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She is insane episode 17

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👧#$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 17

By Authoress promise

[email protected] POV

Th£ family are gonna throw a little party for Judy’s arrival tomorrow.
I will be th£re.
I’d went home after spend!ng some hours with th£m.
I took Sofia and went home. Wh£n i gat home. I’d met Elena prepar!ng d!nner.
Th£ $h£_ devil we never give up with h£r dirty tactics.

$h£ as no idea how much h£r detest h£r.
$h£ left me and now $h£ wants me.
” D!nner is ready ” $h£ called.
$h£ is act!ng m©r£ !nnocent than ever.
Why is $h£ bent on mak!ng me life m©r£ miserable than it’s.
I pecked Sofia h£ad and a smile f|¡¢kered h£r l¡p.
If not for Sofia i would’ve s£nd th¡s bitch away from my home.
” Go and have d!nner, am not hungry. Am go!ng to b£d” I said to Sofia and look at Elena face.
$h£ had h£r desolated smile on h£r fv¢k!ng face, rath£r than show!ng a disappo!nted expression.
I turn to live and halt wh£n Elena yelled my name.

[email protected] ” $h£ called harshly.
I turn and saw a smirk!ng face. $h£ came closer to me.
“If you cont!nue th¡s attitude [email protected] I’ll be force to take Sofia away from you. If you take th¡s matter to court. Am th£ one with wealth. Wh£n i do show th£m some cash th£y are gonna grant me th£ custody of Sofia ” $h£ implied with !nterm!nation are voice was a wh¡sper.
Gosh how dear $h£. Th¡s despicable woman will not let me be. $h£ want me to eat h£r fv¢k!ng food, wh£n $h£ knows how much I detest h£r and what m©r£ will $h£ make me do with th¡s h£r new menace of h£rs.
I try suppress!ng th£ anger th£ was already surfac!ng, because Sofia was th£re.
I don’t want th£ child to be hurt th£ m©r£ as $h£ as always seen us fight.
Wh£n parents fight th£ children !ntend to be hurt my th£ir behaviour.
But Elena is gett!ng on my nerves.
“Wh£n you act remember you’ve a child Elena. Don’t ©vt all foolish ” I said b£tweeΠ gritted teeth.
” Em off ” I wave h£r off, ignor!ng h£r threat and made my way to th£ stairs and went !nto my room.

Elena POV

” Huh!!! ” I exasperated, tapp!ng my on of my foot to th£ floor.
I p©vted and huffed angrily.
I turn and see Sofia cry!ng, but i ignored h£r and made my way to th£ d!nn!ng table.
Th£ food was !n front of me, but i didn’t touch it.
I took a jug and ₱0ur some water !nto a gla$$ and gulped d©wΠ th£ entire gla$$
I was mad and Sofia cry make me m©r£ mad.
I stood up with anger and yell at h£r.
” Can you please shut up ” I bark at $h£ fl!nch£d and cried ©vt th£ m©r£.
I arch£d a brow and saw [email protected] descend!ng th£ stairs.
h£ rush to Sofia and took h£r by up to h¡s arms.
h£ whip th£ tears from h£r and i rolled my eyes away.
I turn and saw h¡m glar!ng.
” How dare you yell at h£r like that. $h£’s j√$t a child and you vent!ng your miserable anger on h£r ” h£ said lowly.
” $h£ is always wh!n!ng so i can yell at h£r if i want for that I don’t require ya permission ” i snapped.
” I don’t wanna use foul languages !n front of my daughter. At least spare our child from all th¡s ” h£ replied grimly.
I walk ©vtta of th£m and went straight to my room th£ room that belongs to [email protected] h£ gave it to me wh£n i arrive h£re.

[email protected] POV

What type of moth£r is $h£. How can $h£ j√$t vent h£r miserable anger on h£r.
$h£ is really a bitch. Does $h£ even deserve th£ word ‘moth£r ‘ $h£ only ¢ar£ for h£rself and noth!ng else.
$h£ is even us!ng h£r child for h£r tactics.
I was busy th!nk!ng of Judy it hurts wh£n $h£’s away.
Th£ house seems different to me with©vt h£r and for th£ fact $h£ as forgotten me.
I was th!nk!ng ab©vt all th¡s wh£n I h£ard Sofia cry!ng and next th!ng i h£ard was Elena yell!ng at h£r.
I sprung from th£ b£d.
Th£ poor child can talk all $h£ can do is to cry and noth!ng else.
Elena doesn’t see th¡s, $h£ only wants are way and even us!ng th£ child to accomplish h£r vicious tactics. What a moth£r.
And thank my stars I didn’t end up with h£r.

I sat Sofia d©wΠ and dish ©vt th£ d!nner Elena as prepared on a plate.
$h£ didn’t ate th£ food. $h£ was still sobb!ng.
I ₱v|| anoth£r d!nn!ng chair closer and sat on it.
My h£art melt see!ng h£r cry like that.
“You will hurt daddy by ya tears ” I sooth!ng, but despite my effort $h£ still kept on sobb!ng.
” okay if you promise to stop cry!ng am gonna take you along to Judy’s party tomorrow ” I promised and h£r cry ease a bit. $h£ stare at me.
Why will Elena make h£r cry like th¡s, gosh $h£ such a worthless bitch, I cussed !nwardly.
“First let’s it. I know you’re hungry and please don’t m!nd your mum and i will j√$t have a little difference” i cooed.
I took a folk and dug it !nto th£ plate. It was spagh£tti 🍝 and some meatball was !n th£ food.
I wasn’t !nterested !n h£r food. Gone are th£ days i once love h£r meal $h£ prepared.
I put it !nto h£r m©vth. $h£ ate th£ wh0l£ meal wh£n I feed h£r.
Gosh, th£ wh0l£ th!ng is suffocat!ng my child and it so pa!nful $h£ can’t speak and $h£ as a path£tic mum.
After clear!ng th£ di$h£s. I took h£r to my room.

I met Elena already at sleep on th£ b£d.
It escaped me that I gave h£r th£ room.
I quiet took Sofia to th£ room th£ use to Judy’s own.
I [email protected] Sofia d©wΠ and pet h£r to sleep.
h£r eyes became h£avy and $h£ slept off.
I couldn’t sleep. My m!nd as now drifted to Judy.
I’m miss!ng h£r already. Am hurt. I love h£r so much. But why did fate do th¡s to me.
I already miss!ng h£r h£ro th!ng. $h£ always calls me h£r h£ro.
Oh gosh!! I exclaimed.
” I am already miss!ng h£r craz!ness but am happy $h£ is !n h£r normal self now ” I said to myself and smiled.
Why can’t $h£ remember me. What will happen after all th¡s.
Am j√$t not dest!ny to be loved.
But what of if I try mak!ng new memory with Judy will that h£lp.

Judy POV

I [email protected] on my b£d th!nk ab©vt [email protected]
h£ h£lped me a lot.
My m!nd tells me h£ is a stranger. But my h£arts says is not.
I feel a powerful s£nsation wh£n am with h¡m.
Wh£n h£ left i felt like cry!ng, though I didn’t show it.
What’s happen!ng why am h£re [email protected]!ng on my b£d unable to sleep th!nk!ng ab©vt h¡m and why am not after by Brian death anym©r£.
What go!ng on. Everyth!ng is confus!ng.
I want to see [email protected] aga!n and why.
Should i f!nd answers to th¡s.



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