sin episode 37 – 38






Lily stare at the wall without moving one step backwards or forward ” who are you?” Mumbling, the voice seem to become clear but still wasn’t answering my question.

” Come to me lily ” the portal seem to open wide, a man with short brown hair and brown eyes step Forward, tall and masculine ” lily….I mean Alisa Chen ” I frown at that name, what do he mean by that ” you need to stop lying to yourself”

” What do you mean ” the white portal close up and he move swiftly to my side, holding my hands, fear begin to rise in me slowly ” let go ”

” You do not belong in this era Alisa” he move close then smile, you do not belong to this palace or to Lord Mammon”

” What do you mean?”

” You belong to me ” he smile ” my child ” his words made me remain still” you’re my child, mine and I know this world isn’t fair to you but you do not belong here ”

” I don’t believe you ”

” I did wrong things”

Moving backwards I shake my head ” stay away!”

” The truth is that I had no idea you went back in time and grew so fast ”

” You’re lying ”

” You are not meant to be in this story Alisa, you are not made for Mammon ” I stop walking when I heard that ” his mate will be arriving soon and trust me, it is not you ”

” I…..”

” Return back to your time, return back to your era and let the death spirit that should be here, be able to return ”

” You must be lying” I mumble ” I love Lord Mammon and am just human, I have no special power” he move closer and touch my face, tears visible in his eyes ” i wasn’t a good father to you, I should have watch you closely, I should have done more, am sorry, so sorry for neglecting you ”

” I do not know you ”

” You choose to forsake your memories ”

” Why?” I look at him “why did I choose that ”

” Only you can answer that Alisa ” he smile ” only you can choose to close your eyes and unlock what you have locked”

” You’re Chen ”

” I am ”

” My father?”

” Indeed”

” Why are you still so young”

” Probably because I died long ago and then use in an experiment so now I can never age ” he step back ” am afraid I have to go now, I will return soon but then, a week here is like a day to me ” after that he vanish, he must have been saying that it will take time before he return.

I look around, everywhere dark, no noise, the moon still shining bright and the stars all over him ” hey moon ” I mumble ” why can’t you choose just one star” I ask then tears begin flowing ” am told that your real star will soon be arriving and then will ask you to throw me away just like I ask you to do to the others ”

” Lily?” Turning back I stare at brother martin, he gives me a confused look ” why are you out so late lily ”

” I have something bothering me brother martin”

” Go on ”

” You’re a vampire aren’t you ”

” Indeed”

” If you were to fall in love and then later find out she is not your mate, your real mate later arrives….you will go with her instead ”

” It’s a mate bond lily ” he shrug ” I will have to go with her, is what the gods wishes ”

” Why do you need to obey the gods ”

” Lily ”

” Why do they choose who we should be with, who gave them the right to do so ”

” They created us lily ”

” I wish ” tears flow from my eyes ” I wish I wasn’t created” looking at the sky, I yell ” I hate the fact that you created me” more anger begin rising from deep within me, have I always hated the gods ” you gave me a horrible life and now won’t let me live it in peace, I hate you!!!” Thunder strike and rain begin to fall suddenly.

It was snowing a minute ago

Breaking down in the hallway, I cry my pains out, half of the pain I know and the others confuse me ” you will not let me fall in love in peace, for thousands of centuries I have been left behind because of a mate bond and it’s about to happen again” the words left my mouth before I understand what am saying.

It means I have fallen in love before?

” You should stop crying lily, go back to your chambers and sleep ”

” No ”

” Why not?”

” Lord Mammon happens to be there ”

” I will take it that you’re fighting with him ”

” Yes ”

” You should makeup ”

” Don’t want to ”

” Love is a beautiful thing lily ” brother martin smile ” don’t let jealousy ruin it for you ” looking at him, he understands the question in my eyes and then nod ” yes, I lost her because of it…..I was jealous, so jealous that I have her killed ”

” Brother martin”

” Go back to Lord Mammon” he pat my head ” go and give him a good night k!$s ” nodding my head, I stand to my feet and head back to the chamber, stepping in, I shut the door and stare at Lord Mammon who is laying down with his eyes closed.

He slowly sit up and then stare at me, not saying a word and neither did I… still very much angry.

” You’re back ”

” Weren’t you supposed to chase after me ” why am I arguing, I should just give him a goodnight k!$s.

He chuckle softly then smile ” you’re hilarious lily ”

” So this seem funny to you ”

” Indeed”

” I can’t believe this” I move closer to the bed and then stop walking, didn’t even plan on climbing the bed ” am not happy Lord Mammon and you find it funny ”

He move his head slightly to his left then nod ” indeed ”

” Wow ”

” You’re so good at making me smile and laugh silly ”

” It’s lily ”

” Silly lily ” he hold my hand and pull me close to him and without permission he k!$s me, short and sweet.

” What’s that for ” I mumble with a flush face.

” A goodnight k!$s silly ”






” Do you think Lord Mammon will believe such a thing ” his voice grumble that the whole room shake up ” and what is more complicating is Chen showing up, I thought I told you to make it difficult for him ”

” I did master ” I mumble while Bowing my head ” I lock up the portal so hard that it took him seventeen years before he was able to locate her in this era ”

” Then you didn’t do your work properly” he growly ” knowing it will be better off to place you in the palace for information I did that but still yet, you’re totally useless!” Hearing footsteps approach me, sweats begin to roll from my head down to my face ” Alina”

” Forgive me master, I promise to receive more information now ” lifting my head I meet pair of golden eyes but his face was covered with black cloth ” am pretty close to her now, I promise to get more information from her tomorrow”

” Tomorrow?”

” It’s the village festival master, she will be out of the mansion and out of Lord Mammon care……she will find a sister in me and then tell me everything ”

” How sure are you ”

” Hundred percent master ” he bend to my level and grab me by my neck, the pain was too much but I dare not say a thing.

I just shouldn’t die.

” I want to know what Chen told her, I want to know why the drug pond gave to her isn’t working ” Letting go of my neck, I cough and he purred ” if I don’t get tangible information tomorrow from you, same time, you know what will happen”

” Yes master ” bowing my head, I notice that his presence is gone and that way am able to relax and breath out, I need to find out more from lily, need some kind of information that will keep me alive.

“Alina, the dishes are not done!” Miss Clara yell and I run out of my room, faking a smile while hurrying to the kitchen but in the process of opening the door I freeze.

Lily figure came into view and I frown, what is so good about her? Why is everyone bothered about her? Who is chen to her? ……why is she special and am not even special the slightest” lily!” Calling after her, she stop walking and I move over to her side, smiling….trying my best to make it real but she always notice.

” You don’t seem happy Alina”

” Knock it out, you know I am ”

” I mean, tomorrow is the festival, you should be happy ”

” But you look sad lily ” stopping in the hallway I hold her hand gently ” you do know we are friends right ”

” Yes ”

” You know you can tell me anything that is bothering you, anything at all ” I rush my words without thinking ” like about Chen ”

” Huh ” she give me those furrow brows ” how do you know about Chen, I mean I haven’t mentioned it to anyone ” she pull back her hands, giving me a confused look, thinking hard to come up with something different I look around, thankful no one is around before mumbling.

” Yesterday, I saw what happened”

” I don’t….”

” Someone came out of a white hole, wall….you called him Chen ”

” You shouldn’t have seen that ”

” But I did and am worried” exhaling I put in my full act ” I know you must be in some kind of problem, tell me lily, surely I can help….you can lean and cry on my shoulder”

This got her smiling and now nodding” is nice to have such a good friend like you Alina, I will forever be grateful” she smile trying to make me feel guilty.

” You sure ”

” Yes Alina” she step forward and hold my hands ” I will love to talk to you and lean on your shoulder but someone already took that spot and it’s Lord Mammon, he will hate if am to lean on someone else”

” Of course, you’re right ” giving her a smile back, I watch her wave before walking away, into the main palace, a concubine like her freely walking into the lord’s territory.

How lucky.

Too lucky for her type.

And it’s just horrible that I couldn’t get to make her talk, I mean she is so naive and stupid, she should have believed me , I try moving but I couldn’t, like I have been placed under a spell ” what ”

” You’re coming with me ” and with that, a huge leather bag is placed on my head, covered my face as they take me to wherever they wish to.

Lily on the other hand didn’t suspect Alina of anything, Hmming happily thinking she has found a new friend, she walk slowly to Lord Mammon study room since she has nothing else to do for the day.

Stopping halfway, I stop then listen carefully to the flute playing, the sound itself seem to draw my feet to it’s located and oddly it’s at Lord Mammon favorite garden.

Someone putting on white trouser and shirt, playing the flute carefully as the wind blow, his long hair tied in a high ponytail move slightly.

I haven’t seen his face, his back still facing me ” who are you?” Out of curiosity I asked but his question amazed and confused me.

” Rather, who are you”

” What do you mean ”

” Earlier you seem to be searching for Lord Mammon” he let go of the flute but haven’t turn around yet ” he went for hunting but then that shouldn’t be my business”

” Indeed ”

” What confuse me is why you choose to hide in here, ruining other people lives ”

” What do you mean?”

” Exactly what you’re thinking ” he turn around, his face fill with scars, so scary that I step back, he has the darkest eyes I have ever seen ” you don’t belong here, you don’t have the right to run away Alisha” he frown ” or should I call you lily now ”

” Who are you ”

” Your worst nightmare ” and with that he vanish, leaving me more confused, why is everything so confusing, I don’t understand one think, everything is so confusing, letting me with one question.

Who am I?


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