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She is insane episode 9 – 10

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👧$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 9

By Authoress promise 💋💋


” h£llo [email protected] ” Elena said with a smile and hugged me.
$h£ looks so cla$$ics h£r long sk!nny black gown that reach£s are knee and a high h£el to match. Anyways $h£ was famous.
But don’t get me wrong, am baffle by h£r pres£nce.
$h£ dis£ngage from th£ hug.
” Can i come !n ” $h£ says and i didn’t utter a word.
j√$t stood !n a spot with utter bewilderment and shock.
Why is Elena h£re.
$h£ sway pa$$ me and went !n.
Th£ s£nses that was knock from me came [email protected]¢k.

I scurried to h£r as h£r eyes wonder every wh£re.
Judy wasn’t on th£ couch, $h£ must’ve gone upstairs.
I h£ld h£r [email protected] and turn h£r to face contact with me.
I frowned.
” Why are you h£re ” I !nquired angrily.
” I had missed you ” $h£ struggled and i rolled my eyes away and sigh£d
$h£ came closer to me and place h£r [email protected] on my shoulder look!ng at me as if $h£ regretted all $h£ as done.
But it too late now, what h£ had was !n th£ past.
I don’t love h£r anym©r£ and am gonna make it clear to h£r.
I rem©v£d h£r [email protected] from me gently , still had my eyes away from h£r.
” Am sorry [email protected] I’m [email protected]¢k now and see am famous now. I was able to achieve my dreams” $h£ p©vted and look at me coyly.
” I know i left you. Do we still have stand chance to come [email protected]¢k togeth£r, because i love you ” $h£ added hopefvlly, but am one way ready to turn h£r hopes d©wΠ.
I cough£d and arch£d a brow.
” It as be!ng four years s!nce you left me !n chase of ya ¢ar£er. Don’t get me wrong am happy you are able to achieve your dreams. But as for us, we don’t stand a chance of com!ng togeth£r, because i don’t love you like i use to ” I expla!ned truthfvlly and steady.
” I know [email protected] you’ve not m©v£ on” $h£ said and i raised a delicate brow.
” How’re you so such huh! ” I said with a smirk.
” C’mon [email protected], I know you’ve seen any girl yet. I had be collect!ng some !nfo ab©vt you !n th£ last four years. I had some people watch!ng you and…..
I chipped !n harshly.
“Shit! So you even spy on me ” i said hoarsely.
” Not what you th!nk [email protected] I still love you and….
” you love ya ¢ar£er m©r£ that’s why you left me. You even accused me of be possessive. I’d remember that day i please with you not to live me. But you left anyway” I po!nted ©vt.
” Jeez, wh£n you left me do you’ve th£ sightless idea of what i might face. You complete left me shattered” I added.
$h£ came closer and place h£r [email protected] on my shoulder.
My eyes darted to th£ stairs and saw Judy $h£ had tears on h£r eyes.
Oh my, $h£ is hurt. I yanked Elena and went after Judy.

Judy POV

Th£y was a knock at th£ door. h£ro sprung up to open up th£ door.
I got s¢ar£d. No one as knock until now.
So i got up and h£aded upstairs. I went !nto my room.
I h£ard h£ro s¢r**m!ng at someone.
I tip toe to go ch£ck ©vt, who h£ was yell!ng at.
I came to th£ stairs and hid !n a corner.
I look d©wΠward and saw a lady hugg!ng h¡m.
It hurt see!ng th£ strange lady hugg!ng my h£ro.
h£ is my h£ro alone.
Tears came d©wΠ from my eyes. I ru$h£d |ns!de and sat on th£ b£d cry!ng.
Am very, very angry at h£ro. h£ro is m!ne alone.
h£ro knock at th£ door and came !n.
h£ sat beside me and i was still cry!ng.
Am so angry with h¡m.

Elena POV

How is it possible. I was !nform that [email protected] hasn’t m©v£d on yet.
Why is a lady !n h¡s home. Who is $h£.
h¡s $h£ [email protected] new girlfriend.
My h£art sank as tears came !nto my eyes.

[email protected] dis£ngage from me and run upstairs.
My eyes darted to th£ stairs and was shock to see a lady.
Th£ way h£ ran after h£r, it means h£ is !n love with h£r.
I felt my h£art ach!ng. I sobb£d to th£ floor and started sobb!ng.
I felt pa!n. I’ve achieved my dreams, but i also miss [email protected]
I do love h¡m. But h£ is !n live with someone else.
What a mess. [email protected] please forgive me. Am sorry. Come [email protected]¢k to me please.

👧#$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 10

By Authoress promise 🎁🎁🎁


I got up and whip th£ tears from my eyes.
Am gonna try w!n h¡m [email protected]¢k at any cost.
I love [email protected] and am not lett!ng anoth£r woman have h¡m.
I will try all my best !n mak!ng h¡m for !n love with all over aga!n.
I glance at th£ stairs, before go away.
I gat !nto my car and zoom off.
I couldn’t see clearly while i drive, th£ thought of [email protected] !n oth£r woman [email protected] dim my sight.
Tears stream d©wΠ my ch£ek.
[email protected] am not lett!ng you go ‘ i muttered to myself sobb!ngly.
I’ve to th!nk on how to get [email protected] [email protected]¢k.
I got to my dest!nation and alighted.
I had a meet!ng with a with a director.
h£ was 0rg*niz!ng a TV commercial context.
h£ was sponsor!ng me for th£ Tv commercial.
But i wasn’t !n th£ mood to go to th£ meet!ng.
Because my h£art was troubled. Th£ thought of [email protected] with anoth£r woman is giv!ng me cramps.
So i decided to go home
I sluggishly walk !nto my home with my high h£els.
I press th£ door bell and a maid came to open th£ door.
I got !n and plumber d©wΠ to th£ couch.
I felt pa!n !n my h£art. I had always love [email protected] even if i left h¡m.
Am still gonna try to get h¡m [email protected]¢k.
I need !nfo ab©vt that lady. If is money $h£ wants, hope so am gonna give h£r anyth!ng.
j√$t for h£r to stay way from [email protected]
And right now, i’m damn !n need someone to talk to.
I br!ng at my phone and called Rowena my friend.

[email protected] POV

” You’re not my h£ro any m©r£ ” Judy cried as i take my seat beside h£r.
” Why Judy ” I somehow felt bad that $h£ said that.
” Yo… you hugged th… at strange La…. dy ” $h£ stuttered, because $h£ was sobb!ng.
I wonder why $h£ is affect that a lady hug me.
I mean it was j√$t a hug and why cry!ng ab©vt it.
As $h£ become possessive.
I took h£r face !n my palms and try to cooed h£r.
But $h£ yank my [email protected] away and glared with tears still !n h£r eyes.

” Am sorry, but you’re gett!ng worked up, it was j√$t a hug and beside $h£ was th£ one who hugged me ” I struggled, tryna make h£r ch£er up.
But it wasn’t work!ng anyway.
” Live ” $h£ order with authority, tak!ng me by surprise. As $h£ $h£ as never order me.
” Get ©vt ” $h£ roared ₱ush!ng me away.
I decided to live, maybe $h£ is gonna calm d©wΠ after a while.

I scurried to th£ door and turn to have a glance at h£r.
$h£ folded h£r [email protected] and $h£ till got th£ glare.
” GO!!!! ” $h£ screech£d and i almost fl!nch£d.
I went away and got to th£ kitch£n.
I was damn hungry.
I went !n and leftover Pizza that was !n th£ fridge.
I took th£m and place th£m !n my m©vth.
I’d ate th£m s1©wly, because i was lost !n thought.
Why is Judy, so worked up because of an hug.
Is $h£ behav!ng like that because $h£ is !nsane or is $h£ obsessive, I queried.

After d!nner, i retired to my room, after fre$h£n up went to b£d.

I’m gonna try meet get Judy treated at any course.
I had tak!ng Judy some days ago to see th£ door and th£ door called a $4million.
Wh£re on earth will i get such money.
My salary at th£ restaurant is barely a million.
It is even half a million.
But still am gonna try raise up that money for Judy’s treatment.
As for f!nd!ng h£r family. I hope one day am gonna see th£m.

Th£ next morn!ng, Judy as forgotten ab©vt h£r anger. $h£ came to wish me a good morn!ng. I was m©r£ than glad

f*st Forward⏩⏩



Those !ncompetent cops haven’t found my sister yet.
Any way am also !nto f!nd!ng my sister.
Danny and i’ve be!ng search for Judy for a week now.
After school we’re gonna go @r0vnd th£ area i saw Judy.
I hope to f!nd h£r one day.

Danny stop is scooter to buy bottle of water.
We’ve be!ng h£re for scann!ng th£ street fro two hours now.
Danny is my best friend. h£ always like h£lp!ng me.
h£ doesn’t compla!n of me stress!ng h¡m.
I had oth£r friend also. Sadie and Elise.
But th£y were busy with th£ir normal life.
Don’t wanna bored th£m anyway. Even Danny.
But Danny !nsist that h£ also gonna h£lp !n search of my sister.
I k!nda of have a crush on h¡m. But i didn’t wanna let h¡m no.
What of if h£ doesn’t feel th£ same.

My eyes scan everywh£re @r0vnd and came to rest on that th£ same cycle that Judy hopped !n.
Th£ cycle was park near a shop.
I still recognize th£ cycle. I’ve a feel!ng that it’s th¡s same cycle.
I’d ran to th£ shop Danny went to by th£ water.
I tap h¡m and told h¡m i’ve see!ng th£ cycle.
We hurried ©vtside and luckily th£ cycle was still th£re.
” Don’t be silly. Everyone can gave th£ same cycle with that one ” h£ po!nted ©vt.
” Danny, my m!nd tells me, it th£ same cycle” i a$$ured.
” let go closer to it. So if th£ owner one’s to drive it away. We’re not gonna lose h¡m ” i suggested.
” Okay ” h£ agreed
We hopped !nto h¡s scooter. I arch£d a brow and saw th£ owner of my h£ cycle had already hopped !n. Ready to zoom off.
I w!nked at Danny to hurry. Th£ guy drove off.
We chase after h¡m. But buh! damn shit! We lost h¡m to th£ crowd.
” if only you were f*st enough. We would’ve lost h¡m ” I said to Danny, vent!ng my anger and disappo!ntment at h¡m.
” Jeez, are you sure it even it was th£ same person ” h£ snapped, half yell!ng.
” And we’re done for th£ day ” h£ added and turn to live.
I didn’t say anyth!ng. h£ drove me home.
Danny obviously, notic!ng my disappo!ntment,a$$ured me everyth!ng is gonna be alright.
That i will f!nd Judy soon. And i hope so.
I really wanna see h£r.

[email protected] POV

I drove to a shop after work and bought some chocolate 🍫 Judy as be ask!ng me nor stopp!ng to buy.
$h£ receive th£ chocolate with so much excitement.
I was damn stress for th£ day. I plumber d©wΠ to th£ couch and take a long nap.


Judy POV

I was felt alone wh£n [email protected] $h£ [email protected] always ago away.
I’d look at th£ clock wait!ng for [email protected] to arrive.
It as if th£ time is always s1©w.
I’d miss [email protected] wh£n h¡s always away.
I sat at th£ couch after eat!ng so chicken w!ngs that [email protected] prepared.
I’d watch Tom and Jerry. Th£y wasn’t show!ng my favorite cartoon Sponge Bob.
So i settle d©wΠ for tom and Jerry.

Th£y was a knock at th£ door. I sprung up and made my way to th£ door happily.
Am sure it was h£ro.
I open up and saw it wasn’t h£ro, but th£ same lady that hug h£ro.
I frowned.
Why is $h£ h£re now. My eyes caught h£r luggage.
Do $h£ wanna live h£re. No way th¡s witch wanna take h£ro away from me.
I will not let h£r !n.

. promise 💖

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