sin episode 39 – 40






Lily watch as the air move gently, her heart won’t stop beating fast, they was this feeling that something is about happen, I can’t shake it off my body, I just can’t stop myself from shivering from fear.

The whole place was gradually turning upside down, I couldn’t breath properly, he called himself my worst nightmare” you did this to me!” His voice ring in the whole place and I flinch from fear.

Looking around I try finding his location but it’s like he is not here, invisible” you don’t have the right to start afresh after what you did to me ”

” But I don’t know you!”

” You dare tell lies ”

” No, it’s the truth, I don’t know you ” looking around, everywhere is dark, so dark I can’t see a thing and it feels like am floating in air ” I know nothing about you ” eyes appear all over the dark surrounding, his dark eyes.

” You seem to have forgotten”

” Forgotten?” I repeat his words then frown ” they is nothing to remember, talk less of forgetting”

” Maybe if you are to go back in time and watch your life, you will realize what you have done to me!”

” I don’t understand”

“See for yourself then ” his voice has a hint of evil in it ” watch how wicked you are Alisha” the eyes vanish and the next thing happening is finding myself standing in a room with other girls ” princess Alisha ” they bow down so did I and Alisha walk in, she has long blond hair, dark eyes but she look only twelve.

They call her princess?

” One of you will be my maid ” she mumble and we all lift our head, she look at us with pure anger ” such dirty people come here to serve me!” She growl and an elderly woman move close to her, kneeing.

” Please just select one out of them ”

” Which kingdom are they coming from?”

” The north empire princess Alisha”

” That’s light kingdom” she squeeze her hands tightly ” I want them to be slaughtered, all of them should be killed ”

” Princess” the elderly woman bow her head ” they are fifty in numbers ”

” Are you trying to go against me?”

” At least you should get to permission from Lord Chen first ”

” I said they should be killed!” Her gaze move to meet mine ” that one look a bit clean, she will be my maid” I remain still, everything seem so surreal.

People are saying that’s me, I can never be this wicked” you, hurry up and go with her!” Nodding my head I try to keep up with her pace, she seem so angry at everything, her steps even has a hint of anger in them.

” Princess you shouldn’t build up much anger in you ” she stop walking then look at me, her anger seem to be increasing, the other maids with her, gave me a sorry expression.

” And who ask you to speak ”

” Princess am only worried about your beauty, all these anger will make you grow old” she cool down Abit after hearing my words.

” You think so ”

” Indeed milady ” smiling I mumble ” you need to relax more often ”

” You that make me more beautiful?” She look at me ” will that make father look at me more than he does to other Lord children” she might be a child but something must have happened” will that make Devis love me instead?”

” Yes milady” I smile ” is all about holding yourself in high regard ” I must be on her good side and find out what’s happening with her, I need to find out more things and know why people relate me to her.

” You alone” she mumble ” come with me ” nodding my head, the other maids left and I walk into the carriage with her , silence fall between us and I study her, how she hold herself in high regard, so much respect.

The carriage move for hours before finally stopping, but the place seem so different, more modernized…..the houses also look different.

The style of dressing in this time, seem to be slowly changing ” there she is ” princess Alisha mumble the moment we step outside, I stare at a small girl with black long hair and red eyes ” her name is light, Lucifer daughter ”

” Why do you hate her so much ”

” She stole from me ” I watch Alisha fold her hands ” she stole him from me ” I stare at the boy that came into picture, black hair tied in a high ponytail with dark eyes…..such like the guy that was playing the flute but here, he look so young and his face is normal, no scars.

” You mean she also love him ”

” No ” Alisha look at me ” she love Lord Delun but still stole him from me, he was supposed to be my bodyguard but then she show up and I hate her for that ”

” Princess”

” My father also treats her with kindness, saying he once loved her mother ” I watch pain dance in this twelve years old child, she is far too young for all these emotions, she step back holding her chest and breathing really fast.

” Princess” I bend down to her level ” I know how you feel and I know exactly what you should…..” Before I could say more, everywhere turn dark again ” what’s happening”

” You will not be changing the past ”

” Then why send me there ”

” For you to see how ruthless you are when you were just twelve” he growl ” and also to see how sick you were ”

” Sick ”

” Yes, you had a problem with your source of magic and once all the magic leaves one’s body, that person dies ”

” Am afraid I do not understand ” I look at him ” is that why I reincarnate”

” No Alisha” he growl ” I just show you how ruthless you were when you were so young, killing over fifty people without thinking twice ”

” That’s…. ” He cut me off

” Now I will show you what you become after growing up ” the voice got angrier ” I will show you the demon you became and why you have no right to live peacefully”the whole place got darker ” not after all what you have done !”






All it took was for her to blink her eyes, the surrounding once again change and this time around, Alisha is a bit grown but on a sick bed ” princess” I mumble and she weakly turn to my direction, didn’t even bother in smiling ” what’s happening”

” Her illness” hearing that voice, I watch Chen and a woman step in, they both look worried ” she will die if we don’t do anything” he growl and the woman which should be his wife move close to the sick bed, tears dropping from her eyes as she hold Alisha hands gently.

” What did my child do to deserve this ” she whimper ” Alisha is just fifteen and now leaving this world ”

” They is a way Trini ”

” I told you it’s too dangerous”

” We are going to lose her anyway ” Chen growl ” this way she will be alive ”

” She will be living as a spirit ”

” Only at night!” Chen step forward” I don’t wish to lose my child Trini, I know I have done lot of wrongs but please, please let me save her ”

” You need not ask me Chen ” Trini mumble, her blond hair tied in a messy bun ” talk to Alisha about it, if she gives her consent then it’s fine “after that Trini left the room and Chen look at Alisha.

” What caused this Alisha, I told you never to over stress your fragile body ”

Alisha blink then frown ” Devis was k!$sing light ”

” Hmmm”

” You don’t need to pretend to support me, you have always seen light as the pure and innocent child ”

” That’s not true Alisha ”

” I care less father ” Alisha Avert her gaze from her father ” seeing them in that position, it angered me so much that I cast an everlasting spell on Devis ”

” Spell ”

” I destroyed his face ” Alisha smile, an evil smile” you look speechless father, isn’t it the time for you to try scolding and …” Before she could say more, she start coughing blood and Chen remain still, just nod his head.

” Do you wish to live Alisha ”

” No ” she frown ” I want to die, am sick of this world ”

” I will turn you to a spirit of death Alisha ”

” What?”

” You will only need to kill at night ” Chen nod ” since you love hurting people so much, I suppose this shouldn’t be hard ”

” No, I don’t like the sight of blood, I wish to die!”

” And I won’t let you ” Chen stand to his feet ” take this as punishment for what you did to Devis ”

Tears drop from Alisha eyes, she close them then mumble hurtful words, words that no father will wish to hear ” I hate you ”

This was why I was turned into a spirit, spirit of death and it was to save me from dying but I have this feeling that things went wrong, they must have been a reason why I chose to change my life completely.

” Why are you still standing there” Alisha gaze move to mine ” leave!”

” Yes milady ” nodding my head I rush out of the room, then hide behind a corner to listen to Chen and Trini conversation.

” She agreed ”

” She did?” Trini look confused ” why will she wish to be the spirit of death, killing people all over the world”

” Your daughter has always have a weird way of thinking ” Chen force a smile out ” we should begin when she is sleeping ”

” Indeed ” Trini nod ” I should pay the gods a visit ” and with that Trini vanished, Chen must have married one of the lower goddess, that must be why it seem so simple for her to pay them a visit.

” Forgive me Alisha” tears drop from his eyes ” I just wish to see you alive, I can’t lose you”

Everywhere turn dark once again and I frown ” you’re Devis ”

” Indeed ”

” Why did you choose light over her !!!” He walk out of the darkness and appear right in front of me ” you knew Alisha loved you ”

” Yes” he growl ” I knew you love me but then I do not feel same, don’t I have the right to choose who I wish to stay with ”

” Alisha said light love Delun ”

” That may be true but I wanted to try my luck ” Devis growl ” beside no one in their right sense will want to be with such an evil child….you were fifteen, light was seventeen….you were a child”

” You should have talk it out ” growling I step back then shake my head ” this is not enough reason for me to change era, No. This is not enough reason for me to go back in time and try to start afresh ”

” Am afraid I do not know more about you ” Devis growl.

” Why are you even showing me this?”

” I need you to know that you have destroy many people life, so many that you shouldn’t be living a peaceful life with your lover ” Devis step closer ” you might not know it but you’re also destroying Lord Mammon life, you are taking his mate place which means you’re not right for him ”

” Who are the gods to pick a lover for us ”

” You only said that because you know as a spirit of death, you are meant to be alone for ever ” devis and all the darkness vanish, am left standing in that garden, many more questions in my head.

They is still more to unfold but first, first I need to see Mammon….I need to see him.

My hands move to my worried heart, it feels like all these has happened before, the calm breeze before the storm.

Lord Mammon smile as he cut off the last lycanthrope head, blood all over his body ” milord, you are indeed right ” baron lift his lips ” the feeling of killing is spectacular ”

” Hmmm”

Looking at the small Village of the lycanthropes I nod my head, this is definitely a sign of war but I careless, I needed to blow off some steam and am happy I have done so.

” Do we move to the next village”

” No ” I mumble” it appears my body long to be in touch with that of lily ”

” Milord ” baron frown and I chuckle half-heartedly.

” My dear friend” mumbling I look up at the sun ” I believe I can’t live if lily is not in my life”

” You love her?”

” The term love seem rather delusional to me ” smiling I purred ” I suppose I find her interesting, attractive and worth my time ”

” Sound like love to me milord ”

” Indeed “‘


What could be the reason of lily decision to reincarnate, that to in the past not future

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