She is a demigod episode 83

She Is A Demigod 💫💙
   (She’s a half witch, half vampire )🤫😌

       By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

         Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense😲✨

        💋 Chapter Eighty Three💋


Allison woke up very early in the morning, she was getting ready for the school party.
But she wanted to make a surprise breakfast for everyone.

“Making breakfast?”
She heard a voice behind and saw it was Sean.

“Yeah, why are you up so early?” She asked.

“Nervous about the party. It’s my last day in school and… A lot of things are gonna happen, you know” he said and sat on the counter.

“Well, congratulations in advance bro” she said and heard the oven ding.

“Yay! Brownie is ready” she said and walked to the oven. She wore the glove and brought out the brownie.

Sean quickly grabbed one and threw it into his mouth.

“It’s still hot” she quickly said but he chewed everything already.

“What’s that delicious smell?” Kylie asked as she walked down the stairs.

“Good morning mom!”

“Hey mom!”
They both greeted.

Kylie smiled and kissed their cheeks.
“Wow, Allison’s making breakfast. Looks yummy, can I try?”

“Do you have to ask?” She asked and stretched it to her. Kylie grabbed one and chewed slowly.

“Nice one baby” she said and walked towards the fridge to assist her.

“Will you be at school today?”

“Sure, I would want there to watch my son graduate” she said.

“Nice! Later!” He said and jumped down from the counter.
Sean drove to the school, everyone was present. They wouldn’t miss the graduation for anything. It was just like homecoming.

“Thanks for coming! Welcome!” They welcomed them into the hall.

“Thanks” she said and walked in.

They got to the seat that was reserved for them and sat down. Jasper adjusted Josh’s hair to make him look good.

“Hey baby, congratulations!” Hazel walked towards Sean and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you sweetie, have a seat”
“Good morning dear parents, our dear students and other visitors I don’t know” the principal said jokingly and everyone laughed.

He gave his speech and everyone took photos. It was time to dance already.

Their grouped themselves in pairs and started dancing.

“What’s next after school?”

“I guess college” Sean replied.

Hazel coughed out some laugh.
“Nice idea, you are planning of leaving me huh?”

“We are leaving together” he said and she just smiled and placed her head in his chest.

Gabriel hasn’t come yet so, Allison was dancing with her younger brother.

“Congratulations on being a senior sis” he said.

“One day you will be a senior, lil bro” she said.

They heard someone clearing his throat behind.

“Seem like your mister is here, gotta go now” he said and left her in the hands of Gabriel.

“You were late” she said with anger in her voice.

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“I know and I’m sorry. There’s no excuse to give” he said with his hands on his chest. He was looking cute at that particular time.

“You are looking incredibly beautiful” he commented.

“Thanks. You are also.. looking hot” she said sucking her lips.

“Thank you my lady, do you mind having this dance with me?’ Gabriel stretched his hands to her. She accepted it with a smile.

He pulled her to his body and wrapped his arms around her waist.
She placed her hands on his shoulder.

“It’s a nice party huh?”

“Sure, I’d say. Tell me what I miss”
Kylie and Jasper were seated with Josh. He was with the phone, playing video games.

“Ouch!” Kylie held her head again. She was having some vision again.

“Come Kylie, come!” She heard Charlie’s voice in her head.

“What is it Kylie?” Jasper asked.

“It’s… Charlie.. arghhh!!” She groaned again and suddenly stood up. She held her head and cat walked out of the hall.

“Kylie!” Jasper yelled and ran after her.

Sean saw his mother running out. He left Hazel and went after her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked and also ran after him.

“I think something is wrong with mom” Allison said and also ran out of the hall. Gabriel followed behind.

Kylie got to the hallway and fell to the floor.
“What’s happening Kylie?” Jasper asked.

“I think dad’s controlling her. I can scent his stupid smell” Sean said and looked around.

“Then where the fuck is he?” He yelled.

“Mom, can you hear me? Are you alright?” Allison asked, walking towards him.

Kylie suddenly grabbed her head again.
“This is just the beginning Kylie. The next one would be worse” she heard his voice again. This time it was more louder and had a lot of echo. It was filled with anger and terror.

They all watched as she stood up slowly and adjusted her hair. It was already scattered and rough.

“Are you okay mom?” Sean asked.

“He’s back. He’s so back Sean” she murmured.
Kylie sat on the sofa in the living room. Everyone was present in the dinning room.

“Mom? Why did we leave the party?” Josh asked.

“Just head to your room and play with this” Allison said and gave her brother her phone.

He collected it with joy and head upstairs.

“How dare that motherf*cker did that to my mother? I should deal with him!!” Allison yelled.

“You have to be careful, he’s more than you think” Sean said and grabbed his phone.

“Whatever!” She rolled her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Jasper asked Sean as he fixed his gaze on his phone.

“I told you guys I have a plan, so I have to make sure that it has started already” he said and paused, placing his phone on his ears.

“Hello ma moselle” he said.

“Good. Make sure to give me feedback once the deed is done” he said and disconnected the call.
“So what? Can you explain what you are planning?” Jasper asked.

“Sure. So, here’s what I planned. I set up dad with a young lady. Dad’s always weak after s*x with anyone, so once it’s time, well sneak to the house and get him or kill him” she said.

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“Nice .. buh, why can’t we just sneak up on him and kill him? Do we need the lady?”

“She’s not more of an ordinary lady, she’s a sorceress” he explained.


“Does those people exist?”

“Yes, they do and she’s gonna cast a dirty spell on him and he’s gonna become weak” he said.

“That’s very good Charlie. I never knew you had that planned” Kylie said with a low voice. She was still terrified due to what happened earlier.

“Yeah, she’s at the same club that he always head to everyday. They are gonna meet and boom!”

“But I have a bad feeling about this. It doesn’t match with the vision I had” Kylie murmured.

“Maybe it was your mom. Trust me, this will work out perfectly fine” he said.

“But whatever i see always come to pass” she said.

“Relax mom, all this will work. We should prepare a perfect time to strike and I’ll get the signal from Melissa”

Kylie sighed. She was worried because it didn’t feel right. She didn’t want to stop the plan her son made.

“I’ll alert the clan and vampires about this” Sean said and head out of the house.

“Don’t you worry mom, I won’t let this Specie do anything to you again” Allison murmured.

Kylie just smiled at her daughter. She had to plan on her own. She had to take care of this herself. In her vision, she was fighting with Charlie almost dying. It was nightfall. Sean joined minutes later.
She had to think of something that would make opposite of what happened to happen.

She stood up and walked up the stairs.

“I hope mom gets okay”

“Of course she would be”
Sean got to the hangout and saw Hazel with some laundry.

“Hey baby”

“Hey, why the rush?”

“I can’t explain now. But I could need your help” he said.

“Sure I could help you” she said, giving her a reassuring look.

“Thanks. Dad’s back”

“What?” She said with fear as the clothes dropped from her hand.

“You don’t need to fear”

“Why shouldn’t I? We aren’t done with the poison potion. We aren’t even sure if it does work”

“Relax!!” He grabbed her shoulders and jerked her. She sighed and glared at him.

“Thank you.. just tell them about the plan I told you about. It’s happening already. Everyone should move to the city because we might strike tonight” he said and she nodded.

He grabbed her head and kissed the forehead.
“I love you Hazel and I promise that nothing will happen to you” he said.

She smiled and sucked in her lips.
“I love you too. You should leave now. I’ll tell everyone about the plan” she smacked his shoulder.

He turned and quickly left.

“Be careful okay?” She yelled as he left.
Sean got to the dark mansion. It was his first time there.

“Who are you?” The vampire guard asked him.

“Kylie’s step son, Sean!” He replied quickly. They both stared at each other and left the way for him. He nodded towards them and walked into the dark mansion.
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