She's A Bitch

She is a bitch episode 34-35


✋(I will wait)✋
💁(She has fallen)💁
👼Chapter 34👼
I woke up feeling tired, yesterday’s award just added to more awards for me. My phone rang it was Dad.
📱Good morning Dad
📲Save your GM, have you cracked the deal with the Timmy’s Cosmetics?
he asked making me roll my eyes
📱No Dad I might do that tomorrow, allow me enjoy live man
I said and he laughed
📲Sure enjoy yourself but crack that deal.
he said and hung up what a Dad.
Just then Camille entered with a tray of food in her arm.
“Good morning Baby Liam” she said and dropped the food on my side table.
“Camille I have told you am not a baby am a grown up now” I said doing a baby face and she giggled.
“You are my Baby put that at the back of your dumb head” she said and hit me then she screamed.
“What’s it?” I asked scared
“I just felt a sharp pain in my waist” she said
“I thought babies kick in their late months?” I said munching my bread.
“I didn’t say it was kicking” She said and walked away.
You guys might be wondering how am till alive.
I got to the airport and bumped into a man, he looked up and he was exactly like me no difference.
We talked and talked, he had entered the plane but then I remembered I forgot something, I decided to get it. I got to the bar and decided to buy a wine for myself but I met a stripper and she was flirting with me just then my plane drove off without me and my look alike was on it.
The stripper turned out to be Camille and she was a virgin Stripper, I kinda started liking her but when she found out about Elini she said she can’t fall in love with me. Later we both went to California there she and I became friends. She is sweetest person ever.
I came to Texas to crack a deal with Elini but that will be hard, although she didn’t get married Diego the way

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she insulted me really made me want to cutoff all ties with her but our past till makes me want to be with her every minute but SHE IS A BITCH.
I woke up with a bang, so Liam is alive and I thought he was dead.
“ouch” I
winched while touching my head, my door opened and Diego walked in with a tray, right now I felt like killing him if not that he forced me into wanting to marry him, I would have been happy with Liam.
He sat down beside me and touched my head.
“Last night after Liam told you about his wife you have been quiet. I already called my investigator to do more research on Liam, I will soon receive result” with that he left
I was happy he left, I got up did my thing am going to see Liam today and
deal with that bitch called Camille. Just then my phone rang it was Diamond.
📱Hey D. What’s up
📲Jayla has been involved in an accident
she announced I was shocked
I asked scared
📲Well she went to propose to Dylan but he turned her down and said he liked another gal, she became angry and was driving her car and floor was slippery. She stopped her car and removed her legs from the brakes and the car drove backwards and bumped into a car carrying a dormant body
📱Is she OK?
📲Yeah strangely, she is fine but the two drivers died instantly and the dormant body is till missing
She explained just then Diego walked in with the papers
📱Wow so many things are happing in Italy have got to go great Jay for me. Gotta go bye
I said and hung up. I looked up and surprising Diego already left but he is the least of my problem now.
I opened the files and then I saw everything, I took my car keys and drove to Liam’s mansion.

“Hey Elini” the bitch Camille said smiling, I became angry and slapped her. She was shocked.
“Hey bitch is my husband around?” I asked sheepishly
“Liam loves you he is just angry at you” she said, I turned to her.
“Who are you to tell me what I already know? Do you think he would ever marry a stripper like you? Such an asshole” I said
“Liam went to get some food he will soon be back. Let me get you something” she said and left, soon she came back with a can of soda.
“Please manage this we are short on food” She said smiling while I observed her. She was really like Jay expect that she
was a little bit more pretty and she had blue eyes.
“I don’t need your care” I said and poured the drink on her but she just kept quiet.
Just then her phone rang “Hey Liam, sure OK remember to get me my faces” she said and hung up
“Liam is on his way, don’t worry he will soon arrive” She said and went upstairs. Later she came downstairs clad in a white gown, why does she always were gowns.
As she was walking she accidentally stepped on my shoes, I got up and slapped her, she fell on the floor holding her tummy.
“Am sorry it was accident” She pleaded, I ignored her and kicked her tummy, I watched as tears flowed from her eyes.
“What’s happening here?” I turned and saw Liam he rushed to us.
“Elini what have you done?” he asked sweating profusely
“She didn’t do anything, I was just trying to tell her something when I slipped and she was helping me before you came” She said panting.
I know Camille is lying, I turned and looked at Elini.
“GET OUT” I yelled
“Liam are you shouting at me? I mean why won’t you shout at me when this harlot is around” She yelled back as she mentioned Harlot, I raised my hands to her face but just stopped.
“OMG, Liam Jesse Harrison raised his hands to slap me because of a harlot” she yelled
I became angry”Elini, Camille isn’t a wide asshole like you, I was the one who disvirgined her few months ago unlike you I met opened “I yelled
” You were my first Liam, Just that I didn’t bleed”She defended
“Guys, My baby” we heard and turned Camille was bleeding.
“I didn’t mean to kill anyone” Elini said shocked
“Elini get out” I yelled
“I ain’t going anywhere” she yelled back
“Elini get the f**k off my property” I said she scoffed carried her bag and left angrily.

“Are you OK?” I asked Camille as I played with her fingers, she smiled and looked at me.
“Am fine, I just want to apologize for what I did” She said looking down.
“Camille what happened?” I asked
“Elini came inside and I was rude to her. She tried to help me but I was jealous of her” She said and I felt bad for yelling at Elini
“Oh….” was all I could say
“You really need to settle the matter with her call her” She suggested
“How do you know I have her number?” I asked shyly
“I know you still love her. You still look at her pictures every night and keep her birthdays special to you” She narrated
“You are so sweet am so happy for getting married to you” I said and left
I watched as he left. I know he loves Elini and I must bring them together although am pregnant for Liam, I don’t want him to be separated from his love never.
What how can Liam still be alive? I thought I killed him.
“Jessica!” I yelled
“Yes ma” She answered
“Get dressed you are going to earth to kill Liam” I said and left to my lair. I met Jerome playing I pointed my hands to him and he turned to a dog, I walked to Jeremy and killed him.
“Am just so angry”I yelled just then a light flashed and she came
” Mitchell “She yelled
” Yes great great great great great Grandmother “I said mockingly
” You need to stop all this and let everyone be”she yelled
“Oh Mother Alana, not you or anyone can stop me am not only after your generation but the world but am going to make sure love is far away from them” I yelled
“Mitchell you can’t hurt Dara anymore because Amy has ready sacrificed her love for Collins before she died now you can’t stop Diamond and Elini from finding love” Mother Alana said
“Ma I’m a demon and won’t rest until I have avenged my sister’s death” I yelled
“Be careful don’t let rage blind you, you might regret it” she said
“I don’t blame Dara I blame mom, she took Dara and left me and Michelle alone with uncle Zack he turned her into a s£x slave if I hadn’t disappear then I would have also. Michelle is an angel am a demon while Dara is a Goddess but a demon with the power of a Goddess is stronger. I will destroy your generation and then take over the world” I said
“No you won’t, Elini and Diamond have been selected to stop you but Dara will lead the way” She said
“I will make sure Diamond and Elini never get and happy ending and the triangle of love will never be complete without them both and trust me no more sacrifices of love for any one” I said and left my lair and went to my room’s balcony.
All the pain I went through flashed through mind. Everyone rejected me not even my mother wanted me and Mr Rutherford my dumb father didn’t even want Dara but now MITCHELL RUTHERFORD is back to take love from thus world.
Will Mitchell succeed?
So Mitchell, Diamond, Elini, Dara and Michelle are from Alana.
✋(I will wait)✋
💔 (She has fallen)💔
💃Chapter 35💃
“What do you mean that by you are leaving Texas?” I asked Diego
“I said am leaving but I till have some unfinished business to settle here” he said and left.
Sometimes Diego can be weird, like very weird. I got up and went to my balcony then my phone rang, it was an unknown number.
📲Hello Elini, it’s Liam
📱Oh Liam, am really sorry for what happened back there
I said trying to get on his good side
📲No need, see I want us to met at the Cityscape’s Mall, I want to talk to you about something
📱Sure we can met tomorrow by 5:00pm
I said happily
📲Ok bye
I said and hung up. So Liam called am so happy, I have to be my best.
I stood there and watched has Elini smiled at herself while staring at the mirror, I smiled she is really pretty and am going to miss her a lot.
I entered my room and wore my white garment then sat on the floor, I began chanting the ancient song.
I opened my eyes and saw myself in the heavens.
“Welcome Spirit Diego” mother Alana said
“Mother today Elini and Liam are going to be together and then I will disappear forever” I said feeling down casted.
“No it isn’t that easy, Mitchell is so bent of ruining Earth and why Lord Vickram sent you to Earth to protect Elini and Liam”
“But am sure we can do something to stop her”
“Nothing can be done because Mitchell is also a part of the Triangle of love so it will be hard to stop her without the complete part. Elini, Diamond’s and Dara’s first daughter will be the ones to stop her that is if they can find love on time” Mother Alana
“Mother what will I gain if I protect her?” I asked sadly
“My son we gods don’t get anything in return. The Almighty has placed us in a position to help humans and have to be faithful”
“But mother I love Elini”
“Son Elini isn’t for you after your death you and Michelle are going to met and be together in the realm of the spirits now go. It’s already morning and Elini is coming” she said then clapped her hands and I opened my eyes to see myself on my bed sleeping.
I woke up and almost immediately Elini came in.
“Good morning bird brain I kinda need your help to pick a dress, am going out with Liam” she announced giggling, I just kept a straight face thinking about what Mother Alana said
“Why don’t you were a plain jeans and a tank top?” I asked arranging my bed
“Nah am going to wear a s£xy dress”
“And what makes you think Liam of before and now are the same?”
“It’s pointless talking to you please be quick and get off my property” She said and left.
I sighed and wore my clothes then I wore my hood and headed for the restaurant they are going to meet, don’t ask how I know.
“You are going to propose to her” Camille said
“No am going to only marry you after all you are carrying my child” I suggested and she giggled
“Liam first love can oy be found once and your first love was, is and will forever be Elini Timmy besides after I give birth your child can come visit you” she said but I wasn’t satisfied.
I looked back and sat with her on her bed then I held her hand.d
“Camille, you are the nicest person ever. When I was down you were with me now you want me to marry her?”
“Yes Liam, Elini is not a girl that easily fall but now she has fallen and if you crush her, she will never recover”
“I always thought I would wait for her, I did wait but now all those things don’t matter anymore. Anyway you are following me to the restaurant go get dressed” I said and left her before she could protest.
I wonder how a girl can have such a heart of gold

“Wow this place is good” I said and she giggled
“Yeah and look Elini is over there and is cute” Camille complemented her but what I was seeing was just a bitch.
She was wearing a black gown that was filled with opening. She really looked s£xy but am not into those girls anymore, Camille thought me that being simple is the best.
We walked to her and she glared at Camille.
Why did he come with her? They walked to me and I glared at Camille but she smiled.
“Hey Liam, I thought it was just something of me and you, so why is she here?” i asked irritated by Camille’s presence
“Anywhere I got she goes. She carries my child after all” Liam announced and my heart skipped. Although I had s£x with Liam loads of time I was never able to be pregnant because am not that fertilized, my chances of becoming pregnant are all on luck.
“She… She is pregnant” I asked in a low voice
“Yes and we are getting married this Saturday at St John’s” he said smiling, I just felt like kicking his face
“I just came here to propose a business deal with you. Take” he said giving me a fe.
I glanced through the file,it was really a good proposal.
“Sure then it’s a deal then” I said and he smiled while staring at her.
“Can I have a word with you in private?” I asked and glanced at Camille, she got up and left.
“Liam you promised me that you will wait then what happened to us?” I asked with years pouring out of my eyes
“Elini am sorry, our love wasn’t meant to be now I love Camille” he said and I slapped him hardly
“You are a monster, Liam I waited for you. I know that am bad, I know that my chances of giving birth is little. I know that you have always loved me but I was too busy thinking about other things but now, I must admit that have fallen for you deeply. Just go through your thoughts please Liam today is just Wednesday please think again before you marry her please” I said sobbing
“Elini Timmy let’s be professional. Am not going to be yours am going to marry Camille because she was there when you threw me out as if I was trash” he yelled and I became angry
“Yes you are trash, I have always loved you but you chose that trash over me, She is an harlot and how are you sure the baby is really yours?” I asked
“Elini not ever girl is like you. Camille is the daughter of a famous drug lord but left her family when she was forced to give up her dream. Her father forced her into the streets and she was forced into stripping but kept her body. I was the one who to that right from her” he said
“Liam please don’t do this to me please” I begged
“Am sorry Elini Timmy but our path ends here” with that he dropped the chain I have him years ago and left.
Why me am I too bitchy?
OK I don’t care if he cares or not. Elini Timmy won’t stoop so low for anyone. Let him marry her for all I care
Is this the end of a wonderful love story?

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