Smally – Episode 1 (18+)

Smally 18+
The return of Karma

“We are destined and determined, if we fail to realize our involvement and slip into becoming tools for fate”


His eyebrows narrowed and his face portray confusion mixed with curiosity.
“What is it that’ll change the youth” he probe further with anxiety.
I exhaled sharply.
“My life story, pastor” I allow my soul to sink in dismay.
“Go on young man” his hands supporting his head.
I inhaled – “it all started…”

About the Story:
It talks about youthful lust, and blindness of vengeance. And betrayals, expressed by a trusted friend.

Episode 1

It was first day of raining June when I received an e-mail containing an appointment letter to work as a bank staff, it was a great surprise to me. I re-read it several times not believing what my eyes are seeing, the interview was a difficult one but at the end, I emerge victorious.

At the age of 23, I am done with my B.sce and served my country and finally had a job. What an achievement.

Preparations began as someone who has been posted to work in a bank located in a rural area, a friend of mine that we met in Facebook a year ago who is working in the branch took it upon himself to see to my accommodation, since we will soon be colleagues. I informed him of the new development and he took interest in where I’ll stay.

What more should I ask for? never knew am playing a character in a drama that won’t end well.

“Are you moving over today?” It has been a week and David never for once cool-off his pressure on me to move into the apartment he rented on my behalf.

“I’ll move in tomorrow” already bored with the conversation, but he never seems to slow his insistence. Finally, I moved into the self-contain apartment, with lots of primary essentials needed for my comfort.

Life as a cashier in the Bank was never an easy one, waking up very early and returning late in the night. My daily routine activities do not permit me to know my neighbors by their names.

But I never fail to notice naive young men lurking around my street, in hunt of a girl that lives in my yard which I am yet to even see. When I was still growing up, I was once unable to talk to girls I liked ’cause I was scared. I’ll leave home everyday pretending to be taking that route to somewhere which I know where I just passed is my destination, I’ll hide around the corner and watch the girl until I get tired and then leave.

“Have you seen Sandra?” David quizzed on one of our weekend hang-outs which have been our routine every weekend. David and I became best of friends quickly since we have common likes ‘women’ and ‘bottles’, I only engage in one night-stand and pay off with mutual understanding, unlike David who seeks for everything wearing p-nties.

“No, who be this Sandra sef?” I asked irritated.

David let out a dry laugh, one of his annoying gesture.

“The girl that will turn your head” I couldn’t help but laugh at his words, I have Kate already. And no one can replace her in my life, not even the most beautiful girl in the world can mess with my head to betray Kate. Kate and I, already planned our wedding which will be after her NYSC service, we met at the University and fell in love with each other and since then we became new generation Romeo and Juliet.

That was my thoughts and beliefs, never knew men are prone to flaws.

But I was curious to see whom everyone is talking about, even David.

I played into the hands of fate when I forgot an important file at home which is required at work on a work day.

“Good morning” someone greeted, notwithstanding I wasn’t really interested in the person who greeted ’cause I was in a hurry to fetch the file. And the voice was greeting from a distance which I responded sharply, heading to my apartment half-walking and half-running.

Gracious Creator, my legs failed to move. Never for once believed such beauty existed, I couldn’t help but stare foolishly at the young girl on her school uniform before me. Graced with moving l-ips and beauty that surpassed everything that nature have ever shown me thus far.

“Uhmm.. wha..t are you saying” I snapped out of my admiration, she smile shyly that mesmerized my head that my mouth was loose to uttering stupid and unnecessary things.

“You are beautiful” I said it without intending to, what an act of foolishness. She appreciated with additional smile, that I felt we are just alone in the world. And every other thing doesn’t exist. How can someone be this beautiful?

“What’s your name?”

Another act of foolishness showcased unwittingly by me, she played with her beautiful fingers shyly. My heart scre-med and leaped in joy of love.

“It starts with S, guess” she said for the first time.

“Smal. . . Small .. Smally”
I stuttered, not believing myself.

She frowned sweetly, why is she blessed with so much Good.

“Smally ’cause you are a small girl and in Secondary School” I said scratching my head like a Secondary School boy, who is trying to woo a girl for the first time.

“I am not….”

“Sandra – !!!”

The voice calling out from the flat close to mine stopped her from completing her sentence.

“Mom, am coming”

She hurried into the flat and her ass shake involuntarily.

I stumbled on stones and nearly came in contact with the pole at the entrance of the compound, all because of looking back at the beauty that stole my heart.

Oh Smally, what have you done to me?


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