Sisterhood episode 93




Uncle Tobi was discharged from the hospital after a week. It was surprising but he was much better. A nurse was hired to tend to him at home. Before long, everyone had gone back home. Funke left before her mother because of her work and her family. Nkem checked in on uncle Tobi every evening before she went home to make sure he was fine.

In three weeks he was up and about. He had a sling for his left arm which took two bullets but it was healing. He continued his work but he now moved around with an armed police escort. Nkem begged him to slow down but he refused. He said he had a lot to catch up on. They spoke every day. This was a first for them. Most times it was to check on him.

She was home one evening when she received a call from uncle Tobi’s phone. As she picked it up, it was the police escort. He said uncle Tobi passed out and they were rushing him to the hospital. Nkem ended the call and called the driver. She jumped into the vehicle wearing only a boubou with nothing underneath, a pair of slippers and her phone.

When she got to the hospital, they resuscitated him. His sugar level was dangerously low which made him pass out. Nkem was angry at this point. She asked the nurse to resume work with uncle Tobi at home. Uncle Tobi begged her not to contact anyone about what happened and she obeyed. He was discharged the following day. Nkem went home with him. She talked to the nurse and the steward.

When she was ready to leave, she went into his bedroom to let him know she was leaving. He asked her to come closer, he wanted to tell her something. She came closer and then he whispered in her ear, “Kiss me. Just this once, kiss me.” Nkem jumped up. She could see he was serious. She shook her head and at that time the nurse came into the room.

Nkem was confused. Why would he behave like that? Why would he ask for a kiss? Uncle Tobi was someone she didn’t want anyone to know about their dealing. But she was getting confused. She needed to talk to someone. He had a way of holding her captive without moving a muscle. She had to avoid him.

She tried to avoid him for days. He called her, “Because I asked for a kiss you ran away? That’s unfair. You haven’t checked on me in days.”

“I have been speaking with your nurse, she said you are fine and you have stubbornly resumed work.”

“You were not here to stop me or keep me company. How are you doing?”

“I am good. I might be away for a week, I have to pick Dom up for the holiday.”

“Are you going to resolve issues with Demian?”

“I want to try. Just as you advised. If Ndidi is no longer there, then I will stay there.”

“Would you allow him to touch you?”

“Uncle Tobi!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“We are adults talking. At least I have seen what you did with Manuel, I would like to see what you do with Demian,” he said jokingly.

“Stop it, please. Why are you talking like this?”

“I have been pumped with sugar. Don’t mind me. See me before you go, ok. We will talk later.”

This was not something she could keep to herself anymore. Just having that conversation with him on the phone had her heart racing. What was wrong with her? Uncle Tobi knew how to pull her strings. She decided to avoid him completely.

The day she was to travel, uncle Tobi was at her apartment. She was surprised to see him. She allowed him to come in. He came with his escort.

“Do you have food? I am hungry” he asked as he took a seat.

Nkem went into the kitchen and warmed some soup and made eba for him and the escort. She served the escort on the dining table while uncle Tobi ate in the sitting room. Immediately the escort was done. He left them alone. Nkem cleared the table and waited for uncle Tobi to finish eating.

“I asked you to see me before you travel. Why didn’t you come?” he asked her.

“I don’t know.”

“You are scared. What are you afraid of? You are going back to your guy. I don’t eat leftovers. I only asked for a kiss and you took off. I wouldn’t go down with you. I just like you, a lot. You have a special place in my heart. I can’t resist you or your demands because you are special. If I didn’t take you then, I can’t take you now. You are no longer new. I only wanted a kiss so I would know something. That was all.”

He stood up and went to the restroom to wash his hands thoroughly. Then he picked up his phone and told Nkem he was leaving. She came out of the kitchen to see him off.

“I have been thinking, with my near-death experience, maybe I should give up all my businesses and connections and join my family in Canada. They will be happy to have me. At least I can get a kiss when I need it” he laughed when he made the last statement.

“Why would you want to give up everything? You have worked hard for all you’ve achieved. What will you do in Canada? Sit around? Live off your investments? For how long? You are still young and vibrant.”

“I know but I will go for three weeks so I can see how it can work. I want to visit my kids, they miss me and they are worried.”


They walked towards the door and then uncle Tobi turned suddenly and faced Nkem, “Just a kiss. I just want a kiss and nothing more.” He pulled her close and placed his mouth over hers. He kissed her gently. Nkem couldn’t respond. She couldn’t do anything. He parted her lips with his tongue and kissed her deeper. His hands ached to touch her body but he stopped himself. Her eyes were closed when he stopped kissing her. He wondered what it would feel like if she responded willingly. That had always been his issue with her. She held back too much and settled for less. He knew how she felt about him even though she didn’t accept it. He was hurt when she had sex with Manuel. He kept wondering what had gotten into her. Why be with someone you didn’t know so much about? He thought she was ok with his age without realising she didn’t know his real age. That was stupid of her.

He left her standing in the apartment and exited. He entered his car with a powerful hard-on and no means to ease it off. Ever since Nkem returned, he never fancied any of his girls. He stopped contacting them. Every encounter had been torture but he had endured it. He wanted her. The feeling died when he watched the sex tapes. Why would a small boy enjoy what he had been reserving for himself? He knew she would come back to him and she did. She and Demian will never work and she will be back. Canada was needed right now to ease his strain. He knew what his wife was up to but he was biding his time. He knew when to strike.

Nkem was surprised at how suddenly it ended and he left. It was just a kiss but it did wonders to her body. As she packed up to leave for the airport, she wondered what was wrong with her. Why did uncle Tobi always have his way with her? She didn’t want to be alone with him again. She had to try. She was weak around him. She was vulnerable around Demian. Manuel did not affect her anymore. She knew she had to confide in someone who would understand perfectly and would also keep it a secret. She needed someone wise and also truthful. Funke was out of the question. Who was she to talk to?

She considered confiding in Zainab. She told him everything without mentioning uncle Tobi’s name and situations she would be familiar with. She made him sound like a stranger to her. “From what you have said, I think you have feelings for him. It is not easy for a man to take your breath away like that. If he does, it means he has a hold on you. This is deeper than we are saying. The things you say he does, does it have any effect on him? Does he touch you or want to do more?”

“It happened once and he stopped. This time it was just a kiss.”

“Do you think he’s teasing you?”

“He said I was leftovers and he doesn’t eat leftovers.”

“But he kisses leftovers? He is into you. He is trying to stop his feelings by saying those things. If you start another relationship now you will see his reaction.”

“But he is married. How can I date a married man? I mean if he is truly interested?”

“It is your choice. I don’t think you should go back to Demian unless you are using him to satisfy your urges. Make it clear to him that it is not a reconciliation. You need it to clear your head and the best person would be him.”

“And the man?”

“Will you answer me honestly?”

“Yes, I would.”

“Do you get aroused when he does these things to you? The dirty talk, hand holding, kissing etc. do they affect you?”

Nkem was silent for a few seconds and then she nodded, “They do. There is a conflict between my body and my mind. My body reacts while my mind says no.”

“The only way to escape the inevitable is to avoid physical contact.”

“I will try.”

Thoughts of uncle Tobi filled Nkem’s mind. She was worried. She wanted to be strong to resist him. She liked him but not this way. She was still confused. She had to be strong. First, she would have a chat with him and tell him how she truly feels about his advances and ask him to stop. Then she would move out of the apartment and get a place of her own. Next is to buy a car. She needed that urgently or she could organise a vehicle to pick her up and drop her off. She could even drive but she was used to being chauffeur driven.

When she got to America, she went to Demian’s apartment. He was at home with Dom. He asked her to come in. Dom was happy to see his mother. Nkem was excited too. She was tired and before long she fell asleep on the couch. Demian helped her into the bedroom so she could sleep, she was too exhausted to argue. She slept for more than six hours before she woke up. She went to ease herself and then came out so she could leave. She met Iyke in the apartment. He was grinning from ear to ear at her sight.

“Busted!” he screamed, then he looked at his brother and said, “I knew you would not let her go.”

Nkem quickly corrected the notion, “I came to pick up Dom. I came here from the airport and fell asleep. It is not what you are thinking.”

“So why come to his apartment? How did you know Ndidi wasn’t here? Hmmm. You guys have been talking and plotting. I came unexpectedly. Don’t leave because of me, I am just visiting and I have a hotel room. Just wait until I tell Uloma the two of you have been creeping around.”

Demian left the table and went aside to talk to Nkem. He asked her to stay. She could have her bath and they would talk later after Iyke had left and Dom was asleep. “Take the master bedroom, I will use the guest room if it will make you feel comfortable.”

She went back into the bedroom, took her bath and changed. She came out and joined them to eat the pizza they were eating. Iyke couldn’t stop grinning as he looked from Demian to Nkem. Nkem appeared embarrassed but Demian was cool. Iyke wished he could spend the night. He knew something was going to go down. He could see the well Demian was pampering Nkem, he wanted something.

They tried to talk that night but ended up making out. Nkem didn’t allow it to go all the way but she allowed him to give her orgasms. He begged for more but she said she was not ready yet. She was worried about Dom. Dom came knocking not long after. He spent some nights in his father’s room since Ndidi left.

Two nights later he took Dom to Ada’s house for a sleepover. That was when they talked. Nkem was ready to give the relationship a try if Demian was interested in working on it and not playing games. “Talk to your parents and decide what you want. Dom can stay with you while I come here to spend some time. I can have him one holiday a year when I will not be working. Everything I want to do is so this can work for us and him.”

“What changed your mind?”

“I don’t know. I love my job and I also love my family. I don’t want to be with anyone else. If it works, we can remarry. We are still married traditionally. I hope you will not change your mind along the line.”

“I won’t. Iyke must have told everyone by now.”

“He will tell Uloma for sure but will wait until everyone is available to announce it.”

“You don’t know him. Come here.” he drew her close and she collapsed in his arms.

The next morning, Ada was at the door. She was alone. Nkem was still asleep when she came in. She wanted to enter the bedroom but Demian stopped her. He asked her, “What is the problem?”

“I was told that Nkem is here. Was that why you brought Dom for a sleepover? Why would you sleep with her? What hold does she have over you?”

“Ada, how does who I have sex with concern you? I can have sex with anyone I wish regardless of what you say. This is getting out of hand. I can’t have some privacy?”

“Why Nkem? She has control over you. She’s back from her failed career move and you willingly took her back.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. She came to pick Dom up and will be staying for the week. She is staying with me instead of staying in a hotel. Dom wanted to see your kids before he travels, what is wrong with that? If you want me to stop…”

“That’s not what I am saying. We both know it was because you wanted to get into bed with her that you sent Dom over. If she is down with being used, she should enjoy it.”

Ada left. Nkem had woken up when she heard Ada’s raised voice. She was pissed. Why did his family always get into his business? Would they have to hide to meet? It was annoying.

Demian didn’t think it was a big deal. He went about business as though nothing happened. He took her out to dinner and pampered her as much as he could. He told Nkem he loved her and wanted them to be together. Nkem accepted but she refused to get remarried until they had a workable structure everyone was ok with. It felt amazing to be loved and appreciated.

Nkem travelled back to Nigeria with Dom. She communicated often with Demian. She informed him of their arrival. Demian called every day. The relationship was on another level. He came to Nigeria to pick Dom up. He stayed in Nkem’s apartment when he came this time. They had an amazing two weeks. She felt she had her man back. They talked about travelling to be with each other and agreed on going on a family vacation.

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While Demian was in the Nkem’s apartment, uncle Tobi paid one of his surprise visits to see Nkem without telling her. She had told him she was back but didn’t inform him about her reconciliation with Demian. She wanted to be sure where it was headed before telling him. And also avoided him because of that kiss. He never brought it up and neither did she.

Seeing Demian sitting comfortably in Nkem’s apartment told uncle Tobi the story. He sat down and talked with Demian. He asked for food which was his reason for visiting. Nkem made the food for him and his police escort. Demian watched uncle Tobi eat in Nkem’s house. Dom came out of the room and Nkem introduced Dom to uncle Tobi. Uncle Tobi was happy to see him. He said, “He looks like Demian but has his mother’s complexion and hopefully her passion to succeed.” He dipped his hand into his purse and gave Dom $1,500. “I don’t have much here but I will send some more when next you visit. Demian, I am happy to see that you have considered reconciliation. I hope you see this to a sensible conclusion this time. Thank you for the delicious meal, Nkem. You never disappoint with homemade meals. I have to leave now.”

After uncle Tobi left, Demian’s countenance changed. Nkem tried to find out what the problem was but he didn’t say anything. At night, he asked Nkem what her relationship with uncle Tobi was. Nkem told him what she had told him years ago. Demian asked if they had an intimate relationship, and Nkem denied it.

“Why does this man support you when he is just a family friend?”

“Support me how?”

“I know he supports you. He got you the job that separated us, the vehicle you drive belongs to him. For him to come here without telling you shows he can walk in here at will. So I know more than I pretend to know.”

“The vehicle is his. He gave it to me when I first returned and left it with me. The estate belongs to him but this apartment is mine. He can come into the estate as he pleases. Concerning the job, he knew it was what I had always wanted. He saw an opportunity and let me know about it. If you must know, he is the reason I decided to give us a second chance. He didn’t support our divorce and it was because I didn’t ask him before taking such a big step. He was almost killed and that is the reason he comes here for food sometimes. He has been here twice since I returned, this is the third time. You can’t stop me from relating with him, it won’t happen. Just like I can’t force you to stop interacting with your family, you can’t stop me from interacting with mine. Uncle Tobi is family.”

Demian was quiet. She spoke with passion which meant she believed what she was saying. But he could see through uncle Tobi. He could see the way he looked at Nkem, talked to her, touched her and interacted with her. It was as though no one else was there. He saw the excitement when he saw Dom. There was something about their relationship which made Demian uncomfortable. The man had more than a mere likeness for Nkem. For someone to do anything for Nkem, it was more than a mere likeness; he loved her. He had her in his corner and there was nothing Demian could do about it. He wasn’t sure if he had made his intentions known to Nkem but he could see Nkem was gullible and had fallen for his antics. All Demian could do was hope Nkem still had the morality he remembered she had and she wouldn’t stray.

It never occurred to Nkem that she was always on the defensive whenever it involves uncle Tobi. Between them, they had their differences but when it involved outsiders, she denied any suggestions of a ‘thing’ between them. When she was with uncle Tobi, they were in a world of their own. And both of them denied outrightly any involvement with each other.

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