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She is insane episode 6 – 7

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👧$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 6

By Authoress promise 💖💖


” Will you like pizza 🍕 as a exchange because i already called th£ pizza boy to deliver th£ pizza at 12noon” I said hop!ng h£r m!nd will shave away from th£ laugh!ng pie stuff.
“Yippee, pizza 🍕 i love pizza ” $h£ said clapp!ng h£r [email protected]
I sigh !n relief. Thank goodness $h£ isn’t !nterested !n th£ laugh!ng pie stuff, or i will be th!nk of make h£r a laugh!ng pie which doesn’t exist.
I klzz h£r foreh£ad and it j√$t dawn on me. $h£ was still wear!ng those night cloth£s of yesterday.
I got to get h£r some cloth£s. Wh£n I get [email protected]¢k am gonna take h£r for shopp!ng.

I sprung on my butt to get go!ng, but $h£ wh!ne aga!n.
” What is it aga!n” I said feel!ng angry and irritated.
“If you don’t stop am gonna tell th£ pizza boy not deliver. Guess you won’t taste your pizza aga!n.
$h£ cease h£r wh!n!ng.
“Are you gonna come home early ” $h£ !nquired and i nodded.
“Ya, you’d best stay at home. Don’t worry ab©vt food. Th£ pizza boy is gonna deliver early. So I gotta to get go!ng” I said and made my way ©vtta of th£ house.
” Don’t live th£ house ” I added
Wh£n i gat to my motorcycle. I glance at my wristwatch am a m!nute late.
And wh£n i get to th£ restaurant i will be like ten m!nutes late.
And i will surely be scold by my boss.
I hopped !nto and zoomed th£ by off th£ road.
I got to th£ restaurant and alighted.
I went !n and i curses meant my boss stand!ng !n th£ doorway.
” Why are you late ” h£ roared and i curse under my breath.
” Am sorry ” i apologize.
” Th¡s shouldn’t repeat it self or you might be fired ” h£ scold and i nodded.

Sooner i started serv!ng consumers.

Judy POV

Mr h£ro left. I sat on th£ couch and switch on th£ TV.
Th£y were show!ng some bor!ng news.
I change th£ channel. And saw th£y were show!ng my favorite cartoon.
Sponge Bob, square [email protected]
I clapped my [email protected] !n excitement as i was watch!ng my favorite cartoon.
I started laugh!ng wh£n i saw Mister crab h£ad stuck on a w!ndow. h£ tried br!ng h¡s h£ad ©vt, but couldn’t.

I got bored of watch!ng TV and sprung up.
I wanna go ©vtside and ₱|@y, but mister h£ro said i shouldn’t live th£ house.
I’ve an idea, i will go ©vtside and come [email protected]¢k, mister h£ro isn’t gonna no ab©vt it.
I chuckled and made my way ©vtta of th£ house.
I was walk!ng d©wΠ th£ street if i can see any park were kids are ₱|@y!ng.
I will jo!n th£m and ₱|@y also. I pa$$ by a shop.
My eyes widen wh£n i saw what was !n th£ shop.
” Chocolate 🍫 candy ” I muttered and my m©vth became watery.
Th£ poster of th£ chocolate was plastered !n front of th£ shop.
I went !n and i marveled wh£n i saw what was !n.
It like a paradise.

At a corner was a lady operat!ng some k!nd of mach!ne that takes !n th£ stuff you bought and br!ng it ©vt. Before giv!ng it to th£ buyers of th£ stuff.
Sooner, everyone eyes was on me. Th£y were star!ng at me and th£n th£y start giv!ng a silent random laughter.
I wonder why th£y were laugh!ng. Th£n i h£ard someone wh¡sper to anoth£r.
” What a weirdo, $h£ is on pajamas”
I ignore th£m and my eyes wonder @r0vnd.
I spot a place wh£re th£y kept candies.
” Candies ” I s¢r**med.
I notice th£ir eyes was on me aga!n.
But i ignored th£m anyway and made my way to th£ candies.
I spot a woman putt!ng someth!ng on a roll!ng th!ng.
I look @r0vnd to see if i can f!nd one.
But couldn’t. I went to th£ woman who was operat!ng th£ strange mach!ne.
Th£ l!ne was already clear. I demanded for th£ roll!ng th!ng. h£ took time for th£ woman to understand.
$h£ only understand wh£n i po!nted one to h£r.
$h£ gave me. I roll th£ th!ng over to th£ candies.
I started putt!ng a lot of candies on th£ roll!ng th!ng. Even th£ chocolate candy.

It filled it with only three park of candies, i carried over to th£ lady. j√$t as th£ rest did.

$h£ put th£ candies !n th£ mach!n!ng one by one.
$h£ package th£m !n three bag.
” It 400dollars ma” $h£ said.
” What do you mean ” I !nquired confusedly.
” Are you for real. You need to pay ” $h£ said.
” Why should i pay ” I said with a frown.
” Do will run a charity 0rg*nization h£re. Th¡s is a supermarket you got to pay for th£ th!ngs you !ntend to buy. ” $h£ said.
” I don’t wanna pay. I don’t have any money. So give me th£ candies free” I try persuad!ng h£r.
But $h£ made a weird face.
” Are you jok!ng ma, if you don’t have cash, why com!ng h£re ” $h£ said and made a angry face.
” Not jok!ng. Am not a clown. I want th¡s Candie ” I said and started to tear up.
” What a crazy lady with Pajama’s. I don’t understand you. Go away before i call security ” $h£ warned sternly and i fl!nch£d.
” You’re bad, bad am not crazy. You’re th£ crazy lady ” I fired [email protected]¢k.
” ma, if you don’t live. Am really gonna call for security ” $h£ warned.
” You’re greedy. Did you momma ever tell you nor to be greedy ” I said
” Security ” $h£ called
” Okay is money you want right. I’m gonna br!ng it, but promise to keep th£ candies for me” I said and left for ©vtside.
” greedy strange woman” I murmur to myself.

I look @r0vnd, i can’t remember my way [email protected]¢k to h£ro’s place.
I started walk!ng to a direction hop!ng i f!nd h£ro’s place.

👧$h£ is !nsane👧

.Chapter 7

By Authoress promise 💖💖💖

[email protected] POV

$h£ was so beautiful j√$t sleep!ng th£re !n th£ b£d with h£r eyes closed, a smile f|¡¢kered across h£r l¡ps as $h£ dreamt. I so wi$h£d to go ¢ar£ss h£r face, but restra!ned my [email protected]
Am almost th!nk!ng of keep!ng h£r with me.
Why am th¡s fond of h£r, despite at craz!ness i k!nda of like h£r.
By why.
That will be selfish. I need to f!nd h£r family as soon as i can.
And thank goodness i found h£r on time before those street hoodlums would’ve done someth!ng to h£r.
Wh£n ever am go!ng to work am gonna make sure th£ door are lock.
$h£ might walk!ng !nto danger aga!n.
And maybe th£ third time th¡s happens i might not be th£re to save h£r. And that will be dilemma.

🕚[email protected]¢k 🕦

Judy POV

I was walk!ng for sometimes now try!ng to f!nd h£ro’s home.
But i couldn’t. My legs are ach!ng and am becom!ng to get hungry packs
If only that greedy woman will give me th£ candies for free.
I would’ve be eat!ng it by now. I want to go home and search h£ro’s room if i can see some money.
I pa$$ through a place that looks lonely.
I was s¢ar£d, last time i pa$$ such place.
Those bad men show up. What if th£y show up now.
But th£y didn’t show up, but anoth£r one’s did. Th£y were three of th£m th¡s time. Th£ three of th£m was smok!ng cigarette.
I’ve see!ng it !n th£ movies. I ask Kim.
Kim told me it was called cigarette.
Th£y came closer to me and surrounded me.
I got s¢ar£d.
“Tom what do you suggest will do with th£ lady !n Pajama’s” Th£ fat ask one of th£m warr!ng read.
” Gosh, $h£ so beautiful ” h£ replied and three gave a random laughter.
” let $h£ taste some of those goodies will always give girls like h£r” th£ oth£r one said and smiled evilly.
” h£ro please come th¡s badmen wanna harm me” I called ©vt cry!ng, and th£y laugh th£ m©r£.
Th£y attack me and started tear!ng up my Pajama’s .
Someone came ©vt of th£ blue and started b**t!ng th£m up.
I raised a eyebrow and saw it was my h£ro.
I clapped and laugh, wh£n i saw h£ro b**t!ng th£m one by one.
Th£y got tried and ran away. h£ went after th£m. But came [email protected]¢k because th£y far away.

h£ro came closer to me and hugged me.
h£ dis£ngage from th£ hug and took my face !n h¡s palm.
h¡s facial expression shows h£ provoked.
” What th¡s huh! didn’t i ask you stay home. So why on earth are you !n th£ street ” h£ said harshly.

[email protected] POV

I came [email protected]¢k from work at noon. But couldn’t f!nd Judy.
I search th£ entire house, but th£re was no sigh of h£r.
S!nce $h£ isn’t !n, $h£ must be ©vtside somewh£re.
Damn lady, even if $h£ is a child. $h£ as to listen to an !nstruction.
I made it clear ‘ Don’t live th¡s house’ was what i said and now $h£ left.

I scanned th£ street look!ng for h£r. Somehow am s¢ar£d that $h£ might be !n a very big trouble.
Why do i ¢ar£ for h£r so much. I j√$t meant h£r yesterday.
!n work i an stop th!nk ab©vt h£r. $h£ is crazy, am also crazy.

I drove my motorcycle for some hours my fuel tank was almost low.
Damn it, I cussed along th£ way.

I sigh !n frustration and was huff!ng.
It was even!ng now sooner it will get dark.
I h£ard a woman s¢r**m!ng from somewh£re.
I followed th£ direction from wh£re th£ s¢r**m came from and th£re is saw Judy.
Some street hoodlums are ab©vt to take advantage of h£r.
Th£y must’ve h£ard th£ sound of my motorcycle, because th£y halt and turn to glance at me.
How dare th£y am not gonna spare anyone of th£m.
I ru$h£d to th£m an attack th£m. None if th£m were a match to me.
I so mad and smash!ng with all annoyance.
Th£y got tried and ran off. I chase after th£m but th£y ©vtta of sight.
I came [email protected]¢k to Judy. I was angry both and happy.
Th£ reason of th£ anger is that Judy didn’t abide my !nstruction and th£ happ!ness was i found h£r j√$t !n time before those a$$h0l£s would’ve tak!ng advantage of h£r.
My happ!ness ₱|@yed first before my anger.
I ₱v||ed h£r !nto t!ght hug and dis£ngage th£ hug.
I cupped h£r face !nto my palm and glared.
I ask h£r why th£ $h£ not stay [email protected]¢k at home as i !nstructed.
But $h£ didn’t reply. That trigger m©r£ anger !n me.
” What if you get hurt. Do even have a slightest idea of what those hoodlum were ab©vt to do huh! ” I scold sternly.
h£r eyes was start!ng to tear up.
I rem©v£d my [email protected] from h£r face and hit my face with my right palm.
” Don’t cry now. Can you halt your wh!n!ng. Even a child abide by !nstruction. Why can’t you ” I added grimly.
$h£ started cry!ng loud and my h£art melted.
I hate myself for yell!ng at h£r
But $h£ isn’t listen and that might prove dangerous for th£ future.
What of if th¡s street a$$h0l£s succeed !n th£ir attempt.

” Am sorry, but Judy you have to listen to me, th£ir is m©r£ to th¡s world that you can ever imag!ne. Street bad men everywh£re. So always listen okay ” I cooed h£r.
$h£ hugged me.
” Am sorry h£ro, don’t be upset am gonna listen to you for now on. It was because i was bored at home” $h£ wh¡sper.
I don’t wanna live h£r to stay at home but as much as i love to stay with h£r, i can’t. I got work. I need to work.
I took h£r home. $h£ compla!n of hunger.
Luckily for h£r. I bought two hamburgers from work.
I gave one to h£r and i ate one.

$h£ fre$h£n up and retired to b£d and after tell!ng h£r a story. $h£ !nsisted for me to tell h£r a story.
I did.
I told h£r th£ tales of Alice !n th£ wonderland.
!n th£ middle of th£ story, $h£ slept off.
I went to my room. Thank goodness, $h£ isn’t awake. If not $h£ would’ve said, $h£ can’t sleep alone and am gonna have to sleep beside h£r.
I retired to b£d. I had already fre$h£n up.

#Two_days _later.

I took levy from work today . luckily for me my coy boss granted my request.
I had not do some shopp!ng on Judy ©vtfits, coz i quite busy with work.

I drove to a low prize cloth£s shop. That was only what i could afford.
We alight and after park!ng car at an available corner.
We went !n and i had to choose some lady ©vtfits for h£r to wear. $h£ was select!ng some childish cloth£s.
” What of some under wears “$h£ mentioned.
” y.. ya some un… der wears ” I stuttered.
Feel!ng awkward of h£ar!ng h£r say!ng that.
$h£ shopped for th£ under wears stuff.
$h£ came to show me th£ some bras and underwear with th£ h£lp of a lady
I felt embarra$$ed.
” Keep that way from me ” I struggled and $h£ chuckled .
I told h£r to put th£m !n th£ shopp!ng bag am not gonna touch th£m with my [email protected]
” Mum said i should always were those ” $h£ expla!ned.
” It okay, i get it already ” I said try!ng to wave h£r topic ab©vt women private stuff.
” shall we go ” I said and $h£ nodded.

We hopped !n to my motorcycle and off we zoomed.


Oh my God! I j√$t saw Judy. And $h£ was with a man hopp!ng !n th£ man motorcycle.
I run towards th£m, but before i could get th£re h£ speed away.
Gosh! I’ve to !nform mum. What of if th¡s man has my sister abducted.

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