Smally – episode 4

Smally 18+

The return of Karma
“We are born into the world we find ourselves, but not created in the world we are in, creativity distinguish us.”

Episode 4
That evening, I have to invite Sandra to my room to inquire from her. Luckily she honoured my invitation. The room was so quiet when she entered, I settled on the bed and ask her to sit beside me on the bed but she rejected, instead she choose to sit on the sofa.
“Smally, are you pregnant?” I said sternly.
“Yes” she said non-challantly.
“For who?” I asked weakly, I really felt guilty of her circ-mstances.
She look-up, feeling hurt.
“For you, you took my V-rginity and impregnated me. And you had the guts to ask who is responsible for what you did” she said aloud not holding back her emotions.
I was so shocked and surprised about the wh0le thing, she was already crying before I could recover from my life shocker.
“Am sorry, Sandra. Am just confused” I said pressing my palms to my face, the room and everything scre-m at me with war cry. I felt a sudden headache and started sweating under a roof well blessed with ventilation and AC.
“I’ll be back, Smally. You can stay here” I told her, she only nodded. I gave her my hanky to clean her face, her teary eyes lit-up. She just love the wrong person.
“Hahaha! V-rgin” David laughed aloud, when I called him to discuss about the new development.
“But Dave, I thought you had s€× with her. How come I am the one responsible?” He almost spill his drink.
“I used c-ndom, and I know she was not a V-rgin. You are so careless to have s€× with that cheap girl without protection, what if she has HIV?” I became more confused and fearful for my life, what have I gotten myself into I breathe uneasily.
“I was so drunk bro., What should I do about the pregnancy?” I inquired, I really felt wretched.
“She has to abort it man, you know you have Kate that you have taken an oath to marry.” More fear gripped me, I felt more confused, how will I face Sandra’s parents and Kate. I walk home dejectedly not even taking any drink, I blame alcoholic bottles for my present predicament.
It was late into the night when I got to my room that a plate of delicious rice well covered reminded me that I have not eaten since morning, it was so delicious that I finished the meal.
Oh blessed Sandra, why do nature bless you with all these qualities?
Author’s side of the story . . .
Immediately, Victor walk away. David brought out his phone from his pocked and dialed a number, he pressed the phone to his left ear.
“Oohhh..” Kate mo-ned loudly, as the unclad young man behind her t—-t in deeper, her both hands supporting her stand against the wall.
“Say you love me” the young man commanded spanking her a-s hærd, she cried out in pleasure.
“Yes, yes! F–k me h-rder” the ringing phone obstructed their s€×ual session, Kate push the young man off her, he landed on the bed softly smiling.
“Hello” Kate said unpleasantly.
“A girl is about to snatch Victor, your fiance” the caller said and the call ended immediately.
“Hello, hello, who..” Kate stare at the phone in confusion, she couldn’t continue with the s€×ual session. She has to end her fake service and go over to her fiance or she will loose what she had worked so hærd for.
Victor’s side of the story . . .
I wake-up the next day, which is Sunday. Feeling the wh0le world on my head, when Sandra’s parents left for Church she sneak into my room. Radiating the room with her beauty and smile, Oh Smally the goddess graced with supernatural beauty.
I forgot my problems and admire the piece of work pieced by our Creator. “Good morning” she greeted cheerfully.
After making her feel comfortable, I decided to discuss the real matters.
“Sandra, can you abort the baby?” She quickly stood up, feeling hurt and confused. Frustrated too.
“Never!” She scre-med at me crying, she ran out of the room suddenly. Compounding my problems, I empty two glass of cold water, my mouth ran dry all of a sudden.
I dozed off after thinking and couldn’t produce any solution to my problems. I was sleeping heavily when a knock landed on my door the very next morning.
“Ah ah, this kind early morning?” I mumbled, cursing the one knocking with my dialect.
“Who is that on the door?” I asked.
“Is Sandra’s father” the man with bass answered.
My heartbeat rate increased dramatically, I started have precipitation while trying to open the door. Has she told her parents? Chai.. oh, am dead.


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