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She is a bitch episode 18-19


❤(I will wait)❤
💄Chapter 18💄(unedited)
I got home and started to wonder. Jessica is a really dumb girl.
I entered the class and saw Jessica sitting on Elini’s spot. I ignored her.
Surprising she didn’t cause trouble, I became alerted.
I pretended to be focused on my book. I saw her when she slipped

something into my bag and left.
Immediately she left I ran to the rest room. I opened my bag and saw the phone.
I was the phone I bought for her. I smirked. I collected her sim and memory card then I flushed her phone.
I went to my reading corner and inserted the sim and memory card into my small phone.
I managed to hack her account. I saw her chat with Jeremy. It was more of a s£x chat. I decided to go offline when someth something caught my eyes. It was her chat with Amy.
What could she and Amy have together?
I opened the chat. My heart almost fell. So Jessica and Amy were behind this.
Am going to have to talk to her tomorrow. I got dressed and headed for the restaurant.
I went to Jessica’s class she was trying to seduce a guy.
“Jessica we need to talk” i said trying to control my building anger
She hissed. Before she could speak her dragged her out. I watched as people took photos of her. I took her to the Swimming hall.
“Jessica you better spill” I said looking directly to her eyes
“Spill what?” She asked arranging her skirt. Students were already videoing the drama
“That you and Amy were behind the s£xtape. That it was edited” I yelled. I could see fear in her eyes.
“I.. It… I … It’s nothing but a lie” she said
“Then explain this” I said showing her her chat with Amy. She was almost dyeing. Before I could say another word she raised her hands to slap me but someone held her hand.
I turned and saw Elini.
What’s she doing in school?
I was tired of staying at home so I decided to come to school. Diego said he has a surprise for me.
I wonder what?
I was walking when I saw students gathering at a particular spot. I wanted to walk away when I heard.Liam voice. Seem he was scolding Jessica.
I decided to see what caused it..I then heard that Jessica and Amy were behind it. She tries to denial it but Liam shows her something and she started to stammer. She wanted to slap Liam then I rushed to the scene and held her hand.
“Liam better keep that evidence well. Cause people like her

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will still do anything to pretend to be nice” I said smiling at her. She was clearly turning red out of anger.
“Guys it a lie. Elini Timmy is a porn star” Jessica said. Before I could think I pushed her in the water and pounced on her.
I didn’t know what I was doing but am sure that by the time am done with her she will want to become a nun.
I was held back by Liam and Diego. Jessica ran away.
She should better thank her luck. I glared at them both and went away.

was happy when Detective John called me. He told me that he managed to hack into the account of all the student in our class and found a chat of Amy and Jessica.
I called Elini and told her to come to school that I have a surprise for her. She said she was already in school.
I got to school and heard that Elini and Jessica were fighting I rushed to the place and managed to hold Elini. Jessica ran away with a two black eyes, a broken lip, red nose, swollen face and eyes. There were also stains of her blood into he water.
Elini glared at me and Liam then she left. She was looking OK apart from the messy hair.
She thinks this is over. This I just the beginning I promise to strick the iron when it’s hot.
I was finally done with my work. I just posted the truth about the s£xtape with prove.
Dylan really helped me a lot.
I went online to check the result. Wow it’s the most trendiest celebrity news in the world. There was also a video of Elini beating Jessica.
Wow the Diameters are very angry the just destroyed Amy’s father’s company in Rome.
“Amy Aditi Amarr. Am so disappointed in you. Both of you” my dad scolded
“Dad I had nothing to do with this” Jeremy tried defending
“But you had s£x with the girl” mom yelled and he kept quite.
“I won’t punish you. But next time you try anything with celebrities or popular people trust me you are so going to Jail. Now get out” He yelled
Jeremy and I left.
This is all Jessica’s fault. Now have lost both Collins and my reputation.
📱Sure Sir
📱ok fix me

and interview with them
I said and hung up.
“What happened?” Jay asked as she applied her last touches on her face
“Now that all this s£xtape nonsense is out. Am receiving so many contracts. Am the new face cover of the most s£xiest raising actress and so many more” I said
“Wow kudos to you” Elini said
Just then Jack entered.
“Baby let’s go” he said to Jay.
She blushes and they both left.
“Elini Valentines day is just a Monty away so what are you going to do?” I ask her
“Diego already asked me out” she said munching her sausages
“I think he likes you” I said going through some designs
“He only likes me as a friend nothing more” she replied and went to the kitchen
I just hope so.
I came down from my car and walked into his house. I met his mom.
“Good evening Mrs Senile” I greeted
“Dara just call me mum aferall you are going to marry Collins. Aren’t you” I blushed
“Am going to his room” I said and walked upstairs.
I got to his room. I was really scared. I finally got the courage and opened the door. He was walking on his computer.
I cleared my throat.
“Mum I told you Dara hates me now. So please leave me alone” she said tired without looking back
“Collins it’s me Dara” he turned back and saw me. He immediately rushed and hugged me
I was walking on some few things when the door opened. Mom and her Dara issues.
But I was cut shut when Dara spoke. I ran and hugged her. Heaven knows how I missed her. I disengaged. She smiled looking at me.
“Collins am sorry for not listening to you” she said sobbing
“I forgive you” I said and pecked her.
I didn’t want to remind her about making out with her Dad. I know her Dad forced her. But he will soon get to here from me. I promise.
“Dad this all a firm up. I promise am innocent” I lied
“Jessica you a grounded now leave my sight” mom yelled at me.
I will so much deal with Elini. I promise her that.
They have all turned against each other but not for long.
💋(I will wait)💋
💄Chapter 19💄
Amy and Jessica ain’t done yet. They crack their head on how to have revenge on Jayla because she was the one who posted the chat on the Media.
Melissa stopped hanging out with Amy much because she was now a model. She started disliking Zenter saying he is too old fashion compare to other actors and male models into he entertainment Industry.
Elini became friends with Liam. Sparks starts to fly between them. Diego notices this and he ain’t happy about it.
Finally Dara, Zenter and Collins are dine with high school.
I stood in front of my mirror. I sighed.
“I should have bought that black gown. This gown is so so..” I couldn’t complete my statement when Elini entered.
“Looking great D” she said. I turned and saw Elini. She wasn’t dressed yet.
“Eli aren’t you going on your date with Diego. Today is Valentine’s day” I said standing akimbo
She smirked.
“I know that. I will go when am ready. Besides it’s not a date. It’s a friend stuff” She said as she sat down on my bed
“Besides are you happy going with Jace? Why did you even agree to him in the first place?” She asked eating my leftover chocolates
“Zenter’s has Melissa I can’t go there alone. There is already rumors about me being in love with Zenter and not begin happy about his relationship with Melissa”I explained
She scoffed
” No matter how you pretend you still love Zenter. Anyway I called some designers. They are coming to redecorate our rooms. Just drop the type of designs you want”she said getting up
“Have fun with Diego” I yelled
“Will do” she said and left
I know Diego has feelings for Elini. It’s quite obvious but Elini thinks it’s just a friend thing. I just hope that Liam isn’t having the same feelings for Elini else it will be chaos.
I looked at myself on last time and went downstairs. I saw Jace he was operating his phone.
Got to admit this guy is really cute but he is a player. He was wearing a blue shirt which matched with his blue hair.
“You are looking great” he said checking me out.
I sighed. What could possibly go wrong.
I held his hand and we both went to the place. CELEBRITY PLACE
Immediately we came down. Cameras started flashing. Wow.
I walked pass all of them finally I got in. Wow this place is filled. Jayla is really missing. Jace held my hand and went to a corner. I watched as Zenter feed Melissa from afar. Maybe he really does like her.
I smiled lightly and ate my food.
“Am worried Terry. I ain’t having any cash to get Elini a Val’s gift. Am so worried” I said
“Liam as long as you love her. Any gift you give her she will love it. Besides there is always a next year” Terry said hanging his bag
“Liam just in case I come late I kept your food in the refrigerator and also remember don’t miss your shift. You already miss 15 in the last two weeks and Madam is thinking about firing you. So be wise” he added
“Yeah Dad I will be fine” I said sarcastically
He smiled
“Liam try calling your Dad. Bye” he said and left
I should really call Dad. I took my phone and dialled his number. He picked on the first beep.
He said. Immediately I heard his voice tears rolled down my face
📲Liam is it you?
He asked
📲Hello! Who is calling?
I couldn’t bear it I hung up.
Tears rolled down my face. Dad am so sorry forgive me please.
I took a last look at all the dishes I prepared for her. I just hope she likes it.
I went upstairs and showered then wore a black pants with red T-shirts.
“Sir Miss Elini is here” one of my maids said. I nodded.
I went downstairs and saw her. She was wearing a red top on cream fitted skirt.
“When you are done checking me out please welcome me” she said smiling. I giggled.
“OK am sorry. Welcome her royal Majesty Elini Timmy” I said sarcastically. She blushed.
“That’s better. You’ve got anything am hungry” she said
“Yeah prepared your fave” I said smiling. She wowed and went straight to the dinning. I got there and met her downloading the sausages and mushrooms. I joined her.
After eating we played games. Watched movies and many others.
“OK I give you red” he said. I frowned.
“OK as red as snow whites lips which matches with her cursed apple and Ariel’s hair which matches with her lips and Merida’s hair” I said
“Wait Merida’s hair is Orange” he protested
“What ever I won” I said sticking my tongue
“OK new game. Let’s make chocolate cake and see the best cook” he said
“Deal” I said and we both went to the kitchen

“OK we both are horrible cooks” I said
“Wow we really messed up this kitchen” he said
“Don’t worry I will go order some snack then we clean up” I said leaving him.

“This is way better than our cakes”he said munching his pizza.
“But the truth is am a better cook than you” I said. He scoffed.
“Just wait and see am the best cook ever” he bragged. I smiled
“Let’s eat and continue our debate later” I said. He smiled and said.
“Take. Happy Valentine’s Day Babe” he said smiling. I collected it. Wow my favourite chocolates.
I smiled and gave him his own package.
“Wow you got me the book 3 of lost in coma. Thanks” he said smiling
I smiled looking at the ring in my hand. I blushed.
But wait I didn’t say yes. My phone beeped. It was Collins. Ignored and got into my car.
I woke up. I decided to showed and go see Collins he texted that I should see him at our favourite spot.
I got there but I was deserted. Sighed and sat down enjoying the view of the waterfall and roses. Suddenly roses started falling on me. A hard rock hit my head. I picked it up. It was a ring box. I opened it. It was empty. I heard some footsteps.
I turned and saw Collins. He came to me and hugged me.
“Happy Val Babe” I smiled shyly.
Suddenly said close your eyes. I was confused but I did it anyway. I felt something cooled slip on my finger. Wait it was and engagement ring.
“Dara Mai Rutherford will you marry me. It will be the best gift ever” he said
I didn’t know but I ran away.
Am such a fool. I should have said yes now he will misinterpret me.
Am worried. What is she rejects me?
No Collins don’t think like that it’s Dara she can’t.
But what if she does?
Maybe is should just text her. I took my phone and was about texting her when my door opened. I turned and saw my Snow White.
“Dara am sorry. If you don’t want to mar…” Before I could finish my sentences she landed a kiss to make me keep shut.
“I will marry you Collins” she said shyly.
I didn’t know when I carried her up and twirled her around.
“Am getting married to the girls of my dreams” I yelled
I smiled as I watched the guys rocked the ladies on stage. I came here with Jeremy but he left sating he got something to do.
I sighed. Suddenly I felt someone’s hand pressed my n*****s. I m0an. I turned and saw a guy.
“Hey sweetie” he said smiling.
I didn’t even answer him I just pressed my lips on his. He turned me on already.

After about six round. I gave him my phone number.
“We can do this some time” I said smiling
He looked at me and left. Without saying a word. Weird.
I need to have revenge on Jayla. She was the one who posted the chat of me and Jessica. She must pay.
She must.
So what is Amy planning?
I am going to buy my clothes for Dara’s wedding you all should get ready ooo.

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