She Is A Demigod

She Is A Demigod episode 3 – 4

She's a half wolf, half vampire

She Is A Demigod 💫💙
(She’s a half wolf, half vampire )🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense😲✨

💋 Chapter three 💋


Cindy diverted her gaze away from her brother.
“I’m not going to give you my notes till you say hi to Kylie”

Jackson exhaled deeply and took off his sunglasses.
“Hi Kylie, I’m Jackson” he gave a sudden smile and it faded away quickly.
“Happy now” he asked his annoying sister.

Cindy brought out her note and handed it over to him
“thanks” he said and left.
He wore his sunglasses back as he stepped out of the Cafe.

Kylie found herself staring at him as he left.

Cindy snapped her back to reality.
“So, you should hang with us sometimes. It’s so fun”

“No, I ha be somewhere now. I mean, I have to study. Catch you later guys” Kylie said and left.

“Guys? I thought we were babes” lily furrowed her eyebrows.

“Shut it girl. There’s something special about her” Cindy said sipping from her juice.
School hours was over, the students ran out of the school.
Some grabbed their bikes, some entered into the bus. Some used a scooter while some entered into their parents car.

Kylie stood outside waiting for her mom.
Cindy and lily walked pass her.

“Want us to drop you off?”

“No thanks, mom will be here soon” she replied.

“Okay, bye!”
Kylie saw her mother waving at her from distance.
She sighed and walked towards her.
Kylie explained everything that happened to her mom.
She didn’t miss a thing at all.

“Why didn’t you introduce yourself in the classroom?” Her mom asked as she set up the dinning table.

“It wasn’t necessary” she replied brushing her fingers into Moon’s fur.

“Well, I don’t have a problem with you getting a boyfriend”

“Okay. What’s a boyfriend?” She asked.

Sarah sat down staring at her daughter.
“This what I get for keeping you away from the modern lifestyle” Sarah mumbled under her breath.

“I mean you can date whoever you want to” Sarah added to what she said earlier making Kylie confused entirely.

“I don’t understand but don’t worry, I’ll look it up” Kylie said.

Sarah scoffed and continued eating.
Kylie went to school on her own the next day, she didn’t want to stress her mom.

She decided to walk to school, to take a look at her new environment.
“I’m going mom” Cindy yelled as she ran downstairs.

Jackson was in the dinning room eating cereals with his phone on his left hand.
Cindy walked towards her brother and checked his legs.

“Great, you remember to wear your shoes”

“Shut up Cindy” he yelled at Cindy without diverting his gaze away from his phone.

“You both should be useful for once”
They turned and heard their father’s voice.

“What is it father?” Cindy asked angrily.

“You both should be watchful. We need the demigod already. I know she is alive”

“Whatever dad, that’s Jackson’s thing. Not mine. I’m waiting in the car” Cindy left the house and slammed the door hærd.

“Don’t worry dad, I’ll try look for her. Even if I don’t know her f×¢king location”

Jackson grabbed his bag and left the house.

“Don’t worry too much, I’ll talk to him”
His wife came and k×ssed his cheek.

“Bye hunny”
Cindy came down from the car with her sunglasses immediately her dad pulled over in front of the school.

As Jackson opened the door, his father stopped him.
“Jackson, if you want to live. Find the demigod and bring her to the head”

“I’ll try my best dad” Jackson put on his sunglasses and left the car.
Immediately Jackson left the car, the girls started s¢ræming and running after him.

He shook his head and continued walking ahead.
Madison, the cheerleader ran to him and hugged his arms.

“Hey Madison” he greeted without staring at her.

“Hey my love. I just don’t get why these ladies will still be clinging themselves to you”

“Well, you are one of them”

Madison stopped walking as she heard that from Jackson.
She scoffed and returned to her friends.
Kylie stood in front of her locker arranging some things.
She brought out some chemistry textbook which was heavy.

One of them fell down from her hands.
“Argh” she gr0×ned.

She returned the books into her locker so that she could take the one on the ground.


She saw Jackson with the textbook.
“I think you dropped this”

“Yeah, thanks” she said and collected the book from him.
She brushed her hair to the back of her ears and faced her locker.

Jackson left and went beside her.
His locker was close to Kylie’s.
He kept his bag and grabbed some textbook.

He slammed the door hærd which frightened Kylie.
He left her there smirking.

In class Kylie concentrated, she never knew that Jackson was her seatmate.
She sat in the middle of Lily and Jackson.

“Now, pass this sheet around. You are to submit on Monday. You have less than a week to do that assignment” the teacher announced.
“Lily, what does it mean to have a boyfriend?” Kylie found herself asking.

“Boyfriend? It’s just like dating someone. Just like David and Tara. Yvonne and Jess. We have a lot of them”

“Ohhh, that’s cool” Kylie replied staring round the Cafe. She was looking for Jackson but doesn’t know why.

The bell rang, everyone quickly stood up.
“What is it this time?” She asked Lily.

“It’s sport time. You should go grab your P.E” Lily stood up and grabbed her bottle water.

“I don’t have that” Kylie replied standing up.

“Then go to the principal office”
“Kylie, you are to join one sporting activity. We have basketball, soccer, long tennis or even the cheerleading group”

“I don’t know which to choose” Kylie shook her head.

“It’s not a problem. You can go round and check the one of your choice. Next time, you will tell me which one you choose”

Kylie stood up.
“Thank you”
She said and left the office.
Kylie found herself on the field. She slowly walked towards the team playing on the field.

sat on the bench and watched them play.

She never liked soccer. She wondered why twenty men will be chasing after a ball.
“Tch..” she scoffed and left.

She arrived where some students were playing tennis.
She doesn’t like it either.

She heard some s¢ræms in the other room.
“Why are they s¢ræming?” She thought and went into the room.

It was the basketball court!

“Seemed like there was a competition”
Kylie murmured and sat in the bench, watching them.

“Welcome students, there is a competition between the female team and the male team. Good game. Sit back and enjoy!”
A man with whistle announced and left.

Both team ran into the court and stood in order.
Kylie sighted Cindy. She smiled and waved at her.

Cindy winked, she seemed prepared for the competition.
She wasn’t calm at all. She kept on bouncing and stretching her hand.

Kylie saw Jackson in the male team.
A smile crept on her face.

Suddenly, the cheerleaders catwalked into the court and also stood in order.
Madison walked towards Jackson and k×ssed his cheek.

Kylie frowned and folded her arms. She leaned on the bench and enjoyed the game.
Her gaze met with Jackson’s. She swiftly diverted her gaze elsewhere.

The coach blew the whistle and the game started.
The cheerleaders started dancing and cheering. They were cheering on the male team, obviously.

Kylie snorted and cheered on Cindy.

She started laughing when she saw Cindy dribble her own brother.
They played for a very long time.

The female team won!

Kylie ran down and hugged Cindy.
“Wow, you played really well”

“I’m the boss” Cindy replied proudly.

Kylie just smiled in response.
“I’ll be back. I need to tease my brother”
Cindy left.

Kylie turned and saw Cindy laughing at her brother.
“Stop it Cindy”

He grabbed his sunglasses and left the court.

“Let’s go Kylie”
As they walked down the hall, female students have Cindy gifts.
“I need a date with your brother this Saturday” the girl said.

“I’ll try my best” Cindy grabbed the gift and walked away.

Kylie was confused.
“Is your brother some god that everyone wants to hang out with him?”

“All girls in this school cling themselves to him. They adore him”

“Tch.. not me”

💋 Chapter four 💋

Kylie walked home alone and told her mom everything that happened in school.

Her mom encouraged her to join the basketball team.
She also chose that.
After eating dinner, she went into her room.
She had a cool bath and laid on her bed.

Moon ran to her and slept beside her.

“Hey Moon, I missed you” Kylie brought out her phone and logged in.

She saw a lot of messages, even from Cindy and Lily.
She smiled and turned on the bed, now laying with her stomach.

“Wow, this is so cool. I can chat with them here” she murmured and replied to their message.

Cindy replied immediately.
“She’s active” Kylie squeaked.


She heard her mother’s voice and footsteps.
She quickly pushed her phone under the bed and pretended to be asleep.

Sarah opened the door and saw Kylie sleeping.
“Goodnight sweetheart” she switched off the light and left the room.

Kylie opened an eye and saw that her mother was gone.
She brought out her phone and continued chatting.
Jackson was in his room. He just came out from the bathroom and saw ready to rest.
His mother walked into his room.

He rolled his eyes and stared at her.
“Jackson?” She called out.

When he didn’t respond, she walked towards him and sat on the bed.
“What is it mom?”

“You know your father is right. He wants the best for you, for us. We just need to save ourselves and find the demigod. She must not live”

“Why do you guys have to kill her?” He frowned.

“She is not part of us”

“But she has our blood in her!” Jackson yelled at his mom.


“Mom! I’ll find her if you want me to. But I won’t kill her” Jackson replied and laid down.

His mother sighed and left.
Jackson and Cindy alighted from their father’s car and entered into the school.

Students started following Jackson behind.
“Coming with the gangs this weekend” Jackson asked slowly.

“Yeah, I won’t miss it for anything. I’m thirsty as damn!”

“Good!” Jackson said and walked away.
They met Kylie in the class reading.
“Hey Kylie!” Cindy ran and sat close to her.

“Hey” she replied.

“Lily isn’t here” she asked looking round the class.

“She told me that she won’t be in school today. She has an appointment in the hospital”

“Ohh, it’s Thursday”

Jackson sat close to her and also brought his book.
“Hey Kylie” he greeted.

Kylie turned her neck and smiled at him.
“Hey Jackson”

“You know my name?” He asked smirking.

“Who doesn’t know your name in the whole school?” She smiled.

Jackson lowered his gaze and gave a quick smile.

Madison walked into the class with her friends and moved closer to Kylie.
“Get up, I want to sit there”

Kylie stared at her and diverted her gaze back to her book.

Madison opened her mouth in surprise. She couldn’t believe that Kylie didn’t obey her orders.

“You haven’t been in class for a whole week. So why should you…”

“I wasn’t talking to you Cindy. I want to sit close to my boyfriend” she said proudly.

“Get your ass off that chair and find somewhere else to sit!” Madison yelled at Kylie again.

Kylie angrily stood up and faced Madison.

The whole class murmured.

Madison scoffed and stared at Kylie.
“You dare to ask me why? Who do you think you are?”

“I’m Kylie. The new girl”

“Well, who cares?” Madison laughed.
No one joined her in laughing.

Kylie shook her head and sat on the chair.

“Hey you!!” Madison raised her hand to hit her.

Jackson quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the class.

“Woah, Kylie you got some skills huh. No one has ever faced that bitch before” Cindy murmured.

“She doesn’t scare me” Kylie replied angrily.
“What the hell is your problem Madison?” He yelled at her.

Madison freed herself from his grip.
“Are you going to support that girl? I just wanted to sit with you” Madison said almost in a whisper with her hands on his cheek.

“Stop is Madison, just let her be” he said and left.

“If you continue protecting her, I’ll kill her” she threatened and left.

Jackson shook his head and left.
“My brother is overprotective of you” Cindy whispered to Kylie as they walked towards their locker.

“Why did you say so?”

“Didn’t you see the way he protected you from Madison’s slap?”

Kylie stopped and opened her locker.
A paper fell out.

“What’s that?” Cindy asked softly.

“I don’t know, it fell off my locker” she replied staring at the paper.

She opened the paper and saw a writing on it.
‘I’m sorry’ with a heart drawn beside it.

Cindy collected it and squeezed her face.
“You have a secret lover”

“Secret lover? Who is that?”

“That, I don’t know. Just watch out. I’ll see you around” Cindy said and left.

Kylie nodded and collected the paper from her before she left.
“I have a secret lover” she scoffed.
“Really Jackson? Why did you send her the letter?” Cindy asked as walked into the basketball court.

“How did you know that I was the one?” He asked and threw a ball into the net.
It pass through the net and bounced on the floor.

“Your smell and your stupid handwriting. Come on, it’s you obviously”

“Fine it’s me. I don’t want Madison to transform her. Half of the students are vampire because of us. You know Madison can’t control her thirst” Jackson spoke softly.

Cindy silently stared at her brother and sighed.
“Whatever. Just don’t make that your silly girlfriend come close to Kylie”
She said and left.

“Madison is not my girlfriend!” He yelled.

Cindy pretended not to hear her brother.
Cindy followed Kylie home. They both walked out the school and headed down the road.

“Yeah, I just moved to here” Kylie replied to Cindy’s question.

“I knew it. You are just too beautiful and cute. Look at your skin, no scar!”

Kylie smiled and continued walking.

“Cindy! Cindy!”

They turned and saw Jackson running after them.
“What does he want?” Cindy murmured.
Her brother just loves to follow her about.

He finally caught up with them.
“You girls should have waited for me” he said panting.

Kylie secretly blushed.

“You didn’t even wait for me Cindy”

“I didn’t want to disturb your meeting with your girlfriend” she replied.

“Madison is not my girlfriend. How many times do I have to tell you that?” He yelled.

Cindy bursted into laughter.
“Funny you”

Kylie walked silently listening to their little argument.

She arrived at her house and stopped.

“Oh, this is your house” Cindy said staring at her house.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow” she said and entered into her house.

Cindy waved at her and left with her annoying brother.
“You didn’t even talk to her”

“Why should I?” He asked squeezing his face.

“Tch..” she muttered slowly and increased her pace.
As Kylie entered into her house, Moon ran towards her and jumped on her.
“Hey Moon, you look so dirty and hungry” she sniffed Moon and went up the stairs.

She entered into the tub and had her bath. Cats didn’t like water so she used a soft towel and soap to clean her fur.

She ate with Moon silently. Her mother quickly entered into the house smiling.

“Guess what?” She quickly asked as sighted Kylie.

“What is it mom?”

“I got a job!” She s¢ræmed.

Kylie stood up and hugged her mom also s¢ræming.
“Wow, congratulations mom”

“Now I have a job, I can be able to buy a car”

“Sweet” Kylie squeaked.
Sarah was on the phone with Sasha. Sasha missed them so much.

“I know Sasha, we miss you too” Sarah replied.

“How’s my little angel doing?”

“Kylie loves this place. She told me that she has gotten new friends”

“Wow, finally!” Sasha said happily.


“So, are you sure she is safe there?” Sasha asked slowly.

“Yeah, I guess. I just hope no one here notice her” Sarah replied softly.

“Her father?”

“Leave Robby out of this. He is dead to us. And I’ll make sure Kylie never know of him”

“Okay, just take care of my granddaughter”

“Bye Sasha” Sarah ended the call and threw her phone on the bed.

“I’ll make sure no one gets her. She would be the first demigod to exceed the death age” .
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