Sisterhood episode 43




The Nikah ceremony and engagement were held on the same day. It was a beautiful event. Zainab was a lovely bride. She was so beautiful he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He couldn’t stop smiling too. He couldn’t believe in some hours, she will be his.

Bashir observed Zainab’s colleagues that attended the wedding were a good number. They used a coaster bus to attend. He observed there were more men than women and they seemed close to her. They were very generous in their spraying of money. They didn’t look like public servants.

A particular man gave her a special gift. He could see she was excited seeing him. She introduced him to Bashir as the man with the link for the contracts. The man gave him a date for after their honeymoon. Bashir was taken aback when he told him he was lucky to be marrying Zainab. According to him, “She is one in a million.”

He also noticed her friends. They were dressed in the same material. The three of them looked lovely. They sprayed her good money too. He wondered why he was never friends with any of them. They were beautiful ladies. Zainab had told him about Esther’s wedding. She had also mentioned the dark tall one getting married soon. The Igbo girl was a beauty. She displayed sparkling white teeth with slightly obvious open teeth. He liked her. She was also smallish but well-proportioned. Most guys were after her. They asked her for her phone number. She was cool but he knew he had to focus.

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After the ceremonies and party, his mother and uncles went to Zainab’s home to bring her to their home. Bashir waited in his room. An array of food, snacks and drinks were set in the room for them. He stored the drinks in the fridge so they would be chilled. He couldn’t wait to have her in his arms.

He had called his mother several times to know what was delaying them. She told him she was packing her things. He was getting impatient and began to pace. He was tempted to call her to ask her why she was wasting their time. But he decided to call her and make her feel like he misses her so much. He called three times but she didn’t pick up. Eventually, he called his mother back and asked to speak with Zainab. By now he was angry at her.


“I have called you several times but you didn’t pick up,” Bashir said to her trying not to sound angry.

“My phone has been on silent since the ceremony. I am trying to move the majority of my belongings to the car so I don’t need to come back home for some time. I had already packed a few things but I just decided to do this. The last bags have gone to the car, I will be leaving soon.”

“Ok, have you eaten?”

“No, I haven’t. Should I bring food?” Zainab asked.

“We have enough food here, we will not be disturbed.”

Zainab didn’t say anything. She knew what was expected of her. Her mother had talked to her about it. She wasn’t excited. She had talked about the first pain. She had been placed on strong painkillers before the day. Her cousin had given her an ointment to rub in her vagina to make the first penetration less painful or even painless. “You have to pretend that it hurts otherwise they will think you played a game on them. Some girls do.”

Aisha gave her the night slip for their first night. It was black. The upper bodice was lace while the lower part was satin. It was long but still sexy. It came with a housecoat.

When they got to the house, Bashir was downstairs waiting for them. Everyone was surprised. He claimed he came to pick up something. He looked at Zainab, she still had her bridal clothes on and she looked very beautiful. He escorted her to the bedroom while her luggage was brought to the room.

He offered her food but she wanted to bathe first before eating. He let her. He had bathed and changed into his jalamiya. As she had her bath, his mother came to the room to talk to him. He closed the bedroom door and talked to her in the living area.

When Zainab came out, she was alone in the room. She wore the slip and the house coat it came with. She didn’t intend to wear the housecoat initially but since he was talking to someone, she wanted to look decent. She wrapped the housecoat around her body and then came out.

“You’ve bathed? That’s good. Please eat something, you didn’t eat anything today. Bashir, have you eaten?” his mother asked.

“Not yet, I was waiting for her.”

“Then let me leave. Both of you should eat. Bashir, be patient with her,” his mother said while smiling which made Zainab blush. Bashir didn’t hear anything his mother said again, he was just staring at his wife.

Zainab fixed a plate for him and served him the food. He sat down to eat while she fixed her own plate. She didn’t eat much, he didn’t either. He asked her to wash her hands after she was done eating.

When she entered the room, Bashir was standing by the bed. He said to Zainab, “Let down your hair.” She let it down. He asked her to remove the house coat. She removed it. She could see the lust in his eyes. “Take it off! Take off the nightie” he said to her. Zainab couldn’t bring herself to be completely naked in his presence. She didn’t.

“Take it off!” he commanded. She closed her eyes while she took off the slip. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see him get to her. He touched her body. Her eyes sprung open and she jumped back. “Where are you going? Come here. This is what you have been hiding from me. Isn’t it mine now to do as I please?” he said as he played with her breasts. It was awkward for Zainab. She kept trying to stop him but he hit her hands off and continued. She shut her eyes. She was having crazy sensations all over her body and between her legs. She wanted him to stop. She felt his hand between her legs and she jumped back.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you jumping around?”

“Please stop.”

“Stop what? I shouldn’t touch you? I don’t understand.”

She went silent. Do people stand to do this? She felt humiliated as he continued what he was doing knowing how much it would arouse her. He looked at her intensely but her eyes were shut. He commanded her to open and not close them again. She opened them. He looked deeply into her eyes as though he wanted to reach her soul and did things to her body she could only imagine. She couldn’t take it anymore, she shut her eyes which made him smile.

He stripped while her eyes were still shut and pulled her to himself. It was her first time and she hoped he would be nice but she couldn’t understand what he was doing. He kissed her and guided her hand to his erect phallus. He directed her on how to stroke it while still kissing her. He then whispered to her, “Take it in your mouth.”

“What?” she asked as she jumped away.

“Go on your knees and take it in your mouth.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Then get out of my room.”

“What are you saying? I don’t know how to and I don’t want to. Please!”

He wore his jalamiya back on, opened the room door and then the main entrance door and asked her to leave the place. She was shocked. She tried to pick up her nightie but he stopped her. He wanted her out naked. She couldn’t allow anyone to see her nudity. She begged him but it fell on deaf ears. “I will do it.”

“You will do what pleases me. You are my wife and I own you. If I ask you next time and you decline, you will no longer share this apartment with me. I will bring someone who can fulfil it.”

Zainab wondered where the Bashir that was all over her went. This Bashir she was experiencing was causing her severe heartache. She went on her knees and did what he wanted. She was terrible at it but he did it to humiliate her further. He turned her on the bed and penetrated her from behind. There was a little pain but it was the suddenness of the penetration that made her react. He continued until he was spent. Then he pushed her away and went into the bathroom.

Zainab couldn’t believe what just happened. She stood up and gathered her sexy nightie from the ground. She heard him taking a bathroom. She needed to bathe too. She felt violated. Was this how it was for other girls? Did they enjoy this assault? This wasn’t for her. She decided she was going back home the next morning. She fought back the tears swelling in her eyes.

Bashir came out and wore his jalamiya. He could see Zainab was distressed. He didn’t bother with her. He went to lie down on the bed. She took her bath and wore the slip with the housecoat. She came into the room and Bashir was asleep on the bed facing the wall. She went to the sitting area and lay on the couch crying. She came back into the room, took her phone and went back to the sitting room. She laid down. As she was about to make a call, Bashir spoke.

“Why are you here?”

“Bashir, please leave me alone. I don’t think I can be your wife. You are an animal and I cannot live with you.”

“Why? Because I took my pleasure from you? It was a punishment for the way you spoke to me yesterday. I am your husband, you have no right to speak to me in that manner. And you even threatened to call off the wedding. What gives you that right? I should have sent you out naked and rejected you after what you did. But because I love you, I decided to punish you instead. Come to bed. I have not worshipped your beautiful body. I want to take you to places you never knew existed. Trust me,” he said as he winked at her. “Come with me.”

He dragged her up and then led her into the bedroom. She had to cry silently. They lay on the bed and that was when Bashir calmly and gently made love to his bride. She moaned and held down the bedsheets as he gave her pleasure. He talked to her as he took over her body. He told her she had to learn how to give him pleasures too. He called her beautiful, he told her how adorable her body was. He said things to her that made her give in to her pleasures many times. They made love all through the night. She dragged herself to take a bath one last time before they fell asleep in each other’s arms. She held on to him while she slept. He had gotten her where he wanted her. She was a woman after all.