Smally – episode 5

Smally 18+
The return of Karma

“We become self-enemies when we come in contact with our mistakes, we are the playthings of the gods if we fail to realize were we are headed”


“Did she tell her parents about the pregnancy?” Pastor Benjamin spoke up when I was silent over sometimes.

“She didn’t, her dad came to tell me that Smally’s has left home since yesterday and haven’t returned” I said, looking worried.

“Did she commit suicide?” Pst. Benjamin asked impatiently.

“No, we went in search of her. I find her crying, she was so fragile. Oh— Smally, I comforted her with promises of marrying her, and I’ll help her actualize her dream her dream of having her own indomie company. And being there for her forever” I smiled at this juncture, Pastor Benjamin relaxed.

“Did you marry her?” I frowned.

“I went to work that day late, after making sure she has taken her bath and have eaten. I put her to bed with promise of returning and informing her dad about everything, I wasn’t scared anymore… But oh— Smally, a beautiful girl with wonder dreams, she just wanted love . . .

Episode 5

“Have she aborted the baby?” David whispered to me, We were just coming out of the hallway leading to the parking lot.

“No man, I can’t kill my baby, what if that is the only child I’ll have. And I have decided to marry Smally, she is so lovely…” David cut me off.

“Mr. Lover boy sign this paper before you start” David said, passing some files to me. I was so happy that David supported my motives and I quickly signed.

I went home a happy man, and all of a sudden my sorrows know no bounds.

I met Kate in,side my room only on her undies, she was looking hot and s€×y as always. I was so carried away by her presence shaken by the fear of her finding out so soon.

“I missed you baby” she bite her lower l-ips, I wanted to speak but she prevented me by placing a finger on my l-ips.

“Ssshhhh!” We both k-ssed, I was so carried away, that I find myself unclad with her on the bed.

“Jessssuuuss!” I heard a loud scre-m that increase my heartbeat, I look towards the door to find Smally with tearful eyes and shattered heart. She couldn’t behold it anymore and ran away.

I think I went after her, I couldn’t remember anything all of a sudden.

Author’s side of the story . . .

3 Days Ago . . .

“Are you ready daughter?” The man with cowries, and native attire. Surrounded with dead animals skeleton.

“Yes, baba. I am, ready” Kate said determined, sitted on the mat in,side the shrine. A smoke from a clay pot demarcated both of them.

“Umhh.. ne nujel tel agbu bunama. Victor! Victor!” His spirit appear on the raised hand of the medicine man, Kate fret at the sight of the magic. He bottled the spirit.

“As long as he remains in this bottle, he will be under your command and he won’t be able to impregnate any woman” Ajar, the medicine man spoke sternly. He is feared in his community for his wickedness and love charms.

“Thanks Baba” Kate thanked him by dropping a huge sum of money, in a calabash. She wanted to stand up but Ajar asked her to sit back.

“He won’t be able to remember about his past that relate to the pregnant girl, the last phase of the ritual is lovemaking. Make sure you apply this between your legs before you do it, take it!” Kate took the content with shaken hands placed in a container.

“The moment you start making love, the impregnated girl will be drawn to the room. If she leaves due to emotional depression, that moment. She will cease to exist for him. So keep the room open.” Ajar warned.

Five Days Later. . .

“Mr. Victor, here is your transfer letter” the man sitted presented an envelope to him, he acknowledged it and thank him.

Later that Day. . .

Kate parked by the road side from the entrance of the bank, signaled Victor to join him.

“Where are we going?” Victor asked sitted beside Kate on the front seat.

“We are leaving to where you have been transferred to” Kate replied sharply.

“What of….”

“David will take care of it!” She snapped at him.

A Week Later . . .

Sandra stood before David who has blocked the entrance of his apartment.

“Where is your friend, Dave?” Sandra asked weakly.

“Hahaha!” David laughed wickedly.

“He has gone to where you and your b****** infant will never see him!” David said, looking mean and disdainful.

“What have I ever done to you?” Sandra asked crying, she looks so weak and tired  of her life drama.

“You don’t know Sandra?” David step forward with mean look.


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