She is a demigod episode 82

She Is A Demigod 💫💙
   (She’s a half witch, half vampire )🤫😌

       By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

         Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense😲✨

        💋 Chapter Eighty Two💋


“Mom?! We’re home!” Sean yelled as he entered into the house with Allison.
Allison rolled her eyes and went upstairs.

“Hey baby!”

“Hey mom!” Allison greeted without looking back.

“How was school Sean? Kylie asked.

“A little bit good” he said, slipping his hands into his pocket.

“That’s good. I have to tell you something”

“Tell me mom!”

“I.. sensed danger” she said.

“What? For who? Who killed whom?”

“Come with me” she took him to the kitchen and they both sat on the chair.
Kylie grabbed his two hands and shut her eyes.
Sean found himself in the woods. It was pretty dark and scary.
“Mom?” He called out but there was no reply. He started hearing some groaning.

He walked towards the direction and saw his mother and father fighting. Charlie was in his monster form. He was busy fighting Kylie, almost killing her.

“No!” Sean yelled and ran towards them.

He also transformed into his monster form and started fighting in place of his mother.
“Let go of her!” He yelled and started clawing him.

“If you continue with all this, I’ll end up killing you Sean!” Charlie yelled.

“Kill me instead, don’t touch her!” He yelled.

“As you wish!” Charlie growled and threw himself on Sean. He used his claws to rip him apart.

Kylie watched as she sat on the floor.
“No no, don’t do that Charlie! No!! Please!” She yelled.

She watched as Sean bled to death, his father didn’t even show him mercy.

“I love you mom!” He murmured.

Kylie just cried out her eyes. Everything just happened so quickly in front of her.
Sean shot open his eyes and gasped loudly.
He quickly withdraw his hand from Kylie’s hand.

“No, no, dad can’t come back!” He started breathing hard.

“I also thought the same thing. I saw the vision all over and over today. I wish all of this doesn’t happen at all”

“I guess you are right mom. I kinda saw him today and I’m sure he’s back for something”

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“Except that he never left, he went to plan something” she murmured.

Sean shook his head and grabbed his car key.
“I’ll be back mom”

“Sean, where are you headed?” She asked but he has left already.
She just sighed and leaned her head on the table. She doesn’t want to put anyone’s life in danger.

“I need to tell everyone about this” she said and went upstairs to grab her phone.
Charlie went to the house and pulled over, right before the entrance.
He got out of the house and slammed the door hard.

“Dad?” He called out, walking towards the door.
He twisted the handle and saw that it was unlocked.

“Dad?” He called again as he entered into the house.

“Why do you keep screaming if you can enter into the house huh?”

Sean heard his father’s voice from the sitting room. He walked there and started coughing. He was smoking a lot.

“When did you come back?” He asked.

“It’s been a long time since you call me dad. It’s nice to hear that from you” Charlie murmured and stood up.

“Don’t let that get into your head. Why are you here?” He asked again.

“This is my house. If I can’t go back to my people, I can stay here huh!”

“Then explain your letter. The f*cking letter you dropped before leaving”

“I told you that I’d be back and here I am” he said and stretched his hands in the air with a mocking smile on his face.

“Oh please dad. You can’t just write that letter. I know you have something up your sleeve and mom know what all that is. We won’t fall for your trick”

“Fine, if you think I’m trying to trick you, so be it. I’m just here to enjoy my life” he said and lit another cigarette. He took a long draw and puffed out the smoke right in front of Sean.

Sean didn’t flicker. He shot a hard glare at his father and left the house.
“Hey mom, I saw your message. I’m coming right now!” Sean said as he drove into the woods. It was important to do the meeting while it was still bright all because of Charlie.

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They got to the hangout and started the meeting.
It was a very urgent gathering. At first, everyone was happy that Charlie was gone but Robby was damn right. He would be back, back for sweet revenge.

“I apologize for calling us at such short notice but I’m sorry to announce that Charlie’s back”
Kylie announced and they started murmuring. She saw her father giving her father a told you so look. She hated when she was always wrong about something.

“What do we do now?” One of the werewolf asked.

“My son and Hazel saw some things about Specie in a paper. I think they should share it with us…”
Allison, Sean and Gabriel were seated together during lunch.
“Can someone tell me who this Specie is?” Allison almost yelled. She hated the way they were talking about some things she doesn’t know about. Some things she doesn’t even understand.

“You have a bit of Specie blood running in your vein. You are a three class hybrid”

Allison furrowed her eyebrows after hearing her brother say that.
“So what are you?”

“Same… But I have more of Specie blood running in my vein because… You know, the Specie is my father” he added.

“What does this Specie want? I meant your father, my… Is he my step father?” She asked.

“Don’t think about that right now. What we should be worry about is why is he back…”

“I already told you that Gabriel, he needs me”

“For what? Are you useful?” She rolled her eyes and Gabriel coughed out a laugh.

“Very funny sis. He needs me to fight his people. He wants to revenge for banishing him years ago” he said.

“This is insane. Revenge? On his own people?” She asked.

“Your dad’s really crazy. After he injured me, my dad…”

“Wait, he was the one who did that to your palm?” She asked again with anger in her eyes.

“Yes, he did. Well, it was fun though. My hand stuck to a wall!” He laughed but it wasn’t funny to Allison and Sean.

“Not funny dude. I will keep an eye on him for the meantime to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. He’ll attack mom first and I’m sure of that”

“He’d better not touch my mother” Allison banged his hand on the table. There was a cracked on the wall. She quickly used her tray to cover it.

“Continue” she smiled weirdly.

“I have to set him up. He won’t see this coming”

“If there’s anything I have to do just let me know” Gabriel said to Sean.

Sean nodded. He had a lot of things in his mind.
“Thanks for the food mom!” Josh said as he ran to the sink.

“You’re welcome baby” Kylie replied.

Little Josh walked to Kylie and kissed her cheek.
“Good night mom!” He said and ran upstairs to his room.

“Ouch!” She touched her head as soon as he was out of sight.

“What happened?”

“Are you okay mom?”

“I guess” she said, breathing hard.
“It was the same vision. Whatever’s gonna happen, it’s coming really fast” she said.

“I just hope I don’t lose anyone of you. We have to act fast also if it’s coming fast” Jasper murmured.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ve got something planned already. I just need feedback” Sean said.

“What are you planning? You have to tell us” Allison said.

“Just relax. I’ll tell you when the time is ready. Once I’ve seen the green light, I’ll let you know” he said.

Kylie smiled and continued eating.
“How was your camping with Josh?”

“He learned so much. He learned how to fish and we took a lot of pictures”

“Did you catch any fish?” Allison asked, giving her father a questioning look.

“Yeah, we did. I mean, Josh did”

“Then where is it?” Kylie asked.

“Uh… We kinda left it back there”

“Argh!” They all groaned.

“No, no. It wasn’t my fault. Josh forgot to put the bucket in the car.

“So, it’s your fault dad”

“Maybe next time, Sean will go with us. Right Sean?”

“Uh? Me?” He asked.

“Or… When all of this is over, we can all go on a picnic. What do you think?” She asked.

“Yeah, good idea” Jasper said.

“Can Gabriel come with us?”

“Yeah, Hazel? Can she come with us?”

“Uhh… Fine, they can come. But.. just hope everything survives this Charlie’s madness” Kylie said with a shaky voice. She wished all of this just come to an end immediately. She was a little bit scared since Charlie would be after her life. She lowered her gaze after saying that and sniffed in secretly.
She really didn’t want to die in the hands of her ex mate and also didn’t want to let go of her son after losing him for Nineteen years.


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