She Is Insane

She is insane episode 18 – 19

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👧#$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 18

By Authoress promise


I walked through a lonely road suddenly two men came ©vt from th£ bu$h£s and tryna attack me.
Th£y h£ld me and try tear!ng my cloth£s.
Suddenly someone came with a cycle and alighted h£ charge at th£m and b**t th£m up.
Th£y got tried of th£ b**t!ng and flew [email protected]¢k !nto th£ bu$h£s.
Every s!nce th¡s strange man arrived .
I haven’t have a glance on h¡m.
I’d arch£d a brow and I’d saw it was [email protected]
Immediately I saw h¡s face i woke up .
It was all a dream ,a nightmare and [email protected] appeared and saved me.
I sprung up on my butt. ‘ What th¡s ‘ I wonder with!n.
Is th¡s dream part of th£ memory I lost

I don’t understand. Guess I’ve to ask [email protected] ab©vt it.
It only h¡m alone that can tell if h¡s true
‘ Gosh,why am I even gonna ask h¡m. h£ already told me h£ saved me from those hoodlums th£ very first time we met’ i said to myself remember!ng what h£ told me at th£ hospital.
I will love to communicate with h¡m over th£ phone.
Gosh it j√$t got dawn on ms that i don’t even have a phone and beside I don’t even have h¡s number.
” Why are you not at sleep ” I h£ard Kim say with a yawn!ng voice.
$h£ was sleep!ng next to me.Th£ w!ndow was opened,so th£ moon light makes th£ room atmosph£re bright.
So one could see th£ oth£r.
” I was th!nk!ng Kim.I don’t have a phone and….do you perhaps collect [email protected]’s number ” I said, a mysterious gr!n from h£r was a reply I gat.
I rolled my eyes away, because I do understand th£ mean!ng of those gr!n.
” Hmm ” $h£ scoffed.
” At least tell me if you’ve h¡s number, rath£r than humm!ng ” I half yelled.
” I did collect h¡s number, wh£n everyone was busy celebrat!ng ya return and tomorrow we be th£ bug celebration, well not that big. You will meet [email protected] th£re and you can demand for a phone from h¡m and sure h£ won’t h£sitate to buy you one ” $h£ stated.

” What made you th!nk I will demand for a phone from h¡m? ” h£ h£lped me a lot and i will not demand for anyth!ng m©r£ okay ” I po!nted ©vt and $h£ rolled h£r eyes away.
” If you don’t do it. I will ” $h£ wh¡spered , but h£r voice was barely a wh¡sper. I could h£ar h£r.
” What do you say ” I !nquired.
” It’s noth!ng ” $h£ pretended.
” Don’t dare ask h¡m to get me a phone. If h£ comes @r0vnd okay ” I scold.
” Okay ” $h£ promised. I dunno, Kim is gonna spark ab©vt it that am sure.
$h£ is always th£ parrot beak.
” Good ” I said, but still not conv!nce.
$h£ turn and stretch h£r [email protected] to collect someth!ng from th£ table.
$h£ brought h£r phone and [email protected] it over to me.
” You can give h¡m a call right now ” $h£ suggested and I frowned.
” Are you nut ” I gib£d.
” Look at th£ ©vtside. It’s an odd hour ” I rem!nded.
” Yea, okay you can j√$t text h¡m say!ng, how are you do!ng, thanks for everyth!ng am really grateful. We’re friends already th¡s is Judy not….
” I don’t want h¡m to th!nk am hav!ng some sort of feel!ngs for h¡m and beside h£ is !n a relationship ” I struggled.
” I Doubt that ” $h£ queried.
” Doubt what ” I pored.
” I doubt if $h£ as anyth!ng to do with that bitch. Th£ only connection b£tweeΠ h¡m and that woman is h¡s child and noth!ng m©r£. I’d saw how much ¢ar£ h£ showed wh£n you were !n th£ hospital b£d. h£ even $h£ds some tears. Judy h£ is !n love with you ” $h£ struggled and I frowned.
” I won’t be able to love h¡m [email protected]¢k. Brian h¡s th£ only one I love ” I said and $h£ sigh£d.

👧$h£ is !nsane 👧

Chapter 19

By Authoress promise


” j√$t give h¡m a call ” $h£ tryna persuade me.
” No and that f!nal go [email protected]¢k to sleep now and it’s not a request but an order ” I scold with authority.
” Okay but yo…
$h£ cease h£r statement wh£n $h£ caught me glar!ng.
” Please listen to….
” I don’t wanna h£ar it ” I !nterrupted.
” Judy j√$t listen to me at…..
“Geez, now I’ve to h£ar it ” I muttered lowly.
” Em off to b£d ” $h£ stated giv!ng a baby face before [email protected]!ng d©wΠ.
I sigh£d as $h£ [email protected] d©wΠ.
I [email protected] d©wΠ also but i couldn’t even sleep all my thought was ab©vt [email protected]
I really badly wanna give h¡m a call but my m!nd says no.
Is best i obey my m!nd. Lov!ng [email protected] means am gonna betray Brian.
It not as if h£ as be gone for a year.
But why is it that am no longer affected by is pa$$ away.
Or have I fvll [email protected]||!ng !n love with th¡s guy.
Sooner, I drifted to sleep and went under duvet.

[email protected] POV.

I kept toss!ng and turn!ng th!nk!ng ab©vt Judy.
I wonder what th£ future beholds.
I can’t stop th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r.
Tomorrow is gonna be a chance I’ll be able to have a conversation with h£r.


Elena POV

I prepared breakf*st as usually [email protected] will never have a taste of my food.
I’m gonna still cope with h¡s attitude. h£ only th!nks of th£ bitch Judy.
I got to plan someth!ng big, someth!ng m©r£ than Sofia !n oth£r for me to get [email protected]
But I haven’t able to come up with someth!ng i guess.

[email protected] all set for work. h£ klzz Sofia on th£ foreh£ad and didn’t even raise a brow at me.

[email protected] POV

I klzz Sofia on th£ foreh£ad and was ab©vt go!ng to work.
Elena said $h£ hasn’t enroll Sofia !n any school yet after com!ng [email protected]¢k from th£ state.
I’ll look !nto that after Judy’s welcome party th£ family are gonna throw for h£r today.
$h£ needs to be !n school. But does th¡s bitch ¢ar£. All $h£ ¢ar£s for is how to blackmail.
If $h£ knows how much i do detest h£r.
As for me th£ party. Thank goodness it’s Friday today.
Th£ clos!ng time !n th£ restaurant today it 4.
Normally it closes at 5.
Th£ party is gonna commence at 4’00 at least am gonna be th£re by 4’30.
I’ll take Sofia along with me as i promised.
But th£ real fact ab©vt it. I feel awkward to live Sofia !n th£ [email protected] of Elena.
I wonder wh£n am gone to work what on earth will $h£ do to h£r.
$h£ shouldn’t dare all else am set h£r butt on fire.

$h£ always yell at h£r.
” Em off baby am gonna be [email protected]¢k and take you along with me ” I a$$ured Sofia $h£ smile at me with a m©vthful.
I return h£r smile and was ab©vt liv!ng wh£n i h£ard Elena say
” Why are you still !n th¡s fv¢k!ng waiter job anyway. I can make you famous with th£ talent you’ve. Your music. I know some music directors that is gonna sponsor you. All i need to do is to give th£m !nfo ab©vt you and next you will a superstar ” $h£ said with sarcasm visible !n h£r tone and i smirked.
” That will not go with©vt a blackmail, will it ” I questioned with a smirk. $h£ return th£ smirk [email protected]¢k.
” Hmm, maybe. I’m that bad like you th!nk ” $h£ replied
” Maybe !ndeed” I scoffed and stare at Sofia who was look!ng at th£ both of us.
Before Elena say m©r£ word and get me m©r£ angry I gotta to go.
I was ab©vt mov!ng wh£n i h£ard Elena say aga!n
” Wh£re ever you are go!ng am gonna go along. Am com!ng to th£ party too” $h£ po!nted ©vt.
How’d $h£ knew am go!ng to a party.
I didn’t mention it to h£r.
I turn and gaze at h£r confusedly $h£ smiled deviously.
” You are wonder!ng how came to no. I had eavesdrop on ya conversation with Sofia” $h£ said.
” Oh i see, Only Sofia is com!ng with me and that is f!nal ” I said with©vt wait!ng for what else $h£ as to say. I left th£ house.
I hopped !nto th£ cycle and march on th£ brakes.
I rode along.

I got to th£ restaurant and alighted.
Wh£n I went !n I met my boss on th£ doorway.
That great am not gonna miss is scold!ng.
I sigh£d and ch£ck my wristwatch it shows am j√$t five m!nutes late. I’d went to h¡m. h£ had th£ a killer glare on h¡s face. h£ always had that glare wh£n ever one of is worker are late.
” Why is are you sometimes late and some times you come early. Why is that ” h£ demanded sternly.
If only h£ knew th£ k!nd of problem am !nto.
” Th¡s is your last warn!ng if you come late aga!n am gone to get you fired. We don’t wanna loose a [email protected] work!ng worker like you. But j√$t go !n ” h£ said.
I went !n. j√$t five m!nutes late and h£ is mak!ng mounta!n at of a mole hill.
I went !n and start serv!ng costumer.

Judy POV

I didn’t give h¡m a call.I don’t want h¡m to th!nk oth£rwise.
But Judy isn’t bad to give h¡m a call.why are you h£sitat!ng .
I pick Kim phone and gave h¡m a call.
h£ answer th£ call and my h£art skip a b**t.
” h£llo Kim ” h£ said.
” Am not Kim is Judy speak!ng ” I said and h£ was silent.
Maybe h£ was surprise that I gave h¡m a call.
” j√$t wanna ask if you will make it h£re ” I struggled and h£ was still silent.
Gosh ,why isn’t h£ speak!ng .
” h£llo ” I called but no reply.


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