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She is an escort episode 6b – 7


( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).
I knocked for a while and she didn’t open up..a particular woman came out.
” Where Is shreya?”I asked
“She left with her mother..she was sent out of temple was what we heard”she said
“Are u sure it was her mother?”i asked

“Did she leave any message?”i asked?
“Are u samrhat”she questioned
“Yes”I said
“She said I should give you this.”she added
I took the letter from her and entered my car.
I opened it
Samrhat why didn’t you come back to you hate me that much?..
I never told you this but I love you very much,you were drunk and i was sober but I still let you defile me because I love you…I love you even if you don’t love me,but I decided to live with this love.
Don’t look for me my love I dont want you to accept me out of’s okay I left with my mummy and i will surely leave my past was nice meeting you,i love you.
I wiped my tears and drove off..if she’s with her mum then its sorry shreya for hurting you. I have some business issues to handle.
One month later🔛
I sat facing the pool at home,am running mad because of shreya,all I think about is shreya.
I can’t breath,i can’t read,i can’t work, i can’t dream shreya has occupied me.
I used last 2 weeks to look for shreya.I looked for shreya so much that I almost ran Mad.
I want to find going crazy..Shreya!!!!
Shreya’s pov
4 months later.
I was deceived,it wasn’t my was isabel.I have been here for roughly 4 months. the first month was full of struggle and fights against becoming an escort but finally she got me.. I can’t return to the streets..I don’t have another choice..she even threatened to kill many threats.My love for samrhat ruined me life.I enjoyed this because it helps helped me forget samrhat. being with different men has helped me move on from samrhat.I don’t want to love him anymore,i don’t want love any more.
That was all then,that was the old shreya.I enjoy this now,i enjoy the money,the s£x,the wealth. What is love😆 am done with that Shit. All I need is money,good money,good s£x. I embraced my destiny, ma’am priya was right I can never wear red as a bride.
no man will ever marry me.
I will be an escort till death.
I will use my money to help poor kids so they Wont end up like me.
Yes am an escort and so WHAT?.it’s what I do,what am used to..and I

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what I enjoy.I am rich..sleeping with me can cost a man his fortune.
I was waiting for someone in bed (Michael) .. he is one man i just enjoy he knows how to hit it right. I cant run from him not even when he is broke. He is a good friend.finally he walked in,He is actually good looking too.I stood and brushed my fingers to his chest..he held my hand and chuckled.
“Why do you like being in control?”he asked me
I smiled
He sat with me
“Shreya I want a future with you”he said
“You must be

joking am an–
“I don’t care …. I just want to see you every morning.”he said
“This is why I don’t sleep with a single man more than twice..I broke that rule for you not because I have feelings for you but because I love the way you hold me…that’s all I want from you s£x.” I said into his lips.
He tried resisting me so he could talk but I brushed my fingers deep down his short then I kissed him
“Dont fall for is not for me”I whispered as he turned me over making me smile
“I can’t possibly resist how do u want it, hard, slow, gentle–
I smiled
“U know how I want it “I whispered.
Samrhats pov
If I tell you am not tired of looking for shreya am a liar.
I have gone to all countries of the Where could shreya be
My grandmother is sick and she wants Mr to bring a bride home, she wants an Indian girl and i MUST fulfil her wish. shreya is the only traditional Indian girl I innocent so beautiful.I love shreya and i want to marry her now. I just pray its not to late to love her now.I pray its not too late to love shreya now.
I have a trip to Vietnam tommorow,…I am tired of all this and i just need a break.
I already arrived and settled in Vietnam.
I was In my living room when nachari walked in..was she keeping tabs on did she know I came.
She is still beautiful,as ever.
“Samrhat you didn’t let me explain”she said
“I ALREADY moved on nachari, that’s in the past”I said
“I couldn’t move on because u didn’t forgive me”she said
I gently tapped

the couch and she sat down
“I have only one question nachari..only one.why did you do it?”i asked
“AM an escort”she said
“Wait whaaaat!!!!”I said
“I tried telling you but I couldn’t. I fell in love with you so I stopped but after you traveled I just had so much desires and i couldn’t control it,i couldn’t stop myself..I called you all through the week and you where so busy so I had no sorry I still love you I swear”she said.
“Nachari why didnt you tell me ,was that why none of my friends liked you? They all–
” Yes they all slept with me..they are regular visitors at the club”she said and i stood up.
” nachari i forgive you for everything but I ALREADY moved on from us,i love someone else now”i said and she smiled.
“Its ok..I glad you are happy” she said and left.
I felt so bad…I just couldn’t imagine it.I was dating a prostitute.. and i thought she was mine.I wanted to Marry her on top of all the lies…I couldn’t even drink anymore
SHREYA are you okay?
I hope I won’t be too late when I find you
I hope u are still in love with me
( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).
Isabels pov.
Thanks to danvi’s face mask getting shreya would have been difficult.
SHREYA was the only girl that was hardest to convince.other girls fell for the money but she didn’t.not even when I threatened to send her to the streets,not when I threatened her mother’s life,not when she was raped by a customer,not when she was starved, stripped ,drugged jeez.but finally just a fake wedding picture,edited wedding video of samrhat was what spinned shreya into my dance.. love really ruined her.
Now she claims she’s happy,she doesn’t want love glad cos that’s what I want to hear.
SHREYA has fetched me so much money oh gosh I pray samrhat Will actually get married for real.
As an escort she’s very expensive and i don’t give her out to simple men.
I ruined her life but love started the game.
Sam’s pov
my friends came over hours later.
“Sam what’s up?”John asked
” nothing”I said.
“There’s this huge club in town, come on lets have fun our business deal was awesome.”he said
“No, I don’t feel like going out” I added.
“Please”Zack said.
“No”i added.
“Ok just come for the sight seeing”he said.
And finally I nodded and followed them soon we arrived at the club.
It was pretty,a lot of personalities where there.
Soon a lot of girls moved about half n@ked gosh.
The strippers danced n@ked.
Prostitutes where just much,i really don’t like them.
” Sam so you don’t like any of these girls?”John said.
“No..must they move about half n@ked ..disgusting”I said and lifted my cup that was when I saw this girl.. she looked so fvcking expensive and decent with long hair just like shreya. She walked out with few guards and a woman and soon she wasn’t seen anymore
” woow”was what fell from my mouth
“Sam dont fall for her..she’s an escort”he said.
“What!”i asked
“Presidential escort,a night with that girl is fvcking expensive and she doesn’t sleep with just any Man.
she doesn’t move about n@ked but she comes out and disappears just like she did now.if you want her you book her and u pay..she’s not an ordinary escort.”John said
” woow!!
“Do u like her
“Shes pretty but you know I dont do call girls
” she’s what u need to clear your mind”John said and i chuckled
Soon we cleared our drinks and headed home. That escort she looks like shreya.
Soon they all went their different ways.
I guess I can stil say my night was fun.
I slept off
Early the next morning my phone rang me to death it was John
“Hey man come to your favourite hotel..I rented a suite for u”he said
“Why?”i asked
“So u could chill out “he added
” Ok…coming out.”I said
I dropped the call and took my bath.
I really need this chilling out anyways.
I arrived at the hotel I met my friends at the bar
“Hey here is your key”John said
“Ok this is creepy what’s going on?”i asked
“We all saw the way you looked at her so we built up money and got a day with her for u”zack said
“What a date with who?”i asked
“The escort..she’s in your room.”john said
“Come on I dont have time for that”i said
“Why don’t u tell her to leave then” John said.
I nodded and left with the key.
I opened The door and walked in, there the so called girl stood facing window to the beach.
“Uhmmm hello,am samrhat..the person you are supposed to meet.I am sorry I just wanted to tell you that this was a big misunderstanding..I really don’t need what you have to offer right sorry maybe next time” I said
” it’s fine” she said and turned.
Omg shreya?
She looked at me
“Uhmmm I dont think I know you”she said
” shreya!!”I took her hand and she pushed me away
“I just told you that i Dont know who you are…let me go”she said and hurried out.
“SHREYA please”I said
“My name is not shreya..will u let me go now?”she said
“Whats your name?”i asked
“Thats non if your business.
Maybe its someone that looks like her.
I watched her run out but before she could step out a heavy rain started.
She still wanted to rush into the rain
What did I do to make her hate me this much
“SHREYA wait please!!”I shouted

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