Smally – Episode 7

Smally 18+
The return of Karma
“The world is a mystery, only a man of experience could unravel some. Be told, we never know what awaits us”
Episode 7
“You know what, have this” Kate tipped him.
“Thank you.” The stranger left, jumping up at the amount of money given to him.
“Hop-in, let’s get the hell out of here. Here smells like the death home” Kate went into the car, and the car ran into the drive way.
Minutes Later . . .
There was a traffic on the expressway, a band of preachers on a lorry. Seized the opportunity to minister the gospel.
“Repent! Repent! How long will the grace of God be abundant? Sinner, the time for recompense shall come. And you shall be face with grievous penalties….” the preacher said.
“Baby, raise the song volume. This mad people have started again” Obinna increased the volume as the traffic got free, and he zoomed off.
Hours Later . . .
In the house of Obinna, Kate and him just arrived some minutes ago. They were both sitted battling with their thoughts.
“You just said you are pregnant, for me?” Obinna asked again, Kate nodded affirmatively.
“And if he finds out that isn’t his baby, which I know he will surely find out. He will divorce me, and I’ll loose everything, remember we didn’t do court wedding” Kate added.
“I have an idea” Obinna smiled relaxed, this captivated Kate interest.
“What is it?” Kate asked hurriedly, paying all her attention to the suggestion.
“We should end his life and then we will claim all his properties, and then we will marry” Obinna explained with zealousness, hoping she agrees.
“What!” Kate, exclaimed.
“Did your wife return home afterwards?” Pastor Benji, asked interestingly.
“I don’t know, I went in search of Smally. I traveled back to Ahoada, were it all started and find out they move out” Pst. Ben. Took a glass of water, I waited patiently.
“Do you find her?”
“I went in search of Sandra for a week but couldn’t find her, I never return home to Kate. I even went to radio stations, I was mad at myself, I ran into her on my way into a noddles company called Smally …”
I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was dumbfounded at the sight of the beauty before me. I learnt of the company a day ago, I visited it. To find her heading to the company’s parking lot, surrounded by bodyguards.
“Smally, Smally!” I called out with very loud voice, she turned round. I realize I have met my lost Smally once again, the beauty that stole my heart. I ran towards her, To embrace her.
“Securities, don’t let that man come close to me” she said and went into her car, the huge bodyguards struggle to get hold of me from approaching the car.
“Let me go” I threatened them, but they where unperturbed by my demonstrations. She drove off before I was set free, I left the company unhappy man.
Is it how worse I am, that she doesn’t want to even see me. I felt so sad, and empty.
I was determined to end my life, what is life without Smally?
I went to my lawyer and willed all my properties to her and my unseen child if they are still alive, which I pray he/she should be alive.
I bought apples, and the visited a pharmacy for the Apples to be poisoned.
“Sir, why do you want to poison the Apples?”the pharmacist asked suspiciously.
“Oh, is for my dog who has gone wild” Nigerians don’t really take special interest on animals. He took the Apple and went in,side.
“Can this end Human being’s life?” When he returned the Apples, his eyes narrow in suspicion.
“Yes, ofcourse”
“Thank you, I have to guide it with caution” I said smiling, and left the pharmacy.
I drove home to end it all. I arrived home to find the house empty, I wrote a suicide note and drop it in the bedroom. I went to the sitting room to end it all with the poisoned apples. A sudden remembrance of church were Smally has taken me to years ago.
I left the poisoned apples on the sitting room table, and drove out of the compound. Headed to the church premises.
I saw two kids playing in the compound of the church, I almost hit them with my car, if i wasn’t careful.
They both look alike, a girl and a boy. They are probably twin, I approach them and bend down to their height.
“Good afternoon, sir” they both chorused.
“Where are your parents?” I asked concerned, they were silent.
“Let’s go out and buy something for both of you”
“We can’t follow you, because we don’t know you sir.” They protested.
“Am harmless, I just love kids. We will just go out there, and I’ll buy you kids what to play with” they look at each other, eventually.
they followed me outside the gate of the church, I bought edible things for both of them. We went into the church..
“What are your names?” I asked both of them, they made me forgot about my mission in the church.
“Am Precious, and he is Prince. Uncle” the feminine twin said.
“Where are your parents, uncle?” Prince asked looking around, I smile wearily. They both stood up from were they were sitted, and grab my both hands to kids park in the church.
“Prince, Precious. Where are you going with that man?” A familiar voice called out to them
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