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She is insane episode 11

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👧#$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 11

By Authoress promise 💖💖💖


Someone stood beh!nd h£r spy!ng me.
It a little girl like me. $h£ didn’t come alone but with a kid.
Th£y both wanna live h£re.
” Why are you both h£re ” I barked and th£ kid fl!nch£d.
A smile f|¡¢kered h£r l¡p.
” is [email protected] home ” $h£ demanded to know and that trigger m©r£ anger !n me.
I rolled my fist !nto a ball ready to thrv$t at both of th£m.
Th£y wanna take my h£ro away from me, no wh£re.
” h£ isn’t at home and if h£ is my h£ro will not allow th£ both of you to stay h£re” I yelled.

Elena POV

My plan is to stay over !n [email protected] home.
I know it wouldn’t be easy. But if [email protected] f!nds at h£ had a kid, h£ might let me stay.
Am gonna use th£ kid to blackmail [email protected] !n com!ng [email protected]¢k to me anyhow
I don’t ¢ar£ if h£ is !n love with th¡s…..
Wait th£re is someth!ng weird ab©vt th¡s lady.
$h£ is strange, h£r hair is park !n a ponytail.
Th£y’re some sauce sta!n allover h£r shirt and m©vth also.
That weird. Only kids behave th¡s way.
” let me !n ” i demanded but $h£ was block!ng th£ way.
” Why do you wanna come !n, th£y no space left !n th£ house. [email protected] is my h£ro and m!ne alone ” $h£ replied, rath£r !n a childish way.
What a weirdo, do $h£ have th£ bra!n of a child.
$h£ is !n a mess, look who [email protected] exchange me for.
Wow, [email protected] bravo. You got a weirdo as ya lover, I mocked !nwardly.
I ₱ush h£r at of th£ way, $h£ landed on th£ floor with h£r butt and i smirked.
$h£ gave a loud s¢r**m as $h£ w!nced.
That good $h£ is hurt.
I got !n with my luggage’s and Sofia trailed beh!nd me.
$h£ look s¢ar£d. I lawn d©wΠward and cupped h£r face to my palm.
” Don’t be s¢ar£d ” I cooed h£r and peck h£r foreh£ad, $h£ smiled a bit.
Th£ next th!ng i receive was ₱v|| on my hair.

I try march!ng with my attacker. But h£r grip on my hair make me w!nced.
$h£ ₱v||ed my hair with such force.
” Let me go ” I said !n b£tweeΠ pa!n.
After much struggle, I manage ₱v|| h£r hair too.
We were both dragg!ng our hair. $h£ [email protected] and i too.
Sofia cried as $h£ watch us ₱v||!ng each oth£r hair
” How dare you ₱ush me like that ” $h£ yelled m©r£ like screech
” Crazy bitch let go of me ” i fired try!ng to free myself for h£r pa!nful grip an i also dragged h£r hair too.
Sofia was j√$t cry!ng, $h£ can’t speak. $h£ has no voice.

” What is go!ng on h£re ” someone yelled from th£ door way.
$h£ release me from h£r grip and my hair was !n a mess, h£r hair too was !n a mess.
I arch£d a brow and saw it was [email protected]
h£ had a glare. I h£ld my h£ad.
$h£ ran and hide beh!nd [email protected], brought ©vt h£r t0Πge !n a mock!ng way like a child.
My h£art skip a bit on what i was ab©vt to do next.
How will h£ react wh£n i tell h¡m h£ has a child.
h£ glare at me.
” What th£ h£ck are you do!ng h£re. Didn’t i say it we can’t come [email protected]¢k togeth£r aga!n. So why are you h£re and fight!ng with Judy ” h£ ©vter with a high tone and i ignore h¡m.
I breath !n an ©vt before speak!ng but before i could speak th£ crazy bitch chipped !n.
[email protected] $h£ ₱u$h£d me to th£ floor ” $h£ announced and [email protected] had h¡s fist clench£d.
h£ eyes was as if was on fire. Am sure h£ is th!nk!ng of chok!ng me to death.
But i don’t ¢ar£.
” $h£ as come with a child like me and th£y are h£re to stay” crazy weirdo announced, and i was glad $h£ h£lp me to start with th£ topic.
But did $h£ j√$t say ‘a child like me ‘ what do $h£ mean.
Is $h£ crazy.

[email protected] angry expression ease and turn !nto a confuse one as h£ stare at th£ child.
h£ j√$t notice a child was with me.
h£ return th£ glance [email protected]¢k to me with a question look.
I sigh£d and was ready to speak.
[email protected] meet Sofia ya….
I breath£d !n and ©vt before cont!nu!ng.
” Sofia is your child [email protected] ” I spill it all with confidence.
h£ was shocked. h£ stare at me unable to speak.
h£ rema!n mute for some m!nute. I was await!ng is reply.
” h£ro as a child, that means is not gonna love me any m©r£ ” th£ so called Judy wh!ned tak!ng me m©r£ amusement.
$h£ is wh!n!ng like four year old.
I breath£d !n and ©vt still wait for [email protected] to speak.
” What do y.. you say ” h£ stuttered nervously.
” $h£ is your f|£$h and blood “I said, and h¡s eyes widen.
I dug my [email protected] !nto my [email protected] bag. I brought ©vt th£ DNA test result.
I [email protected] over it to h¡m.
” How do you even get a DNA test done ” h£ pored.
I sigh£d and replied you remembered th£ day i hugged you.
I took a sample of your hair. I take ₱v|| ©vt one of ya hair ” I expla!ned and h£ stare at me with total disbelief.
” Am i sure you didn’t fake th£ DNA” h£ said.
” You can go for a test if you wish ” I said.

I’m go!ng now and my h£art skipped.
“Let me at least go with you” I said and h£ look at me suspiciously.
” Why you wanna come with me. So you can bribe th£ doctor after am gone like you did ” h£ said.
” No. I know you’ve doubt. It okay to do ” I said.
h£ made is way ©vt of th£ house.
Th£ so called Judy ran upstairs and $h£ was wh!n!ng.

[email protected] POV

How could th¡s be. Th£ little girl is my child and $h£ as kept h£r away from me for four years.
I came [email protected]¢k th£ next day, to get th£ result and it show’s positive.
Elena and th£ kid are both liv!ng !n my house.
I decided i will throw h£r ©vt, wh£n i get th£ result, hop!ng is negative.
But th£ result !n my [email protected] shows positive.
Am only gonna take responsibility for th£ child and not Elena.
$h£ even kept h£r away from me for four years.


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