Sisterhood episode 13




The next session began before the year was over. Christmas break was to start on the 23rd of December. On the 20th, there was a knock on the door of their hostel room. It was Bashir. He stood tall and gorgeous. Nkem opened the door first and was breathless. He dressed in his usual well-styled babariga. Nkem knew who he was before he could say anything.

She stepped back into the room and asked Zainab to see who was at the door. Zainab came to the door and could not believe her eyes. She was not well dressed so she couldn’t step outside.

Bashir smiled at her look of disbelief. He said to her, “I will be waiting downstairs.”

He smiled as he walked away. She had a cap on but not her hijab. She was more beautiful than her pictures and the video calls. She had beautiful skin. He was impressed with her. He waited impatiently for her to meet him.

Zainab could not believe her eyes. Funke and Esther ran to the balcony to catch a glimpse of him. He was tall, taller than they had imagined. He had charisma. He walked straight with his head held high. It was impressive.

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“Is that Bashir? Zainab, you hit the jackpot. Everything he has done are forgiven. Omo see fine man. If not that Ebuka has stolen my heart, I would have offered it to him,” Funke said with so much admiration.

“For Funke to consider Bashir, then I have slept with him already. The guy is fine. Northern men are fine. See skin. Zainab, you got a fine man. Thank God you added some weight, how would you have managed to carry all that goodness?”

“Esther!!!! Will you change? Remove your eyes o! Bashir has eyes only for Zainab. Dress up quickly and meet him. Funke, help her with her face, she needs to look good. Let’s choose what she will wear. Apply mascara on her long lashes so her eyes will pop. Zainab, you have to look so good he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.”

They prepared her. She looked gorgeous as she went to meet Bashir. He watched her walk to him. She had gained weight and she radiated. He liked her fuller; she was stunning.

“Salam maleku,” she said when she met him.

“Maleku salam. How are you?”

“I am fine,” she replied shyly.

“I will like to take you out. Maybe we could have lunch somewhere. I am not conversant with Lagos. Where can we go?”

“I am also not conversant with restaurants and eateries here; I don’t go out.”

He smiled. It was a test and she passed. He had been told about a classy place at Victoria Island he could take her to. They went together there. He could see her eyes swell in bewilderment when they entered the Island. She had never been there before. He decided to show off to her.

They walked into the restaurant. He had his hand around her waist. She had filled up nicely; he liked what he felt. She shied away when they entered the restaurant as all eyes were on them. She was the one they stared at the most, she was of Fulani descent.

He ordered for both of them as they settled down. He watched her eat; she was well groomed. She ate with her complete cutlery and ate correctly. Her parents had done a good job.

After the meal, she asked if she could order some food for her roommates. Bashir placed the order and they received it.

“I got some things for you but they are in my hotel room. We can quickly get there so I can give you.”


“My hotel.”

“Ok,” she replied.

When they got there, she refused to get down from the car. “I will wait here or at the lobby for you to get it. It is wrong to be alone with you in your hotel room.”

“What will happen? Will I force you? Even if I do, isn’t it mine? Are we not engaged? Stop being childish and let us go upstairs.”

“I am not going with you. If truly you had something to give me, you would have brought it with you. We both know my reputation will be ruined if I join you in the room. I will have to leave now.”

“And where are you going, Zainab? Do you know your way around here?”

“I don’t need to. I will ask the security men and they will direct me. It is either you take me back or I leave on my own.”

Bashir told her to wait and he went away for a while. He came back with a suitcase. He placed the suitcase in the boot of the car and entered the car with her. He said to her, “Never you undermine my authority again. I got things for you; there are more when you get back home. The problem is you do not know how to love someone; you are too fixated on your faith. You have to try to loosen up otherwise I will marry another woman after I have made you my wife.”

This was a subtle threat. She was determined not to play any dangerous games with Bashir. He would win. He was used to causing unnecessary rancour. If given the opportunity, he would create a false scenario to dent her image. The old Bashir was back.

He waited for Zainab so they could travel to Ilorin together where their families lived. He tried to be cheerful with her while they travelled but Zainab was on the edge. She didn’t trust Bashir. Her father called her every thirty minutes of the journey. Bashir was uncomfortable with the close monitoring.


Esther was to travel back to Sapele for Christmas. She told Jake she would be leaving on a Tuesday. Jake gave her money and asked her to come back as soon as she could.

Esther packed her bags but she didn’t travel that day. She went to Efe’s house early that morning. Efe was home getting ready for work when Esther arrived.

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“What are you doing here?” Efe asked when he answered the door.
“I need a place to stay until I leave for Sapele on Thursday.”

“Why? What happened to your hostel accommodation?”

“Nothing is wrong with it. I don’t want to stay there. I want to be on my own.”

“It is not a good idea. Please go back to the hostel.”

“I will be here when you get back.” she dropped her suitcase and lay on the couch. Before he could say anything, she was asleep.

Efe wondered what she wanted. She was playing a very dangerous game. Seeing her excited his body but troubled his mind. He had tried to get over her and when he was succeeded she pulled this stunt.

He didn’t have food at home and was low on cash, he hadn’t received his salary yet. If she was adamant about staying, he had to raise money to feed her. She had to leave the following day.

Esther slept for five hours before she woke up and then went to the market to buy food items to cook before Efe got home. Jake had stressed her out all through the night with the unnecessary partying. She got drunk before they got home and she had to leave early in the morning. Jake had just bought a new car; it was brand new. He promised to buy her a car. She was excited about it. But, her body craved for Efe.

She had this conversation with Nkem. Even though Nkem was strict and virtuous, she was real. Nkem believed so much in fairy tale romance which didn’t look like it would happen. She wanted a wealthy prince charming to sweep her off her feet and marry her. She also believed this was a sure way to get her family out of poverty.

Nkem advised Esther to try other guys. It was shocking coming from Nkem. But she made sense.

“You have only been with two guys. The second guy was a better lover than the first. Try a third guy; he might clear your madness for Efe. Efe doesn’t want you anymore, get someone else.

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Esther tried someone. It was a one nightstand. She didn’t enjoy the sex. She reached an orgasm and all but immediately it was over, she wanted to leave. She felt disgusted at herself that she promised never to try it again.

Now she was with Efe and she felt the bond. She liked him a lot. She liked the feel of his hand on her body. She had been imagining it for a long time. She enjoyed the way he kissed her intimately, the passion he exhibited when they made love. The fact he wanted all or nothing was a big problem for her. Jake spoilt her silly; he gave her money and she got anything she requested for.

Efe couldn’t give her that financial backing. She liked him. They could talk for hours. He wanted her to excel in her academics. He pushed her beyond her limits. He believed in her. Since she had been away from him, she had missed him. Jake didn’t want her near any guy. She had to lie to him her father insisted she returned home so she could spend two days with Efe.

She had sent Jake a message she had arrived in Sapele. He was under the impression she couldn’t go out or even have a boyfriend. She didn’t want him coming around or disturbing her with calls. She had a plan.

She took an afternoon bath after cooking. She shaved her pubic hair, underarm hair and the hairs on her legs. She moisturised her skin and dressed up, waiting for Efe to return. She had cooked soup and made swallow which she stored in a small cooler.


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