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She is a bitch episode 5-6

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😱💅$h£ IS A BITCH😱💅
🎂(I will wait)🎂
😿Chapter 5😿
I shook my h£ad. Th£n I wore my black fl¡p flop and h£aded d©wΠstairs.
I f!nally got d©wΠ. I met th£ cutest boy ever but not up to Liam.
“How may I h£lp you?” I asked boldly
“My boss said I should give you th£ do¢vments so that !n case you want to patner with h¡s company j√$t call h¡m” h£ narrated
“OK what’s you name and who is your boss?”
“Am so sorry for not !ntroduc!ng myself. Am Mike Lemma and my boss is Diego Dannkek. h£ is th£ owner of DD designers” h£ said
j√$t th£n my m!nd c|¡¢k. Ms Dani managed to bag a deal with th£m.
“Oh sorry me. OK thanks. Tell your boss I will th!nk ab©vt it and get [email protected]¢k to h¡m” I said
h£ smiled and nodded.
“Aren’t go!ng to an highschool ” Diamond asked h¡m. Almost forgot $h£ was h£re
“No am done with highschool. Am j√$t sav!ng up for college” h£ said
“OK bye” Diamond said and h£ left.
“h£ is so cute” Diamond squealed
“Yeah whatever. Have you seen Jayla?” I asked
“Yeah. Th£ last time I saw h£r $h£ was with Granny. Th£y were supervis!ng th£ maids” $h£ said
“OK am off to b£d. Good night” I said
“Sweet dreams” $h£ yelled
“Why did you slap me” I asked my dad angrily
“Wh£re are you com!ng from?” h£ asked
“I went ©vt” before I could bl!nk h£ slapped me aga!n. Immediately my granny came d©wΠstairs.
Wh£n did $h£ travel [email protected]¢k?
“What’s go!ng on h£re?” $h£ asked with authority
“Mum, Dara went ©vt and is j√$t com!ng [email protected]¢k now” my stepmoth£r said
“Don’t call me mum” $h£ warned h£r
“Dara went ©vt because $h£ felt like and ©vtcast” my granny supported me
“Mum don’t dare !nsult my wife. Besides th¡s girl is a spoilt girl. j√$t like h£r one night stand moth£r” Dad yelled angrily.
h¡s last word broke me lose.
“Dad m!nd your t0Πge. Don’t you dare !nsult my mom. First you marry th¡s bitch. Th£n you hara$$ mum. You were th£ one who killed mom. Dad you are a murderer. I hate you, I hate Mrs Sally Ruth£rford I hate all of you” I yelled as I ran upstairs !n tears not m!nd!ng granny’s call
I shut my door and sat on th£ floor tears were roll!ng non stop.
“Mum I miss you” I said softly.
You don’t know what my mum pa$$ed through. My dad would flog h£r, rape h£r and treat h£r like a slave !n front of my eyes mostly wh£n Granny isn’t @r0vnd.
h£ hates my mum because h£ was drunk wh£n h£ made ©vt with h£r and that was how I was conceived. h£ was forced to marry mum. h£ really hated h£r.
I looked at mum’s picture. $h£ really loved h¡m. Tears kept on ₱0ur!ng as I imag!ned h£r suffer!ng.
I got dressed and waited for th£ girls. Soon we were done and we h£aded for school.
I woke up with a strong h£adach£. I felt cold. I slept on th£ floor. It was really cooled. I took my shower and h£aded for th£ sitt!ng room.
Everyone was already at th£ d!nn!ng. I walked to Granny and klzzed h£r.
“Little Mia” $h£ said as $h£ adj√$ted my skirt. $h£ loves call!ng me little Mia because I look like mum some how.
“Won’t you eat?” $h£ asked me
“No granny” I said smil!ng
“Can’t you see me or your fath£r” my stepmoth£r yelled at me.
I gave h£r a scornful look.
“I came !n peace” I said and left th£ house !n my car. I got to school and h£aded straight for th£ swimm!ng pool. That’s wh£re I came get my m!nd off problems.
I sat d©wΠ watch!ng th£ birds. Wh£n I felt m©v£ment !n th£ water. Th£n a boy came ©vt. Oh s£nior Coll!ns s£nile. h£ is h°t but funny.
“h£y lovely come” h£ yelled. I wanted to ignore h¡m but decided to j√$t see why h£ is call!ng.
Immediately I got close to h¡m. h£ dragged me and I fell !n th£ pool with h¡m.
“Now we are both fish !n water” h£ said I giggled.
“Let me go you punk” I yelled at h¡m
“I thought you were happy at me j√$t now” h£ said
“Do I look happy? Now because of you am socked w€t” h£ drew me closer to h¡mself. I ₱u$h£d h¡m.
“Better stay away from me” I yelled
“As you can see you are th£ only fish !n th£ sea” h£ yelled
I rolled my eyes. Thank God I enrolled for th£ s£niors exam. j√$t few m©r£ months and am done with school. Yeah am writ!ng. Only Jenny knows because only th£ both of us are writ!ng. Th£ rest of th£m really love be!ng [email protected]¢kward.
I went to change before th£ bell r!ngs.
Because of Jay I got to cla$$ late. Immediately I entered every eyes turned on me. I looked at th£m. My eyes fell on Liam. h£ was star!ng at me.Thank God no teach£r yet.
I rolled my eyed seems h£ is attracted. I got to my sit.
“You are sitt!ng on my sit” I told th£ girl beside h¡m
“So what?” $h£ asked rudely
“So get your smell!ng a$$ h0l£ off” I said
“You better watch your t0Πge wh£n you be talk to me” $h£ said gett!ng up
“You are a junior student. Fresh man I see” I said as I exam!ned h£r
“h£y bitch go get anoth£r sit” th£ Amy girl yelled
I smirked
“Am los!ng my patience” I said
“I don’t ¢ar£ ” $h£ yelled. I know $h£ is Jessica Ruth£rford but I a!n’t s¢ar£d one bit
Th£ next th!ng was that I slapped h£r. Th£n I h£ld h£r hair and ₱v||ed h£r ©vt of th£ cla$$.
“You will pay” $h£ yelled
“Have fun” I said. As I was go!ng Amy gave me a scornful look. I h¡ssed
I sat d©wΠ. Liam was j√$t pretend!ng as if h£ didn’t see me. I looked at my time table we had Maths first. I got up and went to th£ general cla$$. From th£ look of th!ngs only th£ science students were th£re. I spotted Jack and a girl. I felt bad.
I sat d©wΠ at th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ seats. I brought ©vt some do¢vments and started work!ng on th£m. Soon th£ bell rang.
Jayla and Diamond came !n. Th£y sat beside me. Th£ teach£r came after a while we had English. It was till th£ same bor!ng.
F!nally th£ last general cla$$ Social studies. Th£ teach£r came !n. h£ was tall and well built. A young man was also beside h¡m. h£ must be a new student and th£ truth is that h£ was even cuter than Liam.
“h£y cla$$. We have a new student please !ntroduce yourself”h£ said to th£ dumb a$$ beside h¡m.
h£ smiled or should I say half smiled
“Am Diego Dannkek” h£ said and went to look for sit. Wow I love h¡s courage.
Wait Diego Dannkek owner of DD designers. I smirked.
Soon th£ D-JAMS entered. Dara was look!ng dull. Jenny was on h£r phone. Th£ rest were j√$t talk!ng. Th£ teach£r ignored th£m.
After that cla$$ we went to our various department.
Wow th¡s school is great. Am a science student. After cla$$es I went to th£ garden. I haven’t really made friends yet so you understnd.
I was sitt!ng wh£n a junior student came.
“h£y cutie” $h£ said as $h£ seduce me. j√$t so you know am a flirt.
I smiled. $h£ was really h°t.
“h£y sweeth£art” I replied. $h£ giggled because $h£ thought $h£ had effects of me.
$h£ sat beside me.
“Am Jessica Ruth£rford owner of th¡s school” $h£ bragged
“Am Diego” I said
“I already know” $h£ said. $h£ was really a flirt.
“I need to use th£ toilet please show me wh£re” I said. $h£ smiled and took me to th£ male toilet. As I entered $h£ followed me and th£ rest is h¡story
I told th£ girls I won’t eat lunch. Jenny said $h£ wanted to read ah£ad to $h£ went to th£ library. Th£ rest girls went to th£ canteen.
After few m!nutes I decided to jo!n th£m. As I was go!ng a [email protected] ₱v||ed me to a corner. I looked at th£ owners face. I rolled my eyes.
“Dara please. Why do you like mak!ng me hurt?” h£ asked
“Please I don’t need you problems. leave me alone” I said and shook h¡s [email protected] of. h£ signed.
“I don’t ¢ar£ but I will wait till you f!nally love me” h£ said and left.
Th£ truth is I do love s£nior Coll!ns but after Joon’s h£artbreak I j√$t wanted to focus on books and friends. I smiled wh£n I remembered h¡s last words.”I will wait”
I got to th£ canteen. I meet th£ girls discuss!ng. I decided to sneak one th£m. I hidd !n a corner.
“Am so happy $h£ is f!nally leav!ng us” Sabr!na said
“I never liked th£ two of th£m mostly Dara. Always boss!ng us @r0vnd” Amy said with disgust
“Thank God th£y are go!ng to write those exams. F!nally th£ school will be ours” Melissa said
“I only became h£r friend so I can escape detentions and commit evil stuffs. First $h£ stole Joon and now Coll!ns like h£r” Amy said
“I hope you will fight for Coll!ns?” Sabr!na asked
“No need h£ will j√$t dump h£r like all guys do and th£n I will go for h¡m” Amy said and th£ rest girls laugh£d.
I walked up to th£m
“Guys why? I trusted you girls. You girls were my only family” I yelled.
Everyone !n th£ canteen turned and looked at us.
“Sorry to burst your bubbles but we are done with you and Jenny” Sabr!na yelled
“I hate you girls so much” I yelled as tears flowed
“We never even liked you. We j√$t used you and to show you we are done be!ng your puppets take th¡s” Melissa said and $h£ threw h£r dr!nk on my face
Amy got on top th£ table “From now on call us AMS and say good bye to th£ DJ” $h£ yelled
Th£ now called AMS started throw!ng foods at me. I ran away to my car th£n drove home.
I was eat!ng with Diamond and Jay wh£n th£ show started. I k!nda feel bad for Dara but what can I do.
I looked forward and saw Jack feed!ng Mich£lle. I rolled my eyes
“Useless couples” I muttered
“What did you say?” Jay asked. I smiled. It’s noth!ng.
El!ni was try!ng h£r best !n school meanwhile tragedy was ab©vt to stuck. El!ni’s Grandma fell ill and it was [email protected] to tell if $h£ will survive.
“Ma:am I should tell El!ni ab©vt your h£alth” Ms Dani suggested
“No. $h£ will be worried and $h£ will abandon everyth!ng th£re. I want h£r to happily enjoy h£r life !n Germany” Old Mrs Timmy said and cough£d ©vt blood th£n $h£ blacked ©vt.
Ms Dani was s¢ar£d and called th£ doctor. Th£y came and made h£r stable but th£ big question rema!ns will s£nd survive?



Will Ms Timmy survive?
How will Liam feel wh£n h£ catch£s h¡s GF with th£ new h°t boy?
Who else feels bad for Dara?
💅💋$h£ IS A BITCH💅💋
🔔(I will wait)🔔
🌲Chapter 6🌲
After lunch drama, i went to cla$$ everyone was talk!ng ab©vt Dara. Soon th£ evil entered $h£ was smil!ng. I meant Amy.
$h£ went to h£r sit and sat d©wΠ smil!ng like a goat.
I meant real got not th£ Greatest of all time type. I wonder wat happened to Dara.
Soon Liam came h£ sat d©wΠ beside me smil!ng.
“Hi am Liam” h£ said. Wait was h£ talk!ng to me?
“El!ni am talk!ng to you” h£ said
“Please let me be” I said th£n carried my bag am go!ng to th£ garden.
I met Diego and Mich£lle. Th£y were klzz!ng. Wait isn’t h¡m th£ new boy.
I walked to th£m.” Can’t you guys klzz !n th£ toilet”I asked th£m disgusted by th£ir act
“Oh me. You bitch better m!nd your words OK” Mich£lle said
“Mich£lle how could you?” Someone asked. We turned and saw Jack. h£ was carry!ng some books !n h¡s [email protected]
“Baby it’s not wat you th!nk” $h£ tried defend!ng h£rself !n tears
Jack ran away cry!ng.
“Bitch please h£lp me talk to h¡m” Mich£lle said !n tears.
But wait $h£ j√$t called me bitch. I ignored that part.
“h£llo El!ni Timmy” Diego said stand!ng up.
h£ came close to me h£ smelt like Jessica’s perfume. So h£ had h£r wat a guy.
I h¡ssed and went to cla$$

I sat on my b£d. I f!nally s!nged th£ contract with Diego’s company.
I really feel as if someth!ng isn’t right.
I wonder how Dara will be feel!ng.
“El!ni I got us three tickets to see my little pony th£ movie” Jay said as $h£ barged !nto my room.
“Why will I want to see that?” I asked
“I was also wonder!ng same” Diamond said as $h£ entered
“Plus great news am dat!ng Jace” jay said
“What? Why?” Diamond asked Jay
“Why do you have a crush on Zenter” I asked Diamond. $h£ rolled h£r eyes
“I can’t wait to see who will eventually marry bitchy El!ni” Diamond said
“Some one who won’t [email protected]|| for you” Jay said and we did and high five
“I hate you guys” $h£ said
“We love you too” me and jay said
I sat d©wΠ !n my room. I have been cry!ng s!nce I h°t [email protected]¢k. Plus granny is not @r0vnd so no one to comfort me.
I h£ard someone knock on my w!ndow. I saw Coll!ns.
“What are you do!ng h£re?” I asked. h£ ignored me and entered my room
“Wow nice room for a girl that hates me” h£ said
I rolled my eyes
“I don’t hate you” I said before realiz!ng
“That means you love me?” h£ asked
“No I don’t love you. So what are you do!ng h£re?” I asked chang!ng th£ topic
“I was feel!ng bad so I came to see my Queen” h£ said and w!nked
h¡s Queen. I blu$h£d. h£ really does love me.
“Am f!ne now. You may please go” I said
“OK but promise me you won’t frown” h£ said
“OK I won’t” I said and ₱u$h£d h¡m ©vt
That guy is a pa!n !n th£ a$$.
I showered and did some read!ng try!ng to keep to th£ promise I made h¡m.
“You don’t mean it” mom said as i briefed h£r on what haplened !n school.
“Am so happy for you” $h£ said
“Why?” I asked
“Because am carry!ng your little broth£r” $h£ said. I smiled I always wanted one
“Mom I want to also get Dara’s share of th£ property” I said. $h£ smiled
“Dear j√$t pay your cards well. You already have 85% do th£ rest will be noth!ng to get” mom said
I nodded
“Diego let me be” I yelled at h¡m
“Under one condition. Are we friends?” h£ asked
“Ok yes we are. Now let me be” I yelled. h£ smiled and left
Diego has been with me s!nce I came to school. Got to admit h£ is sweet to be with.
Jayla was sick and Diamond and Zenter were appo!nted to go for a quiz competition. So am alone with Diego.
Surpris!ngly Liam isn’t !n school today.
I got d©wΠ from my car. Every eye turned to me. I avoided eye contact.
Jenny’s parents transferred h£r because th£y said $h£ might not be save !n thus school anym©r£. So am alone.
Jut th£n Coll!ns came. Thank God. I wonder how my life would have been with©vt h¡m.
“How are you?” h£ asked. I kept quite
“I will wait h£ wh¡spered to me and left.
I can’t go to school today. I don’t feel like plus am hav!ng a bad h£adach£.
I really miss El!ni.
Wait I j√$t said that? I should be miss!ng my bitch of a girlfriend not th£ bitch of a girl.
I really need a doctor.
Mrs Timmy became better but $h£ needed to take h£r drugs on a daily basis.
$h£ had High Blood Pressure with asthma.
$h£ was advice to avoid noisy places and $h£ did.
But will $h£ be able to mange for long?
So jenny left our Dara
Has Liam [email protected]||en for El!ni?

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