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She is insane episode 15

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👧#$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 15

By Authoress promise 💖💖💖


” We’ve f!nally br!ng h£r ©vt of danger ” th£ doctor said. At h£ar!ng that, my h£art became loaded with ecstasy. I jump for joy.
” $h£ is gonna rega!n consciousness anytime soon ” h£ added and we all ask togeth£r if we are permitted to see h£r.
” Yes you can ” h£ said and left.

Everyone went !nto th£ ward. Judy [email protected] on th£ hospital b£d with h£r eyes still close.
Judy’s h£ad were bandage and a drip was fix on h£r wrist.
Mum sat beside h£r $h£dd!ng tears.
While i curiously and anxiously stood !n a spot with Danny beside me wait!ng for Judy to rega!n consciousness.

Elena POV

Everyone went !n except me. I sluggishly trail along with th£m, but stop at th£ door. Sofia was still beside me. I went to th£ w!ndow and peeped !n
My h£art pounded. If $h£ rega!ns consciousness, it all gonna be a mess.
Not only will [email protected] f!nd ©vt that Sofia isn’t h¡s child, but h£ is gonna f!nd ©vt am responsible for h£r condition. I swallow [email protected] I’m doomed soon. I [email protected] rapidly.
I was watch!ng. Sooner everyone face were all lac!ng with astonishment and i knew Judy must’ve awaked.
I can’t see h£r s!nce h£r mum sat beside h£r, prevent!ng me from hav!ng a proper sight of h£r.
” My daughter as woken up” Judy mum thrilled and i $h£ik !n fright, leapt [email protected]¢k a little and [email protected] I hold Sofia t!ghter.


Judy woke up and h£r eyes went @r0vnd.
I became astonish and fvll of ecstasy.
I glance at Danny and th£n to mum and dad !nclud!ng [email protected] who returned th£ smile with ecstasy.
I ru$h£d to Judy and sat on th£ b£d beside h£r.
” mum ” $h£ called weakly touch!ng h£r h£ad. $h£ took everyone by surprise. Judy normally calls ‘mum’ momma.
It seems everyone notice, we all stole a confuse glance at each oth£r.
Sluggishly, $h£ try sprung up on h£r butt. But was too weak to sit.
Mum h£lp h£r up.
$h£ h£ld h£r h£ad and w!nced a bit h£r eyes came to rest on me.
” Judy ” I call with tears of joy.
” Kim ” $h£ return th£ call weakly, gaz!ng @r0vnd aga!n.
Why do $h£ sound matured.
” why am at th£ hospital. What happened” $h£ demanded curiously, h£r expression h£r all register with eagerness to know.
$h£ glance at one and oth£r for a answer.
Th¡s is weird, as $h£ rega!n h£rself, as !n no m©r£ !nsanity.
If so that is a double good news.
” It’s a long story ” [email protected] reply lean!ng closer to Judy.
Th£ look on Judy’s face tells $h£ was confuse.
It as if $h£ is star!ng at a stranger.
$h£ glance at me and th£n to [email protected]
” Who’re you ” $h£ !nquired confusedly.
[email protected] was utter shock, j√$t as i’m.
What is happen!ng as $h£ forgotten [email protected] th£ guy that h£lped h£r.
” Judy don’t you recognize h¡m ” I demanded with a shock, glance at [email protected] h£ seems hurt.
” No ” $h£ replied gaz!ng at h¡m with confusion.
” What go!ng on. Who is h£, coz is face is strange to me. I haven’t set my eyes on h¡m before. So who h¡s h£ ” $h£ ask randomly.
” Don’t you remember anyth!ng as !n before now ” I asked.
“I only remember that….. $h£ pause as if $h£ was th!nk!ng of someth!ng
” I remember that i lost th£ love of my life Brian and not!ng m©r£ ” $h£ said.
” A lot as happen after that ” I announce to h£r

[email protected] POV

I was happy Judy rega!n consciousness.
But i got hurt wh£n i $h£ said $h£ doesn’t know me.
It really hurt. I j√$t stood !n a spot with a broken h£art.
$h£ is no longer childish !n th£ look of th!ngs. $h£ is !n right m!nded self.
But why did $h£ have to forget me.
No probs am gonna tell h£r everyth!ng as !n everyth!ng will sure togeth£r.
” Kim can you stand up for a while” I requested politely feel!ng awful.
$h£ got up and I sat beside h£r.
I drew closer to h£r. $h£ was stunned.
I tool h£r palms !nto m!ne.
“Don’t you recognize me ” I demanded feel!ng hurt.
$h£ shook h£r h£ad for a reply an as a sigh of ‘no’.
My h£art ach£ th£ m©r£. $h£ s1©w rem©v£ h£r palms away from me.
” Who’re you ” $h£ demanded.
” I’m [email protected] can’t you recognize me. Your h£ro ” I replied my last statement ended with tears.
I whipped away th£ tears with my thumb.
” I will tell you everyth!ng. How we met all th£ details ” I struggled try!ng to ¢©Πtr0| my emotions.
I wanna tear up so loud.

I narrated how will met, and a few th!ngs will did togeth£r. I never forgot to mention h£r !nsanity. But excluded th£ love part we shared
At th£ end of my tales. $h£ only gave me a surprised look.
” Was i crazy ” $h£ demanded and stare at everyone with a question look.
Everyone nodded.
” You were s£nd to an asylum to get treated, but you ran away from th£ asylum. We’ve be search!ng for you ever s!nce th£n. We only got to know you’re ab©vt ya wh£reab©vt some hours ago ” h£r dad expla!ned.
” What, asylum ” $h£ queried with a high tone.
” Ya, Judy. We wanted you to rega!n ya old self. I guess th¡s young man found you wh£n you escape ” h£r mum said.

Judy POV

I can’t believe i went crazy. I was so consume with love for Brian that it cause me to loose my sanity.
I don’t know why…… but someth!ng is weird.
Why a!n’t i not affected by Brian death anym©r£.

I woke up and found my family beside me.
I was wonder!ng wh£re I am. I try to sprung up on on my butt. But my h£ad hurt and i feel so weak.
I gaze @r0vnd.
I demanded to know why i was brought to th£ hospital th£y all expla!ned.
I didn’t notice a stranger stood th£re also.
Until h£ came to me.
Wh£n i saw h¡m. I felt a powerful tangl!ng s£nsation runn!ng through my sp!ne.
I don’t know why and i can’t understand anyth!ng.
Wh£n h£ touch me my palm. I felt some electric bolt runn!ng through me.
I s1©wly rem©v£ my [email protected] away from h¡m.
My h£art says h£ isn’t a stranger and everyone h£re it.
I am damn confuse. h£ said h£ take ¢ar£ of me, wh£n am crazy.

Elena POV

Wow, wow th¡s call for a celebration th£ former crazy lady doesn’t remember anyth!ng.
Wow, buh! everyth!ng is danc!ng to my tune.
That means $h£ isn’t gonna tell [email protected] am responsible for h£r condition and th£ truth beh!nd Sofia. j√$t great, lov!ng th¡s.
I enter th£ ward with Sofia and Judy gaze at me confusedly.
“Who is $h£ ” $h£ said po!nt!ng ©vt me.
Everyone gazed at me and i smiled feel!ng extreme happ!ness th£ victory is m!ne.
” I’m [email protected] and i are togeth£r and th¡s is our child” I said show!ng h£r Sofia and gaze at [email protected] who gave a killer glance. Am ready for [email protected]
Th£ look on Judy’s face was all etch!ng with hurt.
” We are !n love with each oth£r. But not yet married. ” I added to make it m©r£ spicy.
What is [email protected] gonna do. h£ can’t deny me !n front of all th¡s people. If h£ does am gonna say someth!ng that gonna make th£m start hat!ng, rath£r than see!ng h¡m as nice and car!ng man.


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