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👧$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 8

By Authoress promise

Sara POV

I was !n th£ shop. Th£ day was [email protected]
I haven’t had any costumer s!nce th¡s morn!ng.
It as if th£ consumers th£y all plan not to buy anyth!ng from me.
What a day? I was ab©vt clos!ng th£ shop.
I’ve loose or hope that consumers are gonna come.

I was ab©vt !nsert!ng th£ shop key on th£ padlock to lock th£ shop, wh£n i h£ard Kim call!ng at for me.
I turn and saw Kim runn!ng to me.
It must be someth!ng of important. I could tell from afar wh£n $h£ was still runn!ng to catch up with me.

$h£ came closer, but bump !nto me. Cause of th£ speed $h£ use !n runn!ng.
$h£ came [email protected]!ng, struggl!ng to catch h£r breath liv!ng me anxious
” What eat!ng ya a$$ up ” I !nquired anxiously and $h£ w!nked rapidly.
“Mu… mum” $h£ said still try!ng to catch h£r breath.
” Judy ” $h£ mentioned still [email protected]!ng.
At th£ mention of Judy my ear became m©r£ alert.
I was both excited and anxious.
” Tell me ” I half yelled, but $h£ was still [email protected]!ng.
” Water first mum ” $h£ requested.
Luckily th£y was a can of water !n th£ shop.
I went !nto th£ shop and brought it to h£r.
$h£ gulped d©wΠ th£ entire bottle.
After that $h£ came ©vtta of breath.
$h£ breath£d !n and act.
” mum ” $h£ says.
” stop with th£ mum th!ng now and tell me, what you wanna say ab©vt Judy” I half yelled already los!ng my patient with h£r.
” I saw Judy on….
” wh£re ” I !nterrupted h£r before $h£ could even start, already overwh£lm with astonishment at h£ar!ng $h£ saw Judy.
” $h£ was with a man !n a motorcycle ” $h£ expla!ned.
” what man ” I asked curiously.
” mum I dunno. I didn’t see th£ man face. I hurried after th£m, but couldn’t catch up with th£m.

” wh£re do you f!nd h£r ” I questions still feel!ng astonish.
I know that my child will be found one day.
At least Kim saw h£r that a sigh that we are gonna f!nd h£r, wh£re ever $h£ is and who ever $h£ might be with.
” mum i and my friends visit wonder’s park after school and i was ab©vt hopp!ng !nto Danny scooter wh£n my eyes darted !nto a corner and saw Judy was ab©vt hop!ng !nto a man cycle. I scurried wh£re $h£ saw, but i could even gat to th£re th£ man as already speed off” $h£ expla!ned.
” And th£ worst part, i didn’t see is face or got a chance to write th£ number of h¡s cycle ” $h£ added with regretted lac!ng h£r tone.
” it’s alright at least will got hope that will are gonna f!nd h£r soon. It was sigh. That why you stumbled on h£r ” i trilled.
” But mum will still have to !nform th£ cops, who knows why that man have h£r. h£ must had abducted h£r and obviously h£ must’ve seen h£r act!ng like a child and fooled with all sort of lies. So $h£ might not escape from h¡m” $h£ squealed and i nodded !n affirmation.
$h£ might be right, who knows what my daughter is fac!ng !n th£ [email protected] of that man.
” Let go to th£ police station and you’ve to tell th£m, wh£re you saw Judy. And that might h£lp f!nd h£r ” i said and will both h£aded to th£ park.
I hailed a cab and we hopped !n and went straight to th£ station.
We got th£re and alighted.

[email protected] POV

Am gonna take Judy to see th£ doctor tomorrow.
At least i should try do!ng someth!ng for h£r treatment.
$h£ can’t rema!n th¡s forever. It will be so unfair to h£r.
I still believe th£re is hope for h£r gett!ng treated.
I got home and Judy never stop with h£r crazy stuff.
That made me grow m©r£ fond of h£r.
Why am i so engrossed with h£r. Am i……
It better not be, $h£ is crazy. Right now with h£r !nsanity, $h£ doesn’t even knows anyth!ng ab©vt love.
Even if it was love who get h£r !nsane.
Lov!ng h£r will be of no use. But am damn fond of h£r.
Is as if, i wanna keep h£r with me forever.
‘Focus [email protected] Wilson don’t [email protected]|| !n love okay. j√$t h£lp h£r because, $h£ need’s h£lp and for not!ng else’ I said to myself, why tak!ng th£ shower 🚿.
It nighttime now Judy as retired to h£r room.
Am !n my washroom !n my room tak!ng some shower, before i get to b£d.
Suddenly i h£ard giggl!ng sound. I turn and saw Judy stand!ng on th£ doorway.
$h£ was giggl!ng cover!ng h£r m©vth with one Palm.
Holy shit! how did come !nto my room and am nude.
It th£n came d©wΠ me that i didn’t lock th£ door.
I was so lost !n thought that i didn’t h£ard h£r creak!ng th£ door.
And now $h£ giggl!ng see!ng me nude.
I covered what i can
My eyes went everywh£re !n search of my towel.
It was th£n it occurred to me that i didn’t br!ng my towel along with me to th£ washroom.
” Can you get go!ng ” I ordered with gritted teeth totally feel!ng embarra$$ed.
But $h£ didn’t m©v£. $h£ stood th£re still giggl!ng.
” ha, ha, ha you’re [email protected]£d ” $h£ laugh and said.
” GO away ” i growled and $h£ fl!nch£d.
$h£ ran away with tears !n h£r eyes.
I felt bad for bark!ng at like that. I shouldn’t have sh©vted th£ way i did.
I sigh as $h£ left. Went ©vtta of th£ washroom nude.
I made my way to my wardrobe and take ©vt my towel and dry up my b©dy, after that i dress up !n pyjamas.
I made my way ©vtta of my room and get to Judy’s room at least am gonna try to sooth!ng h£r for yell!ng at h£r a while ago.
$h£ might be cry!ng now.
I got to h£r room and knocked.
” should i come !n? ” I asked and a screech ‘No ‘ was th£ reply i got.

I’d ignore h£r and flew th£ door open a bit.
I caught h£r seated on h£r butt !n th£ b£d.
I’d came closer to h£r. $h£ arch£d a brow and look at me wryly. Before turn!ng h£r face away to th£ oth£r side.
I choose to ignore h£r and sat beside h£r.
$h£ was upset with me and i don’t like it.
” Judy ” i called, but $h£ didn’t turn h£r h£ad.
” Am sorry okay. I didn’t mean to yell at you th£ way i did. It j√$t what you did by stand!ng th£re it was really embarra$$!ng” I expla!ned and $h£ turned h£r h£ad.
” Sorry h£ro ” $h£ apologize and rested h£r h£ad on my shoulder.
Wow, $h£ easily accepted my apology.
I thought i was gonna beg h£r for eternity, before $h£ f!nally accept.
I ¢ar£ss h£r hair with one [email protected] and pecked h£r h£ad.
I couldn’t take th£ emotion anym©r£.
I took h£r face and klzz h£r l¡ps.
Wh£n it dawn on me on what i j√$t did.
I couldn’t expla!n why.
I’ve to sleep beside h£r aga!n. I conv!nce h£r th£y was no night monster.
But $h£ !nsisted that th£y was. So every night i’ve to sleep beside h£r after fre$h£n up !n my room.



It as be!ng three days s!nce th£ cops as be look!ng for Judy wh£reab©vt.
I told th£ th£ exact location i saw Judy.
Th£y promise to f!nd h£r. But still haven’t f!nd h£r.
I can’t let th£ cops do th£ f!nd!ng th!ng.
I will also search for Judy. And am sure i will stumbled on h£r once m©r£.
Today’s Friday am gonna meet Danny and we will both tryna f!nd Judy and with th£ h£lp of h¡s scooter.

[email protected] POV

I came [email protected]¢k from work and meant Judy at home.
$h£ as promised to always stay at home.
I happy am [email protected]¢k home with h£r.
I went upstairs and fre$h£n up. Judy was watch!ng TV.
I jo!ned h£r and watch th£ sponge Bob, $h£ claim was h£r favorite cartoon.
Nor fond of cartoons, but Judy likes it, i’ve to also like it.

Suddenly th£re was a knock on th£ door.
I sprung up to my feet and h£aded for th£ door.
I twisted th£ door knob and unwanted sight stood !n front of me.
I was overwh£lm with shock.
” You ” I said with Shock.


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