traumatised, she gave every bit of herself to Henry.

It was such a happy and emotional day for them and they made it worthwhile. Vanessa had finally set herself free from every burden she carried by forgiving the person that inflicted the pain. She realised that most times, people hold themselves back from moving forward just because they refused to forgive. She realised that forgiveness benefits the person rendering it more than it benefits the person asking for it. She realised that forgiving her rapist was the final step of her healing.

She was happy that she could love Henry with all her heart and without fear. It was a thing of joy indeed for her. Her relationsh¡p with Henry was about to take a positive turn and she was very excited. No more reflections from the past, no more picture flashes, no more constant crying, and no more visit down memory lane.

What about Lex? He was found guilty in court and made to serve his term in prison. His sentence had the tendency of being slashed if he remained of good conduct in prison.

Life indeed is beautiful and if you can find someone who genuinely loves you and want the best for you, never take them for granted or push them away.

In this world full of hatred, bitterness and violence, we all need someone to lean on. Learn to support the people you Love!

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End of story
Thanks for staying tuned till the end and comment below if you want another story. Love you all

Story by Sonia Okehie

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