She's A Bitch

She is a bitch episode 28-29


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👼Chapter 28👼
“That shopping was lit” I said to Elini as I drove in my new car
“Please save your pride, if not for me you would be in trouble” she said proudly
“OK tell me that you love it” I said smirking
“No I didn’t let’s just go the movie is starting in few minutes and everyone one in school is going to be there” she said
Liam and I have become best of friends, Diamond and Zenter have been really close, well Jayla has really been working on establishing herself to stop people calling her unlucky.
Everyone is going to see the premier of STORMY LOVE.

“Mum am going to go get some baby wears” I said ignoring Collins.
He has been behaving fishy and I don’t know why.”Dara can’t you see me?”he asked. I looked at him then rolled my eyes and left.
I got into my pink car and headed to 8t Mall. My mind was preoccupied, what could he be hiding? Is he and his family some kinda assassins? Did I fall in love with an assassins? Collins what could be hiding under that dreamy face of yours? What?
Suddenly my car stopped, wait what is happing? I got down from my car and came down to check what happened. To my at most surprise my car tyre was flat, but how? It was normal so while ago. As of luck was not on my side a black van pulled over.
“Hello sweetie” a lady on pink mask said, before I could think she kicked my tummy, she and her gang beat me. I would have retaliated but my system was weak. Immediately felt a liquid rushing through my things and looked down and saw blood dripping down.
“Oh no my baby!” I yelled in tears
“Oh no my baby!” She mimicked me. I got up with all the anger in my body and rushed towards her, I removed her mask. I was surprised at who I saw.

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How could you?” I asked.
“Say bye bye” she said and shoot me.
“You all we pay am going to track you down one after the other” I heard her say before I blacked out.
“That movie was the best. The romance, the kisses, the hugs” Elini
said as she hugged herself
“Drama queen” I said
“Hair Dying King” she said back and we burst into laughter
“Wow Liam wait” immediately he stopped. “Isn’t that Dara’s car” I asked pointing to an abandoned car. He looked at it and then we came out. We saw Dara in the car she was looking weak and oh on blood.
“Let’s take her to the hospital” I yelled

“Doctor how is she doing?” Elini asked
“Are you are family?” The doc asked
“No but we are friends” Elini lied
“She is good but she lost her baby. You need
to call her husband because if she wakes up she will need someone to hold her” the Doc said and left
“Liam you go to the Senile’s mansion and call Collins” she said. I nodded and left.
I smiled as I watched Dara, the fun will only begin when she is awake. I will finally have revenge on all of them, they will all pay.
I swallowed the lump in my throat, I was really very sacred.
Just so you know Collins is the heir to the Mafia throne, his full name is Collins Don Senile. He is the heir to the Lions, they are the ruling Mafia in California. He only came here to study.
I got to his mansion everywhere was protected by guards, I took a deep breath and I drove in after telling them what they needed and also after so they searched me.
A man on suit took me inside the mansion and immediately Collins came downstairs. He was looking smoking hot with his shiny black hair. I used to have black hair but now I have different color of hair.
“Mr Liam what do I owe this visit?” He asked looking worried. Just then his phone rang.
“What do you mean? Find her or don’t come back” he yelled as he brushed his hand through his hair.
“Dara is at the hospital. She had a bad accident, the Doc said I should call you before she wakes up” I said at once, he looked shocked. Before I could say anything he dragged me inside my car and drove to the hospital. I wonder how he knew the hospital she was admitted to.
I was already panicking, Dara was already awake. She is going crazy. As of God heard my prayers Liam
and Collins just walked in, Liam showed Collins the room and immediately he entered.
I sat down on the waiting sit feeling tired, Liam also sat down beside me.
I entered the room and saw Dara, she was in a bad shape. I promise to revenge who did this to her. I rushed to her and held her.
“Dara calm down please” I said as I held her hands. She looked at me and then she held my shirt.
“Collins I lost my baby. After Five months of keeping and naturing it, it just slipped out of my hands. Collins am a monster, I couldn’t save my baby, my life. Collins I deserve to die, am and horrible mother” she said as she left me and collapsed on the floor sobbing.
I was also crying, I lost my baby and my Snow white was in a bad condition. I bent to her level and held her chin.
“Who did this?” I asked
“It was Amy. I know she likes you but why did she kill my baby? Why?” Dara said crying.
If only I told her the truth, maybe she would have stayed home with me.
“Dara am the Prince of the Lions a Mafia group in California and you are going to be my Queen” I said staring at her. She looked at me with pain in her eyes.
“Collins I want to go home” she said as she dusted her body and left the hospital room. I just hope she understands but now have got to face Amy.
I got inside my room tired, I showered and decoded to watch something.
Suddenly my maid said Collins was here to see me, I went downstairs happily maybe he finally likes me.
“Hey Collins” I said smiling
“Amy you are so wicked” he accused me
“Excuse me” I said shocked
“You just killed my baby. Why? I won’t kill you because Dara told me not to,but if you ever harm any member of my family I promise to destroy your whole family” he said angrily
He was about leaving then I called him back.
“Collins. I have always loved you but you never for once noticed me. You had always loved Dara and I love you for that maybe you ain’t mine, I just hope that one day I will find someone that loves me just like the way I love you. I support you and Dara’s relationship. But I love you and will always do” I said and back hugged him.
He disengaged from me and left. I went to my room feeling sober, I finally lost him.
“I love you Collins” I said as I sat down beside my wall of Collins.
A place where I kept all his picture.
Suddenly my door opened a person wearing a black cloak and mask walked in.
“Who are you?” I asked sacred, before I could say another word he brought out his gun and shot my arm, I yelled in pain as I fell down. Suddenly I heard a gun shot and I felt something pierce my head and I blacked out.
I just came back from a club and I saw my mom and Dad in their pool of blood. I rushed to them, my mom was still breathing but my dad was dead.
“Mom who did this?” I asked as tears rolled down my face
“Jeremy… Your…your…sis…sis…sister…save…Co…co…kill…save…” She said and finally died. I heard foot steps coming. I took my heels and hid behind a counter. A person wearing black cloak and mask came downstairs.
The person finally removed his mask and i saw Collins. Wait he did this?
He smiled and left, I rushed upstairs and met Amy in a pool of blood.
“Collins…” I yelled in pain
So Dara lost her baby
Did Collins really killed Amy and her family
💅(I will wait)💅
💆(Will she fall?)💆
💃Chapter 29💃
I sat down thinking about my baby, my little bundle of joy was gone.My door opened and Collins walked to in.
“Dara we are going to California by tomorrow” he said avoiding my eyes, then he left
I can’t believe the man I love is a Mafia prince and I his queen. Why is my life so unfortunate?
I got up and started packing my bags ready to leave when my eyes caught the locket my mom gave me when I was little, she died on that same day right before my eyes without me knowing.
11 years ago
“Dara baby take this, always keep this with you no matter what happens” She said as she wore me a golden locket
“Mum what’s this?” I asked smiling
“This is an ancient locket passed from generation to generation, it is given to youngest daughter of a family and now am giving you” she said then hugged me
“I love you momma”
I was sleeping in my mum’s room when I heard
“Honey please forgive me, I didn’t know she was your wife please please” mum was yelling, I woke up so see dad beating mom.
“I never loved you Mia you were just a one night stand I regret my mom ever forcing me to get married to you” Dad yelled and finally kicked mom then he left.
I got down and rushed to my mother, her body was covered with blood. She looked at me then she said,
“Your father is a demon” with that she closed her eyes.
“Mom, mom please wake up” I said but she wasn’t waking up, I rushed and got Grandma she cried and blamed herself because mom was already dead.
Later that night father came back with a young lady and a little girl who looked almost like me, forgetting that he has killed his wife.
“Mother this is my new wife and this my daughter, Dara she is your sister” he said pointing at the girl, we were both glaring at each other, she was 4 and I was 6
“So you have been cheating on Mia even before you killed her?” Grandma asked tearing up
“Mom I never loved Mia I have only loved Sally” he said as she pecked her.
“And whether you or Dara like it or not she stays” he added, I looked at Grandma she used her hand to clean the tears on her face, then she smiled at me.
“Sally can never be my daughter in law, Mia is a goddess. She is goddess of beauty, love and the most respectful wife ever but you, you are a demon and I don’t want anything to do with a demon and his family” Grandma said as she bent down and picked me up and left to her room.
She dropped me on her bed and said,”Dara you are very special, don’t let the pain of today affect your tomorrow grow above it. The Almighty has a reason to do a particular thing. Let that pain be your strength in life. OK “she said and pecked me.
I smiled as tears dropped from my eyes, I cleaned it using the back of my hand
” Don’t let the pain of the past affect your tomorrow, grow above it. The Almighty has a reason to do a particular thing. Let that pain be your strength in life” I touched my locket as I remembered Grandma’s words.
I told granny about Collins and she said she liked him, she said he could protect me from the bad of this world. I smiled as I packed my bags, it’s time to move on Dara.
“Have you watched the news?” Diamond asked as she painted her nails.
“What happened?” Jay asked her absent minded as she operated her phone smiling.
“Last night Amy and her parents were murdered and the most shocking aspect was that Jeremy said it was Collins but when they checked the CCTV cameras. Amy and her parents just fell and died plus the medical experts couldn’t find any bullets in their wounds” Diamond explained
“Weird. Have you also heard that Melissa is now leaving in Cuba” I said
“Aw… am so happy for her” Jayla said smiling
“Yeah I mean who won’t? Gosh am late for my date with Liam gotta bounce” I said as I carried my purse and left.
They can run but they can’t hide, even if it take me my lifetime to have revenge on all of them I will.
They have always cheated nature but now nature is taking a different course on them.
I think it’s time to join force with another person to destroy them once and for all.
I looked at myself in the mirror, I just hope I look great.
“Hey” Elini said
She was looking sweet in the gown she wore, it was so s£xy.
“Wow I love your new hair dye” she said touching my hair.
He smiled as I complemented him, he ordered for our food just then Diego called.
Oh I forgot we were suppose to pick the new design of our school uniform today. Am the senior female perfect. I ignored the call.
Me and Liam spent the whole while eating and talking.
Wow so Liam is back to being rich, I think it’s time I strike but what will I do about Elini. That girl is a pain in the ass.
I would have asked Amy but she is dead, so sad. I wonder where Jeremy might be.
I allowed the tears pour as I watched their grave. I saw Collins but how come the CCTV cameras caught nothing. Just then someone touched my back. it was a very beautiful girl but she smell familiar.
“Hey if you want to have revenge on him, you need to join me” she said, that voice I feel have heard that voice but where? and from whom?
“Who are you?” I asked
“Am Allie , am the daughter of a wizard join me and have revenge” she said as she gave me a strange necklace. I collected it and wore it.
Immediately I felt something entering me and I felt powerful, but almost immediately I felt weak, I looked at Allie she started smiling, she changed into a person wearing a black cloak and a pink mask. She still looked familiar.
“I guess it’s time I go get some rest” She said as I started to close my eyes, finally I blacked out.
Elini has been cancelling all appointment with me and prom is just around the corner, next semester I think.
I sighed as I looked at her picture, she was the first girl I ever loved, I could give my life for her.
Dara and Collins went to California and they both got married, Jeremy hasn’t woken up yet.
Zenter fell head over mountains in love with Diamond but their love didn’t last because he went back to Italy to expand his acting career.
Melissa finally got married without finishing her highschool education. Well Jayla was just trying to get to act as first lead which isn’t happing because in a hear she won two awards for the best second lead actress very unlucky.
Elini was becoming more close to Liam forgetting that Diego ever loves her meanwhile Jessica was trying to make Diego join her to hate Elini but his love for Elini was too strong.
It was just few months left for them to finish highschool.
“Hey Lini take” Liam said as he gave me and ice cream cone
“Liam what’s up?” I said just then Miss little bitch just came out
“Liam baby” She said as she hugged Liam then pecked him
So what colour of Coffin should we create for Jessica?
I go with a golden one what about you guys?

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