Sisterhood episode 91




Funke went to meet uncle Tobi. She showed him the message. He smiled. He didn’t look at her nude pictures or watched the video. He asked Funke if it was the same guy she asked him to investigate, and she confirmed he was the one.

“He is not sophisticated. He is good-looking and charming. Nkem fell for his charm He likes her because she is not street smart so he can live off her while catching fun. He clubs and has fun with other women while Nkem stays at home and asleep. He is always home by 5 am. He gives her that respect. He likes Nkem. She is naive and trusting.”

“What are you saying?”

“Nkem can continue with him. He doesn’t want to expose her. He wants to be here with a woman, work and make money from both work and women and still be with the woman he likes. He will propose to Nkem. He likes her.”

“He is way younger than her. Why would she want to be with him?”

“Why did she agree to be with him in the first place? Intellectually and socially, are they on the same level? Nkem lived with her husband who is a nerd in America, what did you expect? With this guy, her ex will be jealous and might want to come back to her.”

“Uncle Tobi, you sound like a jealous lover. What is going on between Nkem and you? I asked you this question many times over the years but I have to ask you again now. You are writing Nkem off with your response. What did she do to offend you? Did she make a promise and didn’t keep it?”

“Funke, nothing happened. I have tried for Nkem and I am through with her.”

“But you gave her where she is staying rent-free. Do you think I don’t know? I am aware. Why would you do that?”

“Because she is a director of the company and therefore entitled to a flat. Other directors have flats.”

“Who made her a director of your company?” Funke asked. She was surprised.

“I did. It was a wedding gift. I don’t deny liking Nkem but it ended a long time ago.”

“You are hiding something. I won’t ask again. How can you help her out of this?”

“If she needs help, she should come directly.”

“Hmmm. I said the same thing but she refused. Uncle Tobi, call her and help her this last time. She doesn’t know what to do.”

“She knows what to do but she wouldn’t do it because of her conscience. That’s all I will say.”

Funke left uncle Tobi hellbent on finding out the hidden secret between Nkem and uncle Tobi. She went to Nkem’s home and told her she was leaving. Nkem asked her what uncle Tobi said and she replied, “Uncle Tobi told me what happened between the two of you. I didn’t believe it. Nkem, I thought you were my friend. I was closest to you. You hold my dearest secret in your heart but you refused to share yours with me. I am leaving. We cannot be friends if we have secrets.”

Nkem didn’t believe uncle Tobi will tell Funke what happened years ago but the way Funke sounded, she felt he might have said something. She needed help and Funke now won’t help matters. She looked at Funke and said, “I don’t know what he told you but trust me, nothing happened. I swear, we didn’t have a relationship. He makes me uncomfortable and I feel weird when he talks to me. I like to keep my distance so his wife would not be offended.”

“Are you sure that is all?”

“That’s all. He does too much that I feel indebted.”

“He said you should call him and he will handle the situation himself. But you have to ask for help yourself.”

“This is what I am talking about. He will do it but I will still feel indebted to him.”

“Do you have another option? Try that option. Anyway, he said the boy likes you. He wants you to know he is not leaving any time soon.”

“Ah! How do I get rid of him then?”

“Call uncle Tobi if you want to get rid of him. If not, continue to enjoy him until he gets bored and leaves.”

Nkem had no other choice than to contact uncle Tobi two weeks later when Manuel sent another set of videos after asking to come to visit Nkem and she declined. She was worried when he threatened to send the videos to her bosses. One of her bosses had made advances towards her that she declined respectfully. She had mentioned this to Manuel during one of their conversations. If he sent those videos to him, the harassment would be more and she was hoping her contract would be renewed for another tenure. She wanted the renewal based on merit and not based on uncle Tobi’s influence. The new contract would be for five years and she couldn’t afford to miss out on it. The pay was very good and the work was flexible.

Uncle Tobi asked her to meet him at his home. He gave Nkem an address for her to meet him there. Nkem didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to be left alone with him. The driver picked her up and took her to the address. Nkem wore tight jeans and a shirt. She didn’t want anything that would expose her body or make it look like she was seducing him. And she didn’t want him to have access to her body.

It was not the same house she knew; he had moved house. It was smaller but was an equally nice house. A steward led her to the study where uncle Tobi was. He pointed to the chair opposite him while he spoke on the phone. The steward asked what he should get her but she refused to take anything. She waited for him to finish his phone call.

Uncle Tobi had not aged at all. He still looked the same with his lean stature. He was looking straight at her as he was talking on the phone, There was a stern look on his face as he looked at her. She was seeing a different person from the guy who picked her up from the airport.

After the call uncle Tobi asked Nkem what he can do for her. Nkem found it strange that he would ask that knowing he had heard everything from Funke. When he was waiting for a response she told him what the problem was. She said he sent some more videos and promised to send them to her bosses.

“This is a crime. What you do in your private time has no bearing on your work. He can be persecuted for distributing this. He won’t send it, trust me. He likes you and he wants to be with you. Why do you want to dump him? Are you tired of him already?”

“Uncle Tobi, he is blackmailing me. I don’t want any video of me to get into the wrong hands.”

“What type of videos are they? Send them to me.”

“I would rather not. You have to help me without having the videos. Whatever it might cost, I am ready to pay.”

“Are you sure? Whatever it may cost. I can end it right now but I will get what I want.”

Nkem was silent. She heard between the lines. She could feel the tension between them. The room was cold but she felt hot. She needed to leave at that moment. She stood and said, “Thank you, but I can’t accept your proposal.”

“But I haven’t asked for anything.”

“I know what you want.”

“I don’t want you. Demian has had you and then this sugar boy has enjoyed you for free. He was freeloading on you while making his money from other older women who loved a good time. That’s why he wants to come to Lagos. He will fuck you and also fuck them and still be accommodated by you. I would have managed if it was only Demian but this guy, I am not interested. Your value has dropped.”

Nkem was hurt by his words. She felt so bad. He made her feel worthless. She walked towards the door and he said, “I will clean up your mess as usual. Sometimes I want you to say thank you for what I do for you. A little appreciation doesn’t hurt.”

“How am I to appreciate you? I said thank you several times. I wanted to pay for the apartment but you refused. I appreciate all you do for me. I don’t know how else you want me to show it.”

“A message, a mail, a text, a phone call are ways you can appreciate. Most of all, don’t get into messes. You married Demian even when I advised against it. I told you he wasn’t good enough. I knew what would happen. You married him to avoid me. You gave him your virginity so I don’t take it. He was good enough to have it….”

“Stop, please. Demian and I were in love. I decided to leave because I wanted a career and I have it. Manuel was one person I thought I could have a future with, it turns out he is underage,”

“And a gigolo, don’t forget to add that.”

“I don’t regret being with them. I can’t play Manuel’s game because of my reputation and I don’t want anything to affect my relationship with my son. A scandal will. There is nothing wrong with me wanting to love again.”

“There is nothing wrong. Just don’t jump into bed with anybody. Take your time to find out about them before you give in. If it is purely sex you want, let them know from the word go. That’s my suggestion.”

“I have heard you. I am sorry if I don’t appreciate you enough. I know I have disappointed you, and I am sorry. Please forgive me. I hope after this, I will learn to be celibate. Relationships don’t work for me.” Nkem left the house. It was when she got into the car she could breathe properly again. Why was she always tensed in Uncle Tobi’s presence?


Two weeks after she visited uncle Tobi, Manuel was in Abuja. He came to her apartment to see her. He apologised to Nkem for the threat. He said he acted childish and had to come himself to apologise. Nkem asked about the video recordings. He said he had deleted everything. She asked for the device he used to record them in her bedroom. He went into the room with her and checked for them, but he couldn’t find them. Manuel claimed someone must have removed them. He promised Nkem he would not harass her anymore and even suggested they become friends. She laughed at him and asked how they can be friends when he betrayed her trust by videoing them without her permission.

She called uncle Tobi to tell him what happened. She talked about the video device. Uncle Tobi told her it had been removed immediately after he heard about the blackmail. She thanked him. She also sent a message.

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Then she shared with Funke. She told her everything. Funke was happy it was over. She told Nkem, “I asked uncle Tobi to find a good man for you. I know you want a relationship that would lead to marriage. He said you are not interested in settling down. I didn’t understand what he meant. He told me you are not looking for love. You have no intention of marrying anyone.”

“I don’t want to marry again. One experience is enough for a lifetime. I want a partner who I can be with when it is convenient. Manuel was just perfect until the whole mess. I wouldn’t have sex with a small boy.”

“No wonder he was that skilled. Omo, if I was the one being handled like that, the whole street will hear.”

“He is young and energetic. He has no responsibilities and no ties. Ebuka is older, responsible, and has many ties so you can’t compare them. Most days, when I get back from work, sex is the last thing on my mind. If Manuel was around, he would want to have sex and I have to give in. Not because I want it but to satisfy him. If he had other women, why then did he want to be with me?”

“He likes you. Nkem you are a beautiful woman. Men will always want you. You are not arrogant or boastful. To top it all, you are intelligent and focused. Some men like such ladies.”

“Demian and his family don’t like ambitious ladies.”

“Some of my family members do. My father-in-law likes me and my ambitions. He supports me. But he will not support us being apart. Uncle Tobi doesn’t mind an ambitious woman and she can live anywhere she likes as long as he can trust her. His wife has moved to Canada with the children.”

Nkem was surprised. No wonder he hardly talked about the family. “I hope he supported the move?” Nkem asked.

“Well, she travelled with her children on holiday. They went there and came back. His wife asked him to make some investments there so they can relocate. He refused initially but she was persistent. She said she would divorce him and allow him to live his life if he does it for her. He still refused. After much pressure, she fell ill. It was then he decided to allow her to travel. He bought a house for them in a warmer location. He also registered a company which she runs. She is doing well. Since she travelled, he has only seen them once. She is there with her mother.”

“I didn’t know all this.”

“He told me he is single now. He can have as many girls as he wants but he is too busy for that.”

“Good for him.”

“Nkem, do you like uncle Tobi?”

Nkem was taken aback. She replied, “I like him. He is kind and has always had my back.”

“Did his help come with a price?”

“Not that I am aware of.”

“I suspect he likes you and that is why he does so much for you. He helped Esther but yours he takes personally. You are single now; he might make advances towards you.”

“But he is married. Funke, it is not like that. He is just a good person. I am leaving for the US to pick Dom up. I will visit Esther for a week before returning. Ok?”

Funke suspected Nkem was hiding something in the way she answered questions concerning her uncle and changed the subject quickly. Since both of them were denying it, there was nothing she could do.


Nkem’s went to pick Dom up. She sent her lawyer to pick him up. Ndidi told them Demian took him out that morning and they hadn’t returned. The lawyer called Demian but there was no answer. It was very late and there was no way they could pick Dom up. Demian didn’t come home.

Amy filed a case in court over the issue. They went to the court. Demian was there with Dom. When asked why he took the child away, he said it was because Nkem wasn’t picking up the child herself. She has to come herself to pick up the child so he would know his son is safe.

“She doesn’t want to meet with you that is why she uses her lawyer to pick the child. You have no right to keep the son away from the mother just because you want to see her. She doesn’t want to see you.” Amy replied.

Nkem took her son from the court. Demian tried to talk to her but she refused to listen. She had since blocked Ndidi when she found out he used her number to contact her. She travelled to visit Esther. Dom stayed with Esther’s children and stepchildren. He had a good time there.

Nkem saw first-hand the way Esther and Efe lived. Esther glowed effortlessly. She smiled each time she saw Efe and Efe would always touch her. It looked so sweet. She missed this kind of companionship. She had a different kind of closeness with Demian and she wished she could have it again. She still felt betrayed by Demian.

Esther advised her to open conversations with Demian since he had moved on and for the sake of their son. Nkem refused. She said she was still vulnerable and might fall for him. She didn’t want that to happen.”Serious?” Esther asked. “But what of Manuel? Will you fall for him?”

“No way. He is a child. The loving was good then but I have moved past it. It was just something similar to what I am used to.”

“It will surprise you. Such good doings need to be repeated often.”

“I can see where you are going. It was the doings in school with Efe that landed you here. You know, you never said much about it.”

“Babe, have you ever squirted?”

“What’s that?” Nkem asked.

“Google it. He made a squirt. I was so embarrassed. Now, it is the norm. He loves when I do it. It makes him feel like he still has it. He does. If Efe had come back before Jake, I would never have married Jake. I have always loved Efe.”

“I can see that. He is good to you too. I am happy you are happy.”