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She is a bitch episode 26-27


👛(I will wait👛)
👠Chapter 26👠
I woke up feeling warm, I looks around the room, wait this is Liam’s room did this happen again?
I quickly got up and went to my room. How can I be so stupid?
I checked my phone, 50 missed calls from Diego and two messages

from him.
I sighed and read them.

Elini am so sorry😭. I never meant for what happened please forgive me. I promise to buy you whatever you want, please just forgive me this once please.🙏🙏🙏

Elleft.ease just pick my calls. Please.😪
I decided to text back

OK you are forgive😒. Remember to get me that my dream red gown☺ besides come over by 3😏. Bye ❤.
I took my bath and dressed up then I went downstairs luckily breakfast had already served. I was eating when Liam came downstairs, she was smiling at his phone who is he chatting with now. He finally go to the dinning and started eating his breakfast, he didn’t even spare me a gland not like I care though.
Finally I was done eating and went back upstairs I had so many work to do.
I woke up and saw that Elini already left the bed, what’s up with her. I got up showered and changed my bedsheets.
Last night’s incident between I and Elini flashed through my mind, I smiled. She was so sweet, the perfect queen of the bitches. No wonder SHE IS A BITCH, a beauty who doesn’t want to fall but don’t worry (I will wait).
I dressed up finally and went downstairs, I was really famished. I got to the dinning and met Elini eating that’s something you don’t see everyday. I brought out my phone and started chatting with Jack and Jace. We had a group chat just for the three of us.
Am so happy for you Liam. You are treating us when you get back
I would have but Jace isn’t around.
Who said I wasn’t around. OK the shoot of the movie is ending next week. So I and the crew are coming.
I thought it was for a month?
Same but the director said we were fast with the shoots
Guys gotta go. Madam B is at the dinning.
💬Jack & Jace
OK bye.
With that I off my phone and concentrated on my food, I don’t have Elini’s time now. I want her to feel what I felt last time. After a while she was done and went upstairs.
I finished my food and changed my clothes. It’s time for shopping.
I woke up with a bad headache. I could sleep last night,

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my mind was so preoccupied by Elini, I hate her being angry at me and just hopes she forgives me.
I woke up showered and ordered some Pizzas. I decided to check my phone as I ate my food. The first thing I saw shook me off balance. Elini texted. I couldn’t even wait a little, I just read it. I was happy finally she has forgiven me. I quickly got dressed time to go shopping for Mi Lady.
“I love your acting skills” I told Jayla, she eyed me badly and left.
Why can’t I stop myself

from liking this girl that stops now. I looked around and saw Diamond, I walked to her and tapped her.
“Hey Ze…” Before she could finish I crashed my lips on hers. I was expecting a slap but no she held my face. We finally unlocked.
“Am so sorry” I said apologizing to her and left
I got to a lack and sat beside it, I touched the water and Lucas’s face appeared immediately fear gripped me and I ran to my room.
“I thought he really meant the kiss. Then why did he apologize to me. Am I that bad” I asked Jay as I continued sobbing.
“Diamond get rid of that stupid crush you have for Zenter. He doesn’t deserves you” Jay said
“But I deserve you more”
Who said that?
Diego and Liam are going to the same mall, who is ready for mall war one?
💅(I will wait)💅
💃 (Will she fall)💃
💝Chapter 27💝
“But I deserve you more” I heard Jace’s annoying voice, I turned and glared at him immediately he left.
“Jay I got to go to my room to park” I said and left
I watched as she left, to say the truth am not really happy with er being sad. Why does she even love Zenter? I just hate that guy so much.
“Hey pretty” I turned and saw Javan Milan.
Javan Milan best young actor, even better that Zenter.
“Hey Javan, what’s up?” I asked as I drank my soda
“You wanna go on a date with me? And maybe be my Girlfriend?” He asked shyly
I thought for a while, have had too many heartbreaks and

am not ready for anymore. I sighed and looked at him straight in the eye.
“Am sorry Javan but I don’t do dating stuff” I said his face immediately turned sore.
“It’s OK then. I… I… have to go. Bye” he said and left looking so sober.
Am so done with dating.
I got to the mall my eyes immediately saw a very good looking shirt for guys maybe I should buy it for Liam and I bought it.
I decided to go to the dye section when I remembered that Liam liked dying his hair. I bought a pink, blue, red, black, white, silver, gold, green, violet and brown dye for Liam. I wonder why I just don’t like him but am ready to learn as long as Elini is happy.
I finally got to the cloth section my eyes immediately caught Elini’s dream red gown. I walked to were it is and immediately I wanted to touch it someone snatched it from me.
I got to the mall after I had done a little shopping of gifts for Elini I decided to buy her some clothes, I went to the cloth section and my eyes immediately saw the most beautiful gown ever,
“This will so much look good on her” I muttered to myself as I approached the dress a guy was about to take it when I snatched it. Looked up and saw Diego.
“Liam, Elini asked me to buy her that dress so please let me have it” he said in a pleading voice.
I smirked and looked at him “what makes you think I will give you this dress. To hell with you trash” I said and left to pay for my goods.
I sighed as I watch him leave, I decided to buy Elini another beautiful gown, I also bought her some shoes and jeweleries to match with it.
Am thinking about making a dress specifically for Elini, I will have to think about that later.

I finally got to Elini mansion immediately I entered I saw Elini collapsing and Liam catching her.
“Elini please open you eyes please” I could hear Liam say. I rushed to them and help him carry Eli to her room.
“What happened to her?” I asked Liam
“She went upstairs to throw up and when she was coming down she fainted” he explained
My heart started pounding. I hope Eli isn’t pregnant for Liam, you might be guessing how I know that are having s£x. That’s a story for another time.

“So Doc what happened to her?” Liam asked worriedly
“I will conduct so tests for now but right now she is just stressed and she had high fever”
“Thanks Doctor” I said and the Doc left.
I sat close to Elini I looked at Liam he was glaring at me, I ignored him.
“Elini please wake up” I said touching her hair
“You better get your dirty hands off her” Liam said as he pushed my hands away for her hair. I looked at Liam then I went downstairs and collected the things I bought.
“Take. I got you and Elini these” I said
“She doesn’t need them take them back” he yelled. I smiled and looked at the time, it was almost time for Elini’s meeting guess am going to represent her.
“Liam please take care of her” I said as I bent down and pecked her cheeks then left.
Who does this guy think he is?
I looked at Elini so beautiful even in sleep, I wish I could be beside her for the rest of her life. That would be the greatest joy ever.
I blinked my eyes opened.
“Argg my head hurts” I said getting up, I looked around and saw Liam. He is one cute guy too bad I don’t fall in love. He suddenly raised his head up yawning.
“Finally you are awake. What would you like me to give you?” He asked as he winked at me. I blushed but quickly hid it. Just them my head clicked the meeting.
“Liam what’s the time?” I asked worriedly
“It’s 9:30pm” he announced
What the meeting is already over! What am I going to do? I got up and started searching through my closet for what to wear. Suddenly Diego entered looking so tired.
“What are you doing here?” Liam asked him, he smiled at him the walked to me.
“Elini I was able to crack the deal. They agreed to cooperate with your company” he said
I could contain my joy, he gave me the files. I looked through them it was really true.
“Thanks Diego” I said happily, I didn’t know when I jumped on him.
“I guess my work is done here. My company is New York needs me I need to go but am going to Germany straight our exams are in two weeks time” he said then left
I really felt something was amiss but what, I looked at Liam he was just staring at me.
“Liam pack your bags we are going back to Germany” I said
“Elini my Dad has finally accepted me back so we are going to watch movies” he said and left.
Finally we are going back to Germany, I really spoilt Elini this last few days she became so very fun of me.

Liam has really spoilt me a lot and I can just help but crush on him.
“So you are really telling me this now. OK we are watching movies tomorrow”he said.
Finally I was at my mansion, I came down from my car.
” Bye Liam”I said smiling
“Bye Lini” he said and left
“Yeah whenever you see her don’t forget to shoot her down once and for all” I said to my men and they left
She took everything I wanted it’s time to give her what she never wanted
Who is the unknown? And what does she or him want? And from whom?
Who is angry that mall war 1 didn’t happen?

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