Sisterhood episode 63





The following morning, Nkem got up early. She took her bath and got ready for the chores of the day. She wore her bum shorts and a t-shirt, packed her hair (the activities of the night before had scattered) and then tied a scarf on her head. It was harmattan season she had to be well moisturised and ready to start her day.

She left Demian who was still asleep in the room. She went in search of Demian’s mother so she could start cooking early. She wasn’t up yet. She used her phone for music as walked the length of the compound and back. As she was walking, the wife of the eldest uncle came out. She was surprised to see her. Nkem explained she wanted to supervise the cutting of the goat into her desired sizes before cooking.

“They haven’t killed the goats. Here, we don’t eat very early and they like to eat fresh food. The goats are in the barn, I will ask my boy to bring them to you. Where will you want to kill them? The general kitchen is behind my house. I will ask the other wives to assist you..”

“There would be no need for that. I don’t need assistance. Once I know the number of people I am cooking for, I will organise myself. I just need help to know where everything is and assistance to prepare some things. One or two people will do.” Nkem answered.

“You don’t know what you are asking. Don’t agree to slave for others always otherwise they will take advantage. Others are in bed with their husbands and you are here. Where is Demian?”

“He is asleep. I didn’t want to disturb him.”

“He seems to be the lucky one. We are cooking three goats, we love to feast. What are you making with it?”

“I want to make mmirioku ji (yam peppersoup) with it. My mother sent me some spices; before we finish killing the goats and cutting then, I can quickly pick the spices up at the park.”

‘We have spices here you can use…”

“We have special spices we use. I will show you when they arrive. Let me start with the goats first.”

Nkem went with Mama Ukwu to the barn and she saw a herd of goats. She couldn’t believe it. There were also life fowls. She allowed the young man with her to select the goats and ask Nne Ukwu if they were ok. She went back to Demian’s family house. She asked the help to call his mother. She came down a few minutes later. She told her how far she had gone and that she was going back there to kill the goats and prepare the food.

“It is early for us to start. If you insist, there is no problem. What of Demian? Where is he?”

“He is still sleeping. I want to supervise the killing of the goats. Once that is done, I will come back to check on Demian. Food should be ready before 9 am.”

“How can the food be ready before then? Take your time and make a nice meal, there is no rush.”

Nkem left. When she got back, the goats had been killed. They were burning the goats’ furs. She stood at a distance watching. A young lady came to meet her. She said she was available to assist. She went with the girl to get fresh peppers and other ingredients for the food. She also arranged the tubers of yam they were to cook. She asked her to start cutting the yam while she supervised the cutting of the meat. Two other young men joined them in cutting the meat. It was placed in a big basin. Nkem asked for firewood so she could set the fire. They all looked at her funny. She explained to them, “this food would taste heavenly if we use firewood instead of gas. I know what I am saying.”

The man with her spices called her. He had driven to the compound to deliver to her. She was grateful that she wouldn’t need to leave. She thanked him.

They made the fire. Nkem removed some parts of the goat including the head to make the isi ewu and ugba later. She used mortar and pestle to pound the fresh pepper, onions, crayfish, dried prawns, scent leaf and local seasoning called okpei. The guys helped the girl to cut the tubers of yam while Nkem seasoned the goat meat on fire. By the time Nne Ukwu came out to check how far they had gone, she was surprised. Everything had been prepared. The use of traditional pieces of equipment surprised her. She called the other wives and asked them to wake their daughters-in-law to join Nkem.

By the time they strolled in with their mothers-in-law, Nkem was almost done. She was processing the goat heads for her delicacy in the evening. She had been carried away with her activities that she did not remember to check up on Demian. Demian’s mother couldn’t believe her eyes when she came out. Why was she using mortar and pestle? When was the last time they cooked with firewood? She thought the smoke was due to burning the goats not knowing it was Nkem cooking.

Demian came to see Nkem. He signalled to her to leave the group and come to him. She excused herself. He embraced her which made her shy as she knew his family were looking at them.

“Why did you leave without telling me? I would have helped you,” he said to her.

“You needed your beauty sleep. By the way, I am an early riser. Hope you rested well.”

“I did. I missed your body beside me in bed this morning. I wanted to appreciate you once more for the gift.”

“Stop it! You are embarrassing me.”

“I can’t. I can’t get over last night. We haven’t talked about it. I wanted us to talk this morning.”

“I had to get busy. Besides, there is nothing to talk about.”

“But there is. You were a virgin. I need to know why you kept it for this long and decided to give it to me. Tell me.”

Nkem turned red in embarrassment. She said to him, “Can we not talk about this here? Please.”

Demian loved the way she shied away and was embarrassed. He pulled her close to him and kissed her on the lips. She wanted the ground to open at that moment. He whispered to her, “I love you.” He walked her back to the group and greeted them. The women made fun of Demian but he didn’t care. He told Nkem he was waiting for her and winked at her. Nkem was even more embarrassed. The women chased him away saying he was distracting Nkem. His mother wondered what had changed. Demian of yesterday wasn’t this affectionate to Nkem. Doing it openly was a cause for wonder. She could see that Nkem was embarrassed. Something had happened. She knew it was Agnes that will get it out of Demian.

Nne Ukwu sat down to taste the food as it was brought down from the fire while Nkem and those that worked with her cleaned up. Her eyes lit up in excitement. The food was tasty. She said to the younger wives, “Go and wake up your husbands and fathers-in-law. We will converge at the obi at 9 am. Breakfast is ready. Nobody is cooking anything extra for anyone. If you miss this, she will not cook another meal.” They all dispersed. Nne Ukwu asked Nkem to leave the cleaning and meet her ‘husband’. “He is waiting for you. The rest of the job is ours.”

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Nkem met Demian in the compound talking to some guys she hadn’t met before. They were his cousins. Demian introduced them to her and then excused himself. He held her by the waist while they walked to his flat. She felt he was doing too much and exposing them but he hadn’t started.

“How do you feel?”

“I am fine. I have finished cooking, I need to take a bath and join them in serving the food. Have you had a bath?”

“I have but I don’t mind having another. On a serious note, I wasn’t prepared last night so I want to know if you are safe or if we need to use other preventive measures.”

“I am not sure if I am safe or not. I have never really thought about that. Let me check how to calculate it.”

“When was your last period? I know it ended when I came so I need to calculate. Looking at it, you are safe for another three to five days.”

“I have used the online calculator, I am still safe for another four days.”

“Let’s make use of the safe period then.” He picked her up. Nkem was surprised as he carried her into the bedroom. He stripped off her clothes. She smelt of smoke but he didn’t seem to care. He undressed quickly and led her to the shower. They had a bath together and made love while at it. Demian couldn’t have enough of Nkem. He was so excited like a child gifted so many candies. Nkem enjoyed the second attempt. Demian was not as gentle as last night, he was desperate and it seemed he couldn’t wait to have her. It didn’t last very long but it was pleasurable. When they left the bathroom, Demian didn’t want them to leave the room yet, he had other plans. Nkem insisted they could do all that after they had eaten. Demian wouldn’t have it. He chased her around the room and when he caught her he looked deep into her eyes. He said to her, “Do you want to be with me? Will you want to love me forever? I want every day to be like this, me wanting you and you desiring me in return. I don’t care if we don’t have kids, I just want you. I want to love you forever if you feel the same way about me.”

Nkem had not been able to process her feelings after the activities of the night before but she knew she wanted to be with him when Demian, who is usually shy when he is around people he knows, held and kissed her in the presence of his family. It made her feel extra special. She knew she loved him. The attention he was giving her and the PDA in the presence of his family made her feel on top of the world. She didn’t answer him, she removed her towel and kissed him. That was the response he needed at that time.

Eventually, they joined others for breakfast. Nkem had begged Demian not to be too affectionate towards her in the presence of his family, especially the elders. Demian smiled at her; there was no way he could stop. He loved her and he wanted them to know. The world had to know he was happy with her.

They were the last to arrive. They had shared the food and some people had taken a second helping. Everyone confessed the food was very delicious. Nkem served Demian first. He waited for her to take her food before he began to eat. After her meal, Nkem asked Nne Ukwu if she gave food to the people that helped her cook. She had put some food in a smaller cooler for them. She asked Nkem to go and give them herself. They would appreciate it more. Nkem went and came back. She sat with Demian. Demian tried to embarrass her by whispering naughty things to her while they were there. He had taken a second helping when she left. He waited for her to return before he started eating. His words made her look at him surprised at his utterance or made her look away shyly. His mother was observing both of them. She felt hurt Demian had thrown caution to the wind and was all over Nkem. Something had changed overnight.

Demian’s mother called Agnes aside and asked her if she had observed the changes in Demian.

“I observed. I went to his flat to call him for breakfast. They were in the bathroom together. I mean I saw their clothes on the floor and I knew they were there together. I quickly left before he caught me and asked why I entered the room. I just wanted to be sure they were in the bathroom together. I heard them,” she told her mother.

“Demian has lost it. Your father seems to like this girl without knowing her. He said they are seeing a side of Demian they have never seen before. I am too. I told him she can’t stay with him at his flat but he insisted. Demian insisted on fornicating with her in our house. He refused to do so with the girls I brought to him. What hold does she have on him?”

“I will find out. Everyone seems to like her though, not only Demian. You have to give her that. She made this food without calling anyone to help her. She is unique and different from what we are used to. But you must agree, she is beautiful, humble and has a good heart. Don’t look at me like that, I will find out for you.


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