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She is a bitch episode 24-25


😷(Will she fall?)😷
👠Chapter 24👠
I smiled looking at my new hair dye. I just dyed it to red. I sighed and took my bagpack. Just then I heard a car horn.
Oh she has arrived. I walked majestically and the door opened. I got in and sighed.
“Good morning Elini” I

greeted her
“Morning Liam. Just so you know it’s a one week event. Three days charity. Two days performing the rights of my parents, a day for greeting dropping flowers and finally two days for fun” she said operating her iPod.
“So where are we going?” I asked. She looked at me then sighed.
“We are going to Texas” she said.
I watched as the car passed a lot of places. Wow I miss being rich.
Such a guy. I only took him along because I can’t go there alone. I needed someone to occupany me. Granny had always followed me but since her death a year ago. Diego followed me.
He couldn’t because he had an important deal to crack. Meanwhile Diamond and Jayla had some scenes to shoot in Paris for that movie :STORMY LOVE:
I miss them so much. They will be gone for a month. Both Diego

Finally in Texas.
“Breath that Texas air” I said.
“Liam take those bags. My driver will soon be here” I commanded.
He nodded and performed it.

“Wow you live here?” I heard Liam say
Ignored him.
“Unique take Sir Liam to his room. I want my dinner to be served by 8:15 in my room” I said and left them
I got to my room and showered. I wore my pink crown pajamas. I checked the time.
“Wow 4:06. Few hours to dinner” I muttered as I brought out my laptop, my phone, some docvments and started working on them.
“Sir this will be your room” the lady said
“Don’t call me Sir. Am Liam. So what’s this beauty’s name?” I asked her as she blushed.
“Am Unique” she said
“And you are really Unique” I said and winked at her. Her cheeks turned red.
“Thanks Liam” she said
“No need. Every Lady needs a guy that complements” I said
“Mind showing we around?” I asked her
“Sure. I finish my shift as 9. So met me at 9 at the dining floor” she said and left.
I closed my door and dropped my bag. I went to the a small room and I opened it. Wow Elini really got me a lot of cloths. Besides why did she bring me here?
Maybe she has feelings for me
I showered and wore a pink crown pajamas. Don’t blame me I love girlish colours.

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decided to watch some movies.
I so miss being rich
📱i want a rainbow coloured one
📱No take your time
📱i need them before next month.
📱ok I will send you the designs
I hung up. Rrrrrrrr
I answered the call
📞The meeting should be postpone
📞Are you sure you can handle it
📞i don’t trust you
📞Just tell them I will be there by next month
📱Just wait I was on a call with someone else
📱i will send you the designs now
📱Don’t fail me
📠The designs. Strips, Zigzags.
Slim fitted
Back reveling, B***s reavling

a little. Short
☎Don’t worry we will be there tomorrow
☎Yes get the children ready
☎At nine fifteen
I sighed as I hung up. Am so tired. Rrrrrrr
📱Sure. So is it good
📱pls make it good so that we can get more customers
☎What send the account number
☎Don’t let that child die or you are fired
I hung up and checked the time. 8:16. My food should here. Suddenly my door bell rang
“Come in. Drop the food there and get me an ice pack.” I commanded not looking up
The person left. I inhaled. Wow am so tired.
I was about going down for dinner when I saw Unique going upstairs with a tray. Let me guess for Elini.
I scoffed and went to the dinning.

I woke up with a strong headache. I showered and wore a purple short gown which reveled my back.
I took my intercom and called Unique
☎Tell Liam to get ready
I said and hung up
I smiled Unique is really nice but she isn’t my type. She reminds me of Terry. I miss him.
I decided to wear a very hot purple shirt that revealed my chest and silver jeans. I took some silver jeweleries and also wore them. I smiled at my fashion sense.
I went downstairs and found out that Elini was already in the car. I went and opened the door.
WTF. We were both wearing she same colour of dress. She didn’t even spare me a glance.
I got down from the car and immediately people started rushing. I smirked.
“Madam welcome” Ms Booze greeted. She is the director of this orphanage
“So is every thing good?” I asked not looking at her

/> “Yes ma. Let me show you around” She said leading the way
We were walking when a little girl stopped us.
“Hi you guys look so cute together” she said pointing towards Liam
I smiled. Oh is it just now I just noticed we are wearing the same clothing material.
“Thanks. So what’s your name” Liam asked her
“Am Zora McKean” She said smiling
“Madam. She isn’t a child from the orphanage. Her mom grwe up here so she decided to let her daughter experience her childhood” Booze said. I nodded
“I got to go now bye bye” Zora said and left
I giggled

OK I think this girl called Elini is something else. How can a person ignore you for three days.
I wore a white garment. We were going for a yearly right of her parents.
I went downstairs and met Elini she was talking with Diego.
Wait Diego? What is he doing here?
I grabbed courage and went closer. Immediately Diego saw me he shot me a glare but used a smile to cover it up.
“Hey Liam” he asked smiling.
He has never spoke to me before so right now I feel like a queen. Just then Elini’s phone rang, she left to answer the call.
“So hi Diego” I said trying to start a conversation
“You are so poor” he said eyeing me disgustedly
“So why did you come here?” I asked
“I know you have an eye for Elini so I came here so she won’t fall for a trash like you” he said
“Call me a trash on more time and get ready for war” I said angrily.
He smirked and said
“Liam Harrison you are trash” I didn’t even know when I bounced on him, kicking him left, right, up, down any where available. I also received a lot of punches from him.
We were fighting for close to ten minutes when someone yelled.
“You two are ass holes”
We turned and saw a red Elini, we both stop immediately and shivered in fear.
So what will Elini do to them?
Who else is worried about Eli’s life. So filled with work
👛 Will she fall? 👛
💰Chapter 25💰
I just finished making a call to my manager in Texas, he said I got a meeting tomorrow. I really need to disappear maybe take a break from life.
I got inside and met Diego and Liam fighting.
“You assholes” I yelled. Immediately they disengaged from each other.
“Diego go back to your hotel room. Liam to your room” I said as I took my bag and left to the cemetery.
The look in Elini’s eyes were rage, after she left I also went back to my hotel room.
I quickly finished my job in Paris and decided to visit Elini, I really miss her so much. I came here only for me to see Liam, all I could feel then was rage and jealously. I don’t know why but I just feel weird when they are around each other. Elini is so hard to get but she is close to Liam.
“Elini please love me”
Am so worried, what if Elini is so mad at me? I will have to talk to her. Just then my phone rang, I checked the caller ID it was only numbers.
📲Son. Son I miss you so much please forgive father. Please.
Father said. I could feel his pain, his tears.
📱No dad. Please forgive me.
📲Son where are you? Am at your old mansion in Germany.
📱Dad am sorry am at Texas with a friend. By next week I will be there.
I said filled with hope.
📲Son I love you. Be back soon.
📱Me too Dad. Bye.
I hung up. Finally I have a loving Dad.
I sat down beside their graves.
“Mom, Dad you guys always said I should be strong and independent. Am finally all those things but I lost everything. My family. Mum, Dad, grandma. I miss you guys so much” I said as the rain began falling.

I finally got home, I was soaked to the bones. I did stay under the rain for too long.
My head were heavy. After visiting the cemetery I did settled for an alcoholic drink and now am drunk.
I carried my heavy legs upstairs. I opened a door and entered the bed. I took my dress off and suddenly the bathroom door to revel Liam he was n@ked.
I smirked and walked to him. I crushed my lips on his. He tasted like chocolate with an hint of coconut, NICE.
He held my waist and threw me on the bed. I wanted to stop this but my flesh wanted it.

So finally our Liam is back to being rich
Elini and Liam watch out baby on the way

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