Smally – Episode 2

Smally 18+
The return of Karma

“We have choice of our own, but every actions taken by us bears consequences that is determined”

Episode 2

Every unconscious time of the day was dwelled on the thought of Smally, she was in my head all day. I’ll just smile sheepishly and grinned without knowing, oh love, that drives men out of their senses.


“Ehnn.. ehnn.. Da.. ve” I breathe.

“Why were you shouting my name?” I asked composing myself.

“You were hallucinating” David said, watching me closely then break into an uncontrollable laughter.

“Who is Smally?” David inquired pleading his case.

“Is Sandra, that small girl is driving me crazy” I let out frustratedly. David was concerned, sipping from his drink since we are enjoying our break.

“Do you love her?”

“I don’t”

I lied to myself.

“Dave, how do you expect me to love or have something to do with that little girl?” I breathe out fury in defending myself.

“Calm down Biko, see can you woo her on my behalf?” David has a way of making people do what he wants them to do for him, I nodded in acceptance. Sometimes, we do crazy things all in the name of friendsh¡p.

Professionally, I have not accepted to undertake such task. As the weeks proceeds, I conceal myself from Smally. Love why are you no respecter of age, in my hiding I ran into Smally. Has my life became hide and seek in a matters of days?

“Handsome banker neighbor!”

A voice from behind me sang out joyfully, I turned and behold Smally in her Valentine out-fit. Her curves stretch the gown expertly fitting her shape, so well that the design was meant for just her and her alone. Why cheat nature? The little one on red that melts my heart to madness, I unconsciously dropped what I went to buy on the ground.

“Good evening”

She frowned beautifully, pressed her exercise book to her chest like a girl who is talking to her lover, I imagined. I wouldn’t have graced such phenomenal if I didn’t lack foodstuffs in my apartment.

“You are not beautiful, with that frown on your face”

She break into giggling, what a human endowed with so much happiness to give to nature. Your smile bring the hopeless hope.

“Is today Valentine?”

I asked without reasoning it out, she grab my hand and start swinging it joyfully. I felt the electricity runs through me,.

“No, am inviting you to a programme in my church tomorrow evening” I’d have said capital ‘No’, since I started my undergraduate days, I stopped going to Church until this time. The idea of going to Church scares me without a reason.

“Yes” I accepted, I closed my eyes and meditate, Why had so much charms on me little queen of beauty?


“Sandy handbag”

The invitation and acceptance amused David to the bone, I related the encounter to him when we are out drinking that night.

“No call me Sandy handbag or I go just spoil the compass for you” I let out my fury flatly.

“Sorry na, so will you attend?” David asked interestingly, I nodded in reply.

I arrived late but I didn’t miss the performance of Smally and her crew, she was the lead singer. Her melodious voice pierce through my heart with the lyrics, I let the tears out in remembrance of my parents who are late.

“You sing like one of the Throne Angels” I commended, she ran into my hands in appreciation. Her body crush on mine, ‘causing butterflies and unconsciousness.

“Ah, Victor, you came?” Her dad asked, standing beside him is Sandra’s mother and younger brother Gabriel.

“Ma and sir, good evening” I greeted and dragged Gaby cheek, I carried him up and promise him sweets. His s€×y eyes got bigger in appreciation. We had a good conversation and walk home like family.


“Your story is an interesting one” pastor Benjamin said in an appreciation.

“Not all that glitters are gold” I let out flatly.

“What do you mean?” He asked acknowledging my statement.

“That was the only good part of my story” I said.

“Oh!” He inhaled sharply.

“What is your sorrow?” Pastor Benjamin asked.

 “I persuaded Smally to give David a chance to have s€× with him in my room, I ……”


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