She's A Bitch

She is a bitch episode 32-33


💰(I will wait)💰
👒(will she fall?)👒
👚Chapter 32👚
Since that incident have tried my best not to annoy Diego and we became best of friends, finally today is last day of highschool. I can’t believe two years just past quickly.
I went downstairs and net the girls already dressed up.
“I can’t believe it’s been two years since I met you Eli” Jay said and I giggled.
“We better start going if not we are going to be very late” I said and we all left.
Today us the day I ask Elini to be my girlfriend, am so happy. I just hope she says yes.
Elini is my good luck charm since she came into my life things have been going great.
Today is the day Elini and Liam’s love story comes to an end, I just hope that thinks go according to Jessica’s plan then I will deal with her and her parents for them being bad.
We just finished writing our final exams, when I said we I meant everyone. I went to met Jayla at the Art hall , immediately after exams Diamond went outside to do some stuffs.
“Hey girl” I said to Jay
“I can’t believe this, we are done with highschool. I’m going back to Italy soon, I’m going to miss you” She said without breathing, I giggled.
Just then Diamond came in panting heavily.
“What happened?” Jay asked her before she could speak, I don’t know but I just have a weird feeling about this.
“Elini come with me” She said
“What’s happening?” Jay asked getting frustrated with Diamond’s behavior.
“Just come” with that she dragged me to the school’s front yard.
I got there and saw that everywhere was filled with balloons, lavenders, plus there was a big balloon that was written :ELINI TIMMY, will you marry me?:It read.
I was confused, who would have done it? I just hope it’s Liam. Just then some one tapped me, I turned and saw Diego smiling at me, I just hope it’s not what am thinking. He looked directly into my eyes and knelt down in front of me.
“Will you marry me?” he asked smiling, I was standing there confused.

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/> 💟LIAM💟
I got to the school’s front yard searching for Elini, Jack and Jace told me something was happing and I wanted to see for myself. I saw Diego kneeling in front of her, I looked around and saw all the decorations, my heart skipped a beat.
“Will you marry
me?” he asked her, she was just standing staring at him.
Suddenly Diego stood up and hugged her and she smiled, weird. Then she yelled while giggling.
“Yes, I will marry you” she said and continued giggling. OK when she giggles too much something must be off.
I smiled as I watch them, it’s a good thing she agreed now it’s time to visit Jessica’s Dad.

I walked into his office smiling, he looked up and started shaking.
“Hey Rutherford” I said trying to be formal
“You, how did you? I thought you died” He said shaking
but you and your wife plus your son are about to” With that I shot him and left to his house.
I got there and luckily everyone was inside, I meant Jessica, Sally and their little son, Jerome. I walked in, immediately Sally saw me she was shaking.
“Hi” I said and shot Sally. I turned to Jessica immediately she fainted, I carried their young son, he was really cute but I have my ways. I took them both without anyone seeing me.
I sat down as tears poured down my face, I just can’t forgive myself. I have seriously hurt myself and Liam but I have no choice, I am helpless.
“will you marry me?” he asked smiling at me, I was shocked but I ain’t going to say yes. Just then he got up and hugged me while whispering into my ears.
“If you say no then consider your business over, last week the docvments I gave you were a transfer docvment also I have some unseen video of you and I having s*x so get ready for Liam to hate you. Now say yes”
With that I giggled and said yes.
I was drunk when I had s*x with Diego and now he took advantage of me, he drugged me
“Thanks for forgiving me” I said smiling
“OK take” he said giving me a glass of drink, I took it and immediately I started feeling dizzy.

I woke up feeling weird,
“Diego what have you done to me?” I asked scared
“Please forgive me I was drunk and you were drunk” he said sobbing, I just sighed and left
“Elini someone is here to see you” Jay said. I sighed and went to my bathroom, I washed my
face then I wore my flip-flops. I walked downstairs and saw Liam, he was moving up and down, I swallowed the lump in my throat and said “Hey Liam” I smiled
“Why did you do that why?” he asked angrily as he placed his hands on my shoulders.
“We will give you guys some privacy” Granny D said dragging Jayla and Diamond out of the sitting room
“Liam take it easy am somebody’s fiancée” I said removing his hands from my shoulders, he looked at me shocked.
“Plus who are you to tell me what to do?” I asked feigning anger
“Elini, I love you and you knew it but you choose Diego. Why? Did he blackmailed you? Did he forced you to? please answer me please” he said yelled crying.
I really wanted to hug him and tell him everything but I couldn’t, his life depend on me plus my family business. I looked at him straight in his eyes.
“Liam Harrison I don’t love you, I love Diego and we are getting married next week. Don’t you ever say that you love me because I can never love a low life like you ever. Now leave my house I don’t want to ever see you again leave” I said and I left him and went to my room sobbing.
Liam please forgive me, I LOVE YOU
After she left I made up my mind to go to South Africa, I was given a contract in South Africa and am going, I don’t think Elini needs me anymore.
What have I done? Am I doing the right thing? Is blackmailing Elini the best thing?
All this questions kept coming in my mind ,
“Am I doing the right thing?” I asked myself
“Yes, she deserves it” I said reassuring myself, then I smiled and decided to ho out. After all am getting married soon.
“Liam are you sure you can face her” Terry asked, I sighed then smiled at him.
“Yes, Elini loves Diego maybe it was just infatuations” I said zipping my bag close.
“Man am proud of you. I’m so going to miss you” he said and hugged me
“I have to go now my flight is in an hour. Please take care of the restaurant am giving it to you” I said handing over a docvment to him
“Thanks” he said
“I have to go now, talk to ya later”I said and left.
I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror, the make-up artist really did a good job on my face. Today is my wedding, I had always dreamt of getting married to Liam and not Diego, what’s happening? Why is life so unpredictable?
Jayla and Diamond both went back to their hometown after graduation they said they can’t watch me ruin my life.
I feel so empty
I wanted this right? I’m getting what I want but why do I feel so guilty, I need to speak to Elini, I know it’s wrong but I just gotta do this.
I took one last look at myself then I went to her mansion, I saw Liam’s car that means he must be inside this house. I walked slowly to Elini room I could hear her conversion with Liam.
” I just came to say goodbye”I said to her
“Then goodbye” she said staring at the mirror, she was really so pretty.
“Elini I really did love you, please cancel this wedding” I said hoping she would look at me but she didn’t
“Liam get out, I don’t what to have anything to do with you, I never loved you and will never. I just used you for fun” She said
“Elini if you don’t love me look me in the eyes and tell me that” I said, to my at most surprise she turned and looked ate straight in the eyes.
“I don’t love you Liam, I never did and will never do. Just get out I can’t ever live a selfish man like you. I regretted all the time we spent together, everything. If I could turn the hands of time I would, you are my biggest mistake. Now leave” She said and sat down. I sighed feeling angry
“Fine I can also never love a bitch like you, you are nothing but a bitch. I don’t want to have anything to do with you never” I said and left for the airport.

I got into the plane and settled down, Africa here I come.
Immediately Liam left Elini started crying, I can’t bear it anymore, I walked to her and hugged her.
“Elini am sorry, I was just angry” I said, she looked at me and smiled.
“Diego please let me go, please” she begged, I looked into her eyes and sighed.
“Elini we aren’t getting married anymore am cutting off our marriage” I said with and heavy heart. She got up looking shocked
“Really?” She asked
“Yes now go and get Liam before it’s too late” I said
“He is going to South Africa and the flight is taking of in 10mins time” I added
“I can’t make it in that time” she complained
“You can if you start going” I said and gave her my car keys. She looked at me and left.
I took his car keys and zoomed off without removing my wedding gown, I got the airport and I walked to a clerk.
“Has the flight for South Africa left yet?” I asked her
“Yes ma it left two mins ago” She said and left. I was so sober, he really left.
I went back home and met Diego operating his laptop.
“What are you doing?” I asked him
“I’m getting us flight tickets to go to South Africa” he said, I smiled and turned on the television. They were showing breaking news.
REPORTER: The South Africa flight that left Zig’Z Airport few mins ago was involved in a serious accident.
Due to the bad weather and the sleeping pilot the plane crashed and everyone died, here are the names of the people involved.
My heart began to race, I just hope Liam didn’t make it.
Some names include
Janey Matt
Liam Harrison
When I heard Liam’s name my head became clouded, the only thing I could here was”Liam, Liam, Liam”then I blacked out
Is Liam really dead?
✋(I will wait)✋
💞(She has fallen)💞
💐Chapter 33💐
Liam’s death was like a nightmare to everyone, Elini lost her smile. She forgot how to laugh. Jay and Diamond tried to bring out happy Elini but happy Elini was dead, it was now Elini and SHE IS A BITCH.
“Madam you sent for me” my PA said
“Yes, I want you to fire Ms Zoe. She came 30 seconds late to work” I said operating my laptop
“But ma she is the best worker here and her daughter was really sick that’s why she came late” he tried explaining but my mind was made up.
“If you don’t fire her get ready to lose your Job. Now leave and tell the Tea girl to get me a cup of coffee and send the dress I asked you to send to Jayla Stars for her birthday” I said not looking up, soon he left.
I turned I looked at the busy road my office was made of glass. Today is 9th of May. It’s Jayla’s birthday plus today was the day Liam died. Jayla and I share the same birthday only that am a year older than her.
I smiled remembering all my past time with Liam. I just wished if those time could come back. Just then my phone rang. It was a message from Diego.
💬Met me at your mansion by six pm. Happy birthday
I sighed, Diego has really been helping a lot, he is the best person I could think of right now. Just then the Tea girl walked I. with a mug on her tray, she greeted me looking down. No one every tries looking up to my face expect my PA.
“Ma’am your coffee” She said, before I could collect it she spilled it on my phone. I got up really pissed off.
“How could you?” I yelled
“Ma’am am sorry please” She said as continued begging but my mind was on Liam. I remembered when he spilled water on my phone. I smiled but quickly covered it up.
“GET OUT” I yelled and she left.
Just then my phone rang it was Jayla.
📱Hey Jay
📲HBD, sweetie expect your gifts in 5 hours. I really loved mine
📱Sure. Am kinda busy now bye
I said and hung up then I took my bag and left for my mansion.

“Just follow me” Diego said, I rolled my eyes and followed.
We got to a room and he opened it.
I opened then and when she entered, I could see her smile.
“Diego I love it. It’s like a shire dedicated to Liam. Thanks” she said touching a painting of Liam.
“No need Eli” I said
After that day seeing Elini happy has been my biggest happiness and I would kill to see her happy.
“Elini, I also nominated you for the best female business woman of the year. The award show is next month” I announced. She looked at me and nodded her head.
“You better clean this place well” I yelled at Jessica
“You have kept me as a slave for two years ain’t you tired?” She asked sobbing
“No. Your father and mother has ruined so many lives now it’s my turn to ruin yours and about your brother say meow meow” I said and left to my liar.
I got there and saw little Jerome, he’s Jessica’s younger brother. I smirked his days are numbered.
It’s been two years, two years of peace and quietness. I was the one who killed Liam
I got inside my room and created a fake company account then I sent Liam an appointment later. With that done all I did was to wait for the right date.

I watched as Elini and Liam fought, this girl just makes my works easier, I smirked and got to the airport. I disguised myself as the pilot soon people started to enter. Finally time for take off, luckily the weather favoured me. I soon became tried and needed a nap to I slept off and as I wished the plane crashed.
I woke up and carried Liam who was half alive to my lair and there I killed him.
I smiled and looked at the mark on my tummy.
No one can stop me not even the two triangle of love cause am a triangle.
meow meow
What does she mean by that?
I have lived with this lady for 2 years now but I never got to see her real face she always changes her face or his face. I just don’t know but one thing is sure she has Jeremy.
I thought I was a villain till I meet her.
“Are you nuts? Just because you and Dylan are dating that makes you think he would want to marry you” I yelled as Jayla when she said she is going to propose to Dylan
“I don’t care what you say am gonna do it” She said and left
Jayla won’t change always doing things the unlucky way. I just hope things go great for her.
I don’t care what Diamond say am going to propose to Dylan next month, he loves me I love him. That’s what life’s about, I tuned on my TV, they were showing a docvmentary about a Dormant body. Gross.
I wore my red gown and let my hair fall, I was without make up, since Liam died I haven’t applied any make up.
I went downstairs and saw Diego he looked at me and smiled and we went for the business award.

“The nominees for the best female business woman are Elini Timmy for her jewelry fountain
Messy Queen for her diamond dress
and the winner is Elini Timmy” the MC said
I smirked and walked to the stage to collect my award.
After so many giving of award it was time for the best award of the year which is the most successful business owner of the year.
“And the award of the most successful business owner of the year goes to Mr Liam Jesse Harrison” the MC announced
Wait Liam?
I wanted to see who this could be, could it be my Liam?
Soon I saw a young man coming on stage his hair smell wealth, his footsteps made me shiver. If not for Diego holding me right now I would have gone crazy.
Then the man go on stage and to my greatest surprise he was Liam. My Liam who I thought was dead but how come?
I waited for the award show to finish then I went in search of Liam, I finally saw him beside his limo, he was talking to the chairman of waves. After they were done I walked to him.
“Hey Liam” I said smiling
He was staring at me weirdly and it got me confused and embarrassed
“Hey” I repeated again
He smiled and brought out his hand for a shake and I took it.
“Hey am Liam Jesse Harrison, we went to the same highschool” he said trying to be formal, what’s happening here?
“I know that” I said confused, he smiled as he dipped his hands through his blonde hair.
“It’s been long I saw you or heard anything about you Elini. It’s nice meeting and old friend” he said
“Yeah” I could say anything I was so busy checking him out.
“Baby Liam” I heard someone called, I turned and saw a lady way more prettier than me. She looked so much like Jayla, she walked to Liam and stood beside him and he pecked her.
“Elini this is my girlfriend and soon to be wife. Met Camille”
Wait wife?
Wait is our Liam back?
This is problem after problem now Liam is getting married😭😭
About Jayla you will soon get all the details

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