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👧$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 12

By Authoress promise 💖💖💖


I’d gave Elena and my daughter my room. S!nce th£y’re no oth£r room !n th£ house.
Judy will never allow both to stay !n h£r room.
I’m damn confuse ab©vt what to do next.
Elena said if i don’t let h£r stay, $h£ is gonna take Sofia away from me.
I had to let h£r stay.
It not that i’ve a choice. Judy kept on cry!ng.
$h£ said am not gonna love h£r anym©r£.
I a$$ured not!ng at such will happen. But $h£ doesn’t believe me.

Elena will not stop try!ng to get closer to me.
But i never gave h£r that opportunity.
$h£ prepared d!nner for me yesterday.
But i rejected h£r meal. I prepared meal from myself and Judy.
While, $h£ Sofia ate th£ food. My daughter both£r if i hate h£r mum food or not.
That strange, even if $h£ can’t talk. $h£ can at least make angry faces.
Anyway am happy my kid doesn’t ¢ar£.
But wh£n I reject h£r so called k!ndness, $h£ put on a smile, rath£r than a disappo!nted face.


Today’s mak!ng it th£ second day $h£ is !n my home.
I wonder what th£ rest days, $h£ is gonna stay h£re gonna look like. Elena doesn’t look as $h£ liv!ng anytime soon.
I felt uncomfortable hav!ng h£r @r0vnd.
But i’ve to do it for my daughter.
I make sure to tell h£r never to hurt Judy.
$h£ promised never to harm. But i wasn’t th£ slightest conv!nce.
Judy !n th£ oth£r [email protected] troubled me to get rid of Elena and my daughter.
But i turned h£r request d©wΠ. And $h£’s angry with me.

I yawn and awake and wh£n i arch£d a brow. I saw my daughter stand!ng !n front of me.
I sat on my butt. A smile f|¡¢kered h£r l¡p.
$h£ is so cute, but can’t talk.
I place h£r on my lap.
I decided to take a off from work today to spend time with Sofia.
My eyes darted upstairs and i saw Judy stand!ng th£re with a face ab©vt to tear up.
$h£ ran |ns!de wh£n $h£ caught me star!ng at h£r.
I don’t like see!ng h£r gett!ng hurt. It pricks my h£art to see h£r !n pa!n
I sigh and smile at Sofia.
” Sweet h£art give daddy some m!nute, will you. h£ gonna be [email protected]¢k” I said to h£r and $h£ nodded.
I klzz h£r foreh£ad and made my way to th£ stairs.
I saw Elena descend!ng th£ stairs. Our eyes meant and i look away and ran to Judy’s room.
$h£ sat on h£r b£d cry!ng like always.
I sigh£d and as i was ab©vt sitt!ng beside h£r.
” Don’t come closer to me [email protected] ” $h£ yelled and cont!nue sobb!ng.
” Judy i…
” I know you don’t love me anym©r£” $h£ said sobb!ngly.
” I love you Judy ” th£ real truth spill ©vtta of my m©vth.
I’ve [email protected]||!ng !n love with h£r already. I don’t ¢ar£ if $h£ is crazy or not.
$h£ is my live and no one else.

I’d sat beside h£r and take h£r face to my palm aga!nst my will.
I look d©wΠward to h£r l¡ps and klzzed th£m pa$$ionately.
$h£ klzzed me [email protected]¢k and hugged me.
Do $h£ still feel th£ same for me. That is absurd h£r bra!n is like a child.
How can $h£ [email protected]|| !n love.
Am sure $h£ said that because am h£r h£ro.

I notice Judy pok!ng h£r t0Πge towards th£ door.
I turn and saw Elena stand!ng th£re with a tray of food on h£r [email protected]
$h£ dropped it !n th£ floor and ran away with tears.
But that didn’t trigger any pity !n me.
$h£ left me.
I’d begged h£r not to live me.But $h£ left me and came [email protected]¢k after four years.
Am sorry Elena but my h£art belongs to Judy now.
What we’d had was !n th£ past. Judy is my future now.
Sooner you accept, th£ better it will be.
That i do hope you tryna understand.
Am only gonna take responsibility for Sofia and not you.

Elena POV

I prepared breakf*st and take some to Judy’s.
Wh£n i got th£re. Th£y were klzz!ng and confess!ng th£ir love.
So h£ is really !n love with th£ crazy weirdo.
I got to th£ kitch£n with tears. I hit th£ table so [email protected]
I didn’t notice Sofia beh!nd me. $h£ fl!nch£d wh£n i’d hit th£ table.
h£r eyes were start!ng to tear up.
Why do th¡s kid always have to wh!ne for everyth!ng little th!ng. Is annoy!ng? I muttered to myself rh£torically.
” Jeez, can you stop ya wh!n!ng, haven’t you see a angry person before ” I yelled vent!ng my anger an pa!n all on h£r, and $h£ fl!nch£d and started cry!ng loud. I cussed.
And arch£d a brow to see [email protected] and th£ bitch stand!ng th£re.
” Why will you yell at h£r like that ” [email protected] scolded sternly.
Sofia ran to [email protected] and hugged me like $h£ wants protection.
” How could you yell like at ya own kid, my kid ” h£ huffed with anger.
I didn’t reply h¡m, but made my way ©vtta of th£ house.
I need to clam myself and th!nk of what to do.
I hopped !nto my car and ride of to Rowena place.

[email protected] POV

I decided to take Sofia to th£ park and ₱|@yed some of my music to h£r
My cycle can only take one seat. I would’ve love to take Judy along, but my cycle can only carry one pa$$enger.
It was difficult to conv!nce Judy to stay beh!nd.
I a$$ured h£r that i will be [email protected]¢k after thirty m!nutes.
$h£ make a wry face and went upstairs.
I took Sofia to th£ park and after show!ng h£r th£ park, i s!ng some of my song.
I do s!ng for Judy too. Th£ child loved it.
I was m©r£ than glad at least $h£ as forgotten th£ harsh way Elena treated h£r.
$h£ yelled at h£r kid and left all because $h£ saw me klzz!ng Judy.
Well $h£ should get use to it. I love Judy.
I glance at my wristwatch and saw that i use m©r£ than th£ thirty m!nutes. It fourth_five m!nutes already.
I’ve to keep promises. I told Sofia we need to go and $h£ nodded.
What a ob£dient kid. Am fond of h£r already.
I feel sorry for my child, $h£ can’t talk.
I wonder why. I do th!nk i’ve to question Elena on why $h£ can’t talk.

I was driv!ng but a scooter came on front of me.
Th£y were to teens. And i’d wonder why th£y’re block!ng my way.
One a girl and th£ oth£r a boy.


Danny and i ditch£d school for th£ day.
We vow to search for Judy through ©vt today.
I know it was difficult to conv!nce mum and dad that i wanna ditch school.
So i pretended that i’ve a stomach ach£. Mum and dad let me stay. And wh£n $h£ went to h£r work.
I went to to meet Danny at th£ park.
h£ also must’ve come up with a false story to make h¡s parent let h¡m stay beh!nd. Whatever it’s.

We scan everywh£re aga!n for some hours and no result.
I also took Judy’s picture to show everyone, but each person we ask always say that th£y haven’t set th£ir eyes on such lady.
We came to a park and my eyes caught th£ same cycle and with th£ same man. That can’t be a co!ncidence.
Th£ man and a little girl was ab©vt gett!ng !nto th£ cycle.
I urge Danny to speed off to th£m.
h£ did and th¡s time, we were able to meet up with h¡m.
Danny black h¡s way. Danny and i alighted as well as h¡m.
h£ had a glare, but i choose to ignore h¡m.
j√$t ab©vt wh£n h£ wanna fired at us, i show h¡m th£ picture of Judy.
h¡s facial expression was all register with surprise.
” Judy ” h£ muttered.
” Yes Judy a.. am h£r kid sister ” I said already feel!ng glad and excited that h£ knows my sister and h£ we be able to take me to h£r.
” Wow, i’ve be hop!ng i f!nd Judy family ” h£ said with a smile and i Jumped for Joy.
” Can you take me to h£r ” I struggled.
” For sure, why not. I also have be wait!ng for th¡s day. Th£ day i will f!nd Judy’s family ” h£ mentioned.
” Take me to h£r now please” I requested,already loos!ng my patient am eager to set my eyes on h£r aga!n.

h£ drove h¡s cycle along with th£ little girl. Danny and I drove beh!nd h¡m.
My h£art was fvll with happ!ness and eagerness. F!nally am gonna meet Judy after a very long search.

Elena POV

Rowena calm me d©wΠ. $h£ advice to patient that I am gonna get [email protected] under my claw very soon.
I really want Judy at of my way.
Gosh th£ crazy lady is driv!ng me !nsane.
But $h£ is th£ one !nsane am not.
Jeez, fv¢k why will [email protected] [email protected]|| !n love with such fv¢k!ng weirdo.
I’d came [email protected]¢k to [email protected] home. [email protected] and Sofia a!n’t home.
Maybe h£ took h£r ©vt!ng or whatever .
What ab©vt th£ fv¢k!ng crazy butch, did h£ take h£r along as well.
Because i can’t f!nd h£r at home.
I made my way upstairs to ch£ck if $h£ is !n h£r room.
Th£re $h£ is [email protected]!ng on h£r b£d sleep!ng.
I feel like tak!ng those pillows and choke h£r to death.
But that we make me a murder.
I’ve oth£r ways achiev!ng my plans by gett!ng rid of h£r.
I also have to tolerate all th¡s by ₱|@y!ng nice.
I wonder why [email protected] even love th¡s crazy been.
Few hours i spend with h£r, $h£ as been act!ng !nsane.
I went d©wΠ stairs. My phone rang. I take a glance a it and saw it was Max call!ng.
Max is th£ guys I ask to spy on [email protected] every m©v£ .h£ is th£ one who fake th£ DNA result that [email protected] as tested.

That day [email protected] took th£ DNA result from my [email protected], h£ bath£ ©vt and said h£ was gonna take a second test.
h£ came [email protected]¢k after some seconds and demanded for one of Sofia personal belongs for h¡m to be able to conduct th£ test.
I gave h¡m Sofia comb. h£ took it and went ©vt.
I don’t need to worried. I already knew [email protected] is gonna take. A second test.
So I a$$ign max to watch very [email protected] m©v£s.
Max ©vtside wait!ng for [email protected] Already told h¡m to follow [email protected] and have tell h¡m what to do.
I only text h¡m to start follow!ng [email protected]
h£ was bribe th£ doctor, immediately wh£n [email protected] left th£ doctor office.
Th£y aren’t gonna conduct th£ test that !nstance.
Th£y will need surely ask for time. It will be th£ next day th£ result will come ©vt.
I make sure th£ doctor will be take th£ bribe .
I arrange a good h*g£ amount of money that th£ doctor will not be able to resist.
Hope h£ takes it and h£ did.

I wonder why Max is call!ng me. I said am gonna pay h¡m, greedy fellow. h£ can’t even give me time is nor that time can ‘t pay h¡m.
I pick th£ call with annoyance.
” Why is wrong with you “I yelled, I didn’t wait for h¡s reply.
” You’ve done th£ Job and am gonna pay you th£ rest. Now let me celebrate my victory of fak!ng th£ DNA result. I’ve succeeded !n mak!ng [email protected] believes Sofia is h¡s child.
It got d©wΠ on me that I said that all loud.
That how I behave wh£n am angry.
I turn and saw Judy th£ phone fell From my [email protected] .
My h£art skipped and $h£ looks startled.
Did $h£ h£ard what I said.
” So Sofia isn’t h£ro ‘s child ” $h£ said and my h£art fl!nch.


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