Sitting On My Stepson's Lap

Sitting on my Stepson's lap episode 3

Sitting On My Stepson Lap +18
Part 3
My p-nties were too tight for both of our hands. Finally I felt him try to move his hand further down so he could find my entrance. When I took my hand out from under my p-nties, my stepson left his hand on my p*ssy. I rose up my h¡ps, hooked my thumbs on each side of my p-nties and pulled them down to my knees. As soon as I did this I felt Mike
move his hand so he could get his fingers in me. My p-nties kept me from spreading my legs out for him to really get to feel me. Before I could move my hand to take my p-nties off, Mike used his other hand and started pulling them down around my ankles. I lifted up
my leg so he could take them all the way off. I spread my legs as wide as I could. This was all he needed. I was so w-t he sunk two fingers in me at once. I let out a low mo-n. “Are you OK?” my husband asked me. He was looking at me. I smiled and said,” I’m OK; I thought it would be a problem sitting on my stepsons lap, but it really isn’t. This isn’t going to be so bad of a ride.” Here I was talking to my husband with my son’s fingers in me. “How much farther until we stop?” “I don’t want to stop until I go a little further,” “How about you Mike, can you go a little bit further?”
“Yea, mom. I can go a lot further,”
“Good,” I answered. “The further we go, the better I like it.” That’s OK with you, isn’t it honey?” I asked my husband.
“Yea, I like the idea of not stopping.” He answered. I turned and looked at my stepson,” Me to. I don’t want you to stop.”
“Mike?” my husband asked my stepson,” How are you doing with your mom on your lap?” “No problem dad, mom keeps moving around so one position doesn’t get uncomfortable. She raises up every once in while to relief the pressure.” As my son was talking to his dad, he was sinking his fingers even deeper in my p*ssy. Mike was starting to move his fingers in and out of me. I had to bite my tongue to keep from mo-ning. I pressed my hand against his. I pushed his hand hærd into my p*ssy. I wanted him to know I wanted him to go deeper in me. He got the idea and sank his fingers in me as deep as he could. I started moving my h¡ps to the rhythm of his fingers. I
looked over at my husband. It was a good thing the TV was blocking his view. If he could see his son with his fingers deep in his step-mother’s p*ssy, I don’t really know what he would do. My wh0le body was starting to respond to his fingers. Without warning he pulled his fingers out of me. I felt disappointed. That didn’t last long. My son started unbuttoning my
dress. He started at the top button and was working his way down to the bottom button. As he was unbuttoning my dress I could feel the cool air from the car’s air conditioner. It made my n-pples even h-rder. I felt him unbutton the last button. He opened my dress. The front of me was totally unclad for my son to do what ever he wanted to do to me. Hestarted running his hands up and down my body. He started fondling both of my tits. He
kept cupping them with his hands. I struck my chest out so he could press against my titseven h-rder. I raised my h¡ps up and pulled my dress out from under my ass. My son understood why.
He lowered his hands to unzip his shorts. I had to rise up so he could get to his zipper. I heard him unzip his shorts. I still had his d*ck trapped under my ass. I raised my h¡ps even more. “Everything OK, honey?” My husband asked me. “Are you getting uncomfortable on our sons lap? Do you want me to stop so you can get more comfortable?” As Mike pulling down his underwear, I felt his trapped d*ck release itself. I sat back down
on him. His d*ck was pressing against the back of my unclad ass. “No, that’s all right, dear. ” If I move around just right, I think I’m going to get real comfortable. What about you Mike. Is there anything you need to do to get more comfortable? Is there anything you need me to do?”
Mike placed his hands on each side of my h¡ps.” If you would mom, raise up some so I can position myself better.” I understood what my son was saying.
I raised my ass in the air as high as I could. I felt one of his hands come off of my h¡p. I knew what he was doing with it. I started lowering myself back down on Mike. I felt the head of his d*ck at my entrance. As I was lowering myself on my son’s d*ck, his d*ck was opening my p*ssy walls wide. He raised his h¡ps
driving his d*ck deeper in me. . I
mo-ned. I couldn’t help myself.
My husband looked at me. “Are you ok? Are you sure you don’t want me to stop?”
Talking to my husband with my stepson’s d*ck in,side me

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