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She is insane episode 4 – 5

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👧#$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 4

By Authoress promise


Th¡s is j√$t great, $h£ compla!n of hunger and now $h£’s gone.
I told h£r to wait.
Someone hugged me from beh!nd. I turn to see and it was Judy.
I h£avy a sigh of relief and turn h£r to face me.
” Wh£re did you go ” I !nquired a bit annoyed.
$h£ gave a puppy face
” I was s¢ar£d to stay alone. You left for so long. So I went !n search of you. I don’t wanna stay alone aga!n. What of if those bad men came after me aga!n ” $h£ replied with fear lac!ng over h£r.
” You don’t have to be s¢ar£d and beside every wh£re is crowded. Those bad men will not get to you ” I sooth!ng and $h£ gave me a hug.
” My h£ro ” $h£ wh¡sper.
I smile a bit and rem©v£ h£r gentle from h£r grip.
” h£re are your food you ask for” I said [email protected]!ng th£ bag to h£r.
$h£ take th£ bag from me, dug h£r [email protected] !nto it, brought ©vt th£ hamburger 🍔 and munch on th£m like a hungry wolf.
I could understand $h£ was that fami$h£d that why, $h£ gat a quite appetite. But still $h£ is a weirdo.

” Shall will go ” I said.
$h£ nodded with©vt rais!ng a brow. $h£ is so engrossed with th£ hamburger.
I went to th£ corner i parked my motorcycle, $h£ trail beh!nd me.
I hopped !n, I told h£r to hop !n and $h£ did.
$h£ as already f!nish up th£ hamburger and was open!ng th£ juice.

Th£ traffic was gett!ng clear and will drove home.
I arrived home and alighted. It was very dark now.
I took h£r !n. $h£ compla!n $h£ was still hungry.
I gave h£r some left over meatballs i kept !n th£ microwave.
$h£ munch£d on th£m as if h£r life depends on th£m.
!n a bl!nk of an eyes, th£ wh0l£ bowl of meatballs was gone.

After that i suggest for h£r to fre$h£n up.
Because $h£ was !n a terrible mess.
I directed h£r to th£ washroom. Gave h£r one of my pajamas.

$h£ wanted to discharge h£r cloth£s !n front of me but i halt h£r.
” You gotta to be kidd!ng, what you tryna do discharge ya cloth£s of me that is absurd. You can change it !n th£ washroom not !n front of me ” I expla!ned, not that all surprise ab©vt h£r act. I believe someth!ng went wrong with h£r.
Th£y way $h£ act some hours ago. Is $h£ mentally unstable, it seems $h£ is.
$h£ nodded with a smile and got !nto th£ washroom.
My stomach rumbled also. It got dawn on me that i haven’t have anyth!ng yet also.
I got !nto th£ kitch£n and prepare noodles.
After am done, my eyes went to th£ stairs and i saw h£r descend!ng th£ stairs.
My m©vth drop and i became stunned.
It only now i had a glance of h£r enchanted beauteous face. $h£ was !n a mess before
h£r white sk!n were glow!ng. Wh£n $h£ came closer.
I had a glance of h£r eyes. Those blue eyes of h£rs, it’s as if th£y were look!ng !nto my soul.
And h£r l¡ps were small and reddish like a Red rose.
I swallowed [email protected] What would’ve made such beautiful lady to behave th¡s childish, I ask myself rh£torically.
Does it have to do with th£ pic, $h£ carries all th£ time.
$h£ beside h£r at d!nner and also carried to to th£ washroom.
$h£ calls it Brian.

My Bra!n is figur!ng th¡s ©vt. Maybe $h£ was regretted by th£ Brian, obviously a guy. Because only guys called Brian.
Is it why $h£ is crazy. Am not sure $h£ is !n th£ right m!nd to expla!n all that have happened.
But i’m still gonna ask h£r.

” I’ve a lot of curious questions to ask you hope to get a reply” I said and $h£ raised a delicate brow followed by a childish smile curv!ng h£r l¡p.
” Who is Brian. And why so you always carry is pic ” I asked with eagerness.
$h£ glared but i choose to ignore th£m.
$h£ hit th£ table with annoyance . ” You’re my h£ro. But Brian is my number one h£ro. I will not let you take h¡m away from me ” $h£ blurted ©vt.

” Am not tak!ng h¡m away from you at least expla!n, why you always carry h¡s pic. Was h£ your love ” I furth£r with curious questions and h£r eyes was ab©vt to tear up.Gosh, damn why do $h£ wanna tear up.
I only ask a question, perhaps i might h£lp h£r.
” Brian is my love okay. But h£ died !n an accident that all i can remember ” $h£ expla!ned !n a childish way.
I felt pity for h£r wh£n $h£ said that.
Now i understand everyth!ng clearly.
$h£ !nsanity was by $h£ loos!ng th£ man $h£ loved.
That means $h£ was crazy !n love with h¡m.
But my grief for Elena liv!ng me, didn’t affected my sanity.
Guess people react differently.
All th£ same ‘ Love ‘ is th£ root of all th¡s ordeals.
Why such feel!ngs were planted !n Human if it will only lead you to past through a baleful experience. Cours!ng one to go !nsane.
” Will you h£lp me to f!nd my momma and poppa and Kim my sister ” $h£ requested with a sadden!ng face.
” yup ” I said pla!nly tryna make h£r ch£er up and $h£ smiled.
But how will i f!nd h£r family wh£n $h£ only h£r first name not h£r second name.
And am not sure, $h£ knows were $h£ lives.
” Wh£re do you live ” I !nquired hopefvlly.
But $h£ look at me confusedly.
” I live with my family ” $h£ replied.
I sigh !n frustration.
$h£ doesn’t even knows wh£re $h£ live.
Th¡s gonna be difficult.

👧$h£ is !nsane👧

. Chapter 5

By Authoress promise. 💖💖💖


” I escaped from a bad and awful place ” $h£ mentioned and i raised a delicate brow.
” Bad place ” I pored.
” what bad place ” I !nquired, remember!ng that $h£ was try!ng to tell me, $h£ ran away from somewh£re,a while [email protected]¢k.
” A lot of crazy people are found th£re. Th£y said am crazy. But am not crazy th£y’re th£ one’s crazy not me ” $h£ blurted ©vt.
” Mental asylum ” i muttered to myself, already figur!ng what $h£ meant by bad place.
I look at h£r pitifvlly. $h£ is so beautiful, beautiful enough for one not to believe $h£ might go crazy. But all th£ same $h£ got !nsane because h£r lover died.
$h£ yawned after a while.
” Am feel!ng sleepy “$h£ announced.
I urge h£r to stand up. $h£ stood up and i took h£r to th£ oth£r room !n th£ house.
A few miles away from m!ne.
I [email protected] h£r on th£ b£d. $h£ rolled h£rself !nto a ball and place h£r thumb on h£r m©vth s√¢k!ng from it.
I had to bit my l¡p to prevent myself from laugh!ng.
Normal people will get irritated with h£r crazy behavior, but I found funny and adorable.
I got to th£ doorway and switch off th£ light.
But $h£ gave a screech s¢r**med. I switch on th£ light and $h£ already sat on h£r but. Fear lace over h£r.
I went closer to h£r and sat beside h£r.
” What wrong. Are u s¢ar£d to stay !n th£ dark ” I !nquired coo!ng h£r.
Am already fond of h£r even if $h£ is crazy, and !n j√$t one night.
It Strange and weird.
” My momma and poppa never switch off th£ light, wh£n am ab©vt to sleep. If not th£ night monster will will come for me. $h£ halt h£r speech, wh£n $h£ caught me giggl!ng.
“Why are you laugh!ng. Wh£n th£ night monster comes for you, it will chop off ya h£ad ” $h£ expla!ned pla!nly with all seriousness, mak!ng th£ laugh !ntense th£ m©r£.
” Musclebra!n ” $h£ cursed and frowned.
$h£ also know how to use foul languages.
If i cont!nue laugh!ng $h£ might start tear!ng up and that will be anoth£r issue to solve.
It best to ₱|@y along.
” Okay, th¡s night monster have you perhaps seen it before ” I required, of course no such night monster exist.
” No, but Kim read th£ story to me one night and ever s!nce th£n i don’t like sleep!ng !n th£ dark aga!n” $h£ po!nted ©vt, but i couldn’t not h£lp but laugh aga!n, !n th£ way $h£ choose to demonstrate it.
” Why are you always laugh!ng” $h£ !nquired.
” It not!ng, j√$t that i hate a laugh!ng pie that all” I said, com!ng up with a story.
” Liar, no such th!ng as a laugh!ng pie ” $h£ yelled.
Whoa, $h£ got me !n th¡s one, $h£ is not that childish, i guess.
” Th£re is. I can even make you one” I said putt!ng up a pretentious smile.
” Wow, you’re serious make me one” $h£ buy !n and i chuckled under my breath.
Try!ng to suppress th£ loud laugh£r that is ab©vt to surface.
” Am gonna make you one some day ” I a$$ured and regretted, why i came up with such story.
” why not now ” $h£ !nsist with a frown.
” I don’t have th£ !ngredient maybe tomorrow ” I said hopp!ng $h£ will buy !n. And before tomorrow $h£ is gonna forget it.
“Okay ” $h£ f!nally agreed and i sigh !n relief.
I sprung up to go. $h£ h£ld my [email protected]
” What is it now. Am not gonna switch th£ light off okay ” I a$$ured h£r.
” I can’t sleep alone. Kim always slept beside me. I want you to sleep beside me ” $h£ says.

Gosh, I can’t understand h£r. $h£ said $h£ can’t with©vt light and now can’t sleep alone.
I rea$$ured h£r it will be okay, but $h£ keep on say!ng $h£ can’t sleep alone.
I [email protected] beside h£r and sooner, $h£ drifted to sleep.
$h£ h£ld th£ pic of h£r lover and
I s1©wly took th£ pic from h£r [email protected] and stare at it.

What a life, look at what life stole from h£r.
Such magnificent adorable lady, go!ng crazy all because h£r lover died.
Th¡s is horrible. I place th£ pic beside h£r and sprung up on my but.
Wh£n i knew $h£ was already !n a deep sleep.
I made my way to my room. I hopped !nto my b£d.
Sooner i drifted !nto a sleep go!ng under my duvet.

Judy POV

I woke up my second h£ro wasn’t beside me.
Someone open up th£ door and my h£ro came !n.
” Good morn!ng ” h£ wish me and i smiled.
[email protected] over a tooth brush to me. Mister h£ro said I should go to th£ washroom and fre$h£n up.
I took th£ brush from h¡m and h£aded to th£ washroom.
I brush my teeth first and I took my bath.
After that i came d©wΠstairs. I went to th£ kitch£n.
Mister h£ro as already prepare breakf*st.
Am hav!ng noodles for breakf*st.
I sat d©wΠ on th£ d!nn!ng chair and eat th£ yummy noodles my h£ro made for me.
Mister h£ro also ate is own share.

[email protected] POV

I was all set for work. Wh£n i !nform Judy that am liv!ng for work.
$h£ started cry!ng.
I a$$ured h£r i will be [email protected]¢k early.
“I don’t wanna stay alone ” $h£ wh!ned.
” I will be [email protected]¢k as soon as i can” I rea$$ured h£r, but $h£ kept on wh!n!ng.
$h£ sat on a couch, I sat beside h£r and cooed h£r softly.
” Don’t worry am gonna be [email protected]¢k very early. Promise me you will be a good girl ” I cooed.
$h£ didn’t reply but made a angry baby face. I sigh£d
I was th!nk!ng of what i will say to h£r, for th¡s melodramatic to give !n, I cussed !nwardly.
Th£n it came pok!ng to my m!nd. Kids often like be!ng bribe with someth!ng, for th£m to be persuaded. S!nce Judy is like a kid $h£ will give !n.
” Do you want me to buy you a chocolate 🍫 ” I asked hopefvlly. But $h£ shook h£r h£ad mean!ng no.
Gosh $h£ is difficult than i expect and am runn!ng late. I huffed.
” What ab©vt a cupcake ” I suggest still hop!ng.
” No ” was h£r reply. I was provoked now.
” Th£n what on earth do you want ” I yelled and $h£ fl!nch£d. h£r eyes was start!ng to tear up.
Holy shit! why did i yell at h£r like that.
” You’re bad, bad h£ro ” $h£ cried, b**t!ng me on th£ ch£st.
“Am sorry i will never yell at you aga!n, never ” I said.
” Okay on one condition” $h£ said.
” What that ” I ask.
” I remember last night you said you will make me a laugh!ng pie. I want it now ” $h£ requested.
Oh lord j√$t kill me, why on earth will i come up with such story.
And now $h£ want me to make h£r a pie that doesn’t exist.

Lol, make h£r th£ pie, [email protected]
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