Smally – Episode 6

Smally 18+
The return of Karma
“The day we realize our mistakes and seek for common societal good, that is when we will become a better person”
Episode 6
Author’s side of the story continues . . .
“You don’t know?” David repeated, he walk closer and point his finger at Sandra’s face.
“You made me loose a huge sum of money, two million naira! I lost a bet for such an amount of money, that I would have used it to treat my sick mother” tears flow from his redden eyes, Sandra look so confused and surprised at the drama.
“What are you saying, David?” Sandra asked dumbfounded by the revelation. She remembered how David went all out to win her heart but she didn’t agree to his proposal.
“You are the ’cause of my mother’s death, and I sworn from that day to make your life miserable. And Victor, he was just a perfect character to orchestrate your misery that you played in” David laughed insanely.
“So all these while, David! You are a devil!!” Sandra scre-med at him with all her strength.
“Am a devil, the one that will send you to the slums and then to the grave to join my grandmother, oh–s***, is raining” David curse under his breathe as the heavy downpour persist, he went in,side leaving Sandra under the rain.
“Oh God” Sandra cried out, she took a handful of sand.
“As this rain wash away this sand so as your riches, fame, happiness, joy, success will be washed away. You will beg for death and it shall be far from you, David you and your friend shall suffer…” Sandra dropped on her kneels, cuddling herself due to the the cold.
Three Years Later . . .
David was just coming out of a gigantic company, to submit his curriculum vitae. He has just lost his job and the need for another job arises strongly, he took a taxi on the busy road.
“Oga, new road. How much?” David inquired from the driver.
“200naira, sir” he replied.
“200naira!” David scre-med.
“Oga, come down oh— if you no get the money, come down!” David signed tiredly, he will go and face worse drama than this at home in the hands of his wife, and his children school fees haven’t been paid.
“Why is things not going well with me? I have even visited churches. Nothing is happening…” David said aloud, the driver overhead it.
“Oga, no kill yourself ooh– the country hærd. But things go better” the driver said, David signed.
“Jessssuuu!” The driver scre-med as they ran into a coming trailer.
Four Hours Later….
“Doctor, Doctor!” A lady ran towards the man on lab coat heading to his office. He waited to hear what she will say.
“How is my husband?” She asked stressed out, he ushered her into the office and offered her seat.
“Madam, we are doing all we can do. He is in a critical condition and he is still in state of coma, you just have to provide the money for necessary treatments” the man at his mid 40’s said, removing his lab coat.
“Sir, where will I get such amount of money? Please, doctor. Help my husband” the lady plead, almost going on her kneels.
“Madam, please get up. There is nothing I can do for you” the man said, leaving his office.
Four Days Later…
In the office of doctor Michael, he look calm and composed. Seated before him, is the same lady. Mrs. Beauty David.
“Madam, we are sorry. We lost your husband” the woman couldn’t bottle her emotions. She scre-med, and roll on the floor, what the doctor was preventing from happening on the ward hallway.
“Where you able to remember anything afterwards?” Pastor Benjamin asked, I shake my head side ways indicating no. He folded his arms in astonishment.
“I was able to come to remembrance, when I heard somebody whispering ‘Smally, Smally, Smally’ three times after many years, I look back and find nobody. All of a sudden, I remembered everything” I said, Pastor Benjamin marvel at my confession.
“What then happened?” He inquired from me, I fringe at this point.
“Oohh– you are back” Kate threw at me, well seated on the sofa watching a movie. She look so unconcerned, and not bothered about my presence.
“What do you do to me?” I grab her by the arm and drag her up, she fringe. I ran my hand through my hair, I almost hit her but I was able to control myself. I let her go, she ran out of the house.
I drop to the chair, frustrated and confused.
Author’s side of the story . . .
Hours Later . . .
Kate was seen in a room with another man, he just welcomed her into his abode not quite long. He has been her secret lover all these while.
“What happened to you, baby?” He asked concerned as she embraced him warmly, she was crying in his arms. So he took her to the bed.
After comforting her, she was able to explain what happened.
“He has been set free?” Kate let out.
“What! We should go and see the Baba” Kate nodded, as both of them left the room entangled like the lovebirds they are.
Hours Later . . .
A car drove into an abandoned hut in a remote village, Kate and Obinna. Her secret lover, step down from the car, went around the house calling after the medicine’s man’s name but no response.
Kate wave to a passer-by.
“Where is this old Baba?” The young boy was surprised to find them in the wicked man’s compound.
“He is dead, and he died a shameful death. Are you not his relatives?” He inquired.
“God forbid, no!” Kate rebuked instantly.
“Then, what are you doing here?” Asked the passer-by.
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