Sisterhood episode 22





Bashir came back to Lagos towards the end of January for his onward journey to the United Kingdom. Before he came back to Lagos, he spoke to Zainab every day and sometimes several times a day. He wanted her to be comfortable around him and he was beginning to achieve that. She was no longer in a hurry to get off the phone when she spoke to him and he stopped taunting her and making her uncomfortable.

Aisha had caught him with other girls. She wasn’t happy about it but what could she do? He apologised to her and invited her over to make peace. She came to see him and even spent the night. He decided to go after her. He wanted her to feel guilty and he would capitalise on her guilt.

“I don’t know if I can still marry your cousin,” he said to Aisha.

“Why do you say so?”

“You have slept with her husband. How will you be comfortable visiting her when we get married?”

“I don’t understand. What does being mean? We are just lovers while you are betrothed to her. How does what we do affect your marriage with her?”

“I can’t marry her because she might just be like you. When I met you, you had no virtue. It means you must have been a whore while in school. Your cousin might be pretending to be chaste for me to marry her, but I won’t. If you are like this and you told me she listens to you, how many men have you introduced her to? I enticed you and slept with you to know more about my betrothed’s family. They are not as pious as they claim to be when they have someone like you who will have sex several times with your cousin’s fiance. I will have to discuss this with my parents and also let her family know.”

Aisha couldn’t believe her ears. What was Bashi trying to do? Did he want to tarnish her image? Or was this a ploy to make her not reveal all she had found out about Bashir to Zainab? Initially, she was scared. But then she remembered, this guy wanted pious Zainab desperately; there was no way he would ruin this now. She didn’t respond to him. She stood up and went into the bathroom without saying a word.

Bashir was amazed at her countenance. He saw her initial fear, but within seconds it was replaced with indifference. What was she up to? She came out of the bathroom, got dressed in his presence and sat down on the bed pressing her phone.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“I don’t listen to empty threats. If you truly mean it, call Zainab and her family and tell them. Should I call her for you? Someone that isn’t interested in marrying you because she feels uncomfortable around you. Make the mistake of calling it off and see if she will not be happy. Someone I am encouraging to accept you because you genuinely love her is the person you want to reveal this to. Let me help you. I will call her now and tell her I just had sex with you at your place. Should I do that?” she dialled a number and put it on speaker. Bashir rushed and took the phone from her. He then ended the call. “What happened? Do I look like a naive girl you can play games with? My cousin will never cheat on you. Unfortunately, she is getting married to a swine. What kind of man comes after his fiance’s cousin? You are the disgusting one amongst us.” She picked up the money he had dropped by the side stool before he began the mindless conversation and left.

She was angry as she left there and vowed never to see him again. She also decided she will let Zainab know about the man she was about to marry. Well, she decided against it. Zainab deserved him. She was being a good girl. Everyone praised her and talked highly of her. See who her father betrothed her to. At least when the marriage ends, she was certain it would, Zainab will no longer be praised. She smiled as she went home.

Bashir found Aisha amusing but with the stunt she pulled, he could see she knew him and knew how to handle him. “This girl has been on the street and couldn’t be overridden. It was impressive the way she called his bluff. Did he give the impression he was in love with Zainab? He did love her but not the way Aisha tried to make it sound. Thoughts of Zainab flooded his mind. He tried to imagine what he would do to her.

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Bashir called Zainab to let her know he was in Lagos and would love to see her. She had become more comfortable around him and was willing to see him. He sounded excited and it was contagious. Zainab didn’t mind seeing him again. She smiled so much while they talked on the phone.

He came to pick her up from the hostel. He treated her to a beautiful lunch and then asked her to join him in his hotel room. Initially, she was sceptical but she finally agreed to go upstairs with him. They talked mainly. He offered her a drink, but she declined it. She didn’t eat or drink when she was alone with him. He noticed she was cautious. He didn’t make a move that day.

He saw her every day for the next three days. It was almost the same routine but, some days it was dinner they had. He took her to the beach on the day before he was to travel back. It was a Saturday. She dressed appropriately for the outing (thanks to Funke). She showed more skin than she normally did. He couldn’t stop looking at her. The temptation to touch her bare skin heightened. He saw her arms when the sea breeze pushed her hijab out of the way. She wore a sleeveless top. He took several pictures of her and they had fun before they left for the hotel.

At the hotel, he asked her if she wanted to take a bath and freshen up. She declined initially but later on, her body began to itch so she went into the bathroom, locked the door behind her and took a bath. Removed the sand from her clothes before she dressed up again.

“No, take off those clothes, I have a new set for you,” he handed her a pair of shorts and a top.

“I can’t wear shorts, I will be exposing my legs.”

“But you are with me. I don’t mind you exposing your legs. Those clothes will make you itch again. Dress up before we leave or do you want me to leave the room for you?”

“No, I will change in the bathroom. Her body had started itching again and she had to take a bath again and then changed into the new clothes.”

By the time Zainab came out of the room, Bashir handed her a drink and some snacks. She took the drink and the snacks from him. She dropped them by the side stool before asking when he would be leaving.

“Soon he replied. Let’s finish our refreshment and leave.”

She took a bite at the muffin; it was very tasty. She took a sip of the juice. It was fresh pineapple juice. It was nice but tasted a bit weird. She took a second sip and drank some more. Bashir continued talking to her. She responded until she started feeling woozy. She laid down on the bed thinking it would pass and couldn’t remember anything after.

Bashir had planned this meticulously and it worked. He waited for a little while to make sure she was completely out before he took off all her clothes. He took pictures of her naked. He was excited about what he saw. She was beautiful, more beautiful than he had imagined. He touched her body. He rubbed his body against hers. He was tempted to have intercourse with her but he knew she will know when she regains full consciousness. He pleasured himself as he played with her body. It was difficult and a struggle not to penetrate but he won over his flesh. He ejaculated on her body. He took pictures of it. He cleaned her up and took a bath before he dressed her up and waited for her to come around.

She was out longer than he had anticipated. He had given her a low dosage of the GHB so she wouldn’t be out for too long. He left her in the room and went out after a while.

Finally, she woke up. Zainab wondered where she was. She couldn’t remember much. She remembered the muffin and pineapple juice, that was all she could remember. She wondered how she got into bed. She laid awkwardly there. Where was Bashir? Why would he leave her alone in the room and leave? Was he trying to respect her privacy? She stood up and was still a bit woozy. She got her phone and called Bashir.

“You are awake at last. I am coming up to the room. Do you need anything?” Bashir asked.

“I have a headache and I am unsteady, I need something for that.”

“I will get you painkillers and some coffee. Is that ok?”

“Perfect. Thank you.”

“Anything for you.”

He attended to her when he came in. He was overly friendly to her. She was a bit suspicious but she decided against letting anything bother her. He was going back soon and she wanted them to part on a good note.

He took her back to school. He told her how much he enjoyed her company and how he would like to spend more time like this with her. He asked her if she would consider coming to London or the Dubai trip they talked about. She promised to discuss it with her parents. He agreed. He took her hand to his lips and kissed it. She became shy and hurriedly came down from the car. He had confirmed one thing that made him happy, her hymen was still intact. He will be her first and only.

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Zainab felt strange when he kissed her on the back of her palm. It felt s sensual and intimate. She thought about it all night. She also observed while bathing she was quite wet and slimy in her privates. She didn’t know why it happened. Was she reacting to Bashir sexually? She decided being close to him was dangerous. She had grown to like him especially when he was so sweet and caring but she was uncomfortable. She had an uneasy feeling again. Maybe it was because of the experience with him. She made up her mind she wouldn’t let herself go whenever she was with Bashir.

She shared her experience with Bashir that day with Nkem. She sounded so excited with all the activities and the love he showered on her. Nkem wasn’t buying it. “I don’t trust that guy one bit. Don’t be alone with him always. I hope he doesn’t rape you before he goes back.”

Those words put fear in Zainab. Ra-pe? She remembered she was wet and slimy but there was no blood. Would he have touched her and she wouldn’t have known? It wasn’t possible. If he had his way, she would have felt it. She didn’t believe he raped her. She took the advice though.